• Published 12th Mar 2013
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Bolt of Love - Silentpegasus

Splintered Lance, Shinning Armor's oldest friend and comrade is reasigned to Ponyville to guard Twilight and the Elements. Can a designer help this battle scarred stallion cope with the sins of his past or will the pain be too much to bear?

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Chapter 5: The Challenge

Chapter 5

The Challenge

Lance woke up with a bead of sweat on his forehead. He looked around the room and saw that he was in the guest room of Carousel Boutique. The stallion heard a faint knock on the front door and left to investigate. The white stallion trotted downstairs to the front door getting ready for whatever may be on the other side of the door. He looked out the peep hole and saw two ponies. A white Earth pony stallion with a brown mane and matching mustache. A straw hat sat on top of his messy mane. He was accompanied by a pink Unicorn mare with a purple done up mane. Lance shrugged and opened the door for them. The two looked at the stallion in surprise.

“Can I help you?” Lance asked.

“Y-yes. We’re here to see Rarity.” The mare answered.

“Last time I checked she was still sleeping and-” That was all Lance got out before his face was met with a white hoof. Lance took a step backwards and cracked his neck as he shook off the punch.

“You’ve been fooling around with her?” The stallion yelled.

“Now dear let’s just calm down and-” As the stallion went to land another blow his hoof was caught by the guard who quickly put him in a head lock.

“WHAT IN THE NAME OF CELESTIA IS GOING ON DOWN HERE?” The three ponies looked up to see Rarity in a white robe with purple trim glaring at them. “Lance, why do you have my father in a headlock?” She asked as she glared at the guard

“These are your parents?” He asked as the white mare nodded. Lance released his grip and let the stallion go. “Sorry Rarity, he surprised me and-”

“WHAT?” Rarity yelled as she galloped down the stairs towards the guard. She saw a small bruise form on his right cheek. “Father, did you do this?” She asked in a rough tone.

“Well, yes, but I thought-”

“How dare you hit my guest! Of all the things that you could do to embarrass me you go and punch my friend!” Her father gulped as he looked at his daughter.

“I thought that you and he were...you know...together.”

“So you punch him?” The pink mare asked as she face hoofed. The stallion remained motionless. The white mare face hoofed and let out a sigh.

“I’m terribly sorry about this Lance.”

“It’s okay and for the record your daughter and I aren’t romantically involved.” He said in a flat tone.

“So why are you here then?” The pink mare asked. Lance looked over at Rarity who gave him a nod. The stallion’s horn glowed and a set of golden armor formed around his body.

“My name is Splintered Lance. I’m a guard sent by Princess Celestia herself to guard your daughter and the other five Elements of Harmony. Your daughter was kind enough to open her home to me while I guard her.” He said in a flat tone. The two visiting ponies looked at one another and gulped. “Relax I’ll overlook that small incident, seeing how you didn’t know my reason for being here.” He said as his horn flared and his armor vanished.

“Forgive my father Lance. He has a tendency to jump to conclusions.” Rarity said with a sigh.

“It’s okay.” He said with a shrug. The guard’s right ear twitched and he turned around. “Sweetie Belle, you can come out now.” The ponies looked up the stairs to see the small white filly poking her head out.

“Heh, heh. Sorry, I heard all the noise so I came to investigate.” She said with a weak smile. “Are you really a royal guard?” The white stallion nodded. The small filly let out a small high pitched squeal of delight. “So cool.” She said with a smile. The stallion lowered his head so their eyes met.

“Listen Sweetie, it is really important that you don’t tell anypony that I’m a guard. Otherwise I won’t be able to guard your sister anymore okay?”

“I promise.” She said with a smile. “On one condition.” The guard cocked an eyebrow at the filly. “You help my two friends and I get our Cutie Marks!” She exclaimed.

“Sweetie Belle, you can’t ask Lance to-”

“That seems like a fair trade.” He said with a smile. The other ponies in the room looked at him in surprise as Sweetie smiled.

“Are you sure you’re alright with this?” Rarity asked.

“Let me just take care of something real quick. Then we’ll go okay?” He said as he looked down at the white filly who smiled back. After Lance ascended the stair case. The pink mare looked at her daughter with a smile.

“Wow nice catch dear.”

“MOTHER!” Rarity yelled as her cheeks glowed bright red.

“Oh there’s nothing to be ashamed of Rarity. The stallion seems like a Gentlecolt and he’s a guard no less.” She said with a smile.

“Honey stop it.” The white stallion said with a grunt.

“Oh calm down Magnum. Our daughter is an adult.” Rarity rubbed her temples trying to calm herself down.

“Let me clear this up for both of you. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing between Lance and I.” She said with a blush on her face.

“Who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself?” Sweetie said with a giggle. The fashionista turned towards her sister with a twitching eye lid. “I’ll.....just.....go and see how Lance is doing.” The white filly quickly ran up the stairs. The white stallion stood in front of the mirror with his hoof over his right eye. He let out a sigh as he opened a case and retrieved a bright green contact and placed it on his eyeball. Lance blinked as the contact rested on his eye. “Lance?” The white stallion turned around and saw the white filly peeking at him through the cracked door.

“Hey Sweetie. I’ll be out in a minute okay?” The white filly nodded and waited outside the white stallion’s room. Lance double blinked and made sure that his contact was in place. The stallion trotted down the stairs to see the white mare chatting with her parents and the filly waiting patiently by the door.

“Are you sure about watching my sister and her friends for the day Lance?” Rarity asked. “They can be quite the hoofful.” She said as she looked at her younger sister who was smiling innocently.

“Rarity, I grew up with four younger sisters. I’m more than qualified to watch three fillies for an afternoon.” He said with a smile.

“Well....alright. Good luck.” She said with a smile. Sweetie and the guard ventured out into the small town and were soon approached by the orange farmer.

“Howdy Lance.” Applejack said as she tipped her hat to him. “What are ya doing with Sweetie Belle?”

“He’s gonna help me get my Cutie Mark.” The white filly squealed in delight.

“Really?” The farmer asked as she looked at the guard. As the white stallion nodded he noticed that the farmer had bags with her.

“Going somewhere?” He asked.

“Yeah. I have business out of town. I’ll be back in two days.”

“When were you planning on telling me?” Lance asked in a flat tone.

“Didn’t think I needed to.”

“Ugh, hang on a second.” The stallion said as his horn flared and he vanished from sight. When the stallion returned he was holding a red crystal in his hoof. “If there’s an emergency. Whether it’s bandit’s, hydra’s or anything like that, smash this crystal on the ground and I’ll be there in a flash.”

“How in that hay does that work?” She asked as she took the crystal.

“Magic.” He said with a shrug.

“Good enough for me. Though I doubt ah need something like this. Ah’m a might good fighter.” She said as she raised her front hooves and punched the air.

“Where’s your brother?”

“Somepony has to stay behind and keep an eye on the farm.” She said with a nod.

“Okay then, have a safe trip.” He said with a grin.

“You be safe with those fillies. Trouble always seems to find them one way or another.” She said with a warm smile.

“I’ll be fine.” He said as he and the Unicorn trotted towards Sweet Apple Acres. As they made their way along the dirt road the filly kept looking up at the white stallion.

“So Splinter, how’d you end up as a guard anyway?” She asked.

“Well, I always liked helping ponies and I figured that it’d be the best way for me to do that was to join the guard.” He said with a shrug.

“Applebloom told me that you used to work on a farm.” The white stallion nodded. “What was that like?”

“Can’t complain. Hard work, good food and a good family.”

“Sounds like fun.” She said as they reached the door. Lance knocked on it to see the elderly green mare with a smile on her face.

“Well, howdy there sonny boy.” She said with a smile. “Applebloom yer friend is here.” She hollered up the stairs. Soon a small yellow filly came bounding down with a smile on her face.

“Howdy Sweetie Belle.” She then noticed the white stallion. “What are ya doing here Lance?” She asked.

“He’s gonna help us get our Cutie Marks!” Sweetie answered.


“Yup, is this everyone?”

“Nope, we still gotta go get Scootaloo from the chariot stop.” Applebloom said as the trio walked back towards the town.

“Why do we need to go to the chariot stop?” The guard asked.

“Scootaloo’s a Pegasus, but she can’t fly yet. So she takes a chariot from Cloudsdale to go to school with us.” Sweetie answered. Lance nodded as a large carriage being pulled by two Pegasus stallions stopped on a street corner and a hoofful of foals exited the chariot. The two fillies ran up to an orange Pegasus filly with a maroon mane.

“Hey Scootaloo.” The white filly said with a smile.

“Hey guys. Who’s he?” The Pegasus asked as she saw the stallion.

“Lance here is gonna help us get our Cutie Marks.” The farmer said with a grin. The orange filly looked at the Unicorn and connected the dots.

“Oh! You must be that Canterlot guard Rainbow Dash was complaining about the other day.” The white stallion face hoofed as the farmer looked at him in shock.

“You’re a guard?” She yelled.

“Shhh!” He said as he put a hoof over her mouth. “Yes, I was ordered by Celestia to guard the Elements of Harmony and I’d appreciate it if we kept this to ourselves. I don’t want to attract attention. Promise me that you won’t tell anypony else.”

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” The three fillies said while doing a series of hoof gestures.

“What was that?” He asked.

“That was a Pinkie Promise. Once you make it you can’t break it.” Applebloom said in a serious tone.

“Fair enough. Might I ask who told that I was guard?” He asked as he looked at the Pegasus filly.

“Rainbow Dash mentioned something.”

“Figured. Hang on a second.” He said as he walked behind a building and his horn flared. A familiar cyan mare holding a bowl of cereal appeared before him.

“What the hay?” Dash yelled causing her to drop her bowl.

“Rainbow, did you tell Scootaloo about me being a guard?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes.

“It may have slipped out.” She said with a sheepish grin on her face. “I still don’t see what the big deal is.”

“I need to remain undercover and I can’t have you blabbing it around town.” He said in a rough tone.

“Or what? I don’t need your help.” She said in an angered tone.

“You will if you want to be a Wonderbolt.” The mare froze at the words.

“What are you talking about?” Dash asked.

“Let’s just say that Spitfire and Soarin owe me a few favors. I can use those favors to either get you in or keep you out of the Wonderbolts.” He said in a stagnant tone. Rainbow felt a wave of fear creep up her spine.

“Y-you’re bluffing!”

“Sure you want to take that risk?” Lance said in a flat tone. Dash could feel her dreams almost being crushed.

“P-please don’t. It’s my dream.” She said in a weak tone.

“That depends on your behavior. By the time I get reassigned I’ll see if I think you deserve it.”

“Wh-what do you want?”

“To do everything I tell you to do and to not anypony else about my real job. Do that and I’ll throw in a good word for you next time I see Spitfire or Soarin, deal?” He asked as he stuck out his hoof.

“Deal.” Rainbow said as she shook his hoof. “I gotta go to work. See ya round.” The mare said as she took flight. Lance let out a sigh and trotted back to the fillies who had an impatient look on their faces.

“Sorry girls. I had to handle something real quick.” He said as he cracked his jaw. “What do you girls want to do first?”

“Not sure. Why don’t you tell us how you got your Cutie Mark?” Sweetie Belle asked. The stallion scratched his chin and let out a sigh.

“Sorry girls. I don’t remember how I got mine.” He lied. “It was just there one day.” Lance said with a shrug.

“Oh. That stinks.” Scootaloo whined.

“How about we grab some grub before we get started? My treat.”

“Cool!” Sweetie Belle chimed. The four ponies made their way towards Sugar Cube Corner with the morning sun hitting them Lance saw the two spa ponies walking towards them with smiles on their faces.

“Morning ladies.” Lance said with a nod.

“As to you.” Aloe said with a smile. The three fillies trotted ahead and entered the establishment.

“What are you doing with the fillies?” Lotus asked as she tried to hide her blush.

“I’m watching them while Rarity is talking with her parents.”

“Oh that’s sweet of you.” The pink mare said as she gave her sister a nudge.

“How are you two doing?”

“A lot better thanks to you. It’s reassuring that that plot hole will be locked up for the next twenty years.” Aloe said with a smile. She then side stepped the stallion and continued towards the spa. The blue mare rubbed her arm with her hoof in a nervous matter.

“I want to thank you for helping us out the other day.” She said with a weak grin.

“That’s not necessary.” Lance said with a grin.

“Please? Allow me to at least buy you a drink.” The mare then put on a pouting face. Lance grinned and rolled his eyes.

“Alright, fine. When?”

“How about tonight at around six?” She asked.

“Sounds good. See ya then.” As the white stallion walked away the azure mare started to giggle as she galloped after her sister. Lance entered the bakery shop and sat down across from the three fillies.

“There you are! What took you so long?” Scootaloo asked in an annoyed tone.

“I wanted to see how Aloe and Lotus were doing.” He said as he picked up the menu.

“Oh yeah! Rarity said that you stopped some stallion from hitting them right?” Sweetie Belle answered.

“Yup. I just wanted to make sure that they were alright.” He said as Pinkie came out with a note pad in her mouth.

“Hey guys what can I get you?”

“I’ll have a cranberry muffin and a cup of coffee.” Lance said with a smile.

“Banana muffin please.” Sweetie Belle said.

“Blueberry for me.” Applebloom said with a smile.

“I’ll have a cinnamon one.” The orange filly said with a grin.

“Okay I’ll be back in a second.” The pink mare trotted away with a spring in her step. The four ponies waited patiently for their food.

“So Lance, do you know Twilight’s older brother?” Applebloom asked.

“Shining Armor? Yeah, we went through the academy together.” He said with a smile.

“Really?” Scootaloo said.

“Yeah we go way back.” He said as their food arrived. The four ate in silence. When they finished an idea hit the guard. “Why don’t we go see Twilight? She might have a book on Cutie Marks.” Lance suggested. The three fillies shrugged and followed the white stallion towards the large tree building. As they entered the group saw the lavender mare sitting with a familiar white stallion and a pink Alicorn mare.

“Splinter!” Cadence said with a smile. “How are you doing?” She asked as she trotted over to him and gave him a hug.

“I’m good. How goes the ruling of an empire?”

“Very, very boring.” She said with a groan. The Alicorn then saw the three fillies. “Oh you’re the three flower fillies at my wedding.”

“You know the Princess?” Sweetie Belle said in amazement.

“Yup.” He said with a nod. Shining then trotted over and hoof bumped the stallion.

“How’s the quiet life?” He asked.

“Good, how’s the officer life?” Lance said with a shrug.

“Same as ever. I-” He was cut off as a bright red Phoenix came swooping through the window and landed in the windowsill. The stallion walked over to the bird and removed a letter from it’s ankle. The red bird then noticed the other white stallion in the room and cawed. Philomena flew over to Lance and perched herself on his head.

“Hey Philomena, been a while hasn’t it?” He said as he scratched the bird’s head. The large creature let out a caw of comfort. Twilight and Cadence’s jaws dropped.

“Why isn’t she trying to peck your brains out?” The pink mare asked.

“I’ve only seen her act that way with Fluttershy.” Twilight exclaimed.

“Lance here is the only pony in the entire guard that Philomena likes.” Shining said as he walked over to the bird. The Phoenix then pecked at the guard captain’s head as he came into her proximity. “See.” He said as he rubbed his head.

“How in the name of Equestria did you achieve that?” Twilight asked. Lance looked over to Shining and grinned.

“Sit down everypony. This is gonna be good.” Lance said with a smile.

Lance and the Corporal were standing at attention side by side with less than pleasant looks passing between them. The two gulped as a familiar white Alicorn accompanied by General Bronze and the Sergeant.

“At ease.” Celestia barked. The two stallions relaxed their posture. “I trust you know why you’re both here?”

“Yes ma’am.” They answered.

“There have been several acts of violence between you two.” The Sargent barked.

“He’s the one who-” The Pegasus was cut off by the Alicorn’s icy glare.

“Enough! We will settle this with a challenge.” She said in a stern tone. “The victor’s entire platoon will receive three weeks of R&R.” The two stallion’s jaws dropped. “Report to the court yard at noon for the challenge.” The two stallions bowed and exited the meeting room.

“Stay out of my way half breed.” The Pegasus said in a rough tone. Lance let his anger go as he entered his room to see Midnight on her bunk and Shining reading a letter from his sister.

“How’d the meeting go?” Midnight asked as she sat up.

“They’re pinning me up against Thunder Wind.”

“WHAT?” They both yelled.

“I don’t know what the challenge is, but the winner's platoon get’s three weeks leave.” The two looked at one another in shock. Lance walked over to his bed and laid down as he stared up at the bottom of the bunk above him.

“Thunder Wind is the best out of the recruits! The chances of us beating him are a million to one!” Midnight yelled.

“Then there’s still a chance.” Lance said with a smile.

As noon crept around the bleachers were beginning to fill with the other recruits and high ranking members of the brass. Lance stood at attention next to Thunder wind. The white stallion looked in the stands and saw that Shining and Midnight were in the front row. The two gave him a nod as Princess Celestia walked up to the two guards with a cloak over a large cage.

“Recruits. Today you will be given the challenge to test your training so far.” She said with a blank expression on her face. “The challenge is simple.” She said as she pulled the cover off the cage to reveal a large red bird. “ I need one of you to catch my pet phoenix.” She said as she unlatched the cage and the massive bird took flight. “You have one hour. BEGIN!” The Princess yelled as she teleported off the field.

Thunder Wind immediately took flight after the bird while the white guard remained still as a statue. The grey Pegasus stallion was gaining on the large bird. Thunder grabbed at the bird with his two front hooves. The large bird increased it’s speed and rocketed towards the grand stands only to pull up at the last second. Thunder veered up straining his wings, only to hit the top of the stands.

“Hey Lance get your sorry flank in gear!” Midnight yelled at the Unicorn who still refused to budge. Lance flared his horn and summoned an orange in his hoof. “What in the name of Celestia is he doing?” Midnight asked as she looked at Shining. Lance split the fruit in half, took out the seeds and planted them in the ground. Thunder had collected himself and chased after the bird that was taunting him. The stallion let out a groan of frustration as he took flight after the large bird.

The phoenix cawed and flew towards the other stallion. Lance squinted and saw the Pegasus charging towards him Lance waited for the right moment. As soon as the stallion was in proximity his horn flared. Thunder felt something grab him. The stallion looked in shock as a massive tree sprouted from the ground and wrapped around his body.

“What the hell?” He yelled in surprise.

“Now if you’re done I’d like a chance.” Lance said with a smile. The stallion grunted in his restraints. Lance walked over to a branch and plucked an orange from the tree. The stallion walked out from underneath the tree holding the fruit in his hoof up towards the bird with a smile on his face. The bird looked at the guard in confusion and hesitantly flew towards the guard.

The Phoenix landed on the ground in front of the stallion with a skeptical look on her face. The bird walked towards the stallion and sniffed the fruit in front of her. The mare watched as the stallion split it in half and levitated it over to her. The bird dove her beak into the fruit and cawed in delight. The stallion smiled and gave her a nod. The bird flew on top of his head and started to preen herself.

“Mind if I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“How did you grow a tree?” She asked as she looked at the large tree.

“I didn’t. I transported it. Which reminds me, I should really get this back before one of my sisters find out it’s gone.” He said as his horn flared and the tree vanished releasing the Pegasus.

“No fair! He used magic.” The corporal protested.

“You used your wings.” Celestia said in a flat tone.

“But he didn’t even catch her!”

“He used the unorthodox. An admirable trait that we could use in the guard.” Celestia said with a smile. She then turned back to the Unicorn. “Splintered Lance you are the victor and you along with your platoon will receive three weeks of R&R.” She said as several ponies came charging out of the stands and picked the stallion up.

“Put me down!” He yelled at Shining.

“Not a chance!” He said with a wide smile. The group carried the stallion off towards the barracks while the Pegasus was fuming with rage.

The white stallion looked back at the ponies with a grin on his face. Twilight, Cadence and the three fillies looked at the stallion in shock.

“So that’s why Philomena likes you?” Twilight asked.


“You gave her an orange?” Cadence asked.

“That’s right.” He said as he got up. “I learned a long time ago that if you’re nice to something first then it’ll be nice to you.” He said with a smile. “Now that’s enough of that story. C’mon girls let’s get a move on.” He said.

“Are you nuts? That story was awesome!” Scootaloo said with a smile. “Got anymore?”

“Well...” He said as the three gave him the puppy dog eyes. “Oh no, that won’t work on me. My sisters used it on me all the time.” He said in a flat tone.

“I hate to interrupt but Celestia needs Cadence and I to return to the castle.” Shining said with a smile.

“What purpose?” Splinter asked.

“It doesn’t say.”

“Right, but before you go.” Lance said as he walked over to the kitchen table and put his right hoof in an arm wrestling position.

“No.” Shining said in a flat tone.

“You know you want to.”

“Why would you suggest that of all things?”

“I’m curious to see if all that pencil pushing has made your hoof wrestling skills improve.” Lance said with a smile. The Captain let out a sigh and walked over to the table and mimic’d the motion. The two stallions applied pressure to the other’s hoof and pressed against the other. Shining struggled to maintain his position. “Really Shining is that all you can muster?”

“Can it!” He said as he pressed harder. Splinter’s hoof wasn’t budging. Twilight noticed that the table they were using was beginning to crack under the pressure.

“Time to end this.” Splinter gave a final push and slammed Shining’s hoof onto the table just as the table broke apart. The guard captain flipped over onto his back and let out a groan. “Score stands forty-nine to zero.” Splinter said as his horn glowed and the table was repaired. Lance offered his hoof and helped his friend back up on his hooves. “You lost Shining. You know the rules.” Splinter said with a grin.

“Oh come on man, there are fillies here.” Shining whined. Splinter’s horn flared and a large dome enveloped the two stallions and the two mares.

“Sound proof bubble. They can’t hear a thing. Now say it.” Splinter said with a grin. The guard captain grumbled and let out a sigh.

“I’m your bitch.” Shining said as he hung his head in shame.

“Yes, yes you are.” Splinter said as he lowered the dome. Cadence and Twilight looked at the embarrassed stallion with a raised eyebrow. Lance looked at the clock and his eyes shrank. “Sorry, but I have to go too. I have to meet Lotus at the bar.” Shining and Cadence looked at him in confusion. “I helped her and her sister out of a jam the other day and she wants to thank me.”

“What jam?” Cadence asked.

“Oh Rarity told me about that! You sent Ms. Aloe’s ex flying through a window.” Sweetie Belle chimed. The Princess and the guard looked at him in shock.

“I thought you were gonna keep a low profile?” Shining asked.

“Aloe’s ex came in and was going to kill her if I didn’t do something.” He said with a frown.

“Ah....I see.”

“Hey can I ask something?” Scootaloo said as she looked at the adults.


“Since you’re in the guard, what did you do when the Changelings invaded?” The stallion’s eyes shrank as he heard the words. Shining and Cadence both gulped as the color from their faces fled. The lavender unicorn felt a very cold shiver creep down her spine. Lance’s right eye twitched as he threw on a fake expression.

“I was out on a mission when all that went down.” He said in a flat tone. “Sorry girls but I have to get going and I’m sure your sisters are wondering where you all are.” He said as his horn flared and he vanished in a puff of white smoke.

“C’mon girls let’s head home. Nice seeing you again Princess Cadence.” Sweetie Belle said with a wave. The pink Alicorn gave them a warm smile as they walked out the door.

“Shining. What was that?” Twilight asked.

“What was what?”

“That magical pressure I felt coming from Lance. It felt.....wrong.” She said with a gulp. Shining looked at his sister and let out a sigh.

“I can’t give you any details, but I will say that Lance is extremely strong. He’s been through more than you can imagine and most of it wasn’t pleasant.” The mares looked at the guard captain in shock. “Sorry, that’s all I can say.”

“I get it. I don’t want you to get in trouble with the Princess.” Twilight said with a nod.

“Thanks for understanding Twiley.” He said as he gave her a hug. “Sorry sis but we’ve got to go.” The guard and the Princess said their goodbyes and vanished in a flash of pink light.

Across town Lotus stood outside the pub waiting for the white stallion to appear. Her face turned red as she saw the white stallion appear a few feet away from her.

“Sorry I’m late I got caught chatting with an old friend of mine.”

“It’s no problem. I just got here myself.” She said with a smile. The two walked inside and sat at the bar on stools. “So who was this friend of yours?”

“Shining Armor.” He said in a flat tone. The spa pony looked at him in confusion.

“As in Captain of the royal guard?”

“The very same.”

“No way!” She said in shock. “How do you know him?”

“One day the guard was touring my town and I met him. we hit it off and we’ve been friends ever since.” He lied with a smile. “By the way, that accent sounds familiar are you from Prance?”

“No, my mother and father were. They taught us the language to preserve our family heritage.” She said as their drinks arrived. “How did you know?”

“Coup de chance.” He said with a grin.
*Translation; Lucky guess.

The mare looked at him in shock and wonder.

“You speak Prench?”

“Oui!” He said with a smile.

The two continued to talk for hours until around eleven o’clock. The stallion noticed that the light blue mare had become quite drunk and was barely balancing on her stool.

“Okay I think you’ve had enough for tonight Lotus. Time to head home.” He said as he paid the bartender.

“Oh you’re no fun.” She said making pouting face. As the two walked outside the mare tripped over her hooves and started laughing hysterically. The white stallion’s horn glowed and he levitated her onto his back. The mare clumsily wrapped her hooves around the stallion’s neck and started to rub her hooves on his shoulders. “Si forte.” She cooed in a seductive voice.
*So strong.

The stallion ignored the comment as he came to a bright yellow door. He looked back at the mare who had a goofy grin on her face.

“Are you sure that this is your house Lotus?” He asked. The mare gave him a reassuring nod. Lance shrugged and gave the door a knock. The door opened to reveal a cream colored Earth Pony mare with a red mane and tail.

“Can I help you?” She asked in confusion.

“Sorry for disturbing you ma’am, but I’m having some difficulties finding out where Lotus lives.” He said with a shrug.

“Can I ask why?” The stallion then pointed to the drunk mare on his back. “Ah I see. Two houses down, second door on the left.” She said as she pointed down the street.

“Thank you Miss.”

“It’s no trouble. My name’s Roseluck by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Rose. I’m Splintered Lance.” He said with a nod.

“Likewise. See ya around.” She said as she closed the door. The white stallion continued his journey down the road with the ever growing frisky mare on his back. Lotus had sat upright on the stallion’s shoulders and was resting her head on top of his.

“Do you know what the most sensitive part on a Unicorn’s body is?” She purred as an idea came to her mind.

“The horn right?” He asked.

“Correct.” The mare said as she leaned forward and licked the tip of his horn.

“Lotus! What the hell?” The stallion said in an annoyed tone. Despite his protests the mare kept licking the length of the horn and started letting out moans. Lance was using all of his discipline training to prevent himself from kicking the mare off his back and into the wall. He silently praised Celestia as he reached the door. He gave it three hard knocks as the light blue spa pony started moving her tongue in circular motions around the base of his horn. The door opened to reveal the pink Earth pony mare with a surprised look on her face.“I think I have something that belongs to you.” He said trying to keep a straight face.

“Mon diue! Lotus get off him!” Aloe said as she pulled her sister off the stallion’s back and put her on the couch. “I am so sorry about this Lance. She never acts like this normally.” Aloe said as she held her head in shame.
*My God.

“It’s fine everypony acts weird when they’re drunk. Do you have a towel?” He asked The mare nodded and quickly gave the stallion a towel to wipe his face with. “Thank you.”

“Again I am so sorry.” The stallion gave her a nod and teleported away from the house. Lance found himself in front of Carousel Boutique with a frustrated look on his face. As he opened the door he saw Rarity reading a fashion magazine and sipping some tea.

“Oh Lance you’re back.” She said with a smile.

“Hey Rarity.” He said in a flat tone.

“Something wrong dear?”

“Apart from my horn being used as a lollypop I’m fine.” He said with a grumble.


“Lotus offered to buy me a drink fro helping her out the other day with that plot hole. She got drunk and I took her home. On the way there she started using my horn as a pacifier.” He said as he sat down next to her.

“Oh....I see.” She said with a gulp. “So what happened next?”

“I brought her home where Aloe apologized for her behavior and then I teleported back here.” He said in a flat tone.

“May I ask something?” The stallion nodded. “It sounds like you didn’t enjoy it. Why?”

“Why? I don’t even know her for Celestia’s sake!” He said in an angered tone. “I’m not some sleaze ball who sleeps around with a bunch of mares and it’ll be a cold day in hell before I take advantage of a mare who’s obviously drunk.” He said as he glared at the mare.

“I’m sorry dear. I wasn’t insinuating anything.” She said as she lowered her head. “It’s just that from what I’ve heard most of the guards are stallions and when you spend a large amount of time with the same gender most stallion would jump at the chance to spend some time with a mare as lovely as Lotus.”

“Despite what most mares think of the royal guards I’m not the type of stallion who hooks up with random mares just for a good time.” He said as he got to his hooves.

“I see. I’m sorry and you acted like a true Gentle colt.”

“Coming from you that means a lot.” He said with a smile. The white mare felt her cheeks blaze up at the compliment. “Goodnight.”

“Yes, to you as well.” She said as she hid her face from the guard. The mare bit her lip as hundreds of thoughts raced through her mind.

He is a Gentle colt!

He’s strong, kind and remarkably handsome. Her face turned bright red as she thought of the stallion holding her close with his big strong hooves. The mare snapped out of the daydream and shook her head.

“That is no way a lady should act.” She thought to herself as she trotted upstairs into her room. As she laid awake in her bed the thoughts came rushing back, only stronger now. She thought of the stallion ravishing her with kisses and laying her down on her Queen sized bed. He eyes snapped open and she ran towards he calendar. She scanned the days until she came to a date with a big red circle marked on it. Her heat cycle had just started.