• Published 12th Mar 2013
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Bolt of Love - Silentpegasus

Splintered Lance, Shinning Armor's oldest friend and comrade is reasigned to Ponyville to guard Twilight and the Elements. Can a designer help this battle scarred stallion cope with the sins of his past or will the pain be too much to bear?

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Chapter 1: Overwatch

Changing of the Guard

Chapter 1


Shinning Armor made his way through the large castle until he reached the Princess’s meeting chamber. He looked to his left to see his wife giving him a reassuring smile. The guard captain let out a long sigh and opened the doors to see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna sitting behind their desks covered in a mountain of paperwork.

“Captain Armor reporting for duty ma’am.” He said as he saluted the mares. Celestia looked up at them and waved them inside. She set her quill down and pulled out a red file from her drawer.

“Hello Shinning Armor. How is he doing?” Celestia asked as she signed another form.


“I see. Is he making progress?” Luna asked.

“Very little, I think the doctors have done all they can for him.” He said in a low tone. “Which is why I want to assign him a mission!” The white Alicorn looked at the stallion in confusion.

“What? After what he’s been through the last thing he needs is another mission.” She said in a stern tone.

“Just hear me out, I want to assign him ‘Overwatch.’” He said in a strong tone. Celestia’s mind began to race as she tried to remember the operation. Her eyes shrank as she made the connections.

“Oh, I see. Are you sure about that? We don’t now how he’ll react being out in the world unsupervised.”

“He won’t be unsupervised!” Cadence interjected. “The doctors here have tried their best, we have to focus more on the emotional wounds and being stuck in a hospital bed surrounded by guards is a poor atmosphere to heal in.” She said in a concerned tone.

“He’s been wanting a mission for some time now and I want to help him.” Shinning said as he took a step forward.

“He is our best soldier.” Luna interjected.

“May I speak freely?” The two Alicorns nodded. “He’s my friend and I want to do everything in my power to help him.” The two royal sisters looked at one another, Celestia bit her lip as she pondered the thought.

“Very well, but should anything happen I will hold you personally responsible.” The white stallion saluted and smiled at them.

“Thank you Princess.” He said as he and the pink Alicorn walked out of the study. As they walked down the hallway Cadence glanced at Shinning Armor who had a nervous look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m beginning to think that this might be a waste of time.” He said in a low tone.

“You’ve been a guard all your life and I have never seen you doubt yourself. I know you value your friendship with Splinter but-”

“It’s more than that Cadence. Splinter and I went through the academy together and fought together. He’s my best friend and like a brother to me. But when I saw him.....He looked like.....like a completely different stallion.” He said as he held his head in shame. Cadence put a hoof on his shoulder and looked at him.

“I know how you feel, I barely recognized him myself. He’s made good progress these past few months.” She said as she wrapped him in a hug.

“Only on a physical level, he’s still refusing to talk to anypony about the incident.” He said as he broke the embrace and continued to walk through the castle.

“Can you blame him?”

“Of course not, but I’m still worried.” He said as he stopped outside the infirmary. Shinning gave a final breath and walked inside. The room had a sterile feel to it and the doctors were adding to the atmosphere. The two walked to the end of the hallway where two royal guards stood at attention outside of the door. The stallions saluted the Captain as he walked inside. The captains eyes fell upon a white Unicorn stallion with a deep red mane and vibrant green eyes doing push ups on the hospital floor. The stallion quickly got to his hooves and saluted the two.

“Sir!” He said.

“Drop the formalities Splinter.”

“Fine, what’s up Shinning?” He asked as he sat on the bed.

“Today’s your lucky day, I have a mission for you. X-Class.” The stallions face lit up in delight.

“FINALLY! I’ve been going crazy here!” He said as he raised his hooves over his head. “So what am I doing? Recon? Infiltration?”

“No. Guard duty.” Shinning said in a blank tone.

“WHAT?” He yelled at the two ponies.

“This order is coming from Celestia herself. She needs the best for this mission.” He said ina stern tone.

“So who am I guarding? A stuck up council member? If it’s Blue blood then I am OUT!” He said in an irritated tone.

“It’s not Blue blood. It’s somepony far more important than him.”


“My sister.” Shinning said in a stern tone. Splinters right eye twitched at the information. A long silence fell between the ponies.

“You want me to protect your sister?” He said as he raised an eyebrow.

“That’s correct”

“Last time I checked your sister is Princess Celestia’s personal student and the element of magic.” The guard captain nodded. “Why would she need MY protection? She could flay me alive if she wanted too.” He said as he raised his hooves

“I just want to ease you back into missions slowly and Ponyville is a nice quiet town to spend have some R&R.” Shinning said in a kind tone.

“I still don’t see-...Wait a minute! This is about ‘her’ is it?” The captain looked at him with a nervous look in his eye. “I bucking knew it!” He yelled as he stared down the two visitors.

“Look all we want is for you to cope with-”

“I’m fine!”

“No, you’re not!” Cadence interjected. “I’ve heard you screaming in your nightmares and the more you repress them the more damage they’ll cause.” The white stallion was about to protest but found no argument. “I All we want is to help you and the only way to do that is if you LET us help you!” She said as her eyes narrowed on the bedridden stallion. “You can either do that or stay in this hospital room for the next three months.”

“Three months?”

“Yes, those are your choices.” Shinning said as he pulled his wife back. Splinter let out a groan and laid his head back against the pillow.

“When can I leave?” Shinning and Cadence smiled at the stallions answer.

“After the Princess briefs you on the mission.” Splinter nodded and got to his hooves and cracked his neck.

“I’ll get my stuff and meet you in Celestia’s study.” The three ponies walked out of the hospital room. The two guards standing outside gave him a nod as he walked away. Once the group got outside the hospital room the stallion bid farewell to Cadence and made their way towards the barracks. Splinter walked through a set of double doors to see a small room with a neatly made bed, a small kitchenette and a small closet. Splinter walked over to his bag and began packing his things. Shinning looked around the room and found an old photograph of two stallions and mares. Shinning felt the photo being ripped from his hooves and saw it being packed into Splinters bag. Shining let out a sigh and walked over to his friend.

“You still have that thing?”

“Why wouldn’t I still have it?” He said with a grunt.

“You need to let go and-”

“Watch it Shinning, you may be Captain of the Royal Guard but those protocols don’t apply to me!” He said as he pointed his hoof at the stallions chest. Shinning looked at him in astonishment. “Sorry, I’m still getting used being back.”

“How are your injuries?”

“Same as ever.” He said in a flat tone.

“The doctors-”

“I know they tried everything, but not all wounds heal.” He said as he finished packing his bag. Shinning tried to protest but couldn’t find the words. The two stallions made their way out of the barracks and back to the Princess’s study. Shinning and Splinter gave a salute to the royal sisters.

“Good to see you Splintered Lance, I trust that captain Armor has told you of the mission?” Celestia said with a warm smile.

“I am to protect Twilight Sparkle.”

“Yes, and the other elements as well.” Luna added.

“Six Mares? Why send only me?”

“You are the very best we have, unless you have some-pony else in mind.” Celestia said in a cold tone.

“No ma’am.” He said in a flat tone.

“Excellent, your train leaves in an hour.” Celestia said with a warm smile.

“May I ask something your highness?”

“You may.”

“Do they know about-”

“No, your file is confidential. No pony knows about.....the incident.” Celestia said in a flat tone.

“Thank you Princess, I’ll keep you updated.” He said as he saluted the two Alicorns. He and Shinning turned to leave the office, as Splinter exited the room Shinning looked back at the Princess’s with a nervous look in his eye.

“Something wrong Captain?”

“I’m worried, what if he has a relapse and-”

“I’m sure that Twilight can handle him if he gets out of hoof and I will dispatch you and your guards to calm him down.”

“You do remember what happened the last time a guard tried to jump him right?” He said as he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I heard that he is getting out of the hospital soon. We should send him some flowers.” Luna said.

“Should he get out of control I will send you to deal with him in a more...direct way.”

“Thank you your highness, I hope that it won’t come to that.” He said as he left the room.

“So do I. Good luck.” Shinning gave them a final salute and left the room to catch up with his friend. Luna looked at her sister with a concerned look in her eye.

“Sister, I must agree with Captain Armor, we’re taking a big risk here.”

“The biggest risks have the best pay off.”

“As well as the most severe failures.” She said in a flat tone. “I’m sorry sister but I think that he belongs in a facility to-”

“He doesn’t need to be locked up. He needs to heal.” Celestia said in a stern tone. “I just hope that he is still able too.”

“What happened to him sister? I haven’t read his file yet.”

“It’s in this mess somewhere.” She said as she let out another grumble.

“We must get a secretary.” Luna said with a groan.

“Theres a form somewhere in here for that.” Celestia said with a weak chuckle.

Shinning and Splinter stopped outside of the castle walls and gave him a nod. “Sorry but his is as far as I go.” He said as he let out a sigh. “Good luck.”

“Same to you and thanks, for everything.” He said as he shook the stallions hoof. The captain knocked the hoof away and brought him into a hug. Splinter returned the gesture and let out a sigh. “I gotta get going or I’ll miss my train.” He said as he turned and trotted away from the large castle.

Splinter enjoyed the walk towards the train station, he looked up at the evening sky and let out a sigh. He enjoyed seeing the colors mix with the clouds. He looked ahead to see two stallions harassing a white mare with a flowing purple mane and tail.

“I said no. Now leave me alone!” She yelled as the stallions backed her into a corner.

“What an unsightly little peasant, thinking that she’s equal to us.” The brown Pegasus said with a laugh.

“I think she need to know her place.” The red unicorn said.

“Good idea.” The stallion said as he grinned at the frightened mare.

“There a problem here?” Splinter said as he came up behind the stallions.

“Mind your own business!” The Pegasus bellowed as he raised a hoof to strike the mare. The white stallion caught the hoof and started to twist it violently unti he heard a loud crack causing the pegasus to cry ou in pain. Splinter got in between the ponies and glared back at the stallions. “Who the buck do you think you are?” Splinters horn glowed and a suit of armor appeared around his body, the stallion’s instantly cringed back.

“That’s who the buck I am, now scram before I get angry.” He said as his eyes narrowed. The two stallions quickly made themselves scarce as Splinter made his armor vanish. The white stallion looked back at the mare and helped her to her hooves. “You okay Ms.?”

“Y-yes, thanks to you.” She said with a smile. “What are you doing out here? You don’t seem like a night guard.”

“I was on my way to the train station, I saw those two giving you trouble so naturally I had to intervene.”

“Well, thank you guards man. I was on my way to the train as well. Would you be so kind as to give a mare an escort?” She said as she gave him a pouting face. Splinter rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.

“Lead the way madam.” He said in a low tone. As the two unicorns made their way through the streets the lights on the corner began to turn on and illuminate the cobble stone road.

“Thank you sir. Why were you going to the train station anyway?” She asked as she eyed the stallion.

“I’m getting transferred.”

“Oh really? “Where to?”

“Classified, I’m guarding a VIP and I can’t have their location compromised.” He said in a flat tone.

“Oh I see. Private affairs, I understand.” She said as the two made their way to the train station. “Well, it was nice meeting you sir....I’m sorry but I don’t think I got your name.”

“Splintered Lance. Nice meeting you too Ms....”

“Rarity.” She said as she got into her car. Splinter gave a nod and trotted to the barren caboose and took an empty seat by a window. He looked out to see that Luna’s moon was shinning brightly. He tilted his head back against the seat and drifted off to sleep.