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Amnesia - Mad Hattie

Based on Cupcakes by Sgt. Sprinkles: In the aftermath that follows the tragedy at Sugarcube Corner, the Elements of Harmony are lost and broken. However, one night, Luna visits Twilight's dreams to inform her of a powerful resurrection spell.

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The Shopping Trip

Chapter 3

Spike entered the library silently. After the weeks that had passed since the incident and Twilight’s descent into solitude, it was all he could do to keep her in any kind of sane state. If he made too much noise, Twilight would wince, as if a simple footstep had induced some kind of painful reaction. After making too much clatter too often, Spike had learnt his lesson. Silence was the best approach to aid Twilight’s state of mind.

If anything, the familiarity of the old library was a better welcoming than the one he was greeted with at the graveyard. Fluttershy didn’t speak, she seldom moved. She simply sat by her longest friend’s grave and wept silent tears. It seemed she’d regressed into the same kind of state as Twilight, except unlike Twilight, she managed to raise her head when she heard the baby dragon’s quiet footsteps in the tall blades of grass. Gently, Spike had placed a bouquet of roses in front of Dash’s grave. He had only expected a nod of understanding from the butter Pegasus, but was instead greeted with a mournful wail as the shyest pony of the mane six openly cried against Spike’s shoulder, holding him close.

It seemed her animal friends were unable to face the grave, even Angel stayed at home. Any animal of any kind with the graciousness to stay by her side was good enough for her, and honestly, Spike couldn’t help but shed a few tears in her presence also. Ponyville just wasn’t the same any more.

By the time Spike had left the Pegasus’ side, it had started to rain. Her unkempt pink mane was already tangled from weeks of abuse and the falling rain did little to help matters. The young Pegasus didn’t make a move to leave so the final deed Spike performed for Fluttershy was a simple gesture of kindness. Carefully, Spike produced a small umbrella from Twilight’s borrowed saddlebag. He held it out to the Pegasus before she finally gratefully took it, positioning it against her body so it would protect her from Ponyville's unstructured weather. Since the head weather pony was no longer with them, everyday tasks were becoming a problem. There would be storms when there was supposed to be clear skies, heat waves when it was supposed to be overcast. To say Ponyville was going downhill would have been an understatement.

So finally, Spike had made his return. Dripping wet and filled with sorrow, Spike quietly stepped inside. He made a bee line for the bathroom, taking a towel from the rack to quickly dry himself off before he checked the big clock in the main library. He’d been so preoccupied with worrying about Fluttershy all alone in the graveyard that he’d completely missed the snoozing Unicorn at the table over to his left.

It was only when he’d turned his attention away from the clock that he noticed Twilight, her face half obscured by the spine of one of the latest books she’d chosen from the shelves.

“Twilight…” Spike mumbled sympathetically.

He’d forgotten about their little routine and had half expected her to have embedded the little schedule in her mind enough to carry herself to bed. Sadly, this hadn’t been the case. Twilight had simply grown too exhausted to read another page. She must have passed out. Spike felt a pang of guilt as he approached the young Unicorn. The sun was just about to rise in the sky and it was only at that moment that Spike realised he’d been up almost all night long.

In the past few weeks, Spike had to do a lot of growing up to support his closest friend. He no longer required as much sleep; his schedule was out of whack. Everything he did was to both support and protect Twilight Sparkle; he no longer did things out of selfishness. He was a whole new dragon from the one that had arrived in Ponyville not two years ago.

As Spike watched Twilight, worried whether or not to wake her, he began to notice the calmness of her breath, the silence of her snores. Usually, Spike had to wake the Unicorn at least twice a night from unimaginable nightmares where she was forced to relive the tragedy at Sugarcube Corner over and over again. A few times she’d even experience a few night terrors and Spike had had the misfortune of finding his best friend cowered in the corner of the bedroom or thrown half way down the stairs. She’d be screaming, tears flowing from her closed eyes as she kicked her hooves so hard into the ground that she’d made permanent dents to the wood. She’d even managed to kick Spike a few times as he tried to comfort her. But Spike, being the patient dragon he was, never made a fuss. He didn’t mind that Twilight was never able to speak her apologies, that she wasn’t able to accompany him to the hospital on one of the few occasions that he was forced to get stitches for the lacerations left on his cheek. He knew she was doing the best she could in such unfortunate circumstances. He only wished that there was some way to mend the hole that was now so very evident in her soul.

Spike let Twilight sleep for an extra hour after he got home, giving himself some time to rest himself before he woke her. She had been so peaceful after all, something she hadn’t been since before the tragedy struck.


When Spike finally descended the stairs, rubbing his eyes tiredly, he found Twilight in the same position, her soft breath making small marks against the book in front of her. He smiled a little before he placed his claws softly on her shoulder.

He shook her carefully, prepared for the worst, “Twi?” he asked in a firm yet soft whisper, “Twilight?”

Twilight let out a muffled moan before she moved her head against the table. Her face contorted into a frown as her unconscious mind made a connection that hard plus uncomfortable didn’t equal pillow. She huffed once before her eyes opened blearily to Spike’s concerned smile.

She scrunched her eyes up again, feeling a headache hammering behind her eyes, “S-Spike?” she croaked.

Spike felt his heart tug. Twilight hadn’t addressed him properly for weeks. He’d almost forgotten what it felt like. “Twilight?” He asked shakily, afraid anything he said might make her realise her mistake.

But Twilight persisted. She blinked profusely as she lifted her head from the table. She squinted and rubbed a hoof at the back of her head. It was really aching. “Hey Spike, could you get me a glass of water?” She asked quietly, as if she hadn’t spent the last three weeks in pitiful silence.

Spike perked up right away, “Of course!” He smiled, taking a step back to move to the kitchen. Before he made his move, he changed his mind, took a step forward and grabbed the purple Unicorn in his arms.

“Whoa.” Twilight gasped, “What’s that for?”

“Just to say welcome back.” Spike mumbled into her shoulder, tears practically sparkling in his eyes. He kissed her on the cheek before he pulled away and dashed off into the kitchen.

Twilight couldn’t hide the smile then. Spike’s good mood was almost infectious as she felt herself laughing giddily as she watched the purple dragon disappear.

Now, why was she doing that?

Then, it hit her.

Princess Luna, the nightmare, the spell!

“The spell.” Twilight muttered, her eyes widening in realisation. She hadn’t been able to make sense of the headache, but now her sleepy mind was clearing, words began to make their way to the front of her mind. The spell, the resurrection spell!

Just as her mind was settling around the new words swirling through it, Spike returned with the glass, a pleasant grin on his face.

“Here you go!” He smiled, placing the water on a spare spot on the table in front. Twilight returned the smile, feeling the muscles in her mouth ache with the effort.

“Thank you.” Twilight returned as the glass lit up with a pink hue. She lifted it to her lips and took a few small swigs before glancing at the clock, “How long was I asleep?”

Spike shrugged, “The usual amount of time, I was going to wake you sooner… but you looked so peaceful!"

Twilight nodded. That was something she hadn’t been in a long time. She could only thank Princess Luna for her pleasant night’s rest. Were it not for her, Twilight was positive she would have woken up screaming.

Twilight placed the glass back on the table before she pulled away, “Spike… I’m a little…” she branched off, frowning, “How long have I been… like this?”

Spike sighed and glanced at the floor, “About three weeks.”


Spike shrugged, “Three weeks and five days.”

Twilight nodded. The moon had been full on the night of the incident, which meant there was only two days left until the next full moon. The day she could use the resurrection spell.

“Twilight, is there something wrong?” Twilight could hear the worry in Spike’s voice and she shook her head,

“No nothing at all.” She soothed, swaying his worries only slightly, “I was just thinking… I thought maybe I should go out
into town.”

Spike brightened instantly, “Great idea, Twi. I’ll get your saddle bag.”

“Um, thanks.” Twilight smiled gratefully as she watched the eager dragon sprint over to the front door. She allowed her friend to fasten it to her back, knowing fully well she could have done it herself much faster and easier. She waited patiently as Spike took a brush and quickly combed it through her mane. She knew she could easily have done that too, but there was something nice about the action. A warmth built in her chest that she hadn’t felt in such a long time.

“I don’t want to sound…” Twilight cringed and looked away from the baby dragon. He was so eager to see his friend restored, it was hard to say anything that could disrupt that. “I was just wondering if I could go out alone? Just for today, just for some fresh air.”

Spike nodded a little quickly, “Of course, I understand. Anything to make you happy, Twi.”

Twilight was feeling an uncomfortable knot forming in her stomach. She’d made the baby dragon so unhappy in her mind’s absence. She couldn’t bear the thought of how much she’d hurt him. She could only pull the dragon into a warm embrace on her way out of the door, “Thanks Spike.” She said honestly, “For all the help.”

Spike laughed weakly, rubbing the back of his head. “Of course Twi.”

Twilight nodded before turning towards the door. Spike called out just as she’d opened it, “Twi?”

“Yes Spike?”

Spike kicked his foot against the floor meekly, “I was just wonderin’ Twi… what changed?”

Twilight smiled, her eyes glistening from the memories of her previous dream, “I guess a good night’s sleep really does do the world of good.” She said breezily before trotting out the door.


Twilight was beginning to become increasingly aware of everypony staring at her as she trotted through town. She hadn’t really considered the fact that her ‘disappearance’ could have made an impact on Ponyville, but judging by the stares, it seemed that most ponies had taken notice.

Still, Twilight didn’t care. The only reason she was trying was because – for the first time in almost a month – she actually had hope. Luna had given her the gift of words, and not just that, but along with the spell in her mind was a detailed image of everything she would need to perform it just right.

She went in and out of stores with relative ease. The spell wasn’t one that relied on much else. Magic was the key ingredient and magic was the one thing that Twilight didn’t doubt. She was the living embodiment of the Element of Magic, her cutie mark showed just as much. If anypony could perform this spell, it would be her, and she wasn’t going to let Luna down. Even if Celestia didn’t agree with what was happening, surely she couldn’t deny the fact that Dash was needed.

The image didn’t show much, just a circle of lit night blue candles and a chalk drawing that, to Twilight, just looked like a bunch of swirls. However, every time she closed her eyes, the image she saw would bring shivers down her spine. She knew this was one of the most powerful magical spells she had ever encountered in her young life.

There was one thing left, however. The spell called for something that the pony in question had worn, or was close to. Twilight knew there was nothing closer to Dash than her element and that necklace was safely stored in the library along with the others. The only problem was, if Spike saw Twilight taking the element of Loyalty, he would no doubt question her motives. Twilight sighed; Spike was such a close friend, but she knew deep in her heart he wouldn’t condone what she was doing. He’d freak out and do everything in his power to stop her.

She couldn’t let that happen.

Right now, Rainbow Dash was all that mattered.

On Twilight’s journey back to the library, she found herself turning off, trotting through the outskirts of town. Soon her hooves were met with tall blades of grass and suddenly, she found herself standing amongst a crowd of ancient headstones. She moved further along, feeling the pricks of tears reaching her eyes as she walked blindly through the graveyard. She’d only been there once before, and that was only for the burial. Still, she found herself there with relative ease.

Here lies Rainbow Dash
A beloved daughter, a loyal friend

Dash’s cutie mark had been carved into her headstone much like quite a lot of the others in the graveyard. Still, her headstone was special. She had never been an ordinary Pegasus. She’d always been fast, perhaps the fastest flyer in all of Equestria, but along with that was the very unique fact that she was the living embodiment of the Element of Loyalty. Twilight couldn’t help but marvel at the headstone now she had hope. She smiled sadly down at the wilting roses that had been placed in front of it not a few hours ago.

She sighed, “Dash, I want you to know that we are going to get you back.” Twilight could hear her voice trembling, but she swallowed hard and carried on, defiant as always, “Princess Luna told me about a resurrection spell… in two days I’ll be able to perform it.” Twilight breathed calmly through her nose before continuing, “We need the elements Dash… everypony misses you.”


Twilight jumped, eyes wide as the new voice assaulted her. She wasn’t quite used to being directed to socially. Even when the pony behind the counter where she had bought the candles had tried to instigate small talk, she had been unable to do anything but babble a few words hopelessly. Still, she would have recognised that shy, quiet tone from anywhere.

“Fluttershy?” She returned, equally as quiet. Perhaps a few weeks prior, Twilight would have raised her voice, or at least looked in the Pegasus’ direction. Today, however, she couldn’t do much except meekly raise her eyes to meet the gentle butter hooves of the shy pink and yellow pony.

Fluttershy allowed her tears to fall freely, “I-Is it really you?”

Twilight nodded, only now raising her gaze to meet Fluttershy’s soft blue eyes. “It’s really me.”

Fluttershy let out a small gasp, “I-I thought you’d moved back to Canterlot.”

Twilight shook her head, confused. Was this why the ponies were looking at her oddly? Surely with Spike still wandering Ponyville, somepony should have put two and two together. She suppressed an eye roll, “No. I stayed here. For-” Twilight couldn’t bring herself to finish, but she didn’t need to anyway.

“Rainbow Dash?” Fluttershy guessed. This time her voice didn’t tremble. She blinked away the tears that were accumulating in her blue orbs before she carefully took a step forward towards the purple Unicorn. Twilight almost scrambled backwards in surprise. It had felt like an eternity since she had been presented with one of her friends, other than Spike. Somewhere in her heart, she’d questioned if she would ever see them again. Now Fluttershy stood before her, silently questioning whether a hug was acceptable. Twilight glanced to Dash’s grave, only now realising she was probably sitting in the spot Fluttershy had claimed the moment Dash had been put there. She stood up on instinct, but couldn’t bring herself to move.

“I b-bet she’s the fastest flyer wherever she is.” Fluttershy whispered. She was smiling, but only slightly.

Twilight knew that it hurt for her to bring up Rainbow Dash that casually. She was doing it for her benefit. Twilight could only nod in response, “I bet.”

Fluttershy’s bottom lip trembled and at that moment, Twilight knew what she had to do. She might have been out of practice for any kind of social interaction, but Spike had been a patient and loyal friend in the weeks she had acted as a zombie. She knew right now, Fluttershy needed the comfort that Spike had shown her.

The two ponies, though so very different, brought together by friendship, galloped towards one another. Fluttershy cried freely as they met a few paces from Dash’s grave. Fluttershy let out a quiet yelp as Twilight wrapped her hooves around her best friend. They both fell to the floor in an uncomfortable heap. Though they embraced awkwardly, the friends didn’t care. They found solace in one another and for the first time in three long weeks, they’d found somepony to grieve with, to share the pain.

Two zombies, reanimated.

In the hours that the two ponies stayed by Dash’s side, Twilight considered telling Fluttershy what she was planning. She wondered whether she should open her saddlebag and allow the yellow Pegasus to judge for herself what a bunch of candles, a box of matches and a piece of chalk meant. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to mention it. If something were to go wrong… if Twilight failed the ritual, could she bring Fluttershy’s hopes up just to smash them down?


This was the way it had to be.
Twilight would perform the ritual on her own and once she had Dash back… then she’d tell Fluttershy. Then she’d tell Spike. Heck, then she’d travel all the way to Appleloosa just to tell Applejack the good news.

In Twilight’s mind, this was the perfect plan.

Author's Note:

Just a quick chapter to show some of the emotions going on behind the characters. Twilight's back with the living so to speak and Fluttershy finally has a shoulder to cry on. The idea is that although Spike was a comfort, the mane six shared a bond that went deep into their souls which is why Fluttershy was so much more grateful for Twilight's company.

The next chapter is called 'The Resurrection'
Hint hint, nudge nudge.

:) Until next time.