• Published 7th Mar 2013
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Amnesia - Mad Hattie

Based on Cupcakes by Sgt. Sprinkles: In the aftermath that follows the tragedy at Sugarcube Corner, the Elements of Harmony are lost and broken. However, one night, Luna visits Twilight's dreams to inform her of a powerful resurrection spell.

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The Resurrection

Chapter 4

Forty-eight hours had never passed slower for Twilight Sparkle.

So, in a bleak effort to remain busy, the young Unicorn had taken to exploring the Everfree Forest.

Spike hadn’t fought against the idea like he might have done in the past; he simply accepted each and every one of her decisions, even if it meant he was unable to accompany her.

Twilight hated hiding things from her oldest friend, but it was all for the best. She had tried to convince herself that if she could go to Everfree, she’d have an easier time hiding her plans from Spike.

Zecora had greeted Twilight with open arms when she had first appeared on her door step the day after Luna’s visit.

Twilight had explained to the zebra pony that she intended on working her magic to its full potential in a way to block her thoughts from the recent tragedy, which was in a way at least partially truthful. Zecora had seemed unsure at first and Twilight had been wary that she was aware of her true motives, but still, Zecora was willing to help.

So for the two days that Twilight lay in wait, she would visit Zecora as much as possible and focus on her magic. Zecora taught her true concentration techniques, ways to hone into her magical abilities that in the past, Twilight may have never been able to manage. True enough, the only reason Twilight was succeeding was because of her motivation to do so.

Luna’s warning was not fierce, but Twilight seemed to visage it in that way whenever her dream came to memory. She knew she had been entrusted with an important task, a task that no pony else would ever hope to achieve. Twilight knew she needed Rainbow Dash. The Elements of Harmony was the most powerful magic known to Equestria and without them, evil could so easily flourish. Flashes of Chrysalis returning to find Canterlot defenceless flooded her mind, a hoard of evil dragons appearing in the midst of a battle the Princesses alone couldn’t hope to win.

Zecora was proud of Twilight’s progress, but there was always an air of unease about her. Twilight knew that Zecora was worried about her; it was only to be expected from such a wise mentor. Still, Twilight remained confident that Zecora would not ask questions on the subject and if she did, Twilight would remain silent. The fear for any outside force disrupting what Twilight had worked so hard to keep secret was just too hard to bear.

She needed Rainbow Dash back and so did Equestria.

It was only on that evening two days later did Twilight begin to doubt her abilities.

The trot back to the library felt longer than it had ever been before. Every sound Twilight heard seemed to increase with the fear that lingered inside of her.

What if something went wrong?

No. She couldn’t allow herself to think like that, not now, not ever. There was a reason she’d been strengthening her power with Zecora, she was proving to herself and – unknowingly – to the zebra that she could do the task that was set for her. In the time she hadn’t spent with Zecora, she’d been practicing drawing the image that was so carefully embedded into her mind. The image of the chalk-drawn circle that was to be placed on top of Dash’s grave.

The moon had already revealed itself by the time Twilight had joined the cobblestone path that led into Ponyville.

It was a beautiful moon, glowing supernaturally behind a thin mist of clouds. It was a fine mist, complementing Luna’s face completely within its craters. Twilight stopped for a moment and bowed her head towards it respectively.

“I won’t let you down, Luna. I promise you.” She whispered as a twin trail of tears willed themselves from her closed lids and fell across her snout.

The Library was silent as Twilight made her way inside. Thankfully, since her return to the ‘real world’ as Spike had so gently put it, the baby dragon had maintained his usual sleeping schedule, the one he had before the tragedy had struck.

In the darkness of the library, two lights cropped up at the exact same moment. One emanating from Twilight’s horn and the other coming from the beautiful lightning strike necklace secured in a glass casing towards the other side of the room.

Twilight closed her eyes as the necklace floated towards her silently, depositing itself safely within her saddle bag. Next came the candles and finally, the piece of chalk. Twilight noted that the drawing utensil was much smaller than it had been when she’d purchased it two days prior. That probably had something to do with the amount of time she’d spent perfecting the spell she was about to cast.

With a final wary glance towards her bedroom where a certain baby dragon lay peaceful, Twilight turned and moved back into the light of the moon.

Twilight had made a note of Fluttershy’s ritual at the graveyard in the late nights when she’d been returning from Zecora’s. She had been thankful that the butter Pegasus had always been gone not that long after nightfall.

The graveyard was – if it were possible – even more depressing at night. Each gravestone seemed to glow eerily from the moonlight, casting dark shadows across the grass that no longer seemed welcoming against Twilight’s hooves.

Nevertheless, Twilight moved with precision. She’d mapped out Dash’s grave perfectly and came to it a little sooner than she had expected.

Midnight wasn’t for another twenty minutes or so.

Good, Twilight thought to herself grimly, enough time to prepare.

Twilight carefully laid the navy candles out in a circle around Dash’s grave, standing above them for a moment to marvel at her work. Then she drew the chalk out with her magic and slowly but surely, she began to draw the diagram that she had learnt to perfect.

After a while, the drawing took shape. The picture was a large oval, a symbol that much resembled the letter ‘P’ in its centre. Just where the top of the ‘P’ joined its tail was a large cross that stretched to each edge of the circle. Twilight closed her eyes, revisiting the image that Luna had given her. She nodded to herself once, knowing she had done what was needed.

Her fur prickled as the minutes ticked by and, soon enough, Twilight knew it was time to do what had been asked of her.

With a flash of her magic, the candles surrounding the chalk drawing lit up, their tiny flames licking at the darkness that encased them. Twilight took in a breath to steady herself as her face was caught in the eerie light of the fire. Shadows flickered around her as she let out the same breath. She closed her eyes and turned herself to the words that she hadn’t dared to utter since they had been embedded into her mind. These words were not ones to practice. Their magic was strong, ancient, perhaps more ancient than the Princesses themselves. Twilight knew that these words would bind a contract that seemed impossible to some, perhaps even profane.

Tonight, Twilight Sparkle would raise the dead.

Twilight opened her eyes and the moment she did, she was lost to the power that consumed her.

"A pony fallen now shall rise
Despite the coming of their demise”

The wind picked up around the young Unicorn as the flames flickered on their wicks. Twilight’s eyes blazed with a pink glow, illuminating the words on Dash’s grave.

A beloved daughter, a Loyal friend

"An item carried close to heart
Shall ensure that you depart”

Twilight’s saddlebag glowed with magic more powerful than she had ever performed as Dash’s necklace floated to the centre of the chalk drawing. The moment it touched the grass, an even stronger gust of wind tore at Twilight’s face, forcing her mane behind her shoulders.

A beloved daughter, a Loyal friend.

“On this sacred hallowed moon
You shall rise and very soon”

Suddenly, dark clouds gathered above Twilight’s head. The next gust of wind brought a rumble of thunder within its mits. Somewhere within Twilight’s mind, she felt an unease that surpassed any previous emotion.

A beloved daughter, a Loyal friend.

“Be reunited-” Twilight’s voice wavered as the black clouds were painted with a bright streak of light. She cleared her throat before righting herself.

“Be reunited now and then
Return to life once a-AH!”

Twilight’s eyes exploded in a fire of pink light as a violent strike of lightning hit the very spot where the chalk circle had been made. The young Unicorn was flung backwards by the blast, a loud buzzing ringing in her ears as the world blurred around her. The power that had once been a part of her now felt like a hazy dream, leaving her disorientated and scared.

Then, it began to rain.

“No.” Twilight croaked, trying and failing to clamber back onto all fours.

Suddenly, she felt moisture from the rain soak into her coat.

“NO!” She shrieked as she painfully lifted herself upwards and staggered back to the resurrection sight.

Twilight couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The lightning had left a black, charred hole in the centre of her drawing and the rest was being washed away by the steadily progressing downpour. “Oh, Celestia no!” Twilight screeched, searching her mind for a waterproofing spell.

Even when the spell came to mind, her horn only sparked pathetically for no longer than a second before it fizzled out, leaving her in complete darkness.
But Twilight didn’t care. She tried it once and then tried again, over and over, receiving nothing but a searing headache for her efforts.

“Oh, don’t do this to me, please!” She begged anypony that could hear her as she closed her eyes, ignoring the oncoming storm, ignoring the heavy rumbles of thunder that threatened another lightning strike.

“A p-pony fallen once shall rise!” She tried to talk the spell out, but her voice held nothing close to the power it once had. Now she just sounded weak, pathetic, like she was grovelling to some unknown deity to give her a second chance.

Because she knew it already.

She’d failed.

She’d failed her princess, she’d failed Rainbow Dash. With a sinking, almost nauseating feeling in the pit of her stomach, she realised she’d failed perhaps all of Equestria.

Soaked to the bone and broken with misery, Twilight stumbled through the graveyard. She didn’t feel like she deserved to be in the dry warmth of her home, she didn’t feel like she deserved the company of her friends. In fact, strange though it sounded, Twilight didn’t feel much of anything at all.

Her legs felt numb as she dragged herself through the boneyard, her eyes downcast, staring at nothing but the mud rising around her hooves as the rain continued its assault.


One thing Twilight had seemed to misjudge was the valiant efforts of the weather team. Ironically, it was the one thing Rainbow Dash had once been in charge of that had been her downfall. She should have figured that the weather team were uncoordinated, dare she think it, sloppy since the death of their leader. She had assumed for some reason that they would have overcome their grievance… but when she had spent the best part of a month as nothing more than a zombie, how had she not seen this coming?

Twilight let out a strangled gasp, as if she had just remembered how to breathe. Tears fell clumsily from her eyes as she swayed on the spot. Her mane was stuck to her face with the force of the storm, her legs were caked in mud and her heart was broken. Maybe it had never fixed itself in the first place. Maybe it had all been an illusion.


Somehow, Twilight found herself back on the trail to the library. Her face contorted into a grimace. She suddenly felt far too exposed. Houses surrounded her; anypony could see the wreck she’d made of herself.

Good, let them look. A part of her mind yelled out, I need to be punished.

When Twilight appeared tormented and silent at the library door, Spike had done everything in his power to help her. Though groggy and confused, the baby dragon managed to clean up his best friend, brush through her mane and guide her to bed.

He couldn’t understand what had caused the relapse in her behaviour, nor could he hope to fathom why she constantly repeated the same phrase over and over again. The only words she dared to speak. The only words she could.

“I’ve failed.”

At the same time Twilight was being guided to bed, something unbeknownst to her was happening at the very sight of her failed spell.

In the seared piece of grass that a bolt of lightning had made residence, at the centre of the long gone symbol that Twilight had drawn, there was a disturbance.

The earth began to rumble beneath the grass and with the vibrations; there came a piercing white light. The light grew in intensity, seemingly growing from the earth like some kind of exotic plant. It manifested itself first into a circle, then a letter ‘P’ before finally crossing itself out with a large ‘X’. Then, in a flash of white light, the earth in front of Dash’s grave broke free and with it came the cyan hoof of a broken Pegasus.

The moonlight danced across the form that scrambled valiantly from her prison. As her face broke free, she took a large gulp of air, choking on it as remnants of the earth scattered from her head and across her face. As she staggered from the hole she had made, so did the bright light that aided her escape.

Rainbow Dash looked into the bright light that floated ominously in front of her, her gaze contorted with so many emotions, each of them battling for their place at the front of her mind.

“H-How?” Rainbow Dash asked, her eyes widening with the fear that came from realising she could still form words.

The entity in front of her brightened. Rainbow Dash tilted her head, her right ear flickering lazily as if listening to a voice that only she could hear.

Whatever she heard, it gave her the knowledge she needed, for after giving a strong nod of her head, the cyan Pegasus, covered head to hoof in dirt, trotted silently from the graveyard.

Author's Note:

Hope you liked it. :)