• Published 7th Mar 2013
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Amnesia - Mad Hattie

Based on Cupcakes by Sgt. Sprinkles: In the aftermath that follows the tragedy at Sugarcube Corner, the Elements of Harmony are lost and broken. However, one night, Luna visits Twilight's dreams to inform her of a powerful resurrection spell.

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The Aftermath

Chapter 1

“What is your name?” The voice echoed through the interrogation room, it held the power and authority to gain all and everything, including a decent reply. Instead, all the voice received were a series of eerie high pitched giggles. There was a gruff sigh before the voice repeated, “What is your name?”

There were more giggles, but this time, she replied, “Pinkamena of course!”

“Your friends call you Pinkie Pie.”

The laughter stopped abruptly. The voice changed to something darker, “I don’t have friends.” The voice was monotone before she giggled again, “Only victims!”

“Pinkamena Diane Pie.” The voice belonged to a stallion with a brown coat and a jet black mane. He sat across the table from the pink pony with a clipboard under his hoof. He tapped the clipboard impatiently, “Is this your full name?”

The former Pinkie Pie was a bundle of laughter and some ponies had joked that she was crazy, perhaps even gone as far as calling her a maniac. But psychopath? Murderer? Monster?

No. This was the Pinkie that no one knew. Her pink mane was straight as opposed to a messy bush; her eyes were as small as pin pricks as she looked around her surroundings, tightly secured in a strait jacket. She nodded her head, sticking her tongue out playfully, “Yes it is.”

The stallion straightened somewhat as he leaned further towards the crazed pony, “Can you tell me why you’re here, Pinkamena?”

Her eyes widened in humour as if recounting a happy memory. A sick grin twisted onto her face, “I killed.”


She laughed again; her eyes darting in separate directions as her mind was lost for a moment, indulging in the blood lust she had once been a part of, “Everypony,” her eyes narrowed to slits as she met gazes with her interrogator, “Anypony!”

The stallion looked down to his clipboard and sighed, “One final question for the day Pinkamena.”

Her ears pricked instinctively.

“Who was your last kill before you ended up here?”

Her grin only widened further as she recounted the sweet memories, “Oh, somepony very special! I would have never thought I’d pick her out so soon, but her number was up you see…” she pouted for a moment, blowing the stray pink locks of her mane from her face, “She didn’t last nearly as long as I had expected.”

The stallion rubbed his face in frustration, “Just answer the question.”

Pinkamena chuckled, “Why, it was Dashie!”


Three weeks. It had been three long weeks since the tragedy at Sugarcube Corner. The entire street was a ghost town, nopony dared to go there. The Cakes had moved in with other relatives out of Ponyville leaving the beloved pastry store eerily quiet. Every now and then a pony would trot by and leave a bunch of flowers at the doorstep. Though the insides had been cleansed of any evidence, nopony wanted to see the scene where it had happened. Where so many ponies had lost their lives and of course – most recently – a very special Pegasus had been lost to Equestria.

Twilight Sparkle hadn’t spoken a word since the incident. She had tried like anypony else to forget what terrible crimes Pinkie had committed, but she just couldn’t. The entire Apple family had gone to Appleloosa, Rarity had gone to her parent’s home with Sweetie Belle and Fluttershy hadn’t been seen since the incident. Nopony was coping well, especially the living embodiments of the Elements of Harmony. They had all developed a bond that had gone well beyond friendship, they all relied on each other for the good of Equestria, Celestia needed them. But where were they now?

Generosity and Honesty were gone, Laughter was now laughing her way into an asylum, Kindness had locked herself away, Magic had silenced herself and Loyalty…

Loyalty was ten hooves underground, her mangled body too much for anypony to see. Rainbow Dash’s funeral had been hard; nopony had ever experienced anything like it. Hundreds of Pegasus ponies came down from Cloudsdale to pay their respects and then just as quickly, everypony had dispersed.

Sometimes, ponies whispered amongst themselves that they saw a yellow Pegasus sitting in front of Rainbow Dash’s grave, her pink mane stuck to her face with the tears she just couldn’t stop. Fluttershy had been Dash’s longest friend and although they hadn’t always seen eye to eye, they had always been stronger together.

For Twilight Sparkle, the day started like any other. She would wake up from the sleep that had only been induced by hours of tears to Spike standing quietly by her bed. She’d quickly realise he had been the one to wake her, only then realising she had been having another nightmare.

She’d nod her head to Spike and he’d accept that as her thanks, he knew just as well as anypony how hard a time she was dealing with it all. Twilight didn’t know what to do with herself anymore. She didn’t talk to anypony, she rarely went outside. She’d simply sit at the table in the main library area and read anything her magic picked out for her. She’d levitate book after book from the shelf and read them from front to back. She wouldn’t stop, only to eat and that was only something Spike would force upon her.

Spike cleaned in silence, but he couldn’t cope with Twilight’s attitude. She worked like a zombie, everything she did was done with no purpose. Sometimes, Spike wondered whether she was even aware of her surroundings.

So every now and then, Spike would go out into Ponyville. Ponies would bow their heads in respect to him and he would nod back. Ponies before had never really paid much attention to the baby dragon that Twilight had brought with her to Ponyville, but ever since the Sugarcube Tragedy, everything had changed.

Spike would write letters to Princess Celestia often. He asked for her help, but her reply was always the same. Her condolences went out to everypony affected, but she could offer nothing at all to dull the ache of loss. Only in time would that come naturally.

But finally, after three weeks of empty condolences and Twilight’s zombie-like behaviour, Spike had had enough. With little warning, Spike slammed his claw down on the book that Twilight had been blankly reading, absorbing little of the information, only taking comfort in the soothing words that came to her mind instead of the painful memories.

“Enough is enough Twilight!” Spike all but snarled.

Twilight’s head came up slowly, almost robotically. Her mane was a mess and her violet eyes were bloodshot. She stared at Spike for all of two seconds before her eyes moved back to the book.

“No!” Spike grabbed the book and slid it under his arm in one fluid motion, “Twilight, listen to me.”

Twilight didn’t even blink; she just stared in a daze at the table, her eyes still moving from left to right as if she hadn’t noticed the lack of literature in front of her.

“Twilight!” Spike tried to reach out to her, but it didn’t work. He didn’t know what else to say, “You can’t live like this Twi, it’s not right. We have to move forward for the sake of-”

“For the sake of what?” Twilight’s eyes were suddenly staring right at the young dragon, her teeth gritted tightly as she stared at her friend, “I was sent here to learn about friendship, well, I think I learnt my lesson.” She looked back at the table, “Dear Princess Celestia,” she recited darkly as a single tear leaked from her eye, “Today I learnt that you should never make friends.” She closed her eyes then and in the weakest voice, she added, “You never know who they might turn out to be.”

Spike couldn’t say anything against that, she was right after all. Pinkie Pie had been one of the Elements… the Element of Laughter no less. Well, laughing she was. They couldn’t get her to stop. Even when the stallions that dragged her blood spattered body from the basement placed her in the police carriage, she hadn’t stopped laughing. It haunted Twilight’s nightmares, that laugh. It wouldn’t leave her alone.

“Fluttershy’s at Dash’s grave right now.” Spike whispered solemnly, “Maybe you could…”

Twilight was already shaking her head. She couldn’t do it. Soon she’d be able to blank out her mind again and this break into conversation would be completely forgotten. She’d be able to read meaningless words in peace, silencing everything else around her.

Spike sighed, balling his claws into little fists as he watched Twilight’s eyes that had just then been bright with awareness slowly fade back to the dull glow he had become accustomed to.

“Fine.” He said through gritted teeth, “I’m going to pick up some flowers, somepony needs to be there for her.”

Twilight didn’t show any signs of acknowledgement. Another book was already floating above her head, giving off a vibrant pink glow. Spike closed his eyes briefly before he turned his back on her and left the library, slamming the door behind him.