• Published 5th Mar 2013
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Surprise - TheDerpyOutcast

a strange mare comes to Ponyville

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The Secret of the Cure

Pinkie Pie groaned in pain. The sudden pain she experienced when she awoke was unbearable. She had no strength to move from her bed. Princess Luna was lowering the moon, so upon seeing Pinkie awake, she landed on the guest room's balcony.

"I see the cost of the cure has taken its toll." The princess of the night said quietly, before flying away. She went to the throne room and went to talk to Celestia. "The effect of the curse's reverse has started."

"The pain Pinkie Pie feels must be unbearable, but there was no other way to save her. The curse would take over her and she would only show negativity. Despite the cost, we had to."

"Sister, I am aware of the measures we had to take for her safety. But wee must inform Twilight, Surprise, Rarity, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash."

"yes Luna. But how will they take it..."

Author's Note:

as you all know, I do everything on a kindle fire hd. but my brother is was using my kindle when I wrote this so I obtained access to his laptop. thus the auto caps at the beginning of each sentence is not in use and I have less options for keys. none the less, enjoy!

ps. I know this is short. it will be made up for soon.

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