• Published 5th Mar 2013
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Surprise - TheDerpyOutcast

a strange mare comes to Ponyville

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The First Attempt

Twilight rushed into the library. She decided to ask Princess Celestia for help.

"Spiiiiiike! Oh! There you are." She said noticing her assistant." I need to send a letter to the princess."

"Oooooookkkkkk. Why?"

"I need to solve a problem involving Pinkie Pie and Surprise. They need help. So take a letter!"

Spike nodded and picked up a quill and piece of paper.

"Dear Princess Celestia, there has been a trouble involving Pinkie Pie and her foalhood friend, Surprise. I have taken the task of reuniting them back into friendship, and will need assistance. Surprise was trying to explain why she left Pinkie, but Pinkie freaked out to the point of Canterlot Voice shouting. Please help me make Pinkie and Surprise friends again. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. Ok Spike send the letter."

Spike did that, and soon they received a response.

"Dear Twilight, I will try to assist you with your goal. Try to find out WHY Pinkie Pie freaked out. I will expect updates on your progress. Princess Celestia."

"Ok. I'm going to see Pinkie. I'll see you later, Spike." With that, Twilight left the library.
............................................. ...........

Twilight was walking to Sugar Cube Corner, when she heard Pinkie's voice.


"I HAD NO SAY! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!" That voice Twilight identified as Surprise.


"I DIDN'T TELL YOU BECAUSE I COULDN'T FACE IT! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO LEAVE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE BEHIND AND HAVE NO SAY ABOUT IT!" Surprise yelled as she flew off. Ponys stared at Pinkie Pie as she stormed to Sugar Cube Corner. Twilight wrote down all that happened so she could send it to Princess Celestia and trotted to Sugar Cube Corner.

When she arrived, Pinkie was screaming in her room. [youtube=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rDPQpaxtTuY] The scream stopped eventually, but Pinkie was yelling at Twilight instead of talking.


"Pinkie. Why do you freak out around Surprise?"

Pinkie was no longer yelling. "I want to forgive her Twilight. Honest! I just......... can't. My heart can't take it. It still is angry at her for leaving. Like I'm under a spell that woulnt let me forgive her."

"You might be under a spell, actually. If you grow a special friendship with somepony and they leave you, you any magic within you triggers a spell, make you incapable of forgiving them. Thus, you forever feel betrayed by them."

"Well, I'd better explain that to Surprise."

"No! You will only freak out again. All contact you make with her triggers the spell, and there is a point where you will resort to violence. I will tell her."

"Ok Twilight. I don't know if I can even go downstairs. My mind is in a jumble....." and Pinkie blacked out. Alarmed, Twilight pulled a book from her saddlebags. She had suspected that Pinkie was under that spell and took the book containing it just in case.

"'When the spell has released enough energy to be compatible with the mind of the bearer, the bearer blacks out as the spell takes over.' I have to get her to Canterlot immediately!" Twilight levetaited Pinkie to the library. "Spike! send these to Princess Celestia." She handed him a copy of the spell and her notes. "Then I will need 8 train tickets to Canterlot. But now I need to get the others." Twilight left the library and Spike sent the notes and spell information.

"Rarity!" Twilight screamed, bursting into the Carousel Boutique. She was relieved to find Surprise explaining what happened to the others.
"Twilight? Why are you here? I thought you were talking to Pinkameana Diane Pie." Surprise sarcastically emphasized Pinkie's full name.
"I was." Then Twilight explained what happened.
"Sh-sh-sh-she was under a spell?" Surprise questioned. Twilight only nodded.
"Now. We all need to get to Canterlot immediately. I don't know how to reverse the spell without hurting Pinkie so we are going to see Princess Celestia."

Surprise paced nervously around the train car as they approached Canterlot. her best friend was in danger. Flutter Shy was biteing her hooves. The others just looked like they were keeping cool so Surprise and Flutter Shy wouldn't freak out. Surprise kept on glancing at Pinkie Pie. If only she knew sooner...

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