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The Great War - RandomPerson

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Preparation and Deception

Celestia sat on her throne silently looking about her court, glancing at each of the stained-glass windows. Beside her sat Twilight, who was still mulling over the outcome of the meeting with Prime Minister Schmidt three days ago. How could it all have gone so wrong? Surely asking him to cease drilling in such a bad place was not too much to ask. It would keep the risk of oil spills lower, for Goddess sake! Then there was the Empress. Why had she been so unruly? Did she hate the humans so much she wouldn’t even attempt to negotiate with them?

“Princess?” Twilight spoke up.

Celestia turned to her. “Yes, Twilight?”

“Why did the Empress seem so uncooperative? It seemed she was hell-bent on stirring up a conflict between her and the Prime Minister. Why does she seem to hate him?”

Celestia sighed, looking down for a moment. She looked back up to her. “It is because Gryphons are environmentalist, Twilight. You knew of this, correct?”

Twilight nodded.

“Humanity’s growing industry poses a direct threat to the Gryphonian ecosystem. While the meeting was, as you said, to negotiate the slowing of their industrializing, Brynja sees the only way to protect the Earth is to stop them completely.”

“But...how would she manage to do that, Princess?”

“She would attempt to achieve her goal by means of war, Twilight Sparkle.” A new voice spoke, prompting them to both to look towards the door. Luna had entered the room and was walking towards them.

“War, Princess?”

“Yes war, Twilight. Empress Goldenbeak underestimates the Humans’ capacity for self defense. She blatantly makes threats because of the numbers of soldiers she has at her disposal, yet she ignores the fact Humans are centuries ahead of her in technology and weaponry. That was really the purpose of the meeting. We foresaw this possibility and hoped to stop it. It would seem we have failed.” Luna sat down on the other side of Celestia.

“So...does that mean—” Twilight was cut off by Celestia.

“Yes, Twilight, unless the Empress comes to her senses, and solves this problem diplomatically, the stability of our nation could be at stake, as well as theirs.”

There was a long silence before Twilight spoke again.

“Equestria won’t go to war, will it, Princess?” Twilight spoke barely above a whisper, a sliver of fear in her voice.

Celestia hesitated for a moment before shaking her head. “No, Twilight. Equestria will not be going to war. You have nothing to worry about.”

Celestia gave her a quick hug, refreshing Twilight’s confidence. They broke the hug and both sat back, waiting for their influx of the usual day court problems. Celestia bit her lips however. She could only hope what she had told Twilight would be true


Prime Minister Schmidt sat at his desk, a black ink pen gliding across papers with mechanical motion. Read, sign, repeat. Schmidt had been doing this job for a long while now. It had become like a broken record, repeating the same thing everyday. Several loud knocks on his office door stirred him from his work-induced trance.

“Come in.” He set the pen and documents aside.

The door was opened and General Corvus stepped inside, wearing his usual gray uniform. “You requested my presence, Prime Minister?”

“Ah, General. Come take a seat please.”

Corvus walked across the office, his black leather jackboots tapping audibly on the wooden floor with each step. He sat in front of Schmidt’s desk, respectfully removing his cap to reveal a head of graying hair.

“General, as I’m sure you remember, a threat to our nation was made only three days ago Empress Goldenbeak of the Gryphonian Empire.”

Corvus nodded.

“Now, I am not one to make rash decisions, but I did take this threat into consideration and I fear we may soon be tested as a nation.”

“Aye,” Corvus responded. “I feel it as well, the Empress is so short tempered and easy to anger, we may soon have to take up arms to defend our way of life.”

“And that is the reason I have called you here, General. We need to be prepared if we are attacked by Gryphonia. I will issue a nationwide reserve draft for men ages eighteen to twenty-five, and you will be tasked with strengthening the borders with armaments. This is of utmost importance, General. Do I make myself clear?”

Corvus nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Then take this,” He picked up his pen and his signed a paper, picking up a bronze colored envelope of the same size and sliding the paper in.

“This is the draft notice. Take this to my administration and tell them to send copies to each home with the age requirements enclosed. Also, tell them to include a personal letter of recruitment to each young man with my regards.” He stood and held ot the envelope.

The General nodded and took it, saluting him before he turned and left the office. Schmidt sat down, sighing heavily. There was a storm coming, but they would be prepared for it.


Empress Goldenbeak sat on her throne, tapping impatiently on the floor with a talon as she listened to a Gryphon noble drone on about his reasons why the taxation systems should be lowered for the upper classes, so that they may contribute more to society in other ways. She knew it was all lies, but she still had to endure it.

All of sudden, she felt a tap her shoulder. She turned to see one of her servants standing beside her throne.

“What is it?” She asked spitefully, already annoyed enough by the noble, now one of her servants was bothering her.

The servant leaned forward and whispered something into her ear, causing the edges of her beak to turn up into a devious smile. She looked back to the noble and held out her claw, silencing him.

“I am needed for other matters as of now, we will continue this discussion later, Duke of Razorbeak.” She stood from her throne, spreading her silvery wings, a sign for all in the throne room, except the guards, to leave.

When they had all left, she descended the steps that led to her throne and followed the servant out of the room. They walked down a long, stone hallway, stained-glass windows casting different shades of light on the floor. The neared a large wooden door, ornate with golden patterns and handles. The servant took hold of one of the handles, opening it and lowering his head in a respectful bow.

Inside, all fifteen of Gryphonia’s generals were seated at a long, oak table. They stood and removed their helmets, bowing their heads as Brynja walked around the table, taking her seat at the head of it.

“Generals, the Humans have gone far enough. There recklessness and disregard for nature must be stopped at any cost. I have tried, along with the Princesses of Equestria, to stop the Humans’ poisoning of this Earth that has been bestowed upon us, by asking them to halt their advancement. This has proved unsuccessful, as I predicted, and now it is time to take action. I have called you all here today...to plan the invasion of the Human Republic.”

The high ranking Gryphons looked at each other, apprehension clear on their faces, though they still listened closely, prompting the Empress to continue.

“This task will not be an easy one, but it is a possible one.” She called for a servant to bring her a map of all Human territories. The map was spread across the table, drawn large enough to cover half of it. “Their war machines need fuel to run, and if they are cut off from that supply, than they will be nothing more than a helpless child. With this advantage, our armies could sweep through the country and end these crimes against against nature in mere weeks.”

Each general studied the map closely, with the Human oil refinery islands circled in black chalk. It was a tactical asset for the Humans. Almost their whole military ran on oil and gasoline, if they were cut off, it would give the Gryphons the upper hand. Still though, there was the power of the Humans small arms. The Gryphons used swords, spears, axes, or bows, but the power a single Human could wield with the weapons they possessed was astonishing. They had always envied Humans for the advancements deep down. The Gryphons still had numbers on their side though. Would overrunning the Humans be a viable possibility?

General Egil was the first to speak. “But, Empress, what of the Humans’ coastal defenses? Their cannons would cut through our ships like a gryphon claw through butter.”

General Halvdan answered him instead. “An attack in the early hours of the day may work. The Humans would be unsuspecting and not hit the ships as easily, though that still does pose a threat of our ships never making shore.”

This time Brynja answered, smiling smugly in self praise for her battle plan. “We will use a diversion. They will keep the Humans occupied long enough for our ships to make it ashore, and release the rest of our troops. The islands would fall in hours if this plan works correctly.”

Each of the generals nodded, some not taking their eyes off the map.

“We have much work to do, Generals. See to it that it is done. I take my leave.” She exited her chair, leaving them all to formulate their plans for war.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the short chapter.

There should be longer ones on the way now that the political stuff is done.