• Published 1st Mar 2013
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A Lifeboat Made for Two - Phil Ken Sebben

Anon and Rarity hate each other, but when they get stranded on a desert island, can they work together to stay alive?

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

You're not sure how long you were in the boat. It was definitely several hours at least. And the sun overhead was making sure you felt every second of it. Sweat is pouring down your face as you feel your skin burn, and your mouth feels like sandpaper. Rarity took the front of the boat, while you sit in the back and bake.

Neither of you have said a word to each other since you woke up, and that's fine with you. Even if you didn't hate Rarity, what is there to discuss? You don't feel like talking about how you're both going to die out here.

Rarity sits facing away from you, leaning over the front of the boat, staring into the water. She cries now and then. Not a good idea when dehydration is an imminent threat, but you don't tell her that. It's not like she can control it.

The unwavering heat finally begins to let up as the sun finally begins it's descent over the horizon, but shortly after the sun disappears and the sky turns black, it's replaced with a bitter chill. You begin to shiver, rubbing your arms in a vain attempt to keep warm. Rarity holds out a little better than you, having fur and all, but soon enough, she's shivering, too. You sit there trying to deal with the cold as long as you can, but eventually it's too much. You hate to do it, but it looks like you have to.


She doesn't answer you, big surprise. You delicately begin to crawl toward her, as to not rock the boat. When you're right beside her, you try again.


"What? She finally answers.

"Look. I didn't want to suggest this, but it's freezing out."

"I've noticed, yes." She replies bitterly. "What of it?'

You take a deep breath before continuing.

"I think we should sleep together."

"Excuse me!?" She yells incredulously.

You shake your head with a sigh.

"Not like that! We should sleep next to each other. Share body heat."

She blushes, and looks away with a huff.

"Fine, then. But you'd better not try anything funny!"

"Rarity, trust me. I would NEVER dream of it."

She lies down on the bottom of the boat, facing away from you. You do the same, and scoot backward until your back touches hers. She flinches away at first, but relaxes back to where she was. It's not what you might have called comfortable, but the little heat you're getting from her is better than the none you were getting before. Still shivering, Rarity lets out a final annoyed sigh before sleep takes her. You follow along shortly.

The warm sun on your face draws you from your slumber, but the velvety sensation of Rarity nuzzling your face pulls you the rest of the way out. Opening your eyes, you find that at some point in the night, the two of you had rolled over to face each other. On top of that, you had wrapped your arms around her, pulling her into a hug. Your face was touching hers. As Rarity begins to wake up, this is the first thing she notices.

She shrieks and you feel one of her front hooves connect with your face. You push her away and cup a hand over your bleeding lip. For having squishy marshmallow hooves, these ponies can hit hard. You don't think she was TRYING to hit you, just push you away. That doesn't stop it from pissing you off.

WHAT THE FUCK!?" You shout, spraying blood from your mouth.

"I told you, no funny business!" she replies indignantly.

Gritting your teeth and shaking with rage, you lean over the side of the boat to spit the blood out. Using your hand, you scoop a handful of water up to rinse your mouth out. It taste disgusting and burns your lip, but it's better than nothing. You feel Rarity's hoof on your shoulder.


You shake her hoof away and wipe the water from your face.

"Anonymous!" She repeats, louder. You can hear a tone of urgency in her voice. Finally, you turn back and look at her.


She ignores your yelling, and points over the side of the boat. here's an oddly happy expression on her face. You look where she's pointing, and gain what's probably a similar expression. Land.

Now you just needed to get there. Ok, time to think.

"Rarity, can you use your magic to get us there?"

She looks at you as if you asked if you suggested she dye her mane green.

"How in the world could my magic be of use here, you simpleton?"

Fucking bitch.

"Fine then, look for paddles."

"Look for what?"

"Paddles, oars, something to push this fucking boat through the water!"

She scoffs. "You don't have to be so-"

"Just shut up and find something!"

She obviously doesn't appreciate being shouted out, but she begins to search. You find nothing but a few pony sized life jackets. Too determined to give up, you get an idea. Lining the inside of the boat are boards, meant to be used as seats. You give them a test pull, and find they're not secured very strongly. This is probably the only time going cheap will be a benefit. You pull two of the boards free while Rarity watches.

"What ARE you doing?"

You hand her a board. "Take this."

She stares at it for a second, before levitating it out of your hands with her magic.

"What am I supposed to do with a board?"

Careful not to gouge your hands with a nail, you stick your own over the side into the water.

"We row."

It seemed like a simpler idea before you actually started. You've been rowing for what must have been hours. It feels like your arms are going to fall off at any moment. You're huffing and puffing, while Rarity is sitting there, just looking bored.

"Honestly, Anonymous." Rarity snarks. "Can't you pull your own weight, here?"

You ignore her. At this point, you're too tired to reply. The shoreline is getting closer... and closer... until finally... You lurch forward slightly as the boat runs aground. Tittering you try to stand, but end up collapsing from exhaustion. You fall face first into the the warm, wet sand. You hear Rarity worriedly call your name as you black out.

You wake up to the feeling of Rarity's marshmallow hooves in your ribs. She sighs in relief when you finally stir. With great strain, you climb to your feet and look around. You're standing on a sandy beach. About a hundred yards up the shore, trees and lush vegetation are growing.

Ok, Rarity. You stay here, keep a look out for anyone. I'm going to go see if I can a town or something."

"You expect me to just stand here, in the wet sand, for who knows how long it'll take you get back?"

You take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, then you grab the boat. With quite a bit of effort, you pull it a few feet up the beach, out of the water.

"There, sit in that."

She gives an exaggerated sigh, but climbs into the boat. Still tired, but determined to spend as little time with Rarity as possible, you set off to find civilization.

Walking up the beach takes a few minutes. You're not really excited at the prospect of walking through the trees, so you stick to the sand underneath them. The shade makes it much more bearable. You do feel bad for leaving Rarity to sit in the sun, though. The thought of it makes you quicken your pace. After about an hour, you find nothing but more sand, more trees, and a couple crabs skittering over the beach. Rounding another bunch of trees, you see something down the beach. The sun is in your eyes, but it looks like... No. Oh god no. It's Rarity sitting in the boat.

Rarity turns to face you as you shuffle your feet through the sand.

"Well, did you find anything to get us out of this dreadful place?"

You ignore her as you step into the boat, completely drained.

"Well?" She asks, annoyed.

You feel tears start to roll down your cheeks. You're not really crying, but there are tears just the same. Rarity's face adopts a worried look.

"Anonymous, what's wrong?"

You swallow with some difficulty. Taking a deep breath, you look her in the eyes.

"Rarity, we're not going to find any help here."

"Well, why ever not?"

"Because we're on an island."

End chapter 2