• Published 10th Mar 2013
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My Worst Enemy - englishwitch

Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom are stuck sharing a room for a few weeks.

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Chapter 2

My worst enemy...
Fanfic by Englishwitch

Chapter 2

Diamond Tiara’s first thought when entering the house was ‘Small’. How did such a big family get any privacy in a such a small house? It was going to be really crowded with she and her dad staying too. As well as Small, the word Rustic also was on her list. Bare floorboards with a few small rugs, old furniture but not the good kind of old; antiques. Just old and probably passed down from one family generation to the next. Every wall, wooden beam and piece of furniture had an apple theme on its décor. There was living up to your name and then there was unnatural obsession.

Apple Bloom was already at the top of the stairs, the three suitcases didn’t seem to be weighing her down at all. How did she do it? Diamond Tiara gritted her teeth and tried to call on extra reserves of strength. She wasn’t going to be shown up by some blank flank.

“So why couldn’t you stay in a hotel?” Apple Bloom huffed down at her while Tiara struggled to climb the stairs with the huge weight on her back. “Or with Silver Spoon, ain’t you two s’posed to be pals?”

“I wanted to.” She grunted back at the farm filly. “But daddy said he wasn’t going to pay for a hotel when he knew your dumb family would have a bed for us.” Then she changed the tone of her voice to do a passable impression of her father. “Now Diamond, you don’t get rich and stay rich by wasting money. Never pay for something you can get for free, or at least a significantly lower price.” then she changed back to her normal voice. “And he said it would be too much of an inconvenience to Silver Spoon’s parents if I imposed myself on them for a month.” She finally reached the top of the stairs. She had to drop the trunk and sit down. She wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hoof and she panted rapidly to catch her breath. “Trust me...” she said between breaths, “I’d leave... if I could. I... don’t want to be here.... any more.... than you want me here.”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes and lowered the suitcases she was carrying to the floor. Then, to the surprise of Diamond, she lifted up the trunk onto her back. When she’d found sure footing she grabbed a suitcase and tossed it on top of the trunk, then she tossed a second suitcase up to join its twin, leaving the smallest of the three suitcases in front of Diamond Tiara. “Bring that in when you’re ready. My room’s down the hall, first on the left.” She walked off, a little slower than before but she was by no means as hampered by the weight of the bags as Diamond Tiara had been.

Diamond grabbed the last suitcase in her mouth and ran after Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom’s bedroom was....nice. Not that Diamond would admit it out loud. Smaller than her bedroom at home but it was more.....cosy was the word that came to mind; another thing she wouldn’t admit out loud. There was more apple-themed décor in here. Pale green floral pattern wallpaper, with apples, a four poster bed, with an apple at the top of each post, apples were painted on the wooden eaves, apple bed covers and even apple shaped handles on all the draws in the bedside cabinet and the vanity table.

Apple Bloom had unloaded her burdens in a corner of the room. Diamond Tiara stared at the filly; she hadn’t even broken a sweat. “How the hay did you carry all that?”

Apple Bloom looked smug. “I live on a farm, work on it too sometimes, You get good and strong when you do a lot of liftin’ and carryin’.” She jumped up onto her bed. “That said, you gotta be about the weakest earth pony I ever seen. You ever done a hard days work?”

Diamond Tiara looked like she’d been hit. “And get all dirty and end up smelling like you? No thanks.”

Apple Bloom raised a hoof to her nose and took a quick sniff. “What’s wrong with how I smell?”

Diamond Tiara just snorted, “Humph”

Apple Bloom cocked an eyebrow. “No, c’mon, what’s wrong with how I smell? I take baths every night. I use soap and everythin’.”

Diamond Tiara shook her head. “Well you still smell. It’s like, I don’t know, apples and grass and mud and stuff.”

Apple Bloom first smirked, then giggled. “Well hay, that’s just the smell of fresh air and the outdoors. It ain’t nothin’ bad.”

Diamond Tiara huffed again. “That’s what you think.” she muttered under her breath. She then turned back to Apple Bloom. “Well if I’m going to be forced to stay here you better get off my bed and unpack my things.”

Apple Bloom jumped up. “whoa, whoa, whoa, YOUR bed?” She jumped to the floor and stood nose to nose with Diamond Tiara. “Diamond, y’all need to talk with my friends, Bucky McGee,” she held up one fore-hoof, “and Kicks O’Claire,” she held up the other fore-hoof. “That’s MY bed.” She jabbed a hoof into Diamond Tiara’s chest. “If you want a place to sleep we got an old cot and a sleepin’ bag with the campin’ stuff in the barn. You can get it after YOU have unpacked YOUR stuff.”

Diamond Tiara pushed herself against Apple Bloom, squashing their noses together. “You can’t talk to me like that you.... you, blank flank loser!”

Apple Bloom pushed back, their faces were squashed together to tightly their eyeballs were almost touching. “You’re in my room, in my house, I’ll talk to you however I like!”


The two fillies pulled apart to look at the source of the noise. Applejack was in the doorway and was looking at the two of them with annoyance and thinning patience. She sighed and stepped into the room. “Now I can see y’all ain’t happy ‘bout this situation. But this is the way it is so y’all gonna hafta learn to like it, or at least tolerate it. I don’t wanna hear no fightin’, no raised voices, no disagreements. If I catch either of y’all arguin’ you’ll both be spendin’ the night in the barn.”

“You can’t do that.” Diamond Tiara yelped. She’d tried to sound angry but the sternness of the older mares tone, the seriousness and honesty in her voice, had made the filly feel afraid.

Applejack smirked and adjusted her hat with a nudge of her hoof. “Try it an’ see.” She walked out of the room backwards, keeping her eye on the two fillies the whole time until she vanished around the corner.


“Dinner time!” Granny Smith’s voice carried up the stairs. “Soups-on everypony.”

Diamond Tiara put the last of her jewellery on Apple Bloom’s vanity alongside her hair care products and make up.

Next to the bed Apple Bloom was still fighting with the sleeping cot. Tab B didn’t want to fit into Slot A, or some nonsense like that.

Tiara was tempted to tease her but if Applejack overheard then it would be a night in the barn. So she decided to just leave her to her battle with the canvass and headed out of the room and for the stairs. “I wonder what these hicks have cooked up.” She muttered to herself. “Probably bakes apples, stewed apples, apple pies or maybe it’s just a big bowl of apples they picked up right out of their orchard.”

She was mostly wrong. There was an apple pie cooling by the window but no other apple related items were gracing the dining room table. The centrepiece was a large bowl of freshly steamed corn on the cob, dripping with butter, there was also corn-bread, carrot sticks, oat cakes and each place at the table had a bowl of fresh salad with lettuce, celery and tomatoes.

Her dad was already at the table, sitting next to Granny Smith, who was sitting at the head. Applejack and Big McIntosh were just joining them. The mare was carrying a large pitcher of apple cider. She smiled when she saw Diamond Tiara at the foot of the stairs and waved her hoof. “C’mon sugar cube, take a seat and dig in.”

Tiara took a seat at the table across from her father. It surprised her to see he’s taken off his collar and tie. Even his mane wasn’t as well groomed as it usually was. They’d only been at this filthy place an hour and already her dad was turning into one of these farm bumpkins.

Apple Bloom trotted down the stairs and sat at the far side of the table, as far away from Diamond Tiara as she could get. She had a red weal on her cheek that looked very fresh.

Apple Jack noticed it instantly. “Where did you get that missy? You two been fightin’?” She looked between her sister and Diamond Tiara.

The pink earth pony was about the scream in protest. She hadn’t even touched Apple Bloom and had no idea how the filly got injured. Now she was going to get the blame for-

“No we ain’t Applejack, I just had a little disagreement with the cot. The cot won.” she smiled sheepishly. Applejack just chuckled and rolled her eyes.

Diamond Tiara just stared at Apple Bloom from across the table. She had told the truth? It had been a prime opportunity to get her in trouble and Apple Bloom had actually told the truth. Diamond Tiara had to admit she wouldn’t have done the same if the situation was reversed. Apple Bloom must be too dumb to see a prime moment when it presented itself, or maybe she had something better in mind to get her into trouble. That must be it. Who knew what evil thoughts were lurking under that frizzy red mane. She would keep a close eye on Apple Bloom.

Filthy Rich grabbed a corncob. “Granny Smith it looks delicious. I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble on our account.”

Granny took some corn and slipped in her best biting dentures. “No trouble at a‘tall Filthy. Just an average dinner, only there’s a little more.”

Diamond grabbed one of the oat cakes and took a bite. It was palatable, for such basic food. Their chef, Silver Platter, had intended to serve roasted artichokes with a chipotle aioli tonight. Any artichokes left in their kitchen now had certainly been roasted all right.

Conversation and jokes were shared around the dinner table, mostly from Granny Smith who was sharing a lot of stories with Rich about his grandmother Nouveau. Through it all Diamond Tiara stayed silent. Why was her dad being so nice and friendly to these farm ponies? It had to be about keeping them on good terms so their business deals wouldn’t suffer. It couldn’t be that he actually liked them, could it? They were dumb, poor, low class, uncouth farm ponies. He couldn’t possibly see anything in them worth liking.

But there he was, sitting next to the Apple family matriarch, smiling, laughing and joking. She just didn’t understand.


Diamond Tiara placed her namesake accessory carefully on the vanity then grabbed her hairbrush. “1,2,3-” She counted along with the strokes through her mane. Every morning and every evening she brushed her hair 100 times. It was the key to a healthy mane.

Apple Bloom came into the bedroom, her face still damp from washing her face and brushing her teeth. She barely gave Diamond Tiara a second glance, she walked across the room, jumped into bed and clicked off the lamp at her bedside, plunging the room into darkness.

“Hey!” Tiara rounded on her. “I was brushing my hair.”

Apple Bloom crawled beneath the blankets and settled her head down onto the pillow. “What you brushin’ your hair for? It’s only gonna get messed up while you sleep.”

Diamond Tiara huffed. “You wouldn’t understand, it’s a beauty thing.” She put the brush down on the vanity. There was no point trying to brush her mane in the dark. “And get out of there, I’m getting the bed. You can sleep in....that.” she pointed to the sleeping cot. Apple Bloom had managed to successfully construct it, after a long time and a lot of effort.

Apple Bloom gripped her blankets tightly in her hooves. “Not a chance. This is my bed, you can have the cot.”

Diamond Tiara rushed across the room and jumped onto the bed. “I am a guest in this draughty barn you call a house and I’m having the bed.” She made to grab the blankets from Apple Bloom, the farm pony yanked them out of her grip.

“No way.” She snapped back at the pink filly. “This is my room and my bed. If I have’ta put up with you in my house then you’re getting’ the cot.” She waved a hoof threateningly.

Tiara grabbed the blankets again and pulled them from Apple Bloom. “Get. Out!”

Apple Bloom grabbed the blanket and pulled back. “No!”

The pink filly jumped on the yellow one. She grabbed Apple Bloom and tried to push her out of the bed. Apple Bloom pushed back, thrashing her hooves and yelling angrily. The two rolled over each other, pushed, kicked and slapped in their attempts to shove the other one out of the bed.

The bedroom door bust open. The two fillies froze in their fight and stared at Applejack. Her furious eyes burned into them. She looked them up and down and took a deep breath. Without saying a word she strode across the room and grabbed Diamond Tiara with one leg. Tiara yelped , fearing a night in the barn. It wasn’t fair, it was Apple Bloom’s fault.

With her mouth Applejack rolled back the blankets then with her free hoof she pushed Apple Bloom to the very edge of the right side of the double bed. Then, with a huff, she threw Diamond Tiara down on the left side of the bed, grabbed the blankets with her mouth again and drew them over the two confused fillies. She glared down at them. “Go. To. Sleep!”

She spun on the spot and strode out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

In the dark Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom lay back to back in the dark, neither one daring to move or even say a single word.

Author's Note:

I want to remind everyone again, there will be no romantic relationship developing between the two fillies.

I've read stories where Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara loathe each other with a vengeance. In the show I feel it comes across as a simple disliking of each other. Diamond Tiara picks on Apple Bloom for not having her cutie mark yet and Apple Bloom doesn't like Diamond Tiara because Tiara things she's better than everypony else, especially blank flank farm pony Apple Bloom.
I'm trying to just portray these two as disliking each other and hating the fact they're sharing a space for so long. Not sure how well I'm doing. That fight over the bed seems almost like hate to me.