• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Pick an Apple in a Thorn Bush - June Silver

When Fluttershy's life takes a turn, she needs all the help she can to get over the catastrophe and start again.

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Chapter One: Green Eyes and a Warm Smile

"Angel, I'll be back. I'm going to the market. We're running out on a few things." I said as I grabbed my saddle and threw it on my back. It jingled with my bits that were inside. Angel hopped over to me, carrying a list. He opened the scroll, to reveal a long arrangement of items he wanted. It must've had about thirty things on it! "Uh, Angel. I'm sorry, but I only have enough bits for the food we need. Maybe next time?" I tried to say gently. But that stubborn, little, white, bunny just demanded and pointed at it again. I sighed. "I'll see what I can do." Angel smiled as he stuffed the scroll into my bag. I opened my door to leave, but was pushed back in by a gust of winter air.

Snowflakes were falling down the meadows of Equestria. It looked like a white blanket had fallen on the hills. "Oh dear," I muttered. There was about two feet of snow. I don't think I could get through all of that, without catching a cold. I shut the door and went back inside. I have to get my coat, I thought. Where did I put it? I flew over to my room. If it's snowing like this, the market should be closing any minute. I hurried to the corner of my room. It's a bit messy in here. Oh there it is! I came closer to my blue coat, which sat on a few boxes I meant to put in the attic. As I pulled it away, an envelope slipped out of one of the boxes. It looked like a creamy white. The envelope was opened and old. I remembered that envelope. It was given to me by Miss Cheerilee, in her first year of teaching. She still teaches to this day, I hear. I grabbed the envelope and sat down on the floor in front of the boxes. My eyes started to tear up as the envelope evoked horrible memories.

"Fluttershy, I have to tell you something very serious.", Miss Cheerilee said.

"What is it, Miss Cheerilee?" I asked, a bit confused. I was playing with Rainbow Dash when she pulled me over and away from everypony else.

"It's your parents," she admitted with a small frown stuck on her face. She looked around to find something to say. "Your parents..." she trailed off. "Fluttershy, before I give you this envelope," she reached behind her and took out a brand new, white, envelope, out of her pocket. "I want you to remember that your parents were marvelous people. Remember everything. Never forget." Were?, I thought. What does she mean were?

She handed me the envelope. Then, she walked away. I was left standing by the wall, with it in my hoof. I was so confused and curious. Miss Cheerilee wasn't making much sense. I looked over to my classmates. They were all playing. It was recess, which meant that we only had a few minutes to go before they dismissed us from school for the day. Rainbow Dash found another Pegasus filly to play with. I looked back down at the white envelope. My shaky hoof opened up the envelope and found a folded, white, letter. It read:

"To Fluttershy,

We give our deepest apologies for the misfortune that has come across. On the day of December 27, approximately 1:35 P.M., your parents Mr and Mrs Shy, were on the list for missing."

I felt like the letter wasn't for me but for some other poor pony.

"Although, they might not be here at this very moment, you mustn't give up hope. The police and special investigators are on the case. In the meanwhile, here are a few changes that will happen..."

I had to read it over and over. It became harder to, every time. It felt so surreal. I looked over at Miss Cheerilee, who was staring right back at me with sad eyes. The rest of the letter had information about a temporary foster home I would be going to.

I didn't want a foster home, I wanted my parents back.

I heard a foot tapping heavily on the wooden floor behind me. I turned to see Angel, who was angry to see me sitting and not at the market.

"Angel... I'm sorry. I guess I got distracted." I said under my breathe, wiping my eyes. I looked back down at the letter in my left hoof. I slipped it back in the dirty, old, envelope and tucked it under some things in an unmarked box. I got up and walked to the door, putting on my coat.

When I got to the market, I noticed how empty it was. There were barely any stands open. The only ones that stood were a few vegetable carts, an apple, candy, and a small refreshment stand. I took my list out of my brown bag. I needed one lettuce head, five celery sticks, a bag of green apples, a bag of walnuts, four cherries, and a few carrots. I think I can get at least half of these here, I started to think. Then I remembered Angel's list. I read over his and saw that only a few of these things are available. I don't want to disappoint Angel. But where can I get his things? Maybe I could come back tomorrow when the snow calms down a bit.

I flew over to different carts to get my items. After about fifteen minutes of shopping, I almost finish. All that was needed were apples. I looked around and found the apple cart. As I approached I noticed something different. Usually Applejack would be attending the cart, but today it was her big brother. I never really talked to him before. I drew closer, getting nervous for some reason. What was his name? I tried to remember, but nothing came to mind. I finally made it in front of him. He was putting in new apples.

"Excuse me," I started to say. He didn't seem to hear me.I guess he didn't see me either. He turned to the other side of the cart. "Um, sir," I said a bit louder, flying over to the other side. He pushed a few apples with his red snout. Then he looked up. His green eyes were the first thing I noticed. My mind went blank as I tried to avert my attention back to the apples. "Uh, w-where's Applejack?" I asked.

"What?" he asked. His voice was very deep. It rumbled through the silent marketplace.

"Uh, Applejack?" I repeated. He leaned his head in a little to hear me better. At first he didn't understand what I said, by the look of his confused face.

"Oh, Applejack." he said. "She went home. It got too cold fo' her."

"Oh." I replied. "Uh, how much for a bag of green apples?"

"Three bits." I grabbed the last of my bits from my bag. There were only two.

"Oh, dear." The red stallion seemed to notice my dilemma.

"Applejack talks a lot about ya'. I'm guessin' you're a good friend of her's. Ya' don't have to pay for 'em today." he added with a smile.

"Oh, no. I can't let you do that."

"It'd be mah pleasure-- Fluttershy, right?" I felt my cheeks turn red with embarrassment. He knows my name but I don't know his. I'm pretty sure Applejack talked about him when she tells us one of her apple family stories. How can I forget one name?

"Uh, well thank you." he handed me the bag of apples. I grabbed them with my mouth and slipped them into my near-too-full bag. I looked back at him. "W-what's your name? If you don't mind me asking."

"Its Big Macintosh, but call mah Big Mac. Everypony does."

"Okay. Thanks again Big Mac. Um, tell Applejack I said hi?" I opened my wings so that I could leave.

"Eeyup." he said. I smiled, flying away.

The whole time I flew home, I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation. I was kind of confused. How could our conversation-- about apples-- be so important? Why couldn't it get off of my mind? Was it his southern accent, or his eyes, that made me not want to leave the small chat? I noticed that I was at my doorstep already. I was just standing there. That's weird., I thought opening the door. Angel was sitting in one of the green couches, waiting for me. As soon as he saw me, he looked a bit angry. I know I wasn't shopping for long. How could time pass by so quickly?

"Sorry, Angel." I said as I headed to the kitchen. "There weren't many ponies there selling today, so I'm going to get the rest tomorrow." He eyed me a little suspicous. Then he pointed to his mouth, indicating that he was hungry. "Lunch will be ready in a minute, let me just put everything away, okay?" He nodded as he turned to go talk to a tree-squirrel that came into my cottage. I don't mind when the animals come into my home. I actually like it. I guess I'll make lunch for three. I dropped my bag onto the kitchen counter. As I started to put away the food, an apple managed to find find it's way out of the bag. It rolled out, and stopped on the edge of the counter. I stared at it.

The thing is, I didn't see a green apple. I saw green eyes and a warm smile.

Author's Note:

Fluttershy's first encounter with Big Mac. It seemed to have gone well. What do you think? Did she develop feelings too quickly? Is this going to fast? Let me know in the comments please. If you want, you can let me know what you'd like to see happen next? The plot is still developing.
Thanks for reading!