• Published 28th Oct 2012
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What The Night Remembers - TCSNxs

After a successful festival for Nightmare Night, Luna comes to terms with a pony she feels a longing for, both in the past and in the present. What happens when she realizes she isn't just waxing nostalgia?

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2. As Night Turns To Day

What The Night Remembers
By: TCSNxs

Chapter Two
As Night Turns To Day

Such transitions from dusk to dawn only to go back
to the rise of the eventide is a great example of the
balance we should aspire to. Just as the serious
nature of law has no place without the laughter of
jesters, so should we to find a balance between
the fantastical and the rational.
~Excerpt from Voltmare's "A Guide To Life"

The aftermath of the afterparty was something to behold. Bodies were strewn everywhere next to empty mugs and more than a few cider barrels dripping from half-closed spigots. Applejack simply shook her head while Luna watched her sister mouthing, "Help me!" Twilight was snuggling with a soft smile on her face and Celestia apparently did not have the heart to use her magic to interrupt her slumber.

Somehow, Spitfire and Dash had tangled their bodies together as Soarin' slept contentedly atop a table. The argument between the musicians had long since died away as the three slept contentedly in their corner. Mac, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie had apparently left for the evening.

"Sister, I do believe you have a problem," Luna teased Celestia.

Celestia was always one to have a stoic smile regardless of the circumstance. However, in the grasp of her slumbering affectionate student, the cider wearing off, a full bladder, and the fact her haunch was asleep, she wasn't in the mood.

"Luna, in the name of our father and mother, if you don't help get Twilight off me..."

Applejack chuckled to herself as she moved to adjust Twilight's position. Where Celestia didn't have the heart, the farm mare had the practicality. After Applejack moved Twilight, Celestia gave her a nod of thanks. Luna had called in a few of her guards by then as Celestia passed them to look for a little filly's room.

"Silverhawk," Luna instructed her guard, "if you could escort our host's guests back to their residences, I'd be grateful. Also, please be as discreet as possible."

"Yes, Your Highness," replied Silverhawk. He turned as his charges set about their work. Among their number was a unicorn, which made being discreet a little easier. As they worked out the details, Luna trotted next to Applejack as Celestia worked her way back in.

"It seems the party is over," Luna remarked.

"Yup," Applejack remarked, deciding if she begin to clean up now or later.

"More's the pity. I would have paid many bits to see you in the maid outfit again."

"Keep pulling the tail of the manticore."

Luna loved to tease the farm pony, but such was the nature of their relationship. Celestia had rejoined them, her face reflecting her new found sense of comfort. The guardponies were executing their plan which involved a few pegasi mapping out the routes and the unicorn preparing a few teleportation spells.

"Luna, Celestia, where y'all staying tonight?" Applejack queried the sisters.

"I've to return to Canterlot to begin to the Day Court in a few hours. As for Luna..."

"Few hours!?" Applejack's interrupted as her face went a bit pale, "Ya mean it's almost....

"Dawn, yes." Celestia finished for her.

"Oh hay."

"Something the matter, fair Applejack?" Luna asked, some concern in her voice.

"Ah gotta finish the harvest in the western orchard," Applejack shook her head, "With my brother out with who knows, it's going to be a long day."

"I will help you then," Luna volunteered. The Lunar Regent turned to her sister, who nodded in approval.

"Y'all don't need to do that," Applejack said as she smiled warmly, knowing this lesson well, "but just the same, Ah'd be obliged for the help."


To their credit, the Lunar Guard had managed to get the Wonderbolts and Rainbow back to their hotel and home, respectively. They had moved onto Twilight by that time; the unicorn guard gently grabbed her with a telekinesis spell and began the journey towards the library. The young mare was still snuggling an imaginary Celestia with a wistful grin on her face.


Luna released her magic as the two reformed their normal bodies from the gaseous state. Applejack found the experience a little disconcerting, the farmer reflexively checked over to make sure her limbs were intact.

"Now Ah know what a bad case of gas feels like," Applejack remarked after completing her inspection.

"Minus the stench," Luna agreed, "but it has its uses. Still, one has be sure to stay away from an open flame."

She looked around Applejack's room after the farmer turned the lamp on. It was surprisingly spartan in decor, but also surprisingly functional. A bathroom was just off to the side and the bed was large enough to fit Celestia comfortably.

"Ah figured you could stay here tonight and I'll take the spare room," Applejack said prior to releasing a yawn.

"I will do no such thing," Luna huffed, "Tis rude to kick a host from their own bed and I shall not be a pest."

"Ya already are a pest, but that don't change the situation," Applejack shot back, "It's the only bed that ya can fit in."

The two looked to each other without yielding. Before an earth pony versus alicorn war could break out, Luna offered a compromise without casualties, "Perhaps, we could share the bed? It seems the only reasonable to thing to do."

"Agreed then," Applejack was too tired to argue. She dropped her hat on the bedpost and climbed into bed.

"I do need to lower the moon," Luna spoke softly, "It will only take a moment."

"Ya want some privacy?"

"No," Luna smiled.

Luna faced the window. Though she didn't have line-of-sight to the moon, she didn't needed it. The Lunar Regent closed her eyes as her horn glowed with a soft silver light. Feeling along the celestial ley lines, she followed them out to grasp the moon. She smiled softly as the felt the warm felling of an old friend. Gradually, she nestled the moon along its descendant path, clearing the way for her sister to raise the sun.

As her magic fell still, she looked over to the bed and found Applejack already snoring. Luna chuckled despite herself. She always marveled how among the Elements, Applejack was the quickest to get past the formality of Luna's lineage and was seemingly the most comfortable with it. The Lunar Regents appreciated it more than the farmer could know.

Luna gave a flap of her wings and quietly settled into the bed next the farmer. Though alicorns didn't require sleep, they found it restful to indulge in the reverie of dreams. Luna thought back to her old friend and her current namesake. It put a smile on her face before she succumbed to slumber.


The morning arrived too quick. Though Applejack didn't indulge in enough cider to gain the weight of a hangover, she felt weary none the less. But with Luna's help, they made quick work of the western orchards. As quickly as Applejack bucked the tree, Luna could grab the apples via her magic. As they were moving the haul to the apple cellar, Luna noticed Applejack had a weary look on her face.

"You look piqued, my friend," Luna remarked.

"Princess of the obvious," Applejack deadpanned.

"Tis my calling in life, I fear."

The apples were moved into the cellar in short order, which left the two with some time to relax. On the front porch, the two were relaxing on porch swing. Luna let Applejack catch up on a bit more sleep before a large red stallion approached the farm with a yellow pegasus in tow. Both looked a bit worse for wear.

"Applejack, I do hate to wake you, but I believe court is in session."

"Huh?" The farmpony muttered as she woke up. She then caught her brother and friend approaching the residence, "Ah do think they're guilty."

"Of what crime though?"

"Ah'll get back to you on that."

Mac and Fluttershy approached the porch, both bowing before Luna. Mac looked like he'd been through a wringer and Fluttershy had a notably disheveled look. Luna and Applejack both caught a certain smile though.

"Mornin' brother, 'shy" Applejack chimed, much to their chagrin, "Y'all feeling ok?"

"Yes...yes, thank you," Fluttershy's voice trailed off as she moved behind her mane, 'We just....."

"Beg pardon?"

"We just...woke up late. That's all," the pegasus looked to Mac.

"Eeyup," Mac tried his best poker face, "Sorry sis. Lost track of time."

"Don't worry 'bout it. Got the western orchards done already, so Ah figured it'd be good to relax the rest of the day."

Macintosh nodded, while Fluttershy somehow managed to dig herself deeper into the folds of her mane.

"Pray tell, did you two have fun last night?" Luna asked almost despite herself.

Fluttershy squeaked and Mac managed to turn a deeper shade of red. Guilty as charged.

"Go on and get yourselves some lunch," Applejack spoke while repressing some mirth, "Ah'm sure y'all have an appetite."

Fluttershy and Mac moved inside where fritters and hay fries awaited them. Luna turned to Applejack, her eyes simply sparkling in the sunlight.

"I'm guessing you won't let them live it down?"

"As the day is long, sugarcube," the farmer confirmed.

"A pity. Though I am happy they found each other, I was hoping I could steal away Macintosh for a while."

"To what point?" Applejack replied, glaring at Luna from under her Stetson.

"I find myself in need of having my own trees bucked." Luna ducked just in time to avoid a flying glass of apple juice.


Ponyville was in the midst of a tremendous clean up effort. The massive stage was halfway torn down and a few more ponies were removing decorations and cleaning up various refuse. Luna worked a quick illusion spell, hiding her horn and changing up her cutie mark to just a single crescent moon. A gaudy pair of pink sunglasses completed the look. Applejack promised Luna she would show her Pinkie's new experimental confectionery that the party pony called "Superfantabulous Extraordinary Xiangjiao."

"Wait, doesn't that spell out..."

"Don't say it," Applejack interrupted Luna, "Pinkie says she got some bananas from Trot Kong. It's supposed to be some sort of fancy dessert.

"Well, if it's as good as it sounds, I'm sure it will be."

The two approached the giant cupcake building known as Sugarcube Corner. Applejack entered first, followed by the incognito Luna. Pinkie pronked her way from a display case to the counter at half her normal speed, defying a few laws of physics in the process. As with all things Pinkie, the two learned to accept it, figuring it was her version of a hangover.

"Afternoon Pinkie," Applejack spoke, the sugary sweet aromas assaulting her.

"Hey guys," Pinkie chirped, "What can I getcha!"

"We came by to try the S.E...." Luna coughed as she took an elbow to the ribs.

"We stopped by to see if you had any of that new dessert of yours," Applejack finished for her

"Oh, you guys will love it. I got these bananas all the way from Trot Kong and thought 'Oh, I wonder if these would be good for a banana split?' So I got some extra yummy vanilla and chocolate ice cream and tried it out. It was so cool the way it made my tummy all cold, but it made my brainy-wainy freeze and..."

"Pinkie," Applejack interjected.


"Get the dessert," the farmer said with a groan. Pinkie gave an emphatic nod and moved into the kitchen. Applejack and Luna moved a comfortable booth and sat. Luna had watched the entirety of the exchange with an amused expression.

"How does she do that?" Luna remarked after a moment.

"Ah gave up figuring her out a long time ago. She's a good sort though, even if she's all cloud and no rain."

"We could power Cloudsdale with the amount of energy she packs in her speech. Lightning in a bottle and all that."


Pinkie returned with the desserts in long oval bowls. The far eastern bananas rode the length of the bowl, with scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream near the edge of the bowl. The door bell chimed as a few more ponies walked in, "Sorry guys, I'll be back before you can say 'kumquats'!"

Luna thought to bring up references again and looked to Applejack. Given she was busily devouring the confection and operating on little sleep, Luna decided to let her friend have a little peace as she ate her own dessert. Luna marveled as the myriad of flavors. The vanilla and chocolate combined well with an odd tartness from the banana. The Lunar Regent involuntarily fluttered her eye lashes while Applejack seemed lost in her own tasty world.

"This is wonderful," Luna remarked, "this is almost as good as..."

"Don't. Say. It." Applejack spoke between chews of the banana.

"Say what, fair Applejack," Luna said through an innocent smile.

Applejack shook her head as she resumed her dessert. Pinkie pronked her way back to the two, "Hey guys, what do you think of the S.E.X.! Isn't it delightful?"

"Orgasmic," Applejack drew her hat down, finally conceding defeat.

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