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Asriel Dreemurr, Prince of the Night - Rainbow Sparkle

Asriel Dreemurr gets a second chance in the land of Equestria, and eventually, gets adopted by Luna

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Chapter 4

Author's Note:

Credit to Alex Beckham for the lyrics which came from Once Upon a Time from Undertale the Musical, conceived/arranged by Man on the Internet

Another new chapter, next one might, might take a bit, since a part of me wants to try and work on a short story for my Undertale Alt Universe now, or try to finish a chapter for a Star Wars story I've got up on Furaffinity.

Anyways, hope ya'll enjoy~!

The next time that Asriel awoke, it was as the moon was slowly rising into the night sky, the sun setting on the distant horizon. For the young Boss Monster, who had only seen the sun high in the sky back on Earth for a brief time, it would have been an awe inspiring sight on its own.

But the fact he could see the barest hint of a glow around the moon, and the horn of Princess Luna as she stood by the window, eyes closed in concentration, added a layer of shock and surprise to celestial spectacle.

It had been enough to wake him straight up, once his head had processed what he was witnessing. His eyes were wide open, his jaw flapping open and closed a bit as the mere sight of watching someone seeming to move the moon itself was…

Equal parts amazing and impressive, with a pinch or two of terrifying added in. Especially when he recalled one of the things she’d said…would it be earlier? Yesterday? How long had he been asleep this time? There wasn’t a clock anywhere that he could see, though it didn’t feel like it had been too terribly long. He also felt much better than he had before, his body no longer feeling exhausted.

In fact, he actually felt rather like, well, he should be feeling. Awake, alert, and…

As if on cue, he felt a quiet gurgle from his stomach. Hungry. Which meant he had been asleep long enough for his magic to fully process the delicious meal he’d enjoyed.

Slowly, Asriel pulled the covers off and shifted, moving to the edge of the bed and watching as Princess Luna finished ushering in the night. He remained silent a moment longer before breaking the still silence.

“I didn’t quite realize when you said you were the Stewardess of the Moon, you meant it literally.”

The Princess didn’t jump but she did seem surprised to see Asriel nearly out of bed. However, her surprise quickly turned to interest as she asked, “That implies that in your world, such was not the norm. Was there no one to guide the sun and moon of the Earth you mentioned?”

Gently, so as not to overdo it in case he was still a bit sore and tired, Asriel slid off the bed as he shook his head. He hesitantly made his way over to the windows beside her, memories of the astronomy books the library in Snowdin had managed to gather over the decades flipping through his mind.

“Nope, where I come from, the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbits Earth. They move entirely on their own. Though, I never actually got to see Earth’s moon, but this one looks like the pictures the astronomy books had in them.”

Even as a sad smile came to grace his muzzle, he still stared in awe at the moon dominating the night sky. It looked just like the one he’d seen in that void, which he suspected came from her giving him some of her magic. He spent a moment more gazing at it before looking at the Princess with a curious glint in his eyes. She nickered, guessing the unspoken query.

“Yes, here the Sun and Moon spin ‘round Equinica. In ancient myths, it has been hinted that this was not always the case, but for as long as most of our history goes, it has been like this. Controlled first by the Unicorns, and then, by my Sister and me.”

As she mentioned that last bit, her smile faltered. Asriel had to resist the curiosity that this roused, reminding himself what she had mentioned previously. I’ll learn in time. For now, he kept his own eyes on the brilliantly shining moon as it bathed the land in its cool light. He gazed out at all the stars as they shimmered and twinkled, glistening brighter than crystals that dotted the ceiling of much of the Underground.

A long silence fell between the two, each lost in their own thoughts. Asriel wasn’t sure what the Princess was thinking about, but he found himself wondering what came next for him. There was a whole world of opportunities now, so many things to learn and experience. And yet…

And yet I don’t really know what to do. I… never really imagined I’d get a chance like this.

Given that the being who’d brought him here also told the Princess that it wished for her to help him heal, and from the sound of it, he was meant to help her heal the scars of her past as well. He had no real idea how he was supposed to that, but then again, he wasn’t entirely sure how the Princess was meant to do so either.

“... Mister Dreemurr?”

Asriel jumped a little, letting out a soft bleat as he turned and saw that the Princess was now looking at him. “O-Oh, uh, y-yes? A-And uh, you can just call me A-Asriel. C-Calling me that makes it sound like you’re talking to my dad.”

The Princess gave a nod, before asking, “I was mulling over something you said just now, and another you mentioned earlier. You referred to the place that was your home as the “Underground” and that you’d only seen your world’s moon in books… but you didn’t include the sun. Suggesting you have seen your world’s sun. I must say that this leaves me a bit… puzzled, so would you be able to elaborate somewhat?”

“W-Well…” Asriel stammered, squirming a bit as he pondered how best to answer. He didn’t really want to share the details of his own mistakes. He had no way to know how the Princess, or anyone here, would react to being told ‘hey, I died and became a genocidal flower’.

Still, that didn’t mean he couldn’t share a little bit. At the very least, it was only right to tell her why they were Underground. “I-I can tell you about… what happened between Monsters and Humans.” He said as he inclined his head to the Princess, prepared to share the sad tale of his people and their banishment.

But as he prepared to speak, a strange feeling overcame him, and it was centered deep in the core of his very being. Before he could even begin to describe the sensation, Asriel clasped his hands together… And began to sing. He sang a song that he hadn’t heard since he was a wee babe, and first learned of their own tragic history. And as he did so, he could hear a sad tune play right along with it.

“Long ago, Men and Beasts, ruled the Earth and had their feasts.”
“Then one day, came a war. Blood was spilled as ne’er before.”
“No Monster, will know love. No Monster belongs in the world above.”
“Seal them, Underground. Let this barrier surround them.”
“Many years, many tears. We live on despite our fears.”
“There’s no chance we could have won. Now we’ll never see the sun.”
“Stones instead of stars above. We’ve lost hopes and dreams and love.”
“Angels cry, from on high. Will they free us or will we die?”
“No new friends come around. That’s our life here Underground.”
“While on high, sits our king. Listen, you might hear him sing.”

He paused his singing, his eyes opening as the memory of his mother and father, gazing down at him as he was cradled in their arms, sprang forth. He could hear the echoes of his father’s voice singing right along with him as he finished.

“So much blood, so much pain. Just to see, the sun again. One day soon, freedom shall ring. So proclaims the Mountain King.”

Asriel blinked as he felt dampness on his face, and blinked again once his brain caught up with what had just happened. He hadn’t meant to sing that.

“W-What… what just happened?” He asked, eyes drawn back to Luna who was nickering softly, even as her eyes shone with sympathy.

“It is something that happens on occasion here in Equestria. I don’t recall the specific term, but it tends to happen when the core of our essence harmonizes with the magic around us.”

Asriel’s eyes widened at that. “So the magic of this place… it synched up with my SOUL? Or was it my SOUL that synchronized with the magic here?”

“Yes, the soul would be one word to use for such. It's interchangeable with the heart as well for many.” The Princess replied, though she had a bit of a confused look on her face at the way Asriel had used the term. She shook her head a bit as she said, “Anyways, that was quite the sad and tragic song. It didn’t exactly explain everything though.”

Asriel chuckled a bit, rubbing the back of his head as he replied, “Y-Yeah, it doesn’t tell the full story. It is a little more complicated than that. B-But, it’s the way most Monster children hear about it first.”

The Princess seemed ready to inquire more, but a rumble from her own stomach interrupted her and was quickly joined by Asriel’s. With a short nicker, she asked, “Feeling well enough for a walk?” At his nod, she turned and made for the door.

“Then come. We can talk as we walk, and once we get to my quarters, I’ll have the staff bring something for both of us.”


The walk wasn’t terribly long, but the wait for the food certainly felt like it took a while. Still, Asriel did his best to distract himself from the twinge of emptiness in his stomach by telling her more about the history between Monsters and Humans, and about the Underground in general.

Several times, Asriel would stop as he veered close to talking about the events of his own past. Referring to the King and Queen as his Mom and Dad had taken Luna somewhat by surprise, though he’d waved off being called a Prince. Even if he had his true form back, he most certainly didn’t deserve the title of Prince.

To get away from thoughts of his past, he’d instead ask her some basic questions about the world and realm he now found himself in. Learning that Equestria was one of the largest and most peaceful kingdoms in the world, and populated primarily by three tribes of ponies. Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn. It was in this way he learned that Luna was not in fact a winged unicorn, but a specific breed known as an Alicorn. One which combined the strengths of all three tribes, with none of the weaknesses.

This back and forth carried on until a servant finally arrived, setting two salads down before them both. They both thanked the pegasus mare, who quickly left without another word. This time, Asriel took his time eating, wanting to see just how fast he got full.

The two ate in silence, one that was starting to become uncomfortable, at least for Asriel. Especially as there was a question he felt likely needed to be answered sooner rather than later.


“Hmm?” The Princess asked as she finished a forkful of spinach. As she watched him anxiously push a tomato across his half-empty plate, her gaze softened. “Is something the matter Asriel?”

Setting his fork down, Asriel sighed as he asked, “Just what is going to happen to me?”

Princess Luna hummed at that, considering the young Monster for a moment as she put her forehooves together. Her eyes closed in thought, but it didn’t take long for her to give an answer.

“That is entirely up to you, Asriel Dreemurr.”

Asriel blinked at that, surprised by her answer, but the Princess didn’t give him a chance to ask or say anything as she continued.

“While the creature that brought you here called you a child, I can see in your eyes that you are older than you appear. Whatever it is that you have been through has aged you, and I can sense a certain maturity from you that others your age would lack.” She said, speaking rather plainly, her words making Asriel rub the back of his head a bit.

“To simply decide you are my ward and I your guardian without your consent, I do not feel it would be to your benefit to do so. As does deciding to place you in the care of any others who would wish to help.” Asriel nodded in understanding, but Princess Luna wasn’t done. “If you wished to leave and take your fate in your own hands, I would not stop you… Though I would be sure to give you that which could keep you from landing in a terrible situation.”

Asriel pondered that for a moment, and then asked, “And if I wasn’t sure what I wanted?”

Princess Luna gave him a gentle smile. “Then you could continue to be our guest until you had reached a decision.” She levitated her glass to her muzzle, taking a quick drink as she said,

“As for me, I cannot say for sure if the creature made the right choice in bringing you to me. Especially not knowing why it is you wished for a chance to redeem yourself for mistakes of the past. But, I am certainly willing to try. If you will let me.”

Asriel didn’t say anything for a moment, nibbling a bit more of his salad in thought as Princess Luna watched. From the sound of things, there was no rush. The Princesses would continue to treat him as their guests and offer what help they could.

On the other hand, a part of him felt that the one who’d brought him here had to have had a reason for bringing him to this Princess specifically. They shared a connection by having made mistakes in the past that haunted them now. But what could she have done that would be comparable to things he did when he wasn’t himself?

Don’t act rashly Asriel. Take your time, learn the lay of the land. A week, that should be enough time to learn enough to make a smart choice.

“Thank you Princess. I think… I think I’ll wait a bit before I make a decision.” Asriel replied, earning an understanding nod from Princess Luna. “A-And I’ll be sure not to take advantage of you and your sister’s hospitality.”

“Think nothing of it.” Princess Luna said, then added with a smirk, “And if you choose to do so, you can always decide to satisfy our curiosity about you and the world you come from as payment.”

Asriel couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “T-There’s not a lot to know about me… And most of what I know is about the Underground, the magic we Monsters use. Or stuff from what Human books managed to make it down. But I’ll share what I can.”

“Sounds like an equitable arrangement then.” The Princess said with a nod. As she finished her plate and Asriel decided he’d had his fill, she stood back up and declared,

“Now that our stomachs are sated, we should head back to the infirmary so that Dr. Mendheart can give you a quick checkover. If she declares you fit as a fiddle, I would be delighted to go ahead and give you a tour of the palace.” She paused a moment before asking, “Unless of course, there was something else you might wish to do first?”

Asriel tapped his chin in thought at that. A tour of the palace did sound like it could be fun… but he quickly realized there was indeed something he would very much like to do first. Something he had always wanted to do with his adoptive brother… and never gotten the chance to do so.

Standing up and stretching, a soft smile spread across Asriel’s muzzle as he asked,

“Actually, do you know of a good place for stargazing?” He dipped his head a bit and kicked at the floor as he said, “Ever since… well, ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be able to see the real night sky. Not the facsimile we had in the Underground, as pretty as it was. It might not be the same night sky as Earth’s, and I got to see a bit of it through the window, but…”

When Asriel looked back up, he bleated and stumbled back a bit, surprised to find that Princess Luna’s face was only inches away from his, a bright smile stretched across her muzzle as her eyes practically sparkled in excitement.

“Nothing would make me happier than to show you the majestic beauty of my night for the very first time. Come along, quickly then!~” She said, surprising Asriel further as she wrapped her magic around him and set him on her back.

“T-There’s no need to r-rush on my part. I-I did just see you raise the moon a short time ago.” Asriel squeaked.

“And make you wait a moment longer than needed to behold the wondrous canvas that is my night sky? Not a chance.” The Princess replied rather enthusiastically. “Now hold on, I’m going to teleport us back to the infirmary. Much faster and way more efficient!”

“T-Teleport?!” Asriel bleated, suddenly clinging to her tighter. If this was anything like the Shortcuts of the Skeletons, this was going to be exceptionally disorienting.

Or well, that was his expectation. In reality, all he felt was a strange full body tingle, and heard a soft tinkling of bells in his ears before the world simply… blinked. One moment they were in Princess Luna’s quarters, the next they were in Dr. Mendheart’s office. And giving the good doctor a bit of a jump as well as she squeaked at the sudden appearance of the two.

Blinking a few times, Asriel shook his head and peered out past the Princess’s head and gave a shy wave to Dr. Mendheart as she picked herself up.

“Hehe, sorry for startling you Doctor.” Asriel said with a bashful chuckle. “I-I’m uh, back for my checkup?”


A quick checkup later, Dr. Mendheart gave him a clean bill of health but suggested he not use any magic for a few more days. He hadn’t exactly been planning on doing so, but he promised he would not use any so as not to antagonize her. Especially after she mentioned how easy it was for Ponies recovering from it to push themselves back into it if they weren’t careful.

And given his body was made up of much more magic…

Once that was sorted, the Princess returned him to her back. She had been nearly ready to teleport yet again in her excitement, but Asriel had asked if they could walk instead. A quick explanation that he’d have some bad experiences with someone who used teleportation spells back home was all that was needed for her to understand and acquiesce.

Along the way, Princess Luna admitted to Asriel she wouldn’t be able to truly show him just how majestic her night sky could be. Asriel asked if it was because it was supposed to be a cloudy night, or if there was some bad weather coming in overnight. He was a bit confused when she said that the weather schedule didn’t call for a cloudy day til for another day, and no storms til the end of the week.

“No, it is because I have not yet regained full mastery of the gifts tied to my role as Princess of the Night.” She said, explaining, “I don’t just raise the moon, but make sure all important stars are visible for the ponies of Equestria to see. I can create meteor showers to spice up the evening sky, even create new stars and constellations for our subjects, though they usually are temporary.”

“... All of that would drive astrologists back home batty.” Asriel said with a whistle, shaking his head in disbelief. “This world’s quite different from the one I know, even if I didn’t know much about the surface. I can hardly wait to learn more.”

Princess Luna slowed her stride, smiling as she turned to glance at him. “If you like, after some stargazing, I could bring some books and things for you to read, and give you some lessons about Equestria.”

“I think I’d like that. I’m certainly not ready for bed, especially after all the rest I’ve gotten.” Asriel remarked, earning a chuckle from the Princess as she resumed her prior pace. They soon reached the base of their destination, Asriel peering up at a staircase that spiraled round a thick pillar for quite a ways above them.

Luna picked up the pace a bit, speeding up as she trotted up the stairs. It made the ride a bit bumpy for Asriel, but he didn’t mind. Even if it was a tad uncomfortable, it was still something he was getting to experience with his own body.

Plus, it would have been a fair bit harder if he’d still been a flower.

Don’t think about that… There’s no reason to do so. You are you again, and you have your body back. You’ll never be a flower again, never become… him again.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Asriel blinked as he saw that the stairs were coming to an end. Already, he could now see a large room with a big domed roof. Some moonlight filtered in from windows lining the middle of the walls, and there were some tables and cushions scattered about. Otherwise however, the room didn’t seem remarkable in any way.

That was, until Luna’s horn lit up, and the dome began to slowly slide open and reveal the entirety of the night sky to them. Asriel gazed up into the heavens, jaw dropping as he took in the multitude of dazzling, shining, glimmering lights. And slowly making its way through the canvas of black and dark blue was the moon itself, bathing the land in its brilliant light.

Every which way he looked, there were hundreds more of them for him to see. His eyes began to glisten, the sparkling dots filling the vast tapestry reflected in them as he said,

“It’s… it’s beautiful.”

Princess Luna was smiling, watching with delight and pleasure as she witnessed someone seeing the majesty of her evening for the very first time. The wonder, the awe that she could see and feel radiating off the young Monster gave her a surge of pride as she gently lifted him from her back and set him back on his feet.

“Yes, yes it is.” She said as she turned her gaze skyward as well. “When I regain the full extent of my powers, it will become so much more too. Once more, it’ll be the canvas that I paint upon each evening, for all to enjoy and cherish.” The Princess let out an excited whinny as she added, “If you like, you can even watch me weave my work over the vast tapestry of night.”

Asriel didn’t answer immediately. The great, dark blue yonder filled with countless twinkling pinpricks of light had his full attention. He was enthralled by the view, the likes of which he had only been able to dream of for so many years.

“Before… before my adoptive brother fell into the Underground, I was like many Monsters. What I yearned for most was a chance to see and feel the Sun. When you live underground, and the only light comes from crystals embedded in the roof above you, the thought of seeing something so bright and warm is all you can really think about.” He finally spoke as the Princess took a seat beside him. Even as he spoke, he couldn’t manage to tear his gaze from the night sky.

“But when Chara came down, he got me really interested in astronomy. Stars, planets, all the things that are out there in the depths of space. Stuff that you couldn’t really see during the day, unless you had a really powerful telescope. But once the sun sets, and if there’s no clouds in the sky… as he liked to say, ‘you can see all of creation laid bare before you.’” A tear began to run down his cheek, dampening his fur as he remarked,

“Until now, I’ve never fully understood just what he meant. But now? Now I think I get it.” Asriel finally tore his gaze away from the heavens above to look at Princess Luna, the joy he was feeling tinged with a lingering sadness.

“Wish I could have gotten to see it with him. We promised each other, when Monsters were free, we’d spend every night gazing at the stars.”

The Princess gave him a sympathetic smile, and gently nuzzled Asriel as she brought a wing around him, pulling him close. “When you mentioned him earlier, you implied he was no longer among the living. You have my condolences, but be sure to always keep these words in mind.”

She brought a hoof up to his chest, tapping it as she said, “So long as you keep him here in your Soul, and you keep him here, in your memories…” She ruffled the fur atop his head, earning a soft giggle from the young Monster.

“Then he will never truly be gone. There’ll always be a part of him, living within you.”

Asriel nodded, smiling and leaning against the Princess’s side as his eyes drifted back to the sky. His hand drifted to his chest, resting around where she had tapped. There was a brief ache in his SOUL, as he recalled that he didn’t have the charm their parents had made for them anymore, but nonetheless, he took the Princess’s words to heart.

For the next ten minutes or so, Asriel simply leaned into the Princess, his eyes slowly wandering across the inky black of the evening sky. He imagined that Chara was sitting right next to him, just drinking in its majesty with him as he held his hand and gave it a soft pat. Just like he used to do whenever they’d go to Waterfall, and gaze up at the many softly glowing crystals jutting down from the Underground’s roof.

“Hey Princess Luna?”

“Mmhm?” She replied, looking to him in query.

“Can we save learning about Equestria for tomorrow night? I think tonight, I’d just like to sit here and enjoy the view… maybe learn about the constellations we can see right now.” Asriel’s eyes briefly darted to Luna as he asked, and she couldn’t help but feel the smile on her muzzle grow wider once more.

“I do think that can be arranged~” She said, nickering at the excited bleat this drew forth. Returning her gaze up to the heavens as well, the Princess lifted a hoof and began to point each one out, her horn lighting up as she drew lines in the air to help the young Monster see as the shapes took form. As she did, she’d share stories associated with each constellation, or even some of the stars that made them up.

And all night long, Asriel happily drank it all in, enjoying every moment, every detail, of this, his first night under the stars. They may not have been the twinkling specks his brother had told him about, but honestly? Asriel wasn’t going to let a little detail like that get in the way of something so special.

I’ll remember this night for as long as I can. For both of us, Chara.