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“OH MY GOSH! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!” Sunset said to herself as she opened an amazon package with several face masks inside. Next to the masks was a brown and white cow dress with a cute little cow tail and cow ears.

Sunset clapped her hands together and rubbed them together in excitement. She quickly stripped herself of the jeans and t-shirt she was just wearing and slipped into the little cow outfit. She even loved the fact that it had a cute little sparkling matching red-ish brown skirt. Sunset turned and looked into the mirror of her room.

The cow little dress was white and brown with short sleeves with cute little cow-like spots on the bosom and skirt. The skirt of the dress was longer on the back than than the front and had the felt more like a summer dress. It came with adorable black pantyhose and black little gloves. There was even a cute little purl jewelry set with a single ruby on the center of the bracelet and necklace.

Smiling at herself in the mirror. She then put on some cute ankle high black leather boots along with a black leather jacket to finish that look. Then she pulled her hair into a thick side braid, adding in the little cow ears. She then put on the jewelry, careful not to break the delicate latches. “Hehe, now it’s time to have a little FUN!!!” She finished up with a light touch of makeup and then she grabbed her bag, her phone, and her keys before she was out the door.

The school was not too far from her house so she didn’t bother getting on her motorcycle today. Instead she walked. And it was quite early, so no one would see her come up.

On her way to school, she saw she local Cafe up the block. Sunset giggled to herself and suddenly she could not help but rush up to the shop and budge right in with a squeal.

Mrs. Cake looked up at her with both eyebrows raised. “Oh my, hello Sunset. This quite unlike you, anything exciting i should be aware of?” The red-head teen smiled broadly at her with a little blush on her face. “Hehe, I get what you mean, but no. Just me being a little extra today. One cup of coffee with 3 pumps of cream and sugar.”

“Aw, Well you take care then, Miss Shimmer.” Mrs.Cake says as she fixes up the order and hands it to Sunset. Sunset pays the amount and leaves with a a quick wave goodbye.

Sunset hurried over to the school as fast as she could, unable to contain the excitement inside her. As soon as she reaches the entrance she waits there, silently and patiently for everyone else to arrive. It was so early that the Principles have yet to come in just yet.

The equestrian redhead’s lips barely touched her coffee when she heard what sounds like heels on concrete in the distance. Sunset quickly sucks in a sip and then she quickly sets it down on the ground. She stood behind a pillar that was thick enough to hide her body when she was sitting or in a crouching position, though she stood. Sunset did her best to quiet her breathing and waited.

The sound of heels became much more clearer with each second. Sunset could feel the anticipation and excitement building up inside her the closer the sound got. Now she could her what sounded like keys clinging and a very faint murmur, as if the person walking up to the school was talking aloud to themselves. Sunset couldn’t really catch any of it. “Ugh!........Lu......meeting.......7:30am......” was all that she could get.

Sunset shook her head and focused on her mission and quickly became very aware that the person was now PRETTY close to her. She grinned a little grin as she prepared herself to jump out and waited just one more second, holding biting her tongue to restrain the laughter building inside.

“MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Sunset jumped out with all fours on the ground all spread wide in a cat-like manner.

“WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Principal Celestia screamed and jumped in terror while Sunset started snorting through her nose and wheezing like a hyena. “BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” Not far from Celestia was Vise Principal Luna who also found herself doubling over laughing, almost to the point of tears rolling down her face.

“Su-suhh-SSSSSSSSSUUUUN-AAHAHAHAHA!” Luna tried unsuccessfully to speak. Celestia looked between the two and glared. Her face was beat red, but when Luna ended up leaking tears down her legs Celestia couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

“Hahaha! Good one, Sunset.” She chuckled. “Though you better be careful pulling stunts on me like that, I might just......” she trialed off and looked at Sunset with a little glint in her eye. She raised her hands up with that claws out kind of way and sort of pounced on Sunset, tickling her silly. “AAAA! NO-AAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!! N-NOOO! ST-AHAHAHAHAHAHA-P! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Celestia laughed along with her. “Hahaha! Oh think yes!”

Soon Luna joined in on the tickling, laughing along with her sister. After a few minutes they finally ceased their attacks. It took her a little bit, but eventually Sunset was able to get her laughing under control. As soon as she did, Celestia lowered down to her level on the ground and in a low voice she said, “Do that again, and I won’t stop until you’ve got tears running down your legs too.”

Sunset looked up in surprise and almost choked on a little bubble of laughter. Celestia gave her a little wink. “Don’t be late to class, Sunset.” Sunset rolled her eyes at that, with Celestia and Luna laughing at her response and proceeded into the school. The girl watched as she saw them disappear into the school building.

She giggled back to herself at her success. “Yes! This is going to be so much fun!” The cow girl got up from her position and moved back into her hiding spot. She waited quietly behind a pillar.

A moment later, she heard the sound of a car door being opened and closed. She peeked out from behind the pillar to see who it was. She groaned in disappointment when’s he saw Mr. Cranky (who really lives up to his name,) coming up the sidewalk. Though she wanted to give a shot anyways, in her logical mind, it wasn’t really good to knock something before you gave it a shot.

So she hid back behind the pillar and awaited for the math teacher to get closer. Sunset’s body rushed with adrenaline as she popped right out of her hiding spot with a loud, “MOOOOOOOO!”, ending in a giggle.

Mr.Cranky Doodle jumped back with a surprised yelp. When he saw that it was only Sunset Shimmer he glared at her. “Well Miss Shimmer, if you want to be funny, you can just mooo yourself into detention for such behavior.” He said annoyed. Then he kept on his way, shaking his head disapprovingly.

“What did you say to him?”,said an unexpected voice. Sunset nearly had herself a heartache. She spun around to see Ms.Cheerilee standing right above her. The former bully of the school did not even hear her come up. ‘How in Equestria did she even get there?!’ “Well, I may have kinda tried to scare him a little by popping out from behind that pillar, but.......eh it went about as good as I thought it would.” She said, ending with a facepalm.

Her reading teacher chuckled. In a stern voice she gave Sunset a small lecture. “Well, at least you knew what you were getting yourself into. Though next time, if you think it isn’t going to end well, I’d advise you to listen to your gut. If it had ended any worse, you would be liable for it.” She said. Then she walked into the building.

“Ugh, she’s right. I need to be more careful.” She said to herself, moving to go into the building to prepare for her next move.

Author's Note:

Yeah I know that this is pretty random, but just roll with it.🤷‍♀️

I never know how any of my stories are going to go.:twilightsheepish: