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Mooo, Mooo, Mooo Some More

Soon it was the end of 8th period, and school was only a few minutes away from being out. As soon as the bell rang, Sunset Shimmer bolted out the door. She ran to her locker, threw her stuff in and slammed it shut before continuing out the school on all fours. Students jumped out of the way as they saw her charging toward the school door.

Before she could even read the door, saw Principal Celestia appear right in front of her. Sunset tried to stop, but it was too late. The redhead closed her eyes as she crashed right into the principal’s open arms. “Haha! I caught you!” She said light-heartedly. “Sorry Sunset, but I was told that you got detention this morning for being disruptive this morning.”

The girl in her arms started to shoot back a couple of heated replies, but she was stopped by Celestia placing a finger on her lips. “But! Before you say anything, I wanted to let you know that, since it happened before school hours that you will not be punished for it this time.”

Sunset visibly relaxed. “Oh! Thanks, Principal Celestia.” She tried to leave, but her principal held her back. “But not before I finish what I started this morning!” She said before she began to tickle her captive all over. “Moo-OOOWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

The girl squealed as she tried to get away from the relentless tickling. “NO-HAHAHAHAHOOOO! Ahahaha!” She cried. “Hahahah! Please!”

“Mmm, I don’t think so. I think we may have been a little too easy on you.” Luna’s voice came from behind, before she felt another pair of tickling hands. Sunset fell to the floor laughing hysterically. “Pleeeease ahahah! I learned my lesson! Haha! I-I swear!”

The two women kept on for just a moment longer before they ceased their attack. “Hmm, she does seem like she’s sorry. What do you think, Luna?”

Luna nodded. “I suppose she does.” She laughed. Then she looked back at Sunset. “Just let this be a reminder just in case you decide to change your mind.” She said. Then both her and Celestia walked off to the teacher’s lounge.

The redhead got up off the ground and dusted herself off. Though she didn’t even get to put her hand to the door of the outside world before she was tackled back to the ground by Pinkie Pie. “MOO MOO MOOOOO! Heeheehee!” She giggled.

Sunset laughed as well. “Okay, but please get off of me.” She said.

Pinkie Pie shook her head. “You have to say the magic word, Silly.” Her friend said.

The redhead looked at her with a raised eye brow. “Uh, please?” She repeated.

Her friend giggled again. “Cows don’t say please, Silly! At least not in this world.” She looked down at her friend. “I’m pretty sure they say.....”

Sunset smiled as she let out a silly little, “Moooo!”. Both girls immediately falling into another fit of laughter. “Mooo! Heeheehee!” Pinkie Pie laughed. Then she finally got off of her friend and helped her up off the floor. “Come on! I’ve got some cakes I need you to help me with!”

Without any warning, Pinkie Pie practice dragged Sunset out of the school building and headed out toward the horse statue. The redhead would have questioned where her friend was taking her, but they were moving far to fast for her brain to even process.

They passed the statue, across the student parking lot, zipped through a couple of houses and even almost hit a granny. Luckily though, they didn’t.

Pinkie Pie suddenly stopped abruptly, though it took a moment for Sunset to process that her friend, did in fact stop. So the redhead ended up tripping over her own foot, falling face first into some nice.....wet......pile of fresh mud that was made from the sprinklers in the park. “WAA-!” She exclaimed.

Pinkie Pie laughed. “That’s the spirit, Sunset!” Then she too joined her friend in planted her face into the mud as well. “Oh! We she start acting more like cows!” She said as the idea came to her.

“What? But didn’t you bring me here to show me something?” Sunset asked, confused.

The only response she got from Pinkie Pie was, “Moo, moo moo moo! Mooooo, moo moo moo moo!” Sunset opened her mouth to ask again, but then Pinkie Pie gave her a hard glare. “MOO MOO MOO MOOOO!”

Sunset’s eyes widen. Even though her friend did not speak words, she knew what she wanted her to do. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Moo moo moo?” She said.

Pinkie Pie’s expression softened. She then proceeded to carry her friend on her back like if Sunset was merely just a 50 pound bag on a football field. Then they arrived at an area near the pond her the other 4 were waiting for them.

Once they were near, the redheaded girl jumped off of Pinkie Pie’s back (and was a little embarrassed at the fact that she could even carry her). She stood up to greet the others. “Moo!” She said in greeting, giggling a little to herself.

Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow, and Fluttershy laughed along with her. All replying back with various moos. They walked over to Pinkie and Sunset with warm smiles.

Fluttershy approached Sunset politely. “Uhm, Sunny, I just wanted to thank you. The idea of dressing up as a cow was actually pretty fun.” She said, giggling to herself. She and the her other friends all sat down on a nearby bench. Then Fluttershy began to explain some of her events that happened to her today.

“Today, when I went to go and help raise some money for the animal shelter, people really liked my outfit! They felt like it was really nice, she they shot some photos with me holding all the adorable animals to help them find there new forever homes!” She smiled brightly as she said her story. “Then later on the day, we were able to raise enough money to help dozens of new animals get the medical attention they need before they can get adopted!” Then she looked over to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. “Oh and I had two fun little friendly spooks with the help of Pinkie and Rainbow.” She laughed as she remembered how she managed to spook Sunset Shimmer a little bit.

Next to her Applejack nodded in agreement. “Ah gotta say, Ah was a little hesitant about this whole dressing up as a cow thing, but the coincidentally enough, Ah had an agricultural project due today. It happened ta be about farming and the teacher really liked ma outfit. It went really well with the presentation, hehehe!” She chuckled. “Oh! And then I tackled Sunset down during our welding class.”

The redheaded cow girl scoffed. “Only because you manage to catch me off my guard.” She stated, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, but today was definitely very enjoyable, Darling. I didn’t think that you’d ever be into anything like this.” Rarity said. She had her eyes fixated on a mirror, fixing her lipstick.

“Well, I wasn’t so sure about it at first either. I was kind of bored, so I ended up wanting to do something totally random and out of character for me. When I got into my character, it became much more fun.” She responded. “Though, it wasn’t near as fun than having all of you join in!” She chuckled lightly.

Her friends all looked up at her with contented smiles and nods. A yawn made its way out of Sunset’s mouth. “Moooo-waaaa!” She said loudly. Her eyes beginning to feel a little heavy. “Hehe, well it looks like it’s time for me to head home.”

“Oh! Me too, Angel bunny is probably waiting on me. Moo.” Fluttershy said as she too got up. Rainbow got up on after her. She stretched out her arms. “Moo-hoo-hooo! I need to wake up early tomorrow, so I best hit the goal as well.”

“Same here, I’ve got some chores that are calling my name. Moo, moo.” Applejack said. She turned to see Rarity doing the same. “Me too, Darling. A-moo.” She said, blowing a kiss to her friends.

Pinkie Pie’s face looked a little disappointed. “Moo, moo?” She said sadly. Everyone gave her a questioning look. “Is-moo-everyone-moo-going home-moo-already?” The party girl asked.

Her friends nodded. “I’m afraid we are, Dear, but don’t worry. I’m sure we can do this again another time. Right?” She looked at the others.

“YEAH, TOTALLY!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Count me in!” Applejack said.

Fluttershy smiled bashfully. “I-I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again.”

Then everyone was looking at Sunset. The redhead walked over to Pinkie Pie. “Sure, I’d love to, moo.” Although her friend gave her a little pity face. Sunset laughed and walked over to give her friend a reassuring hug. “Moo, moo. I promise, we can do this again another day. Soon!”

The pink party girl’s face brightened at that. “Mooo! Uh! You’re right! We can totally do this again soon! MOOO!” She said excitedly. All 6 girls shared one final laugh before they got together for a quick group hug.

“I love you, girls.” Sunset said genuinely. Her friends smiled back at her. “We love you, too, Sunset!” They all said. That night, they each went to bed thinking about there amazing day, especially a certain redhead. Who was happy to know that, even in her silliest and craziest moments, her friends were by her side the whole way.

Before she closed her eyes, she whispered, “Yeah, but I love you guys more.”

Author's Note:

Wow! What a story! This was so much fun to write! Definitely out of my comfort zone and not something im used to writing. Let me know what you think! This was a totally spontaneous story that I threw together just for the fun of it. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great day/night!:rainbowkiss:

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Moo! Thanks for this adorable randomness-moo! The characters were all spot on-moo! Moo moo moo! :heart:

You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it, moo!:twilightsmile:

Thank you! The criticism is very helpful and I’ll try and work on it. I hope enjoy the rest of this pretty random fic. Thank you so much for the review!

Wait what swearing? There isn’t supposed to be any swearing at all in this.😅

Without any warning, Pinkie Pie practice dragged Sunset out of the school building and headed out toward the horse statue.


Before she could even read the door, saw Principal Celestia appear right in front of her.

the door, she saw

We she start acting more like cows!” She said as the idea came to her.

We should start

She and the her other friends all sat down on a nearby bench.

She and her

They felt like it was really nice, she they shot some photos with me holding

nice, they shot

Even with the minor gramma/spelling errors, it was a very enjoyable read. You have a talent for random comedy and I hope to see more...

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will probably make some more, this was very fun to write. Next time lo be sure to triple check the story for sure. I appreciate this very much!:twilightsmile:

“What is this insanity?”

I have come to accept it as part of my 3am moments.🥴😌 I’m glad you liked it!

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