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Sunset Shimmer walked through the halls as a few students started to arrive. Some going to practice, some heading to the library for an early study session, or straight to the cafeteria for breakfast. She made her way over to the extra curricular activity hall.

The redheaded girl took a right, and entered into the old band hall. It mainly used for students to practice in whenever they wanted before and after school. As soon as she went inside, she flipped the lights off, and quickly closed the door. Then she hid behind the corner of the door, waiting for her next victim.

“Trixie, does not appreciate you locking her inside a dark room with you of all people IN IT!” Came a very familiar voice. Sunset Shimmer gasped in surprise. “MOO!” She exclaimed, as she let out the one world that she had been holding on the tip of her tongue.

She turned to see Trixie giving her bewildered look. “W-what did you just say? Trixie isn’t sure she heard you right.” The blue skinned girl said, plowing her ear as if to clear it out. “Did you just, mooed?”

The girl in question was thankful for the darkness as she felt herself blushing. “You’re probably just hearing things.” Sunset said simply. Trixie gave her an unconvinced look. The magician girl opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by another voice in the room. “No, you heard her right. She really did just moped.”

Both girls spun their heads around to see Wallflower Blush leaning against a wall nearby. She was giving Sunset a ‘You can’t fool me’ type of look. “And even if you try to deny it so, you are wearing a cow costume, so clearly you not only mooed, but it was intentional.”

Sunset Shimmer let out a puff of breath before she admitted to them that she did mooed. “It was not intended for-“ she was interrupted as she started to hear boots tapping down the hall. Her eyes went wide as she waved the other girls off. “I’ll explain later, but for now just go.”

“And why should Trixie listen to you?” Trixie said, annoyed. Sunset rolled her eyes. “Just do it. Please.” She begged. Trixie rolled her eyes back at her and begrudgingly did as the redhead asked with Wallflower following her deeper into the dark room.

Sunset went back to her hiding spot and waited for her moment. When the footsteps to the door, Sunset prepared herself for the jump, but before she could even pop out of her place, the door slammed open, smashing her against the wall. “WAA!” She exclaimed as she fell to the floor from the ordeal.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry! Here let me help you up.” Sunset looked up to see Derpy Hooves holding her hand out for her. The redheaded girl accepted it respectfully.”I didn’t see you there.”

Sunset rubbed her hand against one of her knees that was sure to het a bruise later on. “It’s okay, I probably deserved it.” Sunset walked out of her spot behind the door. Clearly it was not the best place for what she had in mind. She moved to a new location on the other side of the old band room entrance. She made sure to stay far enough away from the door.

Sunset glanced at the time on her phone. “7:30. They should be here in about 6 minutes.” She said to herself. Suddenly she felt an urgency to run to the restroom. She was not going to be able to hold it in either, so she reluctantly left her spot behind the door and ran into the bathroom that was in the band room.

When she returned to her position behind the door, it was 7:35. The girl smiled to herself as she was just in time for her next scare. She waited patiently, fixing the skirt on her cow costume. The sound of 6 pairs of boots making their way to the band room. Sunset grew a predatory smile, the adrenaline rush inside her becoming very intense. So intense that she couldn’t handle the wait anymore. As her were just a foot away from the door, the redheaded cow popped out of her position, swinging the doors wide open as she came out with a “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” At the top of her lungs.

“AAAAA!” Twilight Sparkle exclaimed, followed be a surprised bark from Spike.
Rainbow Dash hid behind Fluttershy as she screamed at the top of her lungs. While Fluttershy simply gave a little squeak before resolving in a fit of giggles.

Pinkie Pie had bounced herself into the air before joining Fluttershy in the giggling. Rarity jumped into Applejacks arms holding her for dear life, while Applejack nearly dropped her on the ground due to expecting a jump scare at this early in the day.

The farm girl looked at Rarity. “Well if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was the most I lady like reaction I’ve seen.” She said smirking at the fashionista.

Rarity glared at her and removed herself from Applejack’s arms. Then she looked at Sunset. “Good heavens darling! You almost gave me a heartache!” She put a hand to her chest.

“MOOOO! HAHA!” Sunset giggled, she got on all fours and strikes a pose. Rarity rolled her eyes. “Hehe, I’m too SSMOOOOOOTH!” The redhead continued.

Princess Twilight Sparkle looked at her. “Is this a normal thing here in the human world?” She asked, looking at her with interest. “OH MY Celestia! THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZINGLY NEW DISCOVERY!” Next to her Spike was rolling on the floor laughing. “HAHA! Good one, Sunset!” He said.

“Uh, no not at all, Twilight.” Rarity said to her. Twilight frowned in disappointment, blushing. “Oh, okay then.” She said.

Rainbow got out from behind Fluttershy. She gave Sunset an unimpressed look. “Eh, it didn’t really scare me.” Behind her, Fluttershy let out a little giggle. “I-I don’t know Rainbow, you seemed pretty scared to me.”

Rainbow whirled around to glare at the shy girl. “I was not!” She protested. The quiet girl backing away from her. Then she felt someone elbow her on the side. “Rainbow Dash!” Applejack scolded. The rainbow haired girl looked at Fluttershy apologetically. “Sorry, Shy.”

Fluttershy smiled again. “It’s okay.”

“OH! OH! OH! CAN I BE A COW, TOO?!” Pinkie Pie shouted. Sunset Shimmer giggled and smiled at her. “Sure! I’d love it if you joined me!”

Fluttershy tapped the redheaded girl on the shoulder. “Um, Sunny, c-can I join you as well?”

Sunset gave her a surprised expression. “A-Are you sure?” She asked. Fluttershy nodded. “Mhm, I think it would be kinda fun.” She said with a smile. “Plus I’ve always wanted to dress up as a cow, too.” She laughed softly.

The equestrian girl smiled brightly at her. “Then of course you can!”

“OH! Can I join ya guys too!” Rainbow Dash asked. “Me, too!” Applejack said. Twilight Sparkle smiled and wanted to be included too. “Can I join you as well?”

“Oh me, too!” Rarity added.

Sunset Shimmer laughed full-heartedly. “Of course! You can all join me!” She couldn’t believe that her friends would want to join her in this silly cow day she was doing.

“Wait but we don’t have any cow costumes.” Rainbow Dash said. “I don’t suppose you have any cow outfits, Rare.”

Rarity scoffed and flicked her wrist. “Oh Dash, have you not met me?” She pulled a clothing rack out from the nearby fashion room. “Of course I do!” On the clothing rack were various different kinds of cow outfits for all of her friends.”

The group of girls expressed excited expressions. They each took an outfit and went into the bathroom to change into them. Then once they were satisfied with all their outfits they came out to show Sunset Shimmer and Spike.

Both Sunset and Spike gasped in a happy surprise. First to come out was Rarity, she had on an adorable white dress with purple cow spots with a cute bow that belted at the waist. The dress had some very pretty ruffles and was long enough to reach just above her feet, with a short purple cow tail. She also wore fashionable purple boots and hand bang to go with the dress.

After her, Twilight Sparkle came next. She had on a beautiful faded blue dress with sequence all over, along with white spots all around. The dress of course came with matching boots and cow tail as well.

Fluttershy had on a pure creamy pink dress and hot pink cow spots all around. She also had on an adorable little pink headband, a pink cow tail, and matching boots.

Rainbow Dash had on a cute little rainbow cow dress that went just below the knee. The cow spots around the dress where white making them look like clouds. She had on a red sash and had her hair up in a red ribbon.

“Wait a minute, Rainbow, where is the tail?” Rarity asked when she noticed that she wasn’t wearing the tail. Rainbow pulled out a red satin cow tail from her inside her bra. “Oh, I didn’t feel like wearing it.”

“So you just ripped it off?” Rarity facepalmed before she continued. “Rainbow Dash, it is supposed to be a COW outfit. It can’t be a cow if you don’t have the tail for it. Otherwise people are going to just think you’re wearing the sky.” Rarity grabbed the tail from Rainbow’s hand. Then she pulled out a pin from her pocket and attached the tail where it had been before.

Rainbow groaned. “Ugh but what if the soccer team makes fun of me?!”

“Then tell them that if they have anything to say, to come say it to my face personally.” Rarity huffed. She was about to continue on when she saw Applejack come out. Rarity found herself smacking her hand against her forehead for the second time in a row. “Applejack! Dirty old boots do not go with the cute little cow costume you’ve got on. What happened to the shows I made for you?”

Applejack twirled a strand of her in her finger. “Uh, well, ya see, Rarity.....Ah-“ She was cut off bu Rarity.

“Put them on, please!” She said. Applejack sighed heavily, racking off her old working boots and put the pair that Rarity made for her. “Happy?” She asked in a sarcastic tone. Rarity nodded in approval. “Yes, very.”

Finally, Pinkie Pie bounced up in her new cow outfit. She had a full on cute little cow onesie. It was black and white and a pink silky ribbon that was clipped around her neck with a cute little bell that hung from it. Rarity smiled at her. “You look absolutely fabulous, Darling!” Her friend giggled and bounced around happily in her new outfit.

Spike looked at all the new cows in the group. “Hehe, looks like it’s time for an udderly fun day.” He chuckled. “Can I get a moo?”

All the cows in the hallway mooed before falling into a fit of giggles. Then they looked at Sunset. “Well what should we do now?” Fluttershy asked her.

The redhead laughed. “We go cow-ing around of course!” She then gathered her friend up in a huddle to tell them the plan.

Author's Note:

I would really like to know of what you think of this so far. This is a new type of story that I didn’t think I’d be writing until now. So I’d love to hear your thoughts so far.:raritystarry: