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Cow-ing Around

The girls went around the school, popping out from lockers, corners, behind the doors, and the shadows. For the majority of the day they walked on all fours, mooed, and eat like cows.

First period, Sunset Shimmer asked if she could be excused to go to the restroom. She then hid behind a water/vitamin water dispenser near the bathrooms. The red head waited patiently for someone to appear. Luckily for her, she did not have to wait long, because as soon as she went behind the dispenser, she could hear someone coming down the hall. The cow girl waited just a little bit and then in a ghost-like voice she said. “Mooooo.”

The person made a stop and seemed to be looking around. “What? Wh-Who was that?” The voice seemed familiar, although Sunset could not think of who it belonged to. She hesitated a moment, just long enough for the owner of the voice to take a couple more tentative steps forward. “Mooooo.” She said again.

“S-snails, i-is that you?” ,said the voice again. That’s when it struck Sunset. It was Snips! Of course, she was sure that if it were anyone else they probably have inspected and found her out. So on all fours she popped out from behind the drink dispenser. “Moo!”

Snips jumped back and cringed. He was not looking at who the sound was coming from, keeping his eyes shut tight. Sunset shook her head, as she knew just how dense both him and Snails can be. “Don’t be afraid, Snips. It’s only me, sorry if I scared you a little too much.” Sunset said in a sincere apology. “I did not mean to be too harsh on you.”

Snips turned around and opened his eyes wide. He was not expecting to see Sunset Shimmer of all people to be the one behind the ghost-y sounds; nor did he expect to even catch her wearing a silly cow costume.

“Wow! I did not expect to see you, wearing something like that. You used to have smoke coming out of your ears if we ever suggested it for Halloween.” Snips said. Though as soon as he said it, he kinda cringed again and gave Sunset an apologetic look. “Sorry, please don’t hate me.”

Sunset frowned. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I know you didn’t mean to, and it’s okay. Really.” Then she gave a polite smile.

Snips could tell that she was lying, but he didn’t pry on any further. He brushed it off with a small chuckle. “Yeah, well you do seem to be doing better now. Hope you have a fun day with whatever it is your doing in that silly costume. Then her continued straight for the girls bathroom.

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “Uhm, isn’t that the girls room?” She asked.

The short little guy turned to her with a slightly embarrassed look. “Yeah, well it doesn’t smell like roaches and you guys actually have soap.” He said before entering the bathroom.

The redheaded girl stood there wishing she did not just hear that last little bit he just said. “So the guys don’t wash their hands properly....gross!” She said to herself before hurrying over to the janitor’s closet. She ripped it open, grabbed a huge gallon soap and then she walked over to the guys restroom. She hesitated, preparing herself before she entered. Only she almost started gagging when she smelled the aroma coming from the guys bathroom. “Shoot, he wasn’t lying.” Sunset pinched her nose and then entered with determination. Then she placed the big gallon with a pump on the lip next to the sinks. Then she left without looking back, hurrying out to avoid losing everything in her gut.

The disgusted girl was not looking at where she was going and crashes right into someone coming into the restroom. “Oh shit, Sunset Shimmer? What are you doing in here?!” Sunset looked up to see Flash Sentry looking at her like if she had grown two heads. “Oops, sorry.” She attempted to leave again ,but was stopped by Flash catching hold of her wrist. She stopped and looked back at him. “Hey, are you okay? You look a little green.”

Sunset chuckled as she lifted her other hand to cover her nose. “Pffft! Yeah, I wonder why.” She said. Flash’s features relaxed and he laughed with her. “Haha, sorry about that. This isn’t exactly a girl’s restroom. Why were you in there anyways.”

The redhead gave him a smirk. “Ah, you’ll see.” She tried to leave for the third time, only to be stopped once more by the guy she used to date. “Hey, I wanted to say, that I think you like cute in that cow costume.”

Sunset’s face lit up in a smile. She bit her lip and took a deep breath before she spoke. “Aw, thanks, Flashy.” Then she quickly went back into her signature smirks. “You better get going, I’m sure you didn’t come in this smelly dirty bathroom just to chat.” With that she left the bathroom with her head up high.

Flash Sentry watched her leave, before he felt a very urgent reason why he came to the bathroom in the first place and rushed inside. When he came out, he was about to complain about there being no soap in the bathroom, before he caught eye of the giant bottle of soap on the floor, next to the sinks. He smiled as he now knew why Sunset was doing in a place like this.


As Sunset rounded the corner to get to her class, she had the feeling of being watched. She stopped in her tracks and looked around her. The redheaded girl scratched her head when she didn’t see anyone. She looked behind her for a good minute, searching for anything. When she looked back in front her, she was met with the bright pink face of none other than Pinkie Pie, who popped right out from the ceiling. “Moo!”

“WAA!” Sunset exclaimed. She took a quick step back from the high-energy party girl only to bump into someone behind her. “MOOO!” She let out surprised yelp before she turned back around to see a certain Rainbow haired girl rolling on the floor with laughter. Which was followed by Pinkie Pie’s high-pitched laughter and soon Sunset ended up joining them. “Hahaha! Okay, okay you got me.”

“You were so easy! It was hard not give you a good old fashion scare.” Rainbow said once she could get a handle on her laughing. “That was a good one, Pinkie Pie!” The athlete held up her hand, for a high five.

The pinkie party girl returned the favor. Pinkie Pie nodded. “Oh, that WAS a good one! You’re so fun to play pranks with, Sunset.” She giggled.

Sunset flipped her hair before she tried to move away from the two, looking over her shoulder to say goodbye before she bumped into another person who said a soft little, “Moo-hoo!” Sunset gasped in surprise with a tiny step back. Then she smiled widely when she saw who it was. “Fluttershy? Wow, you really gave me a little scare!”,the girl chuckled lightly. She know how sensitive Fluttershy could be.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash came over with wide smiles of their own. “Wow, Fluttershy, I didn’t know you had it in you.” Rainbow said. Pinkie Pie gave a little giggle. “Yeah, you got her when she least expected it!” The pink party girl added.

Fluttershy giggled softly. “Heh, thanks. I-I tried.” She rubbed her arm to try and brush off the slightly awkwardness.

Sunset Shimmer saw this and patted her back. “Hey, you did good. Keep it up.” She encouraged her. Fluttershy gave her a warm smile. “Thank you, Sunny.” After that, Sunset waved to her friends before she hurried back to class. While Rainbow and Pinkie Pie took Fluttershy to do another little jump scare on some poor unfortunate soul.


Third Period came kind of slow, Sunset was nearly on the edge of her seat when the bell rang. As soon as it went off, she bounced off and was the first one out before anyone else could even get out the door.

“Sheesh, someone’s in a hurry.” Sunset heard Dumbell comment as she went out the door. She laughed to herself as she hurried over to her welding class. As she reached the doorframe of the room, she felt someone tap her on her shoulder. Sunset looked over her shoulder to see her next ‘planned’ victim for her next jump scare, only to unexpectedly see them right behind her.

“Gotcha!” Applejack laughed as she tickled Sunset on her side. The redheaded girl doubled over in a fit of laughter and snorts. “WAIT! No! ST-STAHAHAHAHA!” She exclaimed.

Applejack kept on. “Sorry, Ah didn’t hear ya. What was that, Sugarcube?” Sunset tried to get away, but being right in the door frame does have its disadvantages. She tried to go forward, but with all the laughing she could not catch her breath enough to do so. “At-stop! Haha! Please! Hahaha!” She said again.

The farm girl didn’t stop just yet, she began to tickle all around, causing Sunset to kneel to the floor. “Ah’m afraid that your going to have to.....oh Ah don’t know.....maybe moo to get out of this one.” She laughed.

“PFFT! Ahaha! Okay! Okay!” Sunset said through her laughing. “MOOO-AHAHAHA-HOHOOOO” She exclaimed, tears because to rolling down her cheeks. The laughing becoming too intense for her.

Applejack finally ceased her attack. “Mhm, Moo is right.” She said in a chuckle. She gave Sunset a punch on the shoulder. “Oh, Ah enjoy our fun together, Sunset.”

When Sunset was finally able to stop laughing, she got up off the ground and gave Applejack’s shoulder a punch back. “Moo! Haha! You never fail to catch me off guarded.”

Sunset walked into the classroom before she moved to the side to let the country girl through. Sunset let out a little “Moo!” Before she let loose her tickling attack on Applejack as payback. The girl dissolved in a fit of laughter of her own. “Haha! I got moo now!”

“HEHEHEHE!” AJ began wheezing so hard. Sunset wanted to keep on, but then the bell ring for the start of class, so she had to cease her tickling. “You got lucky.” The redhead said to her.

Applejack laughed. “Moo.” She said with a shrug. Sunset rolled her eyes and then they began to work with the other students on building a new school sign for the soccer field, with their mascot in the middle of it.

When lunchtime came around, Sunset and her friends rushed to their table. They were excited to share how their day has been like so far.

“Oh my, what a great day it has been!” Rarity said. “Today, I made this adorable little cow mask.” She pointed to the new sparkly white mask with purple swirls decorating the sides. It also had some curly purple ribbon tied to the side. “It felt so nice dressing up today.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that’s cool, but my day was 20% cooler!” She laughed. “This morning when I went to go meet up with the soccer team, I took the chance to sneak up on them, and it so happened that there was a water hose nearby, so I turned it on. I waited at the entrance of the field with my foot closing off the water access. Then when I saw Surprise, Misty Fly, and Fleetfoot close enough, I released the water on them! They didn’t even see it coming! Ahaha!” Her voice raised as she continued her story.

Suddenly all three soccer players that she had just mention, along with Spitfire came up behind her. “Hey, Dash, we wanted to give you this.” Surprise said.

Rainbow turned around. “Really? What chu get me?” She wasn’t prepared for the ice bucket of water held above her head. “Ah man! No!”, she tried to protest, but it was too late. Spitfire had already dumped the bucket over her head.

The group giggled in satisfaction. “That’s for spraying us with water this morning, Crash.” Fleetfoot laughed.

Misty Fly patted her teammates back. “Now we’re even.” She said before they left to go eat their lunch.

Next to Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie were laughing from the scene before her. Rainbow glared at her. “Hey, what are you two laughing about?” She said to her. The farm girl just shook her head. “Sorry, but you kinda had that coming.”

“Haha! Yeah Dashie, you can’t expect to prank someone without getting pranked right back, Silly!” Pinkie Pie said. She continued to giggle a little more to herself.

Fluttershy, Rarity and Sunset were hiding their own amusement behind their hands. Only Sunset was not as successful as Rarity and Fluttershy, as a few snorts here and there escaped.

Twilight and Spike came up to them with a smile. “Hey girls, today has been a lot of fun, but I’m afraid that I have to go back to Equestria.” She said, a sad frown on her face.

Spike shook his head. “Yeah, Equestria is in trouble again.” He said, shaking his head.

All 6 girls expressed various looks of disappointment. Sunset looked at her seriously. “Oh wow, well do you need me to come with you?” She asked. Twilight shook her head with a smile. “No, no, we’ll be okay. Thank you though.” She said.

Spike bounced off the floor and into the redhead’s arms. He gave her a reassuring lick. “Yeah, don’t worry about us. We got this one covered.” Sunset Shimmer smiled warmly at him. “Hehe, well if you insist.

Fluttershy came up next to them. “Well if you ever need any help, just give Sunset a write in her journal and I’m sure she’ll be happy to help you.” She said, giving Sunset and Spike a side hug. Then she moved over to give Twilight a side hug also. Then Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie joined in on a group hug. Their giggles symbolizing the strength of their bond together.

When they pulled away, Spike jumped down from Sunset’s arms. “Of course, Fluttershy!” Twilight scooped him up in her arms. “We had so much fun today! I didn’t think that acting like a cow for a day would relieve so much stress, but I really needed it. It was even more fun when Spike and I gave Principal Celestia a little surprise when we burst into her office, hehe!” She said. “Thank you, Sunset.” She gave the girl a quick nod of her head. Then she looked at all her other friends with a tear in her eyes. “See you guys next time.” Then they were gone.

Author's Note:

I am having so much fun with this story! OMG! I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am!:rainbowkiss: