• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Return of primordials - Cursebringer

An ancient being awakens and retunes to the world.

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Prologue - a strange feeling and the begin of a small expedition (edited)

Author's Note:

Hello, first of thank you for reading my very first story and english is my second languish. It was hard getting the confidence to begin it. I also know that I’m not a good writer thats why it took so long before I tried writing.

Prologue - A Strange Feeling and The Expedition.

Twilight Sparkle, a purple alicorn, was walking into Canterlot castle. She was planning to ask her teacher and friend, princess Celestia, to explore the crystal caverns a bit deeper in the Hoping to find something new and exciting.

As she skipped through the hallway to the princess’s private dining hall, Twilight thought to herself, “What would princess Celestia think of this? Will she allow it? Is this something she would like?” And so on.

5 minutes later.

Twilight arrived at the doors of the dining hall when to guards open them. So She just walked in.

“Ah, Twilight, it’s good to see you again.” Said Celestia when Twilight walked in. She also noticed how Twilight looked and how she was walking, that she had some questions to ask.

Twilight saw Celestia and Luna in the room with luna sleeping on a stack of pancakes.

“What is it,” said Celestia to her.

“Well, princess...”

“Celestia,” Celestia interrupted, “you are now a princess to remember that,” said Celestia.

“Yes, yes,” Twilight said. “Well, Celestia, I wanted to ask if I could explore deeper into the crystal cave. So I could try and find something new.”

“I would like to see that as well. It’s been a long time since we have been there. I will prepare an exploration team for you, Twilight.” said Celestia, well also shaking luna to wake her up.

“Come back next week, and everything should be ready then.” Said Celestia, well, discussing this with luna.

As Twilight walked out, she was happy and excited and decided to spike with her on the expedition.

Later in Ponyville

Golden Oak Libary.

Twilight had gathered up her friends and spike to tell the news about the exploration.

“What do you think girls would you like to come to?” Asked Twilight.

“Yeperoony.” Said Pinkie while jumping around the library.

“Yes! Like I could give up a possibility to explore as Daring Doo,” Was said by Rainbow.

“Why, of course, just think of all of the Beautiful gems there.” Rarity said, well, thinking of new dress designs.

“Howdy partner, a think a can take some time if a hurry up and can get some help on the farm.” Said Applejack as she was scratching her head.

“As long as it isn’t too scary,” said Fluttershy in a meek whisper as she hid behind her mane.

“I am your number one assistant, Twilight. Where would you be without me? So I will definitely come along.” said Spike with a confident tone.

That was the end of that, so they started to talk about trivial stuff until it was dark, and everyone went home to wait for the next week.

That Night.

POV: Spike.

As I went to bed, I had a feeling of anticipation like I have never felt before. And as i was sleeping, I dreamt about a being with immense power even stronger than the princesses looming over me and staring at me with red and blue eyes. First, I was scared of them, but as I looked closer, it looked like they recognized and cared for me and didn't want to harm me. Before I could ask anything, I woke up.

As the days came closer, I had this dream longer, but nothing changed, and we were always silent.

Day of the exploration

POV: Third Person

As the girls and spike met each other at Golden Oaks, they greeted each other and went to the train station to go on a 3-hour ride to Canterlot.

POV: Spike.

As I stared out of the train’s window, I felt as if i was being watched. I started looking around me but saw no one else in the cart except for the girls and me. When the girls saw me looking, Twilight asked me if I was alright, and I told her yes and started looking again out the window at Canterlot in the distance.

I overheard the girls talking about what they hoped to find. Twilight just wanted something to research. Rainbow Dash wanted something to fight. Pinkie Pie, for some reason, Stayed Silenced. Applejack said she didn’t care as long as there weren't any varmints. Rarity wanted something to give her new dress ideas, and Fluttershy just wanted to see crystal worms.

I didn’t know them, so I asked. “Hey Fluttershy, what is this crystal worm?”

“Eep, oh Spike, sorry, um well, a Crystal Worm is a special and rare type of worm that can eat through crystal like it is dirt. And what they leave behind is a sort of malleable crystal with the same strength as what they have eaten.” Is what Fluttershy’s said to which surprised me about what they did.

The rest of the journey was boring, and nothing happened except that feeling of being watched.


As we got off the train, a guard was waiting there to escort us to the castle.

As we walked, the girls except Twilight were looking around because they don’t come here often and talked about the preparations they had taken for going underground.

Eventually, we saw the princesses in the throne room with more guards and the explorer Daring doo. ‘And yup, Dash is fanfillying over Daring Doo thought spike.

“Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, it’s Daring Doo, the real Daring Doo,” Rainbow flaying closer. “I am your biggest fan. Please sign my book.” Was Rainbow’s immediate response as she had sparkles in her eyes.

“Haha,” daring laugh, “it’s been a wail since I got that reaction.” That’s when the rest chuckled about how Rainbow reacted.

“Anyway, everything is ready for the exploration, so please follow me to the cave entrance.” Said, Celestia.

As we walked, we asked Celestia what she already knows.

“So, princess, I was wondering what do you know about the place we are going to explore?” Was darings question.

“We don't know much, for it was there before we hast build Canterlot on it” was luna’s answer for us.

“Yes, sister, all we know is that it is a massive cave that no one was able to explore. Much less map. All we know is that there are crystal beasts that live down there some that were thought to be extinct like the crystal butterfly or crystal spider.” Answered Celestia with a smile. “You better look out down there because magic is harder to cast the deeper you go.”

“You have arrived,” said the guard at the door while opening it.

As we walked to the mouth of the cave, I was impressed. What I saw wasn’t just a small group but tents, supplies, ponies, and exploration gear for dangerous places. Like emergency food and water, a rope, climbing gear, and even more things I didn’t know. As well as a group of ponies preparing to come along in the cave.

As we walked closer to the group, I noticed one of the ponies was Quick Guard. He was the pony who guarded Twi and me when we were younger and in the castle.

“Hey, Quick!” I called, well waving my claw at him. When he noticed it was me, he waved back and came to talk a bit.

“Spike and Twilight, How has it been?” Was Quick’s first question.

Quick Guard was a special pony in the day guard. No matter the shield, he can learn how to use it in a short time, and his reaction with the shield was also impressive. With him being one of the fastest shield users in the guard, he was allowed to not wear the disguise enchantments and have his giant shield. Quick himself is a large earth pony with a brown coat, a blond mane, and orange eyes. His mark was a nondescript pony quickly guarding another pony.

“We are doing well. How are you, Quick?” I asked.

“I been good as well,” said Quick.

“Now, let’s get ready to explore!” yelled Rainbow Dash.

As we packeting our supplies, I asked Twilight if she was alright, to which she answered yes.

As we were ready, we stood at the mouth of the cave and prepared to go in.

The main 6, a dragon, Daring Doo, and a small group of guard ponies.

What will happen?


As we slept, we felt a familiar present coming closer to which we started to slowly wake.

To be continued...