Return of primordials

by Cursebringer

First published

An ancient being awakens and retunes to the world.

One day twilight is exploring the crystal caverns when she accidentally awakens an ancient creature she has never heard of before. What will happen with the return of this creature.

I had this story in my had for years but lacked confidents.
This will be my first ever story so please be kind. Genres will be added as needed.
Cover art isn’t mine i just grabbed an image.
Editor: Creative Delight ch1-???

Prologue - a strange feeling and the begin of a small expedition (edited)

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Prologue - A Strange Feeling and The Expedition.

Twilight Sparkle, a purple alicorn, was walking into Canterlot castle. She was planning to ask her teacher and friend, princess Celestia, to explore the crystal caverns a bit deeper in the Hoping to find something new and exciting.

As she skipped through the hallway to the princess’s private dining hall, Twilight thought to herself, “What would princess Celestia think of this? Will she allow it? Is this something she would like?” And so on.

5 minutes later.

Twilight arrived at the doors of the dining hall when to guards open them. So She just walked in.

“Ah, Twilight, it’s good to see you again.” Said Celestia when Twilight walked in. She also noticed how Twilight looked and how she was walking, that she had some questions to ask.

Twilight saw Celestia and Luna in the room with luna sleeping on a stack of pancakes.

“What is it,” said Celestia to her.

“Well, princess...”

“Celestia,” Celestia interrupted, “you are now a princess to remember that,” said Celestia.

“Yes, yes,” Twilight said. “Well, Celestia, I wanted to ask if I could explore deeper into the crystal cave. So I could try and find something new.”

“I would like to see that as well. It’s been a long time since we have been there. I will prepare an exploration team for you, Twilight.” said Celestia, well also shaking luna to wake her up.

“Come back next week, and everything should be ready then.” Said Celestia, well, discussing this with luna.

As Twilight walked out, she was happy and excited and decided to spike with her on the expedition.

Later in Ponyville

Golden Oak Libary.

Twilight had gathered up her friends and spike to tell the news about the exploration.

“What do you think girls would you like to come to?” Asked Twilight.

“Yeperoony.” Said Pinkie while jumping around the library.

“Yes! Like I could give up a possibility to explore as Daring Doo,” Was said by Rainbow.

“Why, of course, just think of all of the Beautiful gems there.” Rarity said, well, thinking of new dress designs.

“Howdy partner, a think a can take some time if a hurry up and can get some help on the farm.” Said Applejack as she was scratching her head.

“As long as it isn’t too scary,” said Fluttershy in a meek whisper as she hid behind her mane.

“I am your number one assistant, Twilight. Where would you be without me? So I will definitely come along.” said Spike with a confident tone.

That was the end of that, so they started to talk about trivial stuff until it was dark, and everyone went home to wait for the next week.

That Night.

POV: Spike.

As I went to bed, I had a feeling of anticipation like I have never felt before. And as i was sleeping, I dreamt about a being with immense power even stronger than the princesses looming over me and staring at me with red and blue eyes. First, I was scared of them, but as I looked closer, it looked like they recognized and cared for me and didn't want to harm me. Before I could ask anything, I woke up.

As the days came closer, I had this dream longer, but nothing changed, and we were always silent.

Day of the exploration

POV: Third Person

As the girls and spike met each other at Golden Oaks, they greeted each other and went to the train station to go on a 3-hour ride to Canterlot.

POV: Spike.

As I stared out of the train’s window, I felt as if i was being watched. I started looking around me but saw no one else in the cart except for the girls and me. When the girls saw me looking, Twilight asked me if I was alright, and I told her yes and started looking again out the window at Canterlot in the distance.

I overheard the girls talking about what they hoped to find. Twilight just wanted something to research. Rainbow Dash wanted something to fight. Pinkie Pie, for some reason, Stayed Silenced. Applejack said she didn’t care as long as there weren't any varmints. Rarity wanted something to give her new dress ideas, and Fluttershy just wanted to see crystal worms.

I didn’t know them, so I asked. “Hey Fluttershy, what is this crystal worm?”

“Eep, oh Spike, sorry, um well, a Crystal Worm is a special and rare type of worm that can eat through crystal like it is dirt. And what they leave behind is a sort of malleable crystal with the same strength as what they have eaten.” Is what Fluttershy’s said to which surprised me about what they did.

The rest of the journey was boring, and nothing happened except that feeling of being watched.


As we got off the train, a guard was waiting there to escort us to the castle.

As we walked, the girls except Twilight were looking around because they don’t come here often and talked about the preparations they had taken for going underground.

Eventually, we saw the princesses in the throne room with more guards and the explorer Daring doo. ‘And yup, Dash is fanfillying over Daring Doo thought spike.

“Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, it’s Daring Doo, the real Daring Doo,” Rainbow flaying closer. “I am your biggest fan. Please sign my book.” Was Rainbow’s immediate response as she had sparkles in her eyes.

“Haha,” daring laugh, “it’s been a wail since I got that reaction.” That’s when the rest chuckled about how Rainbow reacted.

“Anyway, everything is ready for the exploration, so please follow me to the cave entrance.” Said, Celestia.

As we walked, we asked Celestia what she already knows.

“So, princess, I was wondering what do you know about the place we are going to explore?” Was darings question.

“We don't know much, for it was there before we hast build Canterlot on it” was luna’s answer for us.

“Yes, sister, all we know is that it is a massive cave that no one was able to explore. Much less map. All we know is that there are crystal beasts that live down there some that were thought to be extinct like the crystal butterfly or crystal spider.” Answered Celestia with a smile. “You better look out down there because magic is harder to cast the deeper you go.”

“You have arrived,” said the guard at the door while opening it.

As we walked to the mouth of the cave, I was impressed. What I saw wasn’t just a small group but tents, supplies, ponies, and exploration gear for dangerous places. Like emergency food and water, a rope, climbing gear, and even more things I didn’t know. As well as a group of ponies preparing to come along in the cave.

As we walked closer to the group, I noticed one of the ponies was Quick Guard. He was the pony who guarded Twi and me when we were younger and in the castle.

“Hey, Quick!” I called, well waving my claw at him. When he noticed it was me, he waved back and came to talk a bit.

“Spike and Twilight, How has it been?” Was Quick’s first question.

Quick Guard was a special pony in the day guard. No matter the shield, he can learn how to use it in a short time, and his reaction with the shield was also impressive. With him being one of the fastest shield users in the guard, he was allowed to not wear the disguise enchantments and have his giant shield. Quick himself is a large earth pony with a brown coat, a blond mane, and orange eyes. His mark was a nondescript pony quickly guarding another pony.

“We are doing well. How are you, Quick?” I asked.

“I been good as well,” said Quick.

“Now, let’s get ready to explore!” yelled Rainbow Dash.

As we packeting our supplies, I asked Twilight if she was alright, to which she answered yes.

As we were ready, we stood at the mouth of the cave and prepared to go in.

The main 6, a dragon, Daring Doo, and a small group of guard ponies.

What will happen?


As we slept, we felt a familiar present coming closer to which we started to slowly wake.

To be continued...

1 - the awakening (edited)

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Chapter 1: The Awakening

Crystal Cavern

POV: Spike

As we stood there at the cave’s entrains, we prepared to go in, me the girls, Daring Doo, Quick Shield, and the other guards. Quick Strike a pegasus and Fiery Arcanum a unicorn. Strike was a special pegasus due to him having a larger magic pool than usual and being trained to use that to increase his attack speed. Fiery is a special unicorn because she was born with a long abnormal horn and tighter coils around it, making it so that she can cast faster and release more magic.

After my internal monolog, I saw Twilight nod as the signal to go in the cave and went first, with the rest following behind her. Not long after we were in, we had to use one of the newer inventions. It is a form of a flashlight, but it lights all around and bright enough to light everything up to a few meters in front of us up. We saw nothing special during our walk, but quickly we saw the walls had turned into crystal. At that time we have already been walking for an hour.

Half an hour later, we saw the first crystal creatures, and as luck has it, it was the crystal worm, and Twilight grabbed some of their waists to learn more and experiment.

As we were walking, I noticed that the feeling of being watched had come back even stronger and became worse the deeper we went.


We have been walking for more than 5 hours, and we decided to set up camp to rest for a while so we can eat and drink at an open circle in the caverns.

Fluttershy was talking about all the crystal creatures that she saw. Some were not even known to exist. Twilight was talking about the new research material as the girls were listening to them. Daring do, and the guards were talking about what to do if we found danger. Then they decided that this was an excellent place to sleep and go further the next day.


As I was sleeping, I had that same dream again, but this time I heard a soft humming.


As we were sleeping, we noticed that the familiar feeling came closer.


When we woke up, we walked even deeper, and that is when we saw the first signs of danger. It was a pony skeleton.

When we saw that Fiery getting ready behind Strike, him in front, and Shield in the back as protection, and from that moment, they were on high alert because Daring noticed that the pony dies because of inflicted wounds and a broken bone.

Ten minutes later, we met a pack of what looked like timber wolves made of crystals… crystal wolves?

Shield protected us with his large shield. As Fiery used magic on them, and Strike attacked them head-on. As this was happening, Daring was distracting them by flying around them, and Rainbow Dash couldn’t sit still, so she helped Daring distract the wolves.

After the fight, we quickly went further and came to a cross-section and went left, which looked to go down.

This went on for two days.

After two days, we found another open field where we decided to sleep.

As we slept, we heard a sound coming from one of the tunnels.

I decided to wake everyone up to explore where It came from.

“Everypony, wake up,” I yelled.

As they came out of the tent, I told them, “I heard something from that tunnel over there.”

3 minutes later

We had packed everything up and walked into the tunnel. As we walked, it became darker, even with the lantern.

Eventually, we couldn’t see and kept on walking until we bumped into something.

As I felt what it was, I noticed that it was dragon scales. When I saw that, I immediately said, “everypony, this is bad.”

“What is it spike” asked Twilight

“Well, this Isn’t a wall... it’s dragon scales,” I said.

Everyone was shocked at this revelation.

“Just by the size of this scale, I can tell this must be a truly ancient dragon,” said Twilight.

That’s when I saw that it was starting to move. “Everypony be silent. It is moving,” I said.


We yawned as we finally woke up. “It has been a long time since we could stretch. How long have we slept 1000, maybe 2000 years?” We thought.

As we stretched, we noticed a bit of life force near us. That’s when we started looking around, and we saw a few pony’s and “a hatchling?” we said.

POV: Third person

As the dragon stretched, the pony’s and drake flinched away in fear.

POV: Twilight.

That was a giant dragon. I didn’t know what to do as I was too afraid to do anything.

That’s when the dragon spoke “rtwi dowqigrme,” and I didn’t understand.

POV: Spike.

As the dragon rose, I was afraid. That’s when I noticed it had the same eyes as the dragon in my dreams. The Pupil was larger than Celestia. When I saw that I suddenly didn’t feel as afraid. And when the dragon spoke “a hatchling,” their voice sounded friendly and kind.


“It seems that they can’t understand us, and they are afraid of us. Let us fix that.” They thought.

With that, we performed a spell to shrink us and learn their language.

“Hello, children,” we said to them. They looked surprised that they could understand us now without problems.

POV: Third person

As they started to be less afraid of it, they stepped closer so that they could see it better. After that, they were introduced.

“He-hello, my name is Twilight, and these are Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, quick shield, quick strike, Fiery Arcanum, and Spike,” said Twilight to the dragon.

When Twilight told it spike’s name, it focussed on him with interest.

“Spike, you say,” the dragon said.

“Can we ask what your name is?” Asked Twilight

“Ah, yes, where are our manners? Our name is ...”

To be continued...

2 - introductions and returning to the surfers

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“Where are our manners” We said.

“my name is Thanwen.” he said.

“and my name is Tiamat.” she said.

When we spoke our own names we said it in our own voices.

-3rd pov-

As the dragon told them there names the pony’s and drake looked shocked that it spoke with a male and a female voice.


“Are there two dragons in this cavern i thought that i only sensed one.” Was what I thought.

When I looked around i saw only the one dragon.

Thats when the other dragon spoke again. “Ah i see you are confused with why i spoke two names and also in different voices.” As we nodded the dragon chuckled and replied with. “That is because we are two dragons who’s bodies can become one do to something that happened in our past, don’t worry we have already removed the negative side effects of the magic. Also without that we would never have become mates.” Was the answer that they gave.

As they sed that i thought that it was a pretty weird story.

Thats when i remembered that we were still in a dark cavern so i sed. “Hé guys let’s head back to where we had set up camp so we can see how our new guest looks like in the light.


As we have returned to the campsite we finally were able to see more details about the dragon. They have sharp claws and black scales. There eyes a heterochromia of red and blue. The have two large horns coming out there head and have them curving backwards with on each Side four horns that become smaller. They also look very strong but on the other side also agile. Than they have large than normal wings and the wing membrane and underbelly scales are a little lighter gray. Last but not least there tail has a sharp blade like end that looks like it could cleve through Wood without a problem.

“Man you look intimidating.” Was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

“Why thank you.” Was the fist thing the dragon replied back to my comment.

“Now than that you have seen us let’s had back up to the surface before something happens to you children.” Sed the dragon.

When they sed that i saw that rainbow was trying to protest but daring stoped her.

“We have no idea on how you survived coming down here. We mean how did you survive the crystal hydra?” Sed the dragon.

When we heard that we were immediately scared because we hadn't seen one and a normal hydra is already very dangerous.

“Alright everypony lets leave as soon as possible.” Was twilights immediate response and everyone agreed with it immediately.

“Well if that is you response we guess you haven’t encountered it yet. Well then follow us we know a quick path to the first level of the cave the hydra shouldn't show up there.” Sed the dragon to the group. “And you spike stay close to us.” They ordered.

*5 hours later*
-3rd pov-

As the group was following the smaller dragon they didn’t notice the emerald eyes following them. It also took them less than 5 hours to get to the first level of the cave.

At this point the eyes became desperate and pounced.


As we were guiding the pony’s and dragon out we saw a young crystal wolf following us. When we were almost at the end the wolf launched it’s attack.

As we saw that we Immediately sprang into action as i cast a spell to bind the wolf. i immediately grabbed it so it could do nothing. When Tiamat casted the spell her horns lit up with a silver white collar. “This would be a good gift.” We thought.

“Spike come here” we sed.

As spike came closer i casted a spell to bind it to spike. “Here now it’s your pet and guardian.” We sed and spike looked surprised.

what you never got a gift or a pet before. I sed to the little one.

“Well now that that is done let’s continue.” We sed as the purple pony kept asking questions about the spells we used.

*20 minutes later*

Not long after i got the crystal wolf we saw the exit to the cave.

Thats when i thought about what would happen if an unknown immensely powerful dragon would step out a cave close to canterlot surrounded by guards. “Um... first of what should i call you when you are like that.” I asked first.

They responded with. “You can call us black shadow or shadow for short otherwise it would be hard to speak to us like this.”

“Alright shadow it may be a good idea to let us exit first and maybe lower your magic power output (in this world one can estimate how strong someone is by how much magic they ‘leak out’) otherwise you might cause problems with the guards surrounding the place.” I sed to shadow and the others agreed.

‘Hmmm... you have a good point there.” They sed and almost immediately i noticed that there was almost no leaking like less than a foal.

“How, how is that possible.” Screamed twilight when she noticed it. “How can you stop that much leaking and in such a short time, tell me.” Twilight demanded while shadow ignored her.

“Now than lets get you out, yes?” Shadow asked.

*oudside the crystal cave, a few minutes earlier*

-3rd pov-

Outside the entrence of the cave a few groups of guards stood with celestia and luna a bit further away.

“It has only been a few days don't worry sister” sed luna to celestia as celestia was pacing in worry.

“I know i know but sister i just have the feeling something big is going to happen.” Was celestia’s answer for her sister.

That’s when they saw twilight and the other’s leave the cave.

“Twilight i see you have returned i hope the expedition went well.” Celestia asked as she was walking to the group.

That’s when she noticed the crystal wolf with them and asked. “Twilight my i ask what that wolf is? And why it is so docile?”

“Well it is a crystal wolf. They are like the timber wolfs but for the crystal creatures. And the reason why it is so docile is is that it was tamed, i think.” Answer twilight.

That’s when spike spoke up. “Princess when we were exploring we met a very old dragon that was waking up so it led us out of the cave. It decidet to wait for a little bit so you can be prepared and don’t do anything rushed like attack it.

“Ok shadow you can come out we have told them about you being with us.” Spike yelled into the cave.

What steped out whasn’t the shrunken shadow they were with but one that was a bit larger making them stand over celestia.

*cave mouth a little before exiting*


As we waited we decided to undo the shrinking a bit so we would be larger than the pony’s. After we did that we heard spike yell for us to come out. So that is exactly what i did.

When we walked outside the first thing we noticed were the two large pony’s speaking with the group i led out.

“Well this is interesting we have never before seen a pony like these two” we sed.

“It looked like they weren’t expecting that thought.” We thought.

“Now then it is time we introduced ourself” we sed.

-3rd pov-

“Twilight why is this dragon speaking in third pony?” Celestia asked. “Is it maybe an important dragon from the past?”

“We don’t know the only creature they spoke with was spike.” Twilight answered.

“Why do you refer to it as they?” She asked again. To witch twilight answered. “You will see.”

“Ahem may we continue without being interrupted.” Shadow asked.

“Yes, sorry for my sisters rudeness you may continue.” Luna answered.

“Well then. Good day everyone in this form you can call us Black Shadow. But let’s not be rude and tell you who we really are and show you our true form in a smaller size.” They sed.

At that point shadow walked back to get some more space.

And then they started leaking a bit of there power. Even if it was a bit it was still overwhelming and frightening.

Thats when they started to glow...

To be continued...

3 - finding a home

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*crystal cave entrance*

-3rd pov-

As the light dimmed down there now stood two dragons. Both have pearl white claws and are around the same hight with the male being a bit taller and were both still larger than celestia.

Thanwen is a male dragon that looks very strong with dark red scales and orange underbelly and wing membrane scales. He has large and powerful wings. Scattered across his body there are scars and scratches with the most profound one right under his right eye. He has ocean blue and calming eyes yet behind that you can see the many battles he has partaken in and he has a strong yet calming face. Lastly he has two large horns coming out his head that curving backwards with on each Side four horns that become smaller.

Tiamat is a female dragon that has a more streamlined and agile body that has not a single scar. Her scales are white with blue patterns all over it. She has fiery red eyes that show intelligence and complete understanding of the arcane. Her wings are large and almost like they are glittering. She also has small spines running down her back and two horns that split of into three pairs of horns on each side yet it doesn’t look like it brakes her streamlined body.

”Man it has been a long time since i looked like this.” was said by thanwen.

”Yes dear I know how you feel.” Said Tiamat.

Well this was happening all the pony’s looked slack-jawed at what just happened.

“Now then lets continue with the introductions, my name is Thanwen which means white fire in our native tongue.” Said thanwen

“And my name is Tiamat which means frost fire in our native tongue.” Said tiamat.

At this point everyone was getting un stuck.


“Sweet celestia they look awesome and Beautiful. The drake looks like a warrior and the dragoness like a queen.” I thought.

“Now then spike tell us were do you live, a little drake like you isn’t supposed to be separated from there parents yet.” Said Tiamat to me as she walked away.

“I live with the girls in ponyville.” I replayed to her.

“Ok well then and where is that?” Asked Thanwen.

“It’s the closest village to the mountain.” I told him.

When i told them that they flew up to see the surroundings. After a few minutes they came back down and spoke with us.

“Alright we will set up in the forest close to the village and if you have any questions you can ask spike.” The dragons said to me.

At this point I started to think that how they treat me is a bit strange.

“Come spike were going and like you said we don’t want to scare the population.” Was said to me by Thanwen.

“Alright but we have to wait for the girls.” I said to them.

When i said that it looked like they were a bit annoyed by the response but they agreed.

“Alright just hurry up.” Was there response.

“Twilight, girls let’s head back to ponyville.” I called.

“Alright spike let us say goodby and than we will go to the train station and go back to ponyville.” Said twilight.

-3rd pov-

As the girls said goodby Thanwen and Tiamat were waiting. After that they went to the train station and borden a train to ponyville.

*3 hours later, ponyville train station*

As the pony’s and dragons stepped out of the train Thanwen said. “Alright now that we are her spike show us your home.”

“Alright just follow me.” Said spike to him.

As they followed spike they noticed that ponyville looked like a quiet place to live with the small homes with thatch roofs.

*5 minutes later, golden oak*


As the little drake led us to his home i noticed a tree that looked like it is a home. “Little spike is that tree the place where you live in.” I asked him.

“Yes thats right. How did you know.” He asked me.

“Well you are to young to live on you own and you were leading us to it in a strait line.” Was my wonderful mates answer.

“Oh now that you say that It sounds a bit stupid to ask.” Said the little one.

“Now then that we know were you live we will find a place in the forest to stay.” I said as Tiamat agreed.

*6 minutes later, at the edge of the everfree*

-3 pov-

As the two dragons stood at the edge of the everfree as they walked in one sed. “Do you truly think it is a good idea to let him stay with them. You saw him he is far to small for one of his age.” To witch te other answered. “Yes, we can’t just take him away he wouldn’t like it and also wouldn’t understand what the reason is. All we can do for now is to keep him safe and set him on the right path.” Told the other dragon.

“Anyways we can check up on the sister universe soon, And you can continue watching the mortals and there lives play by.” Said the dragon again.

“Yes we have to keep watch and make sure the barriers weren't degraded to much in the time that we were gone. We also have to check if the other primordials and the lesser primordials are still doing the job we made them for.” Said one of them again.

“Lets soon check up on our adopted little brother. I hope he two finally had a child.” Said the other.

“Dear i think i see a good cave her to rest and it also isn’t to far from the village.” Said Tiamat.

“Alright than let’s see if it’s a good cave.” Said Thanwen.

With that the two dragons walked into the cave.

*10 minutes later*

“Honey I think this is a good place. It is large enough for us if we stay under 30% of our full size witch should be better than this size. Also it doesn’t seem like any animals live in it. It also have very strong walls and doesn’t seem to dangerous to you. So it seems to also be a good place to do that. It also has enough crystals to make a crystal orb. And last but not least this is a good place to set up a crystal orb to keep an eye on the sister universe.” Was said by Thanwen.

“Well that is just amazing, quick get the crystals so I can make the crystal orb.” Was excitedly said by Tiamat.

*10 minutes later*

“I have got them honey.” Said Thanwen.

“Alright hurry up I have made a temporary stone pedestal for the orb. Lay them down there.” Said Tiamat pointing to her side.

When Thawen laid the crystals down Tiamat went to cast a spell on them making the crystals float up and start to spin around each other when there came a blinding flash, and now floating in the air were the crystals were is now a large floating crystal orb big enough for the to dragons to look into.


I quickly grabbed the orb and put it on its pedestal. When that was done the orb started to glow a little. “Good it works with stone, I thought that we had to find enough gold to make the pedestal to make it work.” I said.

“Anyhow let’s check on our and our sister universe to make sure the barriers are still whole.” I said to my mate.

“Honey let’s see if there is also something interesting happening in the sister universe.” Thanwen said to me.

“Alright but first the barriers. Hmmm... it seems the barriers are still whole.” I told him.

“Alright now something interesting.” He said.

“Now then let’s look around... here doesn’t that look familiar?” I said with a bit of confusion.

“Now that you say that yes, well at least he rescued a young dragoness.” He said. But hadn’t we rescued all of them and brought them here?” He asked me confused.

“Yes I thought so as well. Deer listen the villagers apparently executed her mother because they thought she was a danger and have arrested her father.” I said.

“What!!!!!!” Thanwen yelled.

“Oh but the little one has brought the dragoness away and destroyed the place they locked up the father and than he returned to her. Now than I think that is enough for now my deer.

“Okey honey. Now then let’s get to sleep so we can help the drake in town tomorrow.” My Thanwen said to me.

“Yes let’s.” Was my only response as I fell asleep.


“You were more tiered than you thought than.” I thought.

“Now then let’s get you to a better place to sleep so i can join you.” I said to myself.

When I had laid her on a better place I fell asleep beside her.

to be continued...

4 - more questions than answers

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*cave home, morning*


When we woke up the first thing we did was to check up on the sister universe. After we had done that we decided to go to the village to introduce us to the villagers.


After a bit of walking we were at the village again with a small form. “Now than honey let us go to spikes home and make sure the pony’s aren't to afraid of us.” I sed to Tiamat.

“Yes, let’s.” Was her response.

As we walked through the town most of the pony’s looked afraid.

When we arrived at golden oaks i knocked on the door and asked. “Can we come in spike?”

When we knocked on the door we also heard twilight yell. “Spike! Please get the door and great the guests. I will be downstairs soon.”

As spike opened the door he looked surprised to see us standing there. “Please come in.” Said spike to us.

When we walked in Tiamat said to spike. “Hello spike can you please get twilight we want to speak with the two of you.

“Alright i will get her .” Said spike to us.

When he walked away i saidto Tiamat. “Deer i think it is best to keep it simple for the moment.” To witch she agreed.


As i walked away i heard the two dragons say something but i couldn’t understand it.

When i walked upstairs and to the shower i saw that the door was still locked so i yelled in. “Twilight the guests want to speak with us about something. Also the guests are Thanwen and Tiamat.”

“Alright spike i will be out in just a sec” twilight told me.

“Ok i will be waiting with them than.” I said back.

*2 minutes later*

Twilight came down and sat next to me on one couch as the other dragons sat on a opposite couch.

“Alright now that everyone is here lets begin.” Said thanwen.

“First of spike how old are you.” Was asked to me by tiamat.

“I’m 14 years old now.’ Was my answer. And with the look on the faces of the other dragons it seems that was a bad answer.

“You tell me that you are 14 years and yet you look like your not even 10 years old. What happened have you even had the right nutritions or have you just been eating pony food and gorging yourself on gems?” Was asked by tiamat.

When I heard that I was confused. “Aren’t those the things dragons normally eat?” I asked.

Tiamat answered me with. “Well we can eat it it’s not all that we need to grow and be healthy, the right gems can make our scales stronger to a certain degree and the pony food can keep you alive for one to two decades it doesn’t have everything that a dragon needs to grow. The thing is what a dragon needs is meat to grow and live long.” Tiamat told me.

When she said that twilight looked a bit ill. “I mean where do you think those sharpe teeth are for.” Thanwen said.

“To be honest if this went on like this i wouldn’t be surprised if you went on a feeding frenzy and killed these pony’s to eat them do to hunger and malnourishment.” Sed tiamat to me.

With what she said I was afraid that a could’ve killed somepony.

“Just make sure you have a stable meat source and you wont go in a frenzy and will also grow a bit taller and stronger to.” They said to me.

“Now twilight, you are supposed to be his guardian for as long as his real parents aren’t here or if they can’t take care of him at this point in time and you dare to let it become this bad. You need to do some more research on dragons, there habits and what they eat.” Sed Tiamat to twilight.

“Now back to you spike you need to learn more of dragons from this age. When you know more about the dragons from this age we are willing to tell you about dragons from the past.” Was said by Thanwen.

“Now then spike, show us around town.” They said.

-3 pov-

As spike showed the two dragons around town the pony’s became less afraid of them. With the fear lessened do to spikes Presents some of the pony’s dared to come closer and even strike up a small conversation.

After two hours spike was done showing the dragons the town. Thats when they asked. “Spike would you like to see where we are staying.” Sed thanwen to spike.

To witch he answered yes.

*later, late evening*

Spike yawned saying. “*Yawn* it has been a long day i think i will go home.”

“Thats a good idea spike but first I like to ask if you could give me a quill and paper? Asked tiamat from spike to witch he did.

Tiamat well making sure no one saw what it was she wrote she was writing down.

We have returned and we know we have found him brother.

Prepare the gauntlet and gather everyone.

Set a delay on the dragon spike for a week or two.

Let there be an early migration to the dragonlands, one close or in equestria.

We will come together with the little drake for he has not developed his wings yet.

He doesn’t know a thing of dragon culture for he was raised by pony’s. He didn’t even know what he needed to eat to survive.

We hope you kept them them in check for us when we slept. We also hope to see if we have a niece or nephew now.

With love,
—the first 👑

As Tiamat wrote down the last word she casted a spell to dry the ink in a instance and rolled up the paper and casted anther spell to grab a stamp out of thin air and said. “Deer please grab a gem.”

As she said that Thanwen grabbed a gem out of the ground. “Here you go.” He said.

When he gave her the gem she placed it on the parchment and put the stamp on it. Thats when she pressed it down and then there was a stamp on the parchment made of Sapphire. When that was done she blew messenger flames on it.

“Now spike we understand that you have many questions but we will answer them later, also don’t tell anyone what you just saw, ok?” Said and asked Tiamat.

“I understand.” said spike.


-lord Torch-

As i was talking with a few of the dragons that are around my age I started to get a feeling that I hadn’t felt for over 10000 years. Thats when it happened. *burp* I burped loudly when there also came out a scroll. As I grabbed the scroll i saw the stamp on it and showed it to the other dragons.

As the other old dragons saw the stamp they were shocked with what this meant.

Thats when my daughter Ember came to me and asked. “Dad what is that and why do you all look so shocked?”

“This Ember is a sine that two very old friends have finally awakened.” I tolled her.

“And they only send me a Message like this if it is importuned or they have a plan but can’t tell me in person.

Now let me read this letter out-loud to you all.

We have returned and we know we have found him brother.

Prepare the gauntlet and gather everyone.

Set a delay on the dragon spike for a week or two.

Let there be an early migration to the dragonlands, one close or in equestria.

We will come together with the little drake for he has not developed his wings yet.

He doesn’t know a thing of dragon culture for he was raised by pony’s. He didn’t even know what he needed to eat to survive.

We hope you kept them them in check for us when we slept. We also hope to see if we have a niece or nephew now.

With love,
—the first 👑

When I was done reading my little ember looked confused.

“Tell me ember why do you look confused?” I asked.

“Father please tell me why this dragon is ordering you?” Asked ember.

“I will explain but first, we elders need to do the preparations. Magnus and Tremor you two get the other parts of the Dragonstone scepter, Frost you plane the optimal rout, sky you plan the reception and misty you gather the items for the return ceremony. Also misty tell Oceana to make sure no other creature interferes with this.” Were my orders.

“Alright now that that is done I will explain it. Now follow me ember.” I sed.

My daughter looked now even more confused for what would get this reaction. “Now ember before i begin do you have any questions?” I asked.

“Father who in tartarus is this to get such a reaction?” She asked.

“A fair enough question but that will be explained later. But let me first tell you who they are.” I said.

“First of i was adopted as a younger brother by them Although i could easily be there child.” Now she looked shocked again. “Well there names are Thanwen, he who holds might of the white fire and greatest of warriors, and his mate Tiamat, she who is the master of magic and she who has the elusive frost fire.” I sed.

“And i mean frost fire and not frost breath that the ice dragons use. Two other titles they have are, the unbeatable duo, the first.” I sed.

“What do you mean with the first?” My little ember asked.

“It means exactly what it says they were the first, they are primordials.” I said.

“Dad what is a primordial.” She asked.

“An primordial is a being that was there from the beginning of that thing. But amongst the primordials they are still special, that is because...”



I suddenly got the feeling something big is going to happen.

To be continued...

5 - natures call for help

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“Also spike were is the crystal wolf we gave to you? And have you named her?” I asked.

“She is at the library with Twilight, and yes I have named her. Her name is Shimmer do to the shimmering of her coat.” Spike said to me.

“Now then Spike I think it’s time for you to go home.” I said.

“Yes it is, goodby and good night.” He said to us.

now that I have done that and Spike went home I thought it a good idea to just relax and maybe have some fun.

As we went home we looked at wat we saw in the forest.

trees and bushes everywhere with creatures skittering around.

after a few minutes of walking we saw a group of timberwolves.

when the wolfs saw us they emediatly came yipping to us.

When they came closer I saw that they were in a bad stat of decay.

There wood was rotten or even dead in some places, there eyes glowed a sickly green, they had other pieces of dead foliage on there body and there were almost no leafs on there bodies. But worst of all we could detect that there connection with nature and there life tree was almost completely gone, something that should be impossible especially not for the life trees guardians.

Thats when I asked. “Oh guardians of this forest, what has happened to put you all in such a bad state... and where are the caretakers of the forest and it’s tree of life.

When we listened to them we became angry to here that they ware some of the few natural forest left.

“We will come back tomorrow with at least a pony and a young drake to show this to them, you will take us to your life tree.” I said to them. “To believe creatures would actually try to destroy Gaia’s life work.” I thought.

“Honey let’s calm down and prepare for tomorrow.” Said Thanwen to me.

“Your right we should do that.” I said to him.

“Now than deer let’s see if we remember Gaia correctly.” I said to Thanwen.

“Gaia is a doe, with a light Brown coat and white dots speckled over it. She has emerald green eyes and hoeves a little darker than her coat. Wherever she walks small flowers would always grow. As for her standing in this world she is a lesser goddess of nature. Am I right Thanwen?” I sed and asked him.

“You had it almost completely correct deer. She isn’t a lesser goddess she is the goddess of nature.” Thanwen said to me.

“Ah yes how could I have forgotten that.” I said as I hit my head for forgetting something like that.

“Don’t worry deer, everyone forgets things especially when they come close to our age.” Answered Thanwen to me.

“I know, I know it’s just so annoying that something like that happens.” Was my response to him.

“Yes that can be quite irritating. Anyways I’m wondering how little Gaia is doing, it has been some time since we last have seen her and the others. I’m especially curious what the other primordials have been doing lately.” Said Thanwen.

“Yes I’m also a bit curious about what the others have been doing since the last time we were all together. Oh it looks like we have come home.” I said to him.

“Yes that is nice let’s head in and go and sleep for some time.” Thanwen said to me.

“Alright that is a good idea.” I said to him back as we walked in.

When we entered the cave we saw that nothing has changed. The stalagmites and stalactites were still where they were and the walls still looked fine. At the back of the cave was the place we slept before.

Before we went to sleep we made a plan to help the forest. We decided to only take Twilight and spike with us, to not overwhelm and also to make it so they can try and figure out what was going on and make sure they can spread that there is a problem with the life trees and there guardians. And if they can’t figure it out in time we can always help them a little.

As we laid down where we slept Thanwen suddenly asked me softly a question we hadn’t thought about for a long time. “Tiamat how do you think our little Pytyron is doing?”

“I’m not sure it has been a some time since we last heard of her.” I answered. “Anyway let’s just sleep for now.”

To be continued...