• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Return of primordials - Cursebringer

An ancient being awakens and retunes to the world.

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3 - finding a home

*crystal cave entrance*

-3rd pov-

As the light dimmed down there now stood two dragons. Both have pearl white claws and are around the same hight with the male being a bit taller and were both still larger than celestia.

Thanwen is a male dragon that looks very strong with dark red scales and orange underbelly and wing membrane scales. He has large and powerful wings. Scattered across his body there are scars and scratches with the most profound one right under his right eye. He has ocean blue and calming eyes yet behind that you can see the many battles he has partaken in and he has a strong yet calming face. Lastly he has two large horns coming out his head that curving backwards with on each Side four horns that become smaller.

Tiamat is a female dragon that has a more streamlined and agile body that has not a single scar. Her scales are white with blue patterns all over it. She has fiery red eyes that show intelligence and complete understanding of the arcane. Her wings are large and almost like they are glittering. She also has small spines running down her back and two horns that split of into three pairs of horns on each side yet it doesn’t look like it brakes her streamlined body.

”Man it has been a long time since i looked like this.” was said by thanwen.

”Yes dear I know how you feel.” Said Tiamat.

Well this was happening all the pony’s looked slack-jawed at what just happened.

“Now then lets continue with the introductions, my name is Thanwen which means white fire in our native tongue.” Said thanwen

“And my name is Tiamat which means frost fire in our native tongue.” Said tiamat.

At this point everyone was getting un stuck.


“Sweet celestia they look awesome and Beautiful. The drake looks like a warrior and the dragoness like a queen.” I thought.

“Now then spike tell us were do you live, a little drake like you isn’t supposed to be separated from there parents yet.” Said Tiamat to me as she walked away.

“I live with the girls in ponyville.” I replayed to her.

“Ok well then and where is that?” Asked Thanwen.

“It’s the closest village to the mountain.” I told him.

When i told them that they flew up to see the surroundings. After a few minutes they came back down and spoke with us.

“Alright we will set up in the forest close to the village and if you have any questions you can ask spike.” The dragons said to me.

At this point I started to think that how they treat me is a bit strange.

“Come spike were going and like you said we don’t want to scare the population.” Was said to me by Thanwen.

“Alright but we have to wait for the girls.” I said to them.

When i said that it looked like they were a bit annoyed by the response but they agreed.

“Alright just hurry up.” Was there response.

“Twilight, girls let’s head back to ponyville.” I called.

“Alright spike let us say goodby and than we will go to the train station and go back to ponyville.” Said twilight.

-3rd pov-

As the girls said goodby Thanwen and Tiamat were waiting. After that they went to the train station and borden a train to ponyville.

*3 hours later, ponyville train station*

As the pony’s and dragons stepped out of the train Thanwen said. “Alright now that we are her spike show us your home.”

“Alright just follow me.” Said spike to him.

As they followed spike they noticed that ponyville looked like a quiet place to live with the small homes with thatch roofs.

*5 minutes later, golden oak*


As the little drake led us to his home i noticed a tree that looked like it is a home. “Little spike is that tree the place where you live in.” I asked him.

“Yes thats right. How did you know.” He asked me.

“Well you are to young to live on you own and you were leading us to it in a strait line.” Was my wonderful mates answer.

“Oh now that you say that It sounds a bit stupid to ask.” Said the little one.

“Now then that we know were you live we will find a place in the forest to stay.” I said as Tiamat agreed.

*6 minutes later, at the edge of the everfree*

-3 pov-

As the two dragons stood at the edge of the everfree as they walked in one sed. “Do you truly think it is a good idea to let him stay with them. You saw him he is far to small for one of his age.” To witch te other answered. “Yes, we can’t just take him away he wouldn’t like it and also wouldn’t understand what the reason is. All we can do for now is to keep him safe and set him on the right path.” Told the other dragon.

“Anyways we can check up on the sister universe soon, And you can continue watching the mortals and there lives play by.” Said the dragon again.

“Yes we have to keep watch and make sure the barriers weren't degraded to much in the time that we were gone. We also have to check if the other primordials and the lesser primordials are still doing the job we made them for.” Said one of them again.

“Lets soon check up on our adopted little brother. I hope he two finally had a child.” Said the other.

“Dear i think i see a good cave her to rest and it also isn’t to far from the village.” Said Tiamat.

“Alright than let’s see if it’s a good cave.” Said Thanwen.

With that the two dragons walked into the cave.

*10 minutes later*

“Honey I think this is a good place. It is large enough for us if we stay under 30% of our full size witch should be better than this size. Also it doesn’t seem like any animals live in it. It also have very strong walls and doesn’t seem to dangerous to you. So it seems to also be a good place to do that. It also has enough crystals to make a crystal orb. And last but not least this is a good place to set up a crystal orb to keep an eye on the sister universe.” Was said by Thanwen.

“Well that is just amazing, quick get the crystals so I can make the crystal orb.” Was excitedly said by Tiamat.

*10 minutes later*

“I have got them honey.” Said Thanwen.

“Alright hurry up I have made a temporary stone pedestal for the orb. Lay them down there.” Said Tiamat pointing to her side.

When Thawen laid the crystals down Tiamat went to cast a spell on them making the crystals float up and start to spin around each other when there came a blinding flash, and now floating in the air were the crystals were is now a large floating crystal orb big enough for the to dragons to look into.


I quickly grabbed the orb and put it on its pedestal. When that was done the orb started to glow a little. “Good it works with stone, I thought that we had to find enough gold to make the pedestal to make it work.” I said.

“Anyhow let’s check on our and our sister universe to make sure the barriers are still whole.” I said to my mate.

“Honey let’s see if there is also something interesting happening in the sister universe.” Thanwen said to me.

“Alright but first the barriers. Hmmm... it seems the barriers are still whole.” I told him.

“Alright now something interesting.” He said.

“Now then let’s look around... here doesn’t that look familiar?” I said with a bit of confusion.

“Now that you say that yes, well at least he rescued a young dragoness.” He said. But hadn’t we rescued all of them and brought them here?” He asked me confused.

“Yes I thought so as well. Deer listen the villagers apparently executed her mother because they thought she was a danger and have arrested her father.” I said.

“What!!!!!!” Thanwen yelled.

“Oh but the little one has brought the dragoness away and destroyed the place they locked up the father and than he returned to her. Now than I think that is enough for now my deer.

“Okey honey. Now then let’s get to sleep so we can help the drake in town tomorrow.” My Thanwen said to me.

“Yes let’s.” Was my only response as I fell asleep.


“You were more tiered than you thought than.” I thought.

“Now then let’s get you to a better place to sleep so i can join you.” I said to myself.

When I had laid her on a better place I fell asleep beside her.

to be continued...