• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Return of primordials - Cursebringer

An ancient being awakens and retunes to the world.

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1 - the awakening (edited)

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Crystal Cavern

POV: Spike

As we stood there at the cave’s entrains, we prepared to go in, me the girls, Daring Doo, Quick Shield, and the other guards. Quick Strike a pegasus and Fiery Arcanum a unicorn. Strike was a special pegasus due to him having a larger magic pool than usual and being trained to use that to increase his attack speed. Fiery is a special unicorn because she was born with a long abnormal horn and tighter coils around it, making it so that she can cast faster and release more magic.

After my internal monolog, I saw Twilight nod as the signal to go in the cave and went first, with the rest following behind her. Not long after we were in, we had to use one of the newer inventions. It is a form of a flashlight, but it lights all around and bright enough to light everything up to a few meters in front of us up. We saw nothing special during our walk, but quickly we saw the walls had turned into crystal. At that time we have already been walking for an hour.

Half an hour later, we saw the first crystal creatures, and as luck has it, it was the crystal worm, and Twilight grabbed some of their waists to learn more and experiment.

As we were walking, I noticed that the feeling of being watched had come back even stronger and became worse the deeper we went.


We have been walking for more than 5 hours, and we decided to set up camp to rest for a while so we can eat and drink at an open circle in the caverns.

Fluttershy was talking about all the crystal creatures that she saw. Some were not even known to exist. Twilight was talking about the new research material as the girls were listening to them. Daring do, and the guards were talking about what to do if we found danger. Then they decided that this was an excellent place to sleep and go further the next day.


As I was sleeping, I had that same dream again, but this time I heard a soft humming.


As we were sleeping, we noticed that the familiar feeling came closer.


When we woke up, we walked even deeper, and that is when we saw the first signs of danger. It was a pony skeleton.

When we saw that Fiery getting ready behind Strike, him in front, and Shield in the back as protection, and from that moment, they were on high alert because Daring noticed that the pony dies because of inflicted wounds and a broken bone.

Ten minutes later, we met a pack of what looked like timber wolves made of crystals… crystal wolves?

Shield protected us with his large shield. As Fiery used magic on them, and Strike attacked them head-on. As this was happening, Daring was distracting them by flying around them, and Rainbow Dash couldn’t sit still, so she helped Daring distract the wolves.

After the fight, we quickly went further and came to a cross-section and went left, which looked to go down.

This went on for two days.

After two days, we found another open field where we decided to sleep.

As we slept, we heard a sound coming from one of the tunnels.

I decided to wake everyone up to explore where It came from.

“Everypony, wake up,” I yelled.

As they came out of the tent, I told them, “I heard something from that tunnel over there.”

3 minutes later

We had packed everything up and walked into the tunnel. As we walked, it became darker, even with the lantern.

Eventually, we couldn’t see and kept on walking until we bumped into something.

As I felt what it was, I noticed that it was dragon scales. When I saw that, I immediately said, “everypony, this is bad.”

“What is it spike” asked Twilight

“Well, this Isn’t a wall... it’s dragon scales,” I said.

Everyone was shocked at this revelation.

“Just by the size of this scale, I can tell this must be a truly ancient dragon,” said Twilight.

That’s when I saw that it was starting to move. “Everypony be silent. It is moving,” I said.


We yawned as we finally woke up. “It has been a long time since we could stretch. How long have we slept 1000, maybe 2000 years?” We thought.

As we stretched, we noticed a bit of life force near us. That’s when we started looking around, and we saw a few pony’s and “a hatchling?” we said.

POV: Third person

As the dragon stretched, the pony’s and drake flinched away in fear.

POV: Twilight.

That was a giant dragon. I didn’t know what to do as I was too afraid to do anything.

That’s when the dragon spoke “rtwi dowqigrme,” and I didn’t understand.

POV: Spike.

As the dragon rose, I was afraid. That’s when I noticed it had the same eyes as the dragon in my dreams. The Pupil was larger than Celestia. When I saw that I suddenly didn’t feel as afraid. And when the dragon spoke “a hatchling,” their voice sounded friendly and kind.


“It seems that they can’t understand us, and they are afraid of us. Let us fix that.” They thought.

With that, we performed a spell to shrink us and learn their language.

“Hello, children,” we said to them. They looked surprised that they could understand us now without problems.

POV: Third person

As they started to be less afraid of it, they stepped closer so that they could see it better. After that, they were introduced.

“He-hello, my name is Twilight, and these are Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, quick shield, quick strike, Fiery Arcanum, and Spike,” said Twilight to the dragon.

When Twilight told it spike’s name, it focussed on him with interest.

“Spike, you say,” the dragon said.

“Can we ask what your name is?” Asked Twilight

“Ah, yes, where are our manners? Our name is ...”

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Man this is hard writing a story and having a good feeling about what you write. Does anyone have some tips to improve the story or my writing style?