• Published 18th Feb 2021
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the Fire of Courage - NinjaMare

worlds collide as a hero from another world gets sent to Equestria, but now this wayward hero becomes the newest warrior that protects the land from its evils.

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Chapter 5: An Ally of Courage Arrives

A few days have gone by since Flamedramon visited Canterlot to not only visit princess Celestia, but also inquire if the princess is able to send Flamedramon back to the digital world. after returning to the town of Ponyville the Armored Digimon simply enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the town, which he was finding very enjoyable, although the peace and quiet wouldn’t last forever thought. At least that is what life has always taught him no matter where he is. But for the moment the Digimon was sitting on the balcony of the Golden Oaks Library, simply enjoying the bright sunny day, and listening to the far off sounds of the ponies going about their day, while Twilight and Spike were in the other room practicing magic.

While the Digimon was sunbathing on the balcony, and enjoying his mind started to wander, thinking about to his world and how things could possibly be going. But considering the state of things before he was sent to this new world, the dark factions are probably still at large and spreading their influence anywhere they can, while good-hearted Digimon, or those that wish to be left alone, fight back. although those that fight back often end up being defeated, or simply be destroyed and then absorbed into the one who has destroyed them.

“Blaze?” a sudden voice caused the Digimon to open his eyes and look for the source of the voice, which called him by his new nickname that his friend Pinkie Pie gave him. And when he looked behind him he saw Twilight standing behind the Digimon.

“Hello Twilight. Are you done with your magic lessons for the day?” the Digimon asked as he rose to a sitting position while also turning to face the unicorn, who also sat down.

“I’m just taking a breaking for a little while, before going back to my studies.” The mare then gives the larger dragon-like creature a curious look.

“But what are you doing out here?”

“Oh nothing much, I was just enjoying the peace and quiet.” Blaze said as he stretched out his back, before leaning back with arms keeping him propped up.

“I rarely got to enjoy peaceful moments like this back in my world, so, I plan to take as much of it in as I can before going back to my world.” Blaze said as he closed his eyes and just bathed in the sunlight.

“If you like the peace and quiet here so much, than why do you want to go back to your world?” Twilight suddenly asked, getting the Armor Digimon to look down at her.

“I mean, from what you told us of your world, it sounds like a harsh and brutal world to live in.” Blaze gave an understanding nod to the little mare.

“While my world can be unfair and hostile, there are times when it’s just as peaceful here. It’s just that now adays the peace is being challenged by those that wish to disrupt that harmony.” The Digimon then gave the small little mare a more serious look as he continued on with his explanation.

“You also have to remember that in mu world, its survival of the fittest, you either live or die by the strength and power that you possess. I know to you ponies it sounds like a cruel way to live, but this is how my world has always functioned, and it will always be that way. And because of that, I want to help as many Digimon that don’t want to be dragged into conflict that is currently ravaging our world.” Twilight seems to be understanding what the digital monster was saying, but she still looked sadden that Blaze’s world has to abide to such primitive laws.

“I understand Blaze, but still it’s sad to hear that is how your world is.” The Digimon then placed a hand on Twilight’s head, and started to gently pet her, causing the mare to smile softly and enjoy the little comforting motion.

“I appreciate your concerns little one.” Twilight looked up to Blaze and saw a warm smile on his face, which made the mare feel happy to see that she was able to bring some level of happiness to the digital monster. That’s when the Digimon’s stomach started to gurgle and grumble.

“Guess somepony is hungry.” Twilight chortled as she covered her mouth with a hoof.

“I guess so.” Blaze said happily as he rises to his feet.

“If you want we could go out for lunch, I know a good eatery to go for lunch.” Twilight said as she too got to her hooves.

Accepting the little unicorns invitation the Digimon followed Twilight down the library’s interior, before heading out into the town to get some lunch. As the pair walk and trots through the town they made small talk, mostly Twilight asking some questions about the Digital World, and the Digimon of that world while Blaze tries to answer her questions as best he could. Eventually the pair made it to the eatery that Twilight was talking about, and it turned out to be the same one that Rainbow Dash took the Digimon to, and after picking out an empty table on the patio under a nice overhang curtain to keep the sun off them they both waited for a waiter to come over to them. which didn’t to long, as a familiar peppy pink pegasus mare.

“Good afternoon my dears I am—oh! Hi Flame, er, I mean Blaze! How’s it going?” the Digimon chuckled a little at the bubbly mare’s energetic attitude.

“I’m fine Floral. It’s nice to see you again.” The dragon Digimon said in a polite manner, while the pegasus wiggled in place in mid-air all the while saying.

“Oh my! Oh my, oh my, oh my!” After the very bubbly pegasus has had her moment of adorable weirdness, the mare asked what the pair would like to drink and eat, and then rushed off to place their orders.

“Say Twilight, can I ask you something?” the Armor Digimon asked the little unicorn across from him.

“Of course.” Twilight said eagerly. But when she looked up to Blaze, she saw that he looked kind of, serious. As if something is weighing on his mind.

“I was wondering, if the princess can’t find a way to send me back to my world…would I be able to stay in Equestria?” even through the ruckus of the diner’s patrons, Twilight could hear not only the serious tone in Blaze’s voice, but also the underling plead.

“Of course you could stay Blaze.” Twilight said in a reassuring manner. “If the princess can’t find a way to send you back to your home world, your more than welcome to stay in Ponyville, I’ll even help you find a place of your own to stay. Or if you want you could stay with me and Spike at the library.” the Digimon gave the small unicorn a thankful smile.

“Thanks Twilight.” The Digimon then gave a small sigh before continuing on. “Honestly, if I do go back to the Digital World…I’m not sure if I could actually continue with my old way of life.”

“You mean with your wandering life-style, and having to fight to keep the peace?” the Armor Digimon nodded his head before placing his chin in the palm of his right hand, before glancing out towards the town. Watching the ponies trot about, talking, laughing, and living their lives.

“Everything is so peaceful here. No one fights each other for dominance, to gain strength and evolve, or wage campaigns to expand their territories…honestly compared to the state of my world is in, this world of yours seems like a paradise.”

The small unicorn developed a small smile on her face, as she watches the Digimon warrior relax and look more calm and collected. Just as the pair were enjoying their little peaceful moment, Floral came back with their desired drinks before flying off back into the diner, and then returning a few minutes later with their orders. Now with their orders in front of them the two started to eat, while making more small talk, mostly in what to do if Blaze isn’t able to head back to his world. while in the midst of eating their meal, the both of them heard a big ruckus coming from the nearby shopping district, and when they and the other patrons, even the workers of this diner were curious as to what was going on. Especially when they started to see a whole bunch of ponies crowding around the shopping district.

“Is there some kind of celebration going on today Twilight?” Blaze asked the little pony beside him as he watched the small crowd start moving back into the central plaza.

“I don’t think so.” Twilight said before a knowing smirk came over muzzle along with a small chortle. “But this is Ponyville so it’s hard to tell when an actual holiday happens, and a Pinkie Pie party is being thrown.” Twilight said as she looks at the crowd, seeing the ponies backing away from something.

Just then both Twilight and Blaze saw what was causing such a commotion. Walking through the crowed of ponies was a tall—possibly around the same size of Princess Celestia—armored pegasus, with beautiful golden feathered wings, light orange coat with white marks on their underside and legs, while their was a pale cream mane and tail. as for the armor itself, its gold just like the royal guard, but it has more details on it than the guards. All in all, Twilight was utterly bewitched by the tall equine. Although the unicorn was a little confused to the ponies batwings sticking out of the back of its helmet. As the large, armored pony trotted pass the crowd of ponies Blaze startled Twilight by leaping out of his seat, landing on the other side of the patio’s railing before rushing over to the large pegasus.

“Pegasusmon!” Blaze said as he rushes over to the armored pegasus, who looked surprised when being called out to. but the moment that the large equine saw Blaze, their blue eyes widen before they galloped towards the Armored Digimon.

“Flamedramon!” the tall pegasus said in a strong smooth male voice. The two figures then skid to a stop in front of each other, before they give each other a playful shoulder bash each other. “So this is where you’ve disappeared to my old friend, I was worried when word spread that you were defeated by Zamielmon.”

“Don’t worry old friend I’m fine, but how did you get here?” Blaze asked as Twilight, and a few other ponies gathered around the two Digimon. “Did you happen to be struck by a small black data sphere, with pulsating protrusions?”

“Yes actually. I was assisting some Unimon and Firamon in protecting a sacred site in the Northern hemisphere, when a horde of Devidramon being led by NeoDevimon came to destroy it to create a new hideout for one of the dark factions.”

The armored pegasus digital monster explained to his comrade, which made the armored dragon Digimon developed a very worried look, while the ponies around the pair only seemed to look confused. But behind their looks of confusion, the ponies were just marveling at the fact that there was another Digimon from another world in their town, this newcomer looked just like an alicorn-sized pony, decked out in golden armor. In fact Twilight herself was absolutely blown away by how this large equine Digimon looked, he was certainly unlike any pony in Equestria.

“So the dark factions are even stretching their influences past the eastern borders that they’ve taken control of.” Blaze said more to himself, but Pegasusmon nodded to the assumption all the same, before divulging into more details of the events that he took part of.

“It was a grueling battle Flamedramon. We managed to hold our own against the Devidramon, as they were uncoordinated, and our maneuverability gave us the edge…but when the NeoDevimon delved into battle.” a full body shutter ran down the armored equines back and down his legs, while his wings ruffled in an nervous state.

“It was veritable bloodbath when he joined in. But even when he put himself into the melee, we managed to defeat all the Devidramon while only losing a small portion of our own force, but…”

“In the end the NeoDevimon defeated you all, and was the one that used that data sphere on you right?” Pegasusmon nodded to Blaze’s assumption.

“He was going to use it on Firamon as he wasn’t backing down, and was trying his best to defeat the Ultimate, but when he went to use the data sphere I jumped in before it collided with Firamon. Then the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a wasteland, where I spent the next few days just flying around, and wondering where it is I was transported to.”

“Well, I’m just glad that your in one piece my friend.” Blaze said as he places an unarmored claw on the pegasus Digimon’s shoulder, and giving Pegasusmon a comforting smile.

“Same to you my friend.”

“Um Blaze?” the two Digimon turned to look down to Twilight, who was looking up to the pair with a confused, yet intrigued look. “Is this a friend of yours from your world?” the mare asked to the bipedal Digimon, who just nodded as he gestured to the armored equine.

“That’s correct Twilight. This is one of my fellow crusaders in the venture of peace in the Digital World, Pegasusmon the Flying Hope.”

Author's Note:

i'm not sure if this how a fic gets featured, but this fic of mine is listed among the 10 fics we see on the main home page. is that how featured fics work? if so, WHOA!

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