• Published 18th Feb 2021
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the Fire of Courage - NinjaMare

worlds collide as a hero from another world gets sent to Equestria, but now this wayward hero becomes the newest warrior that protects the land from its evils.

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Prologue: A New Arrival to Equestria. [Edited]

It was a delightfully bright and sunny day over the town of Ponyville, like the day before and the day before that, and the day last week. But aside from the normal weather and the normality of the towns day to day life style for the towns ponies, there was something that has changed from the towns normality, and it was that there were two individuals out in the nearby yet rarely used rock quarry. And those two individuals were the towns resident fashionista named Rarity, and a dragonling named Spike who was an assistant to the towns librarian.

The reason for the two being out in the quarry today was because Rarity has had an very important pony drop by, and said pony was none other than the pony of pop herself, Sapphire Shores! When the pony of pop dropped by Rarity’s shop she had requested that the fashionista make costumes for her latest tour, which of course made the fashion designer literally drop to the floor in both shock, and from simply being overwhelmed by the prospect of making outfits for the famous singer. Also the fact that the earth pony actually knows her work made Rarity’s heart flutter with pride. So that’s why today Rarity was out in the quarry, searching for gems that she’ll use to decorate the outfits she plans to make, however searching for the gems was only part of the task, the other part was harvesting the gems from their underground deposits. And that’s why she’s asked for Spike’s assistance to help her collect the gems that she locates, though the little dragon needed little persuasion to help the unicorn. And this is where we find the pair currently, trotting and waddling about the quarry searching for pockets of gems while making idle conversation.

“Oh my gosh I still can’t believe it! Sapphire Shores, THE pony of pop!” Spike gushed as he waddles behind Rarity, who has her head low to the ground while her horn was glowing with magic as she uses her gem finding spell.

“She is AWESOME! I mean she’s gorgeous, and talented and…” Rarity ceased her gem finding to glance over her withers and gave Spike a questioning look, which caused the little dragon to stutter on his words. “Uh I mean…she’s not even as half the pony you are! I mean, you’re ten times more gorgeous and talented—”

“Spike, while I do appreciate the compliments, a lady is never jealous of others.” Rarity commented as she goes back to try locating some gems while brushing off Spike usual banter of flattery.

“Of course.” Spike ultimately agrees before switching the subject. “But weren’t you totally flipping out or what?!” a chortle escaped Rarity as she heard Spike’s question.

“While I wouldn’t quite phrase it like that, I must admit, I was quite in awe.” Rarity cheered before her horn started tugging her around the section of the quarry the pair was in, while the light around said appendage grew in brightness.

“But I need to find more jewels than ever before in order to decorate the costumes she’s commissioned me to make for her tour.” Rarity continued as she stumbled around for a bit as her horn continues to tug her around the quarry, before stopping and marking a spot on the ground with a glowing blue X mark.

“Did you find some?” Spike asked as he darts over to the white coated mare.

“Yes, right there, Spike!” the white unicorn said as she pointed to the marker she made. With proficient digging speed via his claws, Spike was able to dig up the small pile of gems in no time, although once they were uncovered the little dragon was greatly tempted to eat them all.

“Now remember Spike, I promised that you can snack on some while we search. But I need a lot in order to complete this order.”

“Right.” Spike bemoaned as he deposited the gems into the wagon he brought to the quarry, while Rarity’s horn once again started to tug her around in search of more gems.

For the next hour or so Rarity continued to trot about the quarry, guided by her glowing horn and marking the spots with a blue X. And for every spot she finds and marked, Spike dug up each pile with a different method from either using his claws, or by using his tail as a shovel, or even using it like a jackhammer. Pretty impressive for a stubby little reptile. However each new pile or cluster of gems that the dragonling excavated he was tested to not just out right scarf them all down, but either by Rarity’s slight disapproving glance, or his ‘crush’ on the mare the dragonling brushed his temptation aside and placed each dugged up cluster of gems into the ever growing pile. At the end of the hour the duo has collected a hefty amount of gems, a pile that was nearly as big as Spike himself when standing fully straight, and Rarity was tickled pink with joy that they were able to collect enough gems. While also being proud of her little helpers diligence.

“You’ve been very patient today, Spike.” Rarity praised as she gently patted the little dragons head.

“And for that, and your hard work, you deserve the finest of rewards.” Rarity then levitated a nice big sapphire gem from the pile, and floated it over to Spike.

“This is from me to you.” Spike was about to swallow the gem whole, but stopped after hearing the last few words that Rarity just said. Taking the gem in his claws he looked over to the white mare, her body being surround by a veil of pink light dancing and glimmering in the dragons eyes.

“Is something wrong Spike?” Rarity asked as she looked at the little dragons, stunned, expression.

“No.” Spike mused as he held the gem close. “It’s, perfect.” Rarity then gave a small smile to the dragon, but was then interrupted when her horn sparked with magic, and started to tug her along again.

“Oooh! Bring the cart, Spike. I think we got a big pile just up ahead.” As the white mare trotted off while her head was being pulled by the magic, Spike looked at the gem in his claws as a blushing smile came over him.

“For me, from Rarity!” Spike then placed the gem at the front most spot of the cart, and pulled along as he tried to catch up to Rarity. But as the pair continued on with their work, something else was going on in the quarry, something that neither dragon, nor mare would have ever expected.

The pair continued to work throughout the early to mid-evening, gathering more and more gems as they continued on with their gem hunting. From rubies, to emeralds, topazes, and various other types of gems in-between, the duo were able to uncover many valuable gems for Rarity to work with. Finally as the sun was at its utmost zenith, the day would start to take a rather excited turn, whether it was for the best or worst, who can say.

“Spike? Where are you?” Rarity called out as she couldn’t see her little helper around her for a brief moment, before spotting him coming around the bend.

“You know, it’s terrible to keep a lady waiting.” The mare joked as the dragon approached her.

“Coming!” Spike called out as he skidded to a stop a few feet behind Rarity, whose horn lit up again and found another gem pile. Once the mare has marked the next spot Spike immediately started to dig, and it seemed that this cluster was deeper than the other previous ones, but Spike was making quick work at digging his way towards them.

“You know, I think we’re really going to strike gold this time. So to speak.” Rarity giggled as she watched clomps of dirt being tossed up, before seeing Spike pop out of the hole and shouted…

“JACKPOT! Just look at this haul!” Spike announced as he held quite a sizable pile of gems in his claws, before climbing out of the hole and making his way to the wagon.

“That’s certainly a great catch, and I think that’s all we can do for today Spike.” Rarity said as Spike dumps the jewels onto the wagon’s already large pile, which looked like it was going to tip over if the pair wasn’t careful in moving it.

“And these will certainly get me well on my way with making Sapphire’s outfits. So why don’t we start—” Rarity was interrupted by her horn again, although this time instead of glowing lightly, the mare’s horn flared with magic!

“Rarity, what’s going on with your horn?” Spike asked in confusion as he looked at the flaring protrusion while a befuddled look adorned Rarity’s face.

“There must be another jewel nearby and by my horn’s reaction to it, it’s one of high quality!” Rarity said astonishingly as she then followed the pull of her horn, guiding her to a grove of trees not too far from where she, and Spike were currently at. But instead of having her head low to the ground, the mare’s horn was tugging, upwards?

“Well that’s strange? It’s coming up from the trees.” Rarity said with her own confusion as her horn continues to lead her to one of the trees, where she spotted what her magic spell was leading her towards. Amongst the leaves of the tree was an impressive jasper gem, shimmering with a wonderful luster as it sparkled in the sunlight. But before the mare could really admire the gem she got quite the surprise, when the head of a large canine popped out of the treetop!

“Uh, good day gentle…fellow. I am Rarity, and this is my friend Spike.” Rarity nervously giggled, followed up by Spike with an additional wave, as she backs away from the tree, where the canine leapt down from.

“And you are?” the mare inquired as the canine stood up on its hind legs, fore limps hung up and slightly outstretched as it spoke.

“A diamond dog.” The bipedal canine replied with a rather gravely voice as he approached Rarity and Spike, who started to back away from the canine.

“Ah I see! Well that explains your fine taste in jewelry, I mean, I-I-I know that diamonds are a mare’s best friend.” Rarity chortled ever more nervously as she, and Spike, started to back away from the diamond dog as he continued to approach the pair.

“And now I know there also a dog’s best friend, so that’s why your also hunting gems out here, as well?”

“Yes. We hunt.” The bipedal dog said as he wiggles his paws digits, as if readying to use them. But his comment seemed to catch Rarity off as she quirked a brow.

“Did you say, we?”

“Yes.” The diamond dog says as he continued to march towards the pair.

“We hunt for gems. But you are a better gem hunter, so now we hunt…” the pair were unaware of the two dirt mounds slowly building up behind them, as they were to focused on the diamond dog before them. “For YOU!” Two other diamond dogs leapt out of the dirt mounds, scaring both Rarity and Spike, causing the pair to run off.

“Get the pony!”

The three canines chased after the pair, with the largest of the trio reaching them first, and attempted to swat the two with his large paw. Luckily, Rarity was able to dodge in time, while Spike didn’t have to as he was short enough for the paw to sail right above him. The other two diamond dogs also made an attempt to catch Rarity, and while she may not be as physically adepts as other ponies, she was able to bob and weave around the dogs attempts to catch her. As for Spike he was doing what he could to help his friend, slash crush, by trying to trip up the dogs or use his tail to try and injury them, but the dogs proved to be more than what the little dragon was able to handle. Heck, the largest of the canines managed to stick Spike into a tree, by sticking his head spikes into one of the trees branches.

Soon enough the diamond dogs managed to corner Rarity by a rocky ledge, blocking all of her escape routes as they closed in. If she was a more gifted unicorn, Rarity could’ve either blasted the dogs out of her way, or use a teleportation spell to get away, however her talent with magic was below average so she wasn’t capable of doing either. However the mare and dogs were about to get a big surprise. Just as the dogs were about to capture Rarity, all three of them, as well as the unicorn’s ears perked up as they all heard something coming towards them, then from above all heard something leapt off the ledge. Then before any of the dogs could do anything, all three diamond dogs were all knocked away by a flash of blue and red, and Rarity was able to see who her savior was, and it was a sight to behold.

The being before her was tall, roughly around 5’5ft tall or perhaps even 6’ft, whose body was a sky blue coloration with armor bits colored red with fiery patterns marking them, the figure also had three black belts strapped around each of its biceps and thighs. And when the figure looked over its shoulder, Rarity could see a pair of shimmering red eyes looking down at her from the red helmet it was wearing, with its bladed horn glimmering in the sunlight.

“Are you alright little one?” the creature asked with a voice that was strong sounding, but was also had soothing air to it, which actually made the little mare blush as she looked up to the tall figure.

“Y-yes I am, thank you sir for coming to my rescue.” Rarity graciously said as she held a hoof to her face, trying to hide her blush. The pair then looked to where the dogs were knocked back to as they started to recover.

“I’d advise you leave this lady alone, otherwise you will have to deal with me.” the newcomer said as he got into a battle ready stance.

“Out of the way dragon. All we want is the pony.” The smallest of the three dogs said as he took a step closer to the pair, followed by the other two who were ready to pounce. But the figure remained in his battle ready stance as they approached.

“Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.”

The three diamond dogs then lunged at the blue skinned creature, claws and fangs bared as they readied for a fight. Which made Rarity feel a pit form in her stomach as she dreaded for the fight to begin. But the newcomer didn’t even seem to be threated, or the least bit intimidated by the canines, and just effortlessly kicked each of the diamond dogs in the face and sending them flying back a few feet. And this song and dance repeated itself for a few minutes with the diamond dogs recovering and again attacking the creature from various directions, and the stranger would effortlessly repel them with simple punches or kicks. Even if the diamond dogs tried to attack from underground, the stranger was able to counter them and continued to knock them back. Several minutes of this repeated attack and repel goes by, and soon enough all three diamond dogs were quite bruised and battered, while the stranger remained steadfast and unharmed.

“I’ll say this again. Leave the lady alone, and you will be allowed to leave unharmed.” The strange creature says in a more threating manner, while sparks of fire waft from his armor pieces.

Looking away from the armored creature, Rarity saw that the dogs all looked at each other with concern and worried looks before deciding to leave, with them digging into the ground and sealing up the holes with clumps of dirt. Once the dogs had left, the stranger visibly relaxed as he turned to face Rarity in full, allowing the mare to see him fully, and seeing just how well-built he was. Seeing his toned and sculpted body alongside his impressive looking armor, which was an astonishing sight for the unicorn to behold as he approached her.

“Are you alright miss? You weren’t hurt in any way were you?” the creature asked as he knelt down before the mare who just shook her head as she stood up fully, dusting herself off.

“No, I’m fine.” That’s when Rarity remembered something as she was in the midst of dusting herself of. “Spike!” the unicorn half-shouted in worry as she gallops off past the creature, and headed over to where her little friend was left stuck in the tree.

“Spike, darling, are you alright?” Rarity asked her little friend as she skidded to a stop in front of the tree, which the dragon tried to nod but couldn’t as he was still stuck in the tree branch. But with a little bit of effort he was unlogged with Rarity’s magic.

“Thanks Rarity it was really getting uncomfortable being stuck in the tree.” Spike said as he then stretched his neck as it was starting to get sore, but once he was done, he looked over to tall creature walking towards the both of them.

“Thanks for saving us, um, you…got a name?” Spike asked the creature as he gives a small smile and a nod of his head.

“My name is Flamedramon.” the creature says as he looks down to the pair as they looked up at him while the light of the shine glisten off his fiery red armor. “The Fire of Courage.”