the Fire of Courage

by NinjaMare

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worlds collide as a hero from another world gets sent to Equestria, but now this wayward hero becomes the newest warrior that protects the land from its evils.

there are a vast amount of other worlds out there in the multi-verse, with different forms of life across them all, and sometimes the beings from these other worlds cross paths with other lifeforms from other worlds. Once such paths crossing was between humans and Digimon, however, this story is of a different crossing. This story follows the adventures of a Flamedramon that has been caught in a spatial distortion, which took him from the digital world to the world of My Little Ponies, Equus. And here is his story on how the Fire of Courage became one of Equus’s greatest heroes.

Note: just because this fic has the Sex tag, doesn't mean there will be a lot of clop scenes. it will mostly be like very erotic lines and so on, with a few actual scenes.

-so aside from Magnamon (who was the star of me 2nd Digimon fanfic), my all time favorite Digimon is Flamedramon. like guys, i have to many plushies and toys of this guy, he's my Digimon partner!!!! so now he's going to be the star of my 3rd Digimon cross-over fanfic that I've been working on behind the scenes.

-now there will be a few surprises in this fic that I won't list here (until it shows up in the fic), but to give you a little tid-bit, this Flamedramon will get new moves, as well as OG Digi-volution. hopefully you all find this cross-over fic enjoyable, and don't worry, I PLAN to finish this one.

Prologue: A New Arrival to Equestria.

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It was a bright and sunny day over the town of Ponyville, like the day before, and the day before that, and the day last week. But aside from the normal weather, and the normality of the towns day to day life of towns ponies, there was something that has changed from the towns normality, and that was two individuals out in the nearby yet rarely used rock quarry. And those two individuals were the towns resident fashionista, Rarity, and the dragonling Spike that acts as an assistant to the towns librarian.

The reason for the two being out in the quarry today was because Rarity has had an very important pony drop by none other than pony of pop herself, Sapphire Shores! The pony of pop has requested that Rarity make costumes for her latest tour, which made the fashion designer literally drop to the floor in both shock, and from simply being overwhelmed by the prospect of making outfits for the famous singer. And that the earth pony actually knows her work. so today Rarity was out in the quarry looking for gems to decorate the outfits she plans to make, and she’s asked for the assistance of Spike to help collect the gems, which the little dragon was more than eager to help. And this, is where we find the pair, searching the quarry for gems while making idle conversation.

“Oh my gosh, Sapphire Shores, THE pony of pop!” Spike fangasme as he trots behind Rarity, who has her head low to the ground, horn glowing with magic as she uses her gem finding spell.

“She is AWESOME! I mean she’s gorgeous, and talented and…” Rarity ceased her gem finding to glance over her withers and gave Spike a questioning look, which caused the little dragon to stutter on his words. “And, ah…not even as half the pony you are! I mean, you’re ten times more gorgeous and talented—”

“Spike, while I do appreciate the compliments, a lady is never jealous of others.” Rarity comments as she goes back to try locating some gems.

“Of course.” Spike ultimately agrees. “But weren’t you totally flipping out or what?!”

“While I wouldn’t quite phrase it like that, I must admit, I was quite in awe.” Rarity cheered before her horn started tugging her around the section of the quarry the pair was in.

“But I need to find more jewels than ever before to decorate the costumes she’s commissioned me to make.” Rarity stumbled around for bit as her horn continues to tug her around the quarry, before stopping and marking a spot on the ground with blue X mark.

“Did you find some?” Spike asked as he darts over to the marshmallow mare.

Yes, right there, Spike!” the white unicorn said as she pointed to the marker she made. With proficient digging speed via claws, Spike dug up the small pile of gems in no time, although once they were uncovered the little dragon was greatly tempted to eat them all. “Now remember Spike, I promised that you can, snack, on some while we search. But I need a lot in order to complete this order.”

“Right.” Spike bemoaned as he deposited the gems into the wagon he hauled to the quarry, while Rarity’s horn once again started to tug her around.

For the next hour or so Rarity continued to trot about the quarry, guided by her glowing horn and marking the spots with her blue X. and for every spot she finds, Spike dug up each pile with a different method, either with claw, or by using his tail as a shovel, or jackhammer. Pretty impressive for a stubby little reptile. However each new pile or cluster of gems tested the dragonling from just out right scarfing down them down, but either by Rarity’s slight disapproving glance, or his ‘crush’ on the mare the dragonling placed each dug up cluster in the ever growing pile. At the end of the hour the duo has collected a hefty amount of gems, a pile that was nearly as big as Spike himself when standing fully straight, and Rarity was tickled pink with joy that they were able to collect enough gems. While also being proud of her little helpers diligence.

“You’ve been very patient today, Spike.” Rarity praised as she gently patted the little dragons head.

“And for that, and your hard work, you deserve the finest of rewards.” Rarity then levitated a nice big sapphire gem from the pile, and floated over to Spike. “This is from me, to you.” Spike was about to swallow the gem whole, but stopped after hearing the last few words that Rarity just said. Taking the gem in his claws he looked over to the white mare, her body being surround by a veil of pink light dancing and glimmering in the dragons eyes.

“Is something wrong Spike?” Rarity asked as she looked at the little dragons, stunned, expression.

“No.” Spike mused as he held the gem close. “It’s, perfect.” Rarity then gave a small smile to the dragon, but was then interrupted when her horn sparked with magic, and started to tug her along again.

“Oooh! Bring the cart, Spike. I think we got a big pile just up ahead.” As the white mare torts off, head being pulled by the magic, Spike looked at the gem in his claws as a blushing smile came over him.

“For me, from Rarity!”

Spike then placed the gem at the front most spot of the cart, and pulled along as he tried to catch up to Rarity. But as the pair continued on with their work, something else was going on in the quarry, something that neither dragon, nor mare would have ever expected. The pair continued to work throughout the early to mid-evening, gather more, and more gems. From rubies, to emeralds, topazes, and other types of gems in-between. And just as the sun was at its Zenith, the day would start to take a rather excited turn, whether it was for the best or worst, who can say.

“Spike? Where are you?” Rarity called out as she couldn’t see her little helper, before spotting him around the bend.

“You know, it’s terrible to keep a lady waiting.”

“Coming!” Spike called out as he skidded to a stop a few feet behind Rarity, whose horn lit up again, and found another gem pile. Once the mare has marked the next spot, Spike immediately started to dig, and it seemed that this cluster was deeper than the others previously.

“You know, I think we’re really going to strike gold this time. So to speak.” Rarity giggled as she watched clomps of dirt being tossed up, before seeing Spike pop out of the hole and shouted…

“JACKPOT! Just look at this haul!” Spike announced as he held quite a sizable pile of gems in his claws, before climbing out and making his way to the wagon.

“That’s certainly a great catch, and I think that’s all we can do for today Spike.” Rarity said as Spike dumps the jewels onto the wagon’s already large pile. “And these will certainly get me well on my with Sapphire’s outfits. So why don’t we start—” Rarity was interrupted by her horn again, although this time instead of glowing lightly, the mare’s horn flared with magic!

“Rarity, what’s going on with your horn?” Spike asked in confusion.

“There must be another jewel, and by my horn it’s one of high quality!” Rarity then followed the pull of her horn, guiding her to a cluster of trees not too far from where she, and Spike were currently at. But instead of having her head low to the ground, the mare’s horn was tugging, upwards?

“Well that’s strange? It’s coming up from the trees.”

Rarity said with her own confusion as her horn continues to lead her to one of the trees, where she spots what her magic spell was leading her towards. An impressive jasper gem. But before the mare could really admire the gem she got quite the surprise, when the head of a large canine popped out of the treetop!

“Uh, good day gentle…fellow. I am Rarity, and this is my friend Spike” Rarity nervously giggled, followed up by Spike with an additional wave, as she backs away from the tree, where the canine leapt down from.

“And you are?” the canine then stood up on its hind legs, fore limps hung up and slightly outstretched as it spoke.

“A diamond dog.”

“AH! Well that explains your fine taste in jewelry, I mean, I-I-I know that diamonds are a mare’s best friend.” Rarity chortled ever more nervously as she, and Spike, started to back away from the diamond dog as he made his way towards them.

“And now I know there also a dog’s best friend, so that’s why your also hunting gems out here, as well?”

“Yes. We hunt.” The bipedal dog said as he wiggles his paws digits, as if readying to use them. but his comment seemed to catch Rarity off.

“Did you say, we?”

“Yes.” The diamond dog says as he continued to march towards the pair.

“We hunt for gems. But you are a better gem hunter, so now we hunt…” the pair were unaware of the two dirt mounds slowly building up behind them, as they were to focused on the diamond dog before them. “For YOU!” Two other diamond dogs leapt out of the dirt mounds, scaring both Rarity and Spike, causing the pair to run off.

“Get the pony!”

The three canines chased after the pair, with the largest of the trio reaching them first, and attempted to swat the two with his large paw. Luckily, Rarity was able to dodge in time, while Spike didn’t have to as he was short enough for the paw to sail right above him. the other two diamond dogs also made an attempt to catch rarity, and while she may not be as physically adepts as other ponies, she was able to bob and weave around the dogs attempts to catch her. as for Spike he was doing what he could to help his friend, slash crush, by trying to trip up the dogs or use his tail to try and injury them, but the dogs proved to be more than what the little dragon was able to handle. Heck, the largest of the canines managed to stick Spike into a tree, by sticking his head spikes into one of the trees branches.

Soon enough the diamond dogs managed to corner Rarity by a rocky ledge, blocking all of her escape routes as they closed in. if she was a more gifted unicorn, Rarity could’ve either blasted the dogs out of her way, or use a teleportation spell to get away, however her talent with magic was below average so she wasn’t capable of doing either.

However the mare and dogs were about to get a big surprise.

Just as the dogs were about to capture Rarity, all three of them, as well as the unicorn’s ears perked up as they all heard something coming towards them, then from above all heard something leapt off the ledge. Then before any of the dogs could do anything, all three diamond dogs were all knocked away by a flash of blue and red, and Rarity was able to see who her savior was, and it was a sight to behold. The being before her was tall, roughly around 5’5ft tall or perhaps even 6’ft, and has blue sky with armor bits colored in fiery patterns. And when the figure looked over its shoulder, Rarity could see a shimmering red eye looking down at her.

“Are you okay ma’am?” the creatures voice was strong, and was very soothing to hear, it was enough to make the mare blush.

“Y-yes. Thank you.” Rarity said as she held a hoof to her face, trying to hid her blush. The pair then looked to where the dogs were knocked back to as they started to recover.

“I’d advise you to leave this lady alone, otherwise you will have to deal with me.” the newcomer said as he got into a battle ready stance.

“Out of the way dragon. All we want is the pony.” The smallest of the three dogs said as he took a step closer to the pair, followed by the other two who were ready to pounce.

“Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.”

The three diamond dogs lunged at the blue skinned creature, claws and fangs bared as they readied for a fight. but the newcomer didn’t seem threated, or the least bit intimidated, and just kicked each of the diamond dogs in the face and sent them flying back a few feet. And this song and dance repeated itself for a few minutes, the diamond dogs attack, and the stranger would effortlessly repel them, even if the diamond dogs tried to attack from underground.

“I’ll say this again. Leave the lady alone, and you will be allowed to leave unharmed.”

The strange creature says in a more threating manner, while sparks of fire waft from his armor pieces. The dogs all looked at each other with concern and worry before deciding to leave. Once the dogs left, the stranger visibly relaxed as he turned to face Rarity in full, allowing the mare to see him fully, and seeing just how well-built he was.

“Are you alright miss? you weren’t hurt were you?” the mare shook her head as she stood up fully, dusting herself off.

“No, I’m fine.” That’s when Rarity remembered something. “Spike!” the unicorn half-shouted in worry as she gallops off to where her little friend was.

“Spike darling, are you alright?” the dragon tried to nod, but he was still stuck in the tree branch. But with a little effort he was unlogged with Rarity’s magic.

“Thanks Rarity it was really getting uncomfortable being stuck in the tree.” Spike then stretched his neck as it was starting to get sore, but once he was done, he looked over to tall creature walking towards the two. “Thanks for saving us, um, you…got a name?” the creature gives a small smile as he nods his head.

“My name is Flamedramon…” the creature says as he looks down to the pair. “The Fire of Courage!”

Chapter 1: the Journey of Flamedramon Begins

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The digital world, is truly an outstanding world, where creatures called Digimon reside, all of varying sizes and power scaling reside. And in this world of magnificent creatures, there are some Digimon that live in towns or out in the wilds, living nice peaceful lives. Other Digimon reside in isolation, either because they despise company, or because they prefer the peace and quiet. Then there are those that have wicked intentions, where they enslave other Digimon to rule over them, or to conquer the world itself to hold untold power in the palm of their hands. But these wicked and foul Digimon are always met with opposition, either by Digimon that fight them as heroes, or as partners to humans that work together to stop these evil Digimon.

And this story follows one such Digimon who fights for not only the good and safety of the digital world, and its inhabitants, but all worlds that he would visit if he could.

Far off in the northern territories, where a town filled with Palmon, Floramon, and a few Blossomon, with a Cherrymon leading them as they fended off an invading force of Vegiemon, RedVegimon and Zassoumon. All of these wild, and violent plant Digimon being led by a Zamielmon acting as their commander. The two forces of plant-type Digimon have been in a state of deadlock, as the invading force wasn’t able to push too far into the town they sought to take over, but the towns inhabited don’t have the strength to full repel the enemy forces.

“Poison Ivy!” a group of Palmon said as their tendrils extended outward towards a trio of Vegiemon.

“Sharp Leaf!” the trio of Vegiemon proclaimed as each one throws three sharp red leaves from their backs. The leaves collided with the tendrils, cutting, and slicing them, forcing the Palmon to withdrawal them. “Now get them!” the center Vegiemon shouted as they all hopped towards the Palmon who cowered in fear.

“Thorn Whip!” the Vegiemon looked to their left, and saw large thorn covered vines, with hungry looking flowers on their ends coming towards them. and knocking them into a wall on the other side of the lane. The Palmon looked see the vines retreat and found a Blossomon coming towards them.

“Are you guys alright?” the large flower monster asked the smaller Digimon.

“Yeah.” One of the Palmon said as she, and the others rushed to the larger Digimon’s side. “If you didn’t come when you did those Vegiemon would’ve defeated us.”

“Don’t get to comfortable now ya hear.” The group turned to look down the lane when a new voice announced itself, and what they saw was a pair of RedVegiemon standing all on their beefy red vines. “Ya’ll better surrender this town to us, or we’re going to have to make things ugly.” The one on the right said as he, and his fellow RedVegiemon smirked at the pair.

“Thorn Whip!” Blossomon shouted as he launched his attack at the invading Digimon.

“Have it your way then.” The sour plant monster on the left said before raising one of his arms, along with the other doing the same. “Chili Pepper Pummel!”

Both RedVegiemon’s sent out their long beefy vines out, clashing with Blossomon’s own vines. The thorny vines of the Ultimate continued to lash out against the sour plant’s own tendrils, all elongated limps snapping, and cracking against one another like whips.

While the battle between the Blossomon and RedVegimon went on, near the center of the town Cherrymon was leading his town in a keeping up their defenses, using the other two Blossomon as the heavy attacks, while the Palmon and Floramon used hit-and-run tactics to disrupt the enemy, and provide support for the main unit. But the onslaught of Vegiemon, RedVegimon and Zassoumon was just too much. a group of Vegiemon lead by a RedVegimon and Zassoumon were chasing after a group of injured Floramon, as they tried to get back to main force, but their injuries were hampering their movement.

“We got’cha now!” the Zassoumon said as he leapt at the group of Floramon, followed by his fellow invaders.

“Cherry Blast!” a barrage of small glowing red cherries came soaring through the air, striking the invaders with small yet powerful multi-explosions, knocking the RedVegimon and Zassoumon away, while the Vegiemon got fractured and turned to pure data. “Don’t just stand there, hurry up and get over here!”

Cherrymon called out to the injured Digimon, getting the Floramon to re-collect themselves and running towards the town’s central plaza. But before the Floramon could even reach the plaza a barrage of red arrows came raining down upon them, turning them into fractal codes and destroying them. Cherrymon, and both Blossomon, and the main force of the town watched in horror as their friends were destroyed, but their shock was short lived as it quickly turned to fear, as another barrage of arrows came soaring towards them. Acting quickly both Blossomon used their Thorn Whip moves, along with Cherrymon using his Vine Attack move, to shieled not only themselves but the rest of the towns Digimon by swatting away the arrows. And after a minute of arrows being knocked away, the barrage ended and the three ultimate plant Digimon retracted their limbs, and saw the main force of the invading force come towards the plaza, with Zamielmon at the forefront.

“Well color me impressed.” Zamielmon said as he clapped his hands in mock praise. “I’m surprised you were able to block my Arrow Lance attack, and with such skill as well.”

“Why are you attacking our town Zamielmon? There’s nothing worthwhile out here, so why don’t you take your Vegiemon, and their sub-species and leave us in peace.” Cherry said as he makes his way to the front of his township, putting him between them and the enemy force.

“At first glance this town is not all that special, but with this town being so far out of the way and not on any maps, we can use it as a secret base when we conduct our raids to gather supplies for the Wood Spirit Army.”

“So that’s it! You’re going to use our town to conduct raids on other poor unfortunate towns, destroy them and take what rightfully belongs to them!”

“Give the Ultimate a prize, he got it in one shot…just like, this.” the demon man Digimon said as he held his left hand out.

“Snipe Headshot!” a large red arrow covered in a thin outline of yellow energy then shot out at blinding speed, already more than half way towards Cherrymon, who was unable to react in time to make a counter attack. But before the arrow could reach its intended target, a sudden called out which caught everyone off guard.

“Fire Rocket!”

A sudden barrage of fireballs came raining down from the sky, striking the arrow and smashing it into the ground, dispersing it as small patches of fire linger on the ground. then the barrage of fireballs started to tilt towards Zamielmon, striking down all of the lower-level plant Digimon, causing them to cry out in panic as most of them were fractal coded, while a small portion of them were only badly injured. As for Zamielmon, he was not royally pissed off as his body smoked and had small wisps of fire on it.

“Who did that?!” the ultimate cried out, only to receive a flaming punch to the face from a nose-diving Digimon.

“Flame Fist!” the townsfolk watched as Zamielmon was sent flying back, face smoking and burning, as they saw the attacker land on the ground. and the moment they all saw the attacker, the townsfolk looked relieved, and even cheered.

“Flamedramon is here!” the Palmon and Floramon said as they cried out in happiness, as a well-known heroic Digimon came to their aide.

“Flamedramon! How…how did you know we were in trouble.”

Cherrymon asked as he made his way over to the Armor Digimon, but was stopped when the hero held out an armored claw. That’s when he, and the rest of the town saw Zamielmon come rushing over to Flamedramon, with the large red arrow on his back held like a short spear. Cherrymon and his town then watched as Flamedramon and Zamielmon, started duking it out in hand-to-hand combat. While Zamielmon was technically stronger than the Armor Digimon, Flamedramon was faster, and far more agile so he was able to dodge the Ultimate’s attacks no sweat.

“Try this on for size!” Zamielmon growled as he tosses his arrow up into the air, and quickly brought out the iron bow strapped onto his back. “Bow Cutter!”

“Flame Fist!” Flamedramon countered all of the Ultimate’s attacks with his bow, with flaming armored fists meeting each swung bow strike.

“Why are you sticking your nose into this Flamedramon?!” Zamielmon shouted as he continued to lash out, unable to push back the Armor Digimon.

“Your just a wandering vagabond with no allegiance to any faction! So why get in our way!”

“Because…” Flamedramon said as he knocks the bow out of Zamielmon’s hands, before coiling back his right arm, still ablaze with fire. “I don’t want to see any more innocents, being destroyed!” the Armor Digimon then shot his right out forward, claws outstretched as they and the palm glow bright hot yellow.

“Express Claw!”

The claw slams squarely into the Zamielmon’s chest, where a powerful explosion occurred, punching right through Zamielmon’s chest armor and right out his back. Retracting his clawed gauntlet the Armor Digimon watched as the Ultimate-level Digimon falls backwards, and watched the remnants of the invading force just looked upon the sight with awe and bewilderment.

“If you don’t want to end up like your general, go back to wherever it is that you came from, and never show your faces around here again!” the remnants of the invading forced shrieked in terror as they hopped, and bounced their way out of the town, while the townsfolk cheered for being saved. While Flamedramon visibly relaxed as he gives off calming exhale.

“Flamedramon. I can’t thank you enough for coming to our aide in our time of need.” Cherrymon said as he and other members of his town walked over to the Armor Digimon.

“I’m just glad I was able to make it in time.” The fire Digimon said as he looked at the large tree Digimon. “If I didn’t catch the rumor of an armored force coming here, I’m sure that I wouldn’t made it in time.”

“Well I’m just glad that it’s all over.”


Everyone quickly looked to where Zamielmon laid, seeing his body more than half deteriorated into fractal codes. But his head, right chest and arm remaining, with his hand outstretched with a black data sphere covered with spikes in his palm. Which was then fired at Flamedramon, and when the Armor Digimon tried to deflect the attack, the black sphere merged with his arm and quickly started to spread all over his body.

“I was saving this little gift from my master, but…I’M MORE THAN HAPPY TO TAKE YOU WITH ME WITH IT!”

Zamielmon then started to manically laugh as the last of his disappeared into fractal code, while Flamedramon’s entire body turned pitch black, with dark purple electricity pulsating around him, while also glitching and warping about. Then with a last cry of what sound like distorted pain, Cherrymon, and the townsfolk watched as Flamedramon being engulfed by a large pillar of black static, and violet lighting. A moment later and everyone then watched as pillar collapses in on itself, despairing, and showing that the Armor Digimon was no longer, there.

~~Present Time – Equestria~~

The town of Ponyville is a nice and peaceful town, with ponies that go about their lives, blissfully enjoying their peaceful lives. But today, the normality of peace was changed to one of excitement. Near the center of the town, just a few blocks from the town hall, a large bakery called Sugarcube Corner stood proud and tall, looking like an oversized dessert platter. And currently the building was being surround by a crowd of ponies, all trying to look through the door, and the windows as they tried to get a good look at creature that Rarity, and Spike brought to the town. From what the ponies could tell, the creature looks like a blue skinned dragon, with fiery armor, and right now it was sitting at a table eating pastries while finishing up telling a story. A story on who he was, where he came from, and what he thinks happened to him to end up in Equestria.

“…and that’s when Rarity and Spike brought me here.”

Flamedramon said as he grabs a piece of cherry pie, with an un-armored claw before taking a bite of the pastry. For any pony that was able to hear Flamedramon’s story, they were all astonished by everything he had just told them, and after looking at the Digimon’s body, seeing his muscles and well-toned body it was hard to deny what he had just told them.

“That’s an incredible tale Flamedramon, and very honorable of you to come to those other Digimon’s aide.” Twilight Sparkle, the towns local librarian, said as she finished writing every bit of detail of everything that the Armor Digimon had just said.

“Heck yeah it was!” Rainbow said as she did a flip in mid-air. “I would’ve love to see how the whole thing played out.” The Digimon finished munching away on his piece of pie before speaking up.

“My world is not exactly the most peaceful environment there is, especially right now as many dark factions are acting up.” the Digimon then looked up to the pegasus.

“If all you wanted to do is sight see, then you better be ready to defend your very life.” The ponies gulped in fear after hearing that little warning, and while Rainbow tried to play it cool, she couldn’t stop beads of sweat from rolling down her brow.

“Is it really that bad?” Fluttershy asked as she hid a little behind her long pink mane. The Digimon nodded his head as he grabs a muffin, and just stares at it.

“Aside from the roaming forces of dark armies, there are Digimon that simply fight each other to gain more power, and care not for who they hurt or destroy to get what they want.” He then looked at the ponies at, and around the table. “Trust me, you’re better off not going to my world.”

Ponies started to quietly murmurs to one another in how they would not like to go to the digital world, or meet one of these more selfish and brutal Digimon’s. Even Twilight’s circle of friends thought it sounded like a bad idea to go to the Digital world, if it was possible. That’s when Applejack looked up to the Digimon, as he takes a bite of the muffin in his hand.

“So Flamedramon…are you gonna…try to find a way back to your own world?” the Digimon swallowed the bit of muffin in his mouth, and just stared at the remaining amount for a moment, before speaking up.

“I would like to return, so that I can continue to help wherever I can. But…I doubt that it’s possible.”

“Well. Maybe not.” Twilight said as she conjures up a blank scroll. “If you want Flamedramon, I can ask my teacher if she can find a way back to your world.” the Digimon seemed to be in deep thought as he considered the question.

“…if it’s not too much trouble, then please.”

Twilight nodded and started to write down a message to her mentor, and once she was done, she rolled up the scroll and tied it to everything else that Twilight had just written down. Flamedramon then watched as Twilight asked Spike to send everything to her mentor, and with a puff of green fire everything turned to smoke, which the Digimon and the other ponies watch fly out of the confectionary, and off into the distance.

“Well now that is taken care of, do you want us to show you around town Flamedramon?” Twilight asked the Digimon, where Pinkie Pie swooped in and stood on top of her lavender friend.

“Great idea Twiliy! OH! And I can play tour guide!” Pinkie then pulled out a hat that has, tour guide on it, and placed it on her head while pulling out a what looks like a map of the town.

“Let’s get a moving ponies, time to show our cross-dimensional new friend the sights!” The Digimon couldn’t help but give a short chortle and a smile as he looked at the pink mare, and her friends.

“I’d like that.”

Chapter 2: A Day in Ponyville

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It was early in the morning for Ponyville, so early that the sun was hardly up in the sky, bathing the sky in a twilight aura. But even at this time ponies of Ponyville are up and about, getting the stalls, shops, and business. Although there was one individual that was up at this hour, and wasn’t getting for work, except for a good work out, and that individual was Flamedramon. The Armor Digimon was out in the fields just outside the town, shadow sparring to keep his hand-to-hand combat skills in top shape as well as work out any excess fats on his body. Ever since the Digimon came to the town of ponies yesterday, he’s been the center of attention and has had ponies simply watch him walk by, or simply marvel at him. which actually made the Digimon feel a bit, bashful.

“HIYAH!” Flamedramon grunted as performed a right aerial spin kick, before quickly comboing into a backwards striking left kick. After the second kick was made the Digimon landed back onto the ground, taking in small intakes of air as he stands in another battle ready stance. Then with a long calming exhale Flamedramon relaxed and stood normally as stretches his body.

“That should do for today.” The Digimon muttered as he rolled his left shoulder.

“I gotta say you’re really good.” Flamedramon looked up when he heard a familiar voice, and spotted Rainbow Dash’s head poking out from a lone cloud. “Do you exercise like this every day?” the pegasus asked as the cloud lowered itself so that it was eye-level with the Digimon.

“Pretty much. it’s more habit than anything else.” Flamedramon commented as he stares up to the sky, watching the vivid blueish purple sky turn to sky. “Back home if you’re not careful, you could be caught off guard by a stronger Digimon. So all Digimon try to stay in peek physical condition so that they are prepared for anything.”

“Yesh. Sounds like your world really is hard core.” the pegasus said as one of her hindlegs hung off the cloud, and was lazily swinging back and forth.

“It’s simply the way of things…but, not all places, or Digimon are like that.” The Armor Digimon said as takes in a breath of fresh air. “There are plenty of Digimon that try to live normal peaceful lives, and try to make things more peaceful. But even they need to prepared for the worst if it ever comes down to it.” the Digimon then looked over to Rainbow Dash.

“So. What brings you out here, were you just watching my training regimen?” Rainbow shook her head as she sat up straight on the cloud.

“Nah, I was mostly out here doing some free-style training myself, but then I saw you working out and I figured I watch. And hoped to see you use your fire powers like you told us of.”

“If I were to use any of my fire powers here Rainbow, I could set this whole field ablaze.” The pegasus flinched when Flamedramon said that. “So I have to be careful where I use my powers, otherwise I could cause a lot of damage.”

“Yikes.” Was all that the self-proclaimed fastest pony in Equestria could say as she rubbed the back of her head with a hoof. But the tension of the atmosphere was cut short when both Rainbow’s, and Flamedramon’s stomachs started to grumble.

“Say why don’t get something to eat to lighten the mood, my treat!”

“Fine by me.”

The pegasus then hopped off her cloud and backflipped in the air before giving it a quick buck, dispersing the cloud till it was gone. Once the little aerial acrobatics was over, Rainbow started to fly off towards Ponyville, with the Armor Digimon following behind but after taking a few steps his pieces of armor burst into fire, leaving the digimon virtually naked. Except for the belts strapped to his biceps and thighs. With his body now fully exposed, most, Rainbow Dash was able to see just how lean and fit he was, and she was impressed how well he looked, it even made her think if Spike would grow up to be anything like Flamedramon. Even if he was a dragon, and Flamedramon was a monster from another reality.

Leaving the fields behind them, the pair made their way into the town, where it was now a bustling hotspot of activity. Ponies going to various stands, or shops, and buying products that they needed. There were also a flurry of pegasi flying about moving clouds about, and seeing how the winds were doing today. And as the pair walked about, ponies stopped what they were doing briefly to look at Flamedramon, all surprised and awe how well-defined his body looked without the armor taking up most of their attention. As for the Digimon himself he was starting to become bashful again, as so many ponies stopped what they were doing and simply ogled him, it was almost bordering on the line of being uncomfortable.

Soon enough the Digimon and pony came to a stop once they reached their destination, a nice looking little diner that said ‘the Silver Spoon’ on its billboard. Walking and flying up to the open patio, Rainbow plopped herself down on a stool at one of the open tables, while Flamedramon just sat down on the floor, and picked up the menu that was on the table.

“Good morning, and welcome to the Silver Spoon!” looking away from the menu, Flamedramon saw a very bright pink pegasus mane with an equally vibrant lime green mane and tail, and a pair of lovely green eyes, hovering by their table with a note pad in hoof and a pencil carefully being balanced in the other.

“I’ll be your host today, the names Floral!” the mare seemed to be in a really good mood, as her bright smile and happy expression was nearly infectious. “How’s it going Rainbow?”

“Not too bad, just treating my new friend to breakfast.” Floral looked towards Flamedramon, and her eyes seemed to sparkle a little.

“Oh my! Oh my, oh my, oh my, your that dragon from another world my roommate was telling me about aren’t you?” the giddy pegasus said as she wiggled around in place in mid-air, getting a small chuckle from both Rainbow, and Flamedramon.

“Yes. My name is Flamedramon, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh the pleasure is all mine, it’s rare that we get non-ponies in town.” Floral said as she spun the pencil around in the crock of her hoof. “So, what can I get you for breakfast today?” Rainbow was the first to speak up as she places her menu down.

“I’ll get the spinach omelet, extra tomatoes in it, with the shredded hash browns, and a hot chocolate.” Floral written down Rainbow’s order, before she turned to look at the Digimon who was still studying his menu.

“And you?” the Digimon took another moment before finally deciding on what he wanted.

“I’ll like to try the chocolate and banana waffles with a side of scrambled eggs, and I’ll take coffee, black.” The mare nodded as she wrote the second order down.

“Coming right up!”

Floral said in a very cheerful voice before she took the menus, and flew back into the diner, leaving the pair alone at their table. As the pair waited for the food to be served, they mostly sat at the table in silence, not because they didn’t want to talk to one another but mostly because they were focused on something. Rainbow was simply focused on the diner, and waiting for her order, she was never good at waiting for any meal she order at an establishment. Flamedramon on the other hand, was focused on just watching the ponies going about their days, how they all looked so happy, and just how busy they were in general. Compared to the digital world this would be a rare sight to see, a town that wasn’t the site of some kind of conflict, and people just going about their day with no worries of being attacked. It honestly made Flamedramon feel more, at ease, which rarely happened as he was always ready for fight, when another Digimon decided to attack him. it’s been like that ever since he’d digi-volved from a Veemon with the power of the Digi-Egg of Courage.

Several minutes have gone by, and Floral came back outside with both Flamedramon’s and Rainbow’s orders, each plate balanced perfectly on each hoof. Sliding the appropriate plate in front of its right recipient, the pegasus quickly darted back inside, and re-emerged just as quickly with a small tray holding the mugs of their desired beverage. When they had everything the pair started to eat.

“Not bad. This is pretty good.” Flamedramon said after swallowing his mouthful of waffle, before washing the sweet and buttered food down with a small swig of his more bitter tasting coffee.

“Yeah, the Silver Spoon is my favorite place to eat out. Especially breakfast.” Rainbow said through a mouthful of omelet. “So Flamedramon, got anything planned for today?”

“Not really.” The Digimon simply said as ate half of his eggs, with syrup coating them. “I figured I’d wander around town, or just head back to the library.” Rainbow started to snicker before she continued to eat her breakfast.

“I bet Twilight kept you up pretty late with her asking you a lot of questions.” The Digimon gave a small nod as he cuts up his waffles.

“She certainly had an endless list of questions, but after the hundredth one she eventually tired herself out, and fell asleep.” Rainbow couldn’t help but laugh at how her friend acted based on the Digimon’s statement.

“Wow! I was only kidding, but she literally did that?” Flamedramon simply nodded as he took another bite of his waffles, with a little bit of egg on it.

After their bout of conversation, the duo decided to eat the rest of their meal in silence. In no time the pair finished their breakfast, and after giving Floral the payment for the meal, as well as a tip, the pair departed ways. Now on his own, Flamedramon went about to just wandering around the town, looking for anything to do, but so far nothing seemed to garner his attention. During his wandering, the Digimon passed by the establishments that Pinkie Pie worked at, and the one that Rarity owned and worked at, and speaking of Rarity’s shop the door to the building burst open and a smaller white filly came rushing out before bumping into Flamedramon’s foot.

“OW!” the filly whined as she rubbed her muzzle, before looking towards what she ran into. But her eyes slowly traveled up the Digimon’s leg, and once they came up to Flamedramon’s face, the fillies eyes widen with surprise.

“Hello there.” the Armor Digimon said as he gave the filly a small smile.

“Hello.” The filly said nervously as she just stared up at Flamedramon with awe. that’s when the pair heard the door of the building opened up, and a familiar voice called out.

“Sweetie Belle before you—Oh!” Rarity gasped when she found her sister sitting at the feet of the towns newest resident. “Hello there Flamedramon, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

“I was merely passing by. That’s when this little one came running into my leg.” Flamedramon explained as he pointed down to the filly.

“That would be my little sister, Sweetie Belle.” The fashionista said as she makes her way over to the duo, where the filly scooted over to her older sisters side. “Luckily, you didn’t get to far Sweetie, I forgot to tell you that mother will be bye later to take you home.”

“Oh, okay.” The filly said before glancing up to the Digimon, who just looked down at her with a small smile on his muzzle. “So, Rarity, is this the one that saved you and Spike from the diamond dogs?”

“That’s right. Oh! That reminds me, Flamedramon would follow me please?”

The mare then trotted back to her shop, followed by both Flamedramon, as he was very curious about what Rarity had in store. as for Sweetie Belle, she watched the Digimon walk off towards the store, still staring at him with a sense of wonder in her eyes, before running off to go talk to her friends about this encounter. after entering the shop the Digimon saw that there were a lot of dresses on display, each one seemed to be masterly crafted and well-made, although, despite the clothes looking stunning they did make the Digimon question something. Why would the ponies need clothing, as they all walk around in the buff, not minding if any of their more intimate parts are on display, despite them being so short. As the Digimon contemplated on why ponies would need, or want clothing, Rarity came trotting down a flight of stairs, horn glowing as she held something next to her.

“Here.” She said as she offered the item to the Digimon, it looked like some kind of bejeweled puff of fire, with a black string holding onto it by the base.

“I made this for you as a sign of thanks for saving me and Spike.” The Digimon took the offered trinket and simply marveled at the craftsmanship that went into making it.

“…it’s wonderful Rarity.” Flamedramon said bewildered as he hung the trinket around his neck, the ruby, topaz, and jasper standing out against the Armor Digimon’s white underside. “I appreciate the gift Rarity, and I’ll be sure to treasure it.”

“Well I’m happy that you like it darling. And I hope that we can be good friends, even if you return to your world.” the Digimon gave the mare a thankful smile.

“I’m sure we will.” The door to the boutique opened up with a ringing of a bell accompanying it, and when Flamedramon, Rarity and Sweetie Belle looked to see who it was, they found Spike in the door.

“Oh there you are Flamedramon.”

“Is something wrong Spike?” the Digimon asked, to which the dragonling responded quickly with a shake of his head.

“No. actually I came to get you, the princess want’s to meet you.” the trio looked surprised to hear this little bit of information. “Twilight is already at the train station waiting for us, I was wandering around looking for you.”

“Well in that case, lets get a move on.” Rarity said as she made her way to the door.

“Your coming with us Rarity?”

Flamedramon asked inquisitively, which Rarity only responded with a nod as she looked over her shoulder. So without further delay, Flamedramon, Rarity, and Spike left for the train station, where they will set off to meet Twilight’s mentor, one of the ruling princesses of this country called Equestria. Princess Celestia.

Chapter 3: A Meeting with Royalty and a Challenge

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The train ride from Ponyville to Canterlot lasted for about a little more than an hour, and while the ride itself wasn’t too bad, Flamedramon could definitely say that he doesn’t like train rides. The car that the Digimon and his entourage was in was fairly cramped, at least for the Digimon as he was twice the size of a normal pony. Not only that but the benches were rather uncomfortable for him to sit on, and the ride was a little on the slow side, heck, Flamedramon was sure that he could’ve made it to the castle on his own in half the time. As the Armor Digimon took great pride in his speed. But once the ride was over, the Digimon was rather impressed by the city, as there weren’t many castle based structure within the digital world.

“So this is the capital of your nation.” Flamedramon said after stepping off the train, and looking at the city before him. “I must say it’s rather impressive.”

“Well I’m happy that you think so.” Twilight says as she smiled up to the tall monster.

“Now then, let’s not keep the princess waiting.” Twilight immediately started to trot out of the train station, and heading straight for the castle, while Flamedramon, Rarity, and Spike played catch up as they chased after the fleeing unicorn.

As the party makes their way through the city, traveling at a slightly brisked pace, Flamedramon took the opportunity to survey the city and see what it has. Compared to other cities that the Digimon has rarely visited, the capital of the ponies nation was certainly grandiose, as buildings were towering, and the streets were full of ponies passing by the group. And speaking of the ponies, like the ones in Ponyville any that even looked Flamedramon’s way couldn’t help but gaze at him, however the Armor Digimon got the sense that unlike the small town ponies, the looks he was getting wasn’t ones of bewilderment or astonishment. If his gut feeling was anything to by, the Digimon felt like these city ponies were, judging him or looking at him with disdain. But he couldn’t confirm it without confronting any of the ponies about it.

Putting the uneasy feeling on how the city ponies were looking at him, Flamedramon continued to follow his two pony and lone dragonling guide through the city, and after twenty or so minutes the group eventually made it to the castle. Which was just as impressive as the city itself, although there was one key difference, and it was that there appeared to be armored ponies standing guard at the gates and along the outer wall.

Passing through the main gate the Digimon found that there weren’t that many guards out and about, as there was only a handful near the gate, and patrolling the wall. And when he came close to one of them, Flamedramon didn’t, feel it. he didn’t feel the strong admiration to protect, or any strong emotions or convictions from any the guards that his group passes by. In fact, most of them just looked, board, as if their just waiting out their day and hope something interesting would happen. The only emotions he could sense from the guards was minor shock and surprise, probably because they weren’t expecting to see someone like him just wandering around the castle, and being led by two mares and a dragonling. Turning his attention away from the guards, Flamedramon started to look at the interior of the castle and seeing just how splendid it looked, from his high and wide hallways and the equally tall windows, as well as the pedestal, vases, and other little nick knacks that try to make the halls less, empty.

“Twilight.” The mare turned to look over her withers as Flamedramon spoke up while still looking around. “How often does your countries military get put into service?”

“Well not that much. Equestria’s been in a state of peace for nearly a thousand years, so there’s never been a need to deploy our military. In fact, Equestria doesn’t actually have a military to speak of.” That caused the Digimon to look at his guide with a shocked, and rather concerned expression.

“Are you serious?!” Twilight just nodded as she turned to look where she was going.

“The royal guard is more of a token force, with minimal training, but they have no combat experience.” The group rounded around a corner as they continued on while Twilight continues on explaining. “So in actuality, the royal guard is more of a peacekeeper force, and a higher rank of social security. Like a high ranking police officer.”

“But surely there’s at least a platoon, or something, that has battled ready guards. You can’t expect peace to be a forever lasting thing.”

“Nope. I’m afraid that the guard isn’t exactly meant to be a force of fighting, it’s always been their creed to keep the peace, not break it.”

“…I see.”

Honestly from just hearing how the nation of peaceful inhabitants don’t have a, legitimate means of protecting themselves, made the Armor Digimon feel greatly concerned for the safety of this nation if something did threaten them. Some time has passed since the party has entered the castle, and started to wander through its halls, but eventually the group made it to their destination. Which was a set of massive double doors. Using her magic Twilight pushed the doors open wide enough for the party to move past, and when they did Flamedramon found that on the other side was a rather spacious room, which was pretty empty aside from the throne, two guards standing in front of it, and the figure sitting on the throne. And the moment that the Digimon saw the figure sitting on throne he was simply spellbound.

The pony on the throne was simply radiant, with a coat white as snow, and a flowing mane and tail that look like a piece of an aurora borealis, and the golden bracer around the neck and golden crown simply added more to this ponies charm and beauty. The pony then rose up from the throne and started to make their way towards the group, and their magenta eyes never once left Flamedramon’s as they just stared at each other, and when the pony stood before the Digimon it really felt like this pony was studying him. as if trying to see who and what he really was.

“I must say that in all my years of governing this nation, I’ve never seen anything quite like you before.” The mare said as she started to look Flamedramon up and down. “Twilight’s description of you in her letter doesn’t do you justice.”

“Thank you miss, and if I may say in response I’ve never seen anything like you as well.” Flamedramon said respectively as he gives a very small curt bow.

“I assume that you are the princess that Twilight said might be able to help me.” the mare nodded as she took a step back, and gave her own courteous bow.

“Indeed I am. My name is Celestia, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Flamedramon of the digital world.” the princess then stood up straight as she looked at the digital monster. “Unfortunately, my sister is unable to meet you at this time, as she is resting to fulfill her duties later today.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well princess, and its no problem.” The Digimon said as he gives a wave of his hand.

“Excellent. Now to get down to business, and the reason why I asked you to come here in response to your question if I am able to send you back to your own world.” the Digimon simply nodded in response, the princess lets out what sounded like a disappointed sigh before she spoke.

“Unfortunately…I haven’t discovered anything that may help you.” the group collectively winced when the princess said this as she continued on. “After reading the letter that Twilight sent me, as well as the details of how you came here plus your ventures in your world, I searched the archives for anything that might be able to help you return to your world. which is why I didn’t respond to the letter sooner till just now.”

“So I’m afraid I cannot help you with this matter Flamedramon, I am sorry.” Celestia bowed her head in shame, but the Armor Digimon only shook his head before speaking up.

“It’s not your fault princess. It made me happy to know that you at least tried to help me, that’s more than enough.” The mare gave a small smile the Digimon as she raised her head. Twilight, Rarity and Spike were also happy to hear what Flamedramon had just said, but they still felt bad that the Digimon wouldn’t be able to return home.

“So what will you do now?” Celestia asked the Digimon.

“I’m not sure. Normally I’d just move from one town, or settlement to the other, seeing if there’s anything that I can do to help. But as I’m not familiar with your world, I’m not quite sure what I should do.” Twilight then trotted up to the Digimon’s side and nuzzled his leg in comfort.

“You can still stay in Ponyville with me and Spike for as long as you want, until you figure out what you want to do.” The Digimon looked at his lavender friend with a thankful smile as he gives her a getting pet on the head, getting a small chortle from her.

“Thank you Twilight, I’d appreciate that. Only if I’m not an inconvenience.” Twilight just pursed her lips and blew a raspberry, showing that the Digimon’s claim was unfounded.

“You won’t be an inconvenience Flamedramon, we’re friends, and friends help each other. even if we’ve only known each other for a day.” The unicorn said as she nuzzled her head into the Digimon’s hand, and getting a few scratches behind her ears.

After the meeting between the Digimon and the princess, the group were about to leave the princess to her business, but before they did the princess invited them to have a quick lunch. The party accepted of course, and proceeded to follow the princess out of the throne room, and off towards the castle’s dining hall where Celestia eats her meals, but as the group was making their way to their destination Flamedramon saw another coming their way. This pony was clearly male, and seemed to be of the more broader frame than most stallions that Flamedramon has observed, and judging by his more ornate golden armor with its deep purple collar and starburst symbol, probably suggest that this is a high ranking officer of the royal guard. After examining the stallion the Digimon noticed the happy smile he has on his muzzle, while also seeing Twilight run over to the stallion where they met halfway, and gave each other a big hug.

“Shining! It’s good to see you!” Twilight says happily.

“It’s good to see you to Twiliy. The stallion says as he lets the mare go. “What brings you back to—” the stallion stopped in mid-sentence when he took notice of Flamedramon, and his gentle demeanor instantly changed to a more stern one. Twilight seemed to notice the stallions change of mood, and at who he was looking at.

“Oh, Shining this is my newest friend.” The mare said as she trots over to the Digimon. “This is Flamedramon, a hero from another world.”

“A hero?” the stallion asked.

“Yes. From what Twilight has written, Flamedramon is a wandering hero that comes to aide of those who need, in fact, he aided a town that was under sieged before being coming to Equestria.” The stallion trotted up to the Digimon, passing by his sister, and the other ponies and just looked up to the Digimon. Where he then gave a salute to the tall figure.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Flamedramon, I am Shining Armor, captain of the Royal Guard.” Shining Armor said in a upbeat tone as he gives a friendly smile, while he looks up to Flamedramon. The Digimon himself just stood there for a moment and examined the stallion like he did with the other guards, and like the others, there was no sense of alertness, or anything that spoke to the Digimon that this stallion has seen actual combat. In fact the stallion even seemed to have his guard down as he stood before the Digimon.

“A pleasure to meet you Shining Armor.” Flamedramon said as he gives his own salute.

“We were actually on our way to lunch captain, care to join us?” Celestia asked the stallion who lowered his leg, and looked over towards his princess.

“I’d love to, but I have my rounds I need to do.”

The stallion then trotted past the Digimon and went about to finish his patrols, while the three mares and Spike went off to the dining hall. Flamedramon just kept watch on Shining Armor as he trots off for a bit, before catching up with the group. But before they got to far the Digimon looked over his shoulder, and saw the stallion talking to a pair of guards, and it looked like they were discussing something. Turning his attention away from the gossiping guards, the Armor Digimon continued to follow his female entourage to their desired destination.

After the group made it to the dining hall Flamedramon saw several tables within the room, one being the longest and in the center of the room, and two smaller tables that had platters, bowls and other food holders that were priming with foods. Most of which looked like cold items, but there were a few that looked freshly cooked. The group then started to gather up their desire food, except for Flamedramon as he’s already eaten today but he did grab a few items to eat, as to not be rude, and they all sat at the main table and ate. But as they ate the princess asked if she could hear some of Flamedramon’s adventures in his world, which Spike, Rarity, and Twilight also wanted to hear. So the digital monster opted to tell the group a tale from one of his more, daring escapades, where Flamedramon and a comrade of his joined forces to stop a SkullGreymon that was set loose on a large town, which resulted in a lot of casualties. But by the stories conclusion the mad Digimon was defeated.

“I must say that was quite a daring venture.” Celestia said as she finishes the very last of her tea.

“It was certainly a troublesome fight, thankfully Raidramon and I weren’t completely alone in that fight.”

“It’s still sad that so many Digimon lost their lives.” Twilight said as she wiped the small amount of tears swelling up in her eyes.

“That’s the reality of my world Twilight, you never know what Digimon will come around, or what their intentions will be.” Flamedramon said as he patted the mare to provide some comfort, which worked as the mare gave a thankful smile to her tall Digimon friend. A moment later and a pony wearing a maid’s outfit comes into the dining hall, and started to take the plates in her magical grasp, while also cleaning the table as the group departs.

“Thank you for joining me for lunch everypony, it certainly made my afternoon a bit more enjoyable.” Celestia said pleasantly as thanks her guest, all of who bowed to the royal.

“Not at all princesses.” The two ponies and dragon said in unison as they all stood up, Flamedramon then places a hand over his chest as he bows his head.

“I will like to thank you again for attempting to look for a way back to my world princess.”

The princess gave a small smile as she nods her head, before relenting that she was unable to help the Digimon. After giving the princess their thanks for lunch, and their farewell, the group started to make their way out of the castle. However before they got to far, the group found themselves face to face with Shining Armor.

“Hey there big brother.” Twilight said cheerfully.

“Hey there Twiliy. Are you and the others heading back to Ponyville?”

“Yup. Unfortunately, the princess wasn’t able to help Flamedramon get back to his world, so he’ll be staying with us.” after Twilight had finished explaining the Digimon’s situation, the stallion then looked squarely up at the Digimon, which Flamedramon noticed he has some sort of look of determination in his eyes.

“Speaking of your friend, you said he’s a hero, right?”

“That’s right.” Rarity said as she watches the stallion trot up to Flamedramon.

“I’ve been wandering something.” The stallion said as he looked up to the Digimon, who looked down with an inquisitive expression. “How would you like to have a sparing match with me? see after seeing you i could tell your pretty tough, and when I was told you were a hero from another world, I've just been curious at how strong you are. so, what do you say?” the group was honestly a little surprised to hear this from the stallion, especially Flamedramon as he wasn’t expecting it.

“I would advice against it.” the Digimon said in a cautious tone, causing the stallion, as well as the others to look a bit confused. “Even if we were to simply spar, it would still end up with you being hurt.” Shining Armor actually looked offended that Flamedramon suggested that the stallion was, weak.

“Hey! I’m a lot stronger than I look, I am after all the CAPTAIN of the Royal Guard!” clearly the stallion wasn’t going to back down from this, so the Digimon decided to play along.

“Very well, if you want to have this spar, then I’ll oblige.”

Shining Armor gave a cocky grin as he nodded his head, and started to lead the Digimon down the hall, while Twilight and her two friends looked on with worry. They were sure that Flamedramon wouldn’t hurt Twilight’s brother, to badly, but after hearing the few stories he’s told them. they were greatly concern for the stallions safety. So, to ensure that nothing was going to get out of hoof, the two unicorns and Spike followed after the duo. Hopefully, no pony would get hurt…hopefully.

Chapter 4: Flamedramon vs. Shining Armor

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The barracks, this is not just where the royal guard not only go to change in, or out of their armor and swift shifts with other guards, it also act as the guards primary training ground. behind where the ponies would house their armor, is a large training area where ponies hone their skills. Unicorns practice their magic, pegasi work on their acrobatics, and earth ponies train in martial combat and restrain tactics. But today the barracks didn’t have ponies training or testing their skills, today the barracks was full of guards sitting or standing and making bets or talking with one another, as their captain has challenged the strange creature that has accompanied Twilight Sparkle to the castle.

“So who do you think is going to win this little sparing match?” a guards mare asked her fellow guards as ponies were placing their bets amongst their little groups.

“Well the captain didn’t get his rank for nothing.” A stallion said as his wings ruffled as he looked to his fellow guard. “He was the one to ace not only the exam for the post, but showed the most skill in training to make captain.”

“Maybe.” A unicorn mare guard said as she brushed some of her mane out of her face. “But that other guy is ripped!” she said as she looked at the Digimon’s well-toned body, even licking her lips as she looks at Flamedramon’s muscles.

Speaking of said digital monster, and captain, both were standing int the center of the barracks where the main sparing ring stood. As for Twilight, Rarity, and Spike, they were among the guards, watching as both Shining Armor and Flamedramon take their places in the ring, but what they found odd was that Flamedramon wasn’t dawning his armor.

“To make it clear Shining Armor, this is a sparing match. Not a real battle to see who wins or not, correct?” the Digimon asked as he and the captain stretch out their bodies.

“That’s right. but I don’t want you to hold back, I want to see what your really capable of, to see how I can stack up.” Shining Armor said as his horn flushed with magic, revving up his magical flow.

“I would advise against fighting me at a hundred percent.” Flamedramon warned as he finishes his stretching.

“I can tell that your, strong, just not strong enough to face me if I were to go all out.” Shining Armor again looked offended that again Flamedramon seemed to look down at him, or say that he was weaker than he was.

“As I said before, I’m stronger than I look, so don’t treat me like a colt playing soldier.” The captain said with a snort of irritation. The Digimon then gave a sigh as he shrugs his shoulders.

“Very well then.”

The Digimon raised his arms and held them in a X formation in front of his face. then in one swift motion swung his arms back down to his side, while they, his chest, feet, and head burst into flames! Everypony in attendance was thoroughly shocked in seeing the flames just, erupting out of nowhere, and just bathing the Digimon. Then as the flames died down everypony saw that Flamedramon was now dawned in armor, and was already getting into a fighting position. And as he did, the atmosphere in the room changed, as if the air has become humid and thick, making it hard to breath. The atmosphere wasn’t the only that changed. When Shining Armor, or any pony looked upon the Digimon, they all felt an intense feeling emanating from the digital monster, a sensation that caused all of them to shiver. Shining swallowed the lump that had developed in his throat, before getting into a battle-ready pose, horn lit with magic to ready any spell.

A guard then approaches the area, a tall stout unicorn, and as he does so he glances between the captain and the Digimon.

“This will be a friendly sparing match; the winner will be decided win one of the combatants surrender. Challengers, are you ready?” both competitors nodded their head in confirmation.

“Then, begin!”

The moment that the stallion started the fight, Flamedramon bolted over to Shining Armor with such incredible speed that from the onlooking crowed, it appeared that the Digimon had teleported! Shining Armor was taken aback by the Digimon’s surprising speed that he couldn’t defend himself probably, only able to bring up a small shield spell to block a punch from the Digimon, but it was shattered upon making contact and the punch continued on with its flight until it struck the stallion square in the face! the captain was sent flying backwards across the ring, till he skid to a stop two feet away from the edge of the ring, after recovering from the attack the captain retaliated by firing a fairly strong magic blast.

But as it closed in on the Digimon, it was instantly backed hand by Flamedramon’s right gauntlet, dispersing it with ease. The captain then gathered a lot of magic into his horn, and then fired a few more magical blast’s at the Digimon, but like the one before, they were all knocked to the side or up in the air. Where they quickly dissipated back into the ether. Shining attempted to fire five blast’s at the same time, each being fired in different directions, before arcing towards Flamedramon.

But the Digimon didn’t even flinch. In an impressive display of skill and speed, the Armored Digimon either punched, or kicked each magic blast till it dispersed. After the fifth magic blast was bested, the ponies, including Shining Armor, were just left in awe. However the captain was brought out of his state of awe when the Digimon again lunged towards hum, forcing him to create another shield, only this time he was more prepared so when the Digimon went in for a punch, the shield held, barely. A sizable crack covered the surface of the shield where Flamedramon struck, and before the stallion could repair or even counter attack, Flamedramon spun on his feet and delivered a powerful kick, shattering the shield in one go! But the stallion didn’t waver, or get distraught, Shining Armor went in for a counter attack, standing on his hind legs and going in for a punch while the Digimon recovers from the wide kick.

“Wow! He’s really good!” one guard said in bewilderment as he watched the captain miss two punches, while Flamedramon spun around the captain and knocked him to the floor with a low sweeping kick.

“I hate to say it, but the captain is defiantly out classed.” Another guard said as she watches the captain recover from his drop to the floor, dodging a tail smack from the Digimon who went back on the offense with punches, and kicks.

“I don’t even think this guy is even taking the captain seriously.” Another guard said, his eyes watching the Digimon very closely. “I mean it may just be me, but he doesn’t seem to be using a whole lot of his power.”

Twilight and her two friends continued to hear various comments that the guards were making, and while Twilight, Rarity, and Spike weren’t adept in fighting…they could definitely tell that Flamedramon wasn’t using probably half of his skill and power. at least based on what they’ve heard from the Digimon himself.

“Twilight are you sure your brother will be, alright?” Rarity asked as she watched Flamedramon deliver another punch to the stallion, causing Shining Armor to ‘gaffa!’ and drop to his knees.

“I hope so!” Twilight said worriedly as Flamedramon just stood over her brother, clutching his stomach as he looks up to the Digimon.

“Do you give up?” Shining gritted his teeth as he looked up to the Digimon, but as much as he would like try, he knows that right now…he wouldn’t be able to best the Digimon.

“I give up.” the stallion said as he hung his head, while the guard that started the sparing match declared the official winner, getting a resounding cheer from the guards after witnessing the Digimon’s skills. And seeing their captain try his best to fight back.

The Digimon dis-armored himself in another flurry of fire, starting the ponies again, as he now stood over the stallion in the buff. Flamedramon then offered the stallion a hand to take, and once he did Shining Armor was lifted up from the ground onto his hooves. The guards, along with Twilight and her two friends, trotted towards the group and started to check over the two. Mostly on Shining Armor as he was the one receiving all the hits, while Flamedramon nary has a blemish on him. after the guards and Twilight checked Shining over, the stallion turned to look at the Digimon, who was getting praises from the other half of the guards for his skills.

“Well, I’d have to admit, your definitely a lot stronger than I thought you.” the stallion said as he looked up to the Digimon, who looked down at him with a small smile.

“Same for you.” Flamedramon said as he held a hand out. “You certainly did better than I thought you would.” The Armor Digimon complimented the stallion who gave a small chortle.

The stallion gave the Digimon an equally friendly smile, and placed his right hoof in the Digimon’s hand where the fingers wrapped around it, then shook it in a show of good sportsponyship. After the sparing match was over with, Flamedramon and his friends left the castle, bidding the guards and Shining a farewell as they made their way through the city. Heading straight for the train station.

“Well this was certainly a bit more, exciting than I initially thought it was going to be.” Twilight said as the group based by a large group of ponies that were leaving a restaurant, who upon seeing Flamedramon immediately started to gossip amongst themselves.

“You can say that again.” Spike mused as he rode on Twilight’s back. “I’m still blown away on how you handled that fight Flamedramon, I mean Shining is a really tough pony, yet you handled him like he was nothing.”

“Well I have more actual combat experience than he does.” Flamedramon said as the group got to the train station, where they could hear the train coming towards them. “Training can only take one so far.”

“Well hopefully the rest of the day will be more relaxing.” Rarity said as the group stands amongst the small crowd of ponies on the stations flat, all either glancing, or looking right at Flamedramon.

The train started to make its way into the station once it left the tunnel, and came to a slow stop once it finally pulled in. the train was then unloaded from it’s passengers as they exited the cars, getting a mild shock when they saw Flamedramon standing there. but before the group bordered the train they all saw Flamedramon jumped on top of the train.

“Flamedramon, what are you doing darling?” Rarity asked as she, her friends, and the ponies about to go in the train all looked up at the Digimon.

“No offense, but your trains are rather, cramp, for my liking. I’ll just make my why back to town.” Flamedramon said as he looked over his shoulder at the group, before looking out towards the mountain side.

Then in one huge leap, the ponies saw Flamedramon just flew off into the air! Quickly rushing into the train, all of the ponies plus Spike, heck even the conductor watched from the window Flamedramon scaling down the mountain. Watching him effortlessly landing on the cliffs and ledges with such grace and fluidity, before leaping to a new spot. None of the ponies could even say anything to describe what they are witnessing, as Flamedramon soon was out of view. No longer visible to the ponies as they just, sit there, looking out the windows with looks of amazement plastered on their faces.

Chapter 5: An Ally of Courage Arrives

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A few days have gone by since Flamedramon visited Canterlot to not only visit princess Celestia, but also inquire if the princess is able to send Flamedramon back to the digital world. after returning to the town of Ponyville the Armored Digimon simply enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the town, which he was finding very enjoyable, although the peace and quiet wouldn’t last forever thought. At least that is what life has always taught him no matter where he is. But for the moment the Digimon was sitting on the balcony of the Golden Oaks Library, simply enjoying the bright sunny day, and listening to the far off sounds of the ponies going about their day, while Twilight and Spike were in the other room practicing magic.

While the Digimon was sunbathing on the balcony, and enjoying his mind started to wander, thinking about to his world and how things could possibly be going. But considering the state of things before he was sent to this new world, the dark factions are probably still at large and spreading their influence anywhere they can, while good-hearted Digimon, or those that wish to be left alone, fight back. although those that fight back often end up being defeated, or simply be destroyed and then absorbed into the one who has destroyed them.

“Blaze?” a sudden voice caused the Digimon to open his eyes and look for the source of the voice, which called him by his new nickname that his friend Pinkie Pie gave him. And when he looked behind him he saw Twilight standing behind the Digimon.

“Hello Twilight. Are you done with your magic lessons for the day?” the Digimon asked as he rose to a sitting position while also turning to face the unicorn, who also sat down.

“I’m just taking a breaking for a little while, before going back to my studies.” The mare then gives the larger dragon-like creature a curious look.

“But what are you doing out here?”

“Oh nothing much, I was just enjoying the peace and quiet.” Blaze said as he stretched out his back, before leaning back with arms keeping him propped up.

“I rarely got to enjoy peaceful moments like this back in my world, so, I plan to take as much of it in as I can before going back to my world.” Blaze said as he closed his eyes and just bathed in the sunlight.

“If you like the peace and quiet here so much, than why do you want to go back to your world?” Twilight suddenly asked, getting the Armor Digimon to look down at her.

“I mean, from what you told us of your world, it sounds like a harsh and brutal world to live in.” Blaze gave an understanding nod to the little mare.

“While my world can be unfair and hostile, there are times when it’s just as peaceful here. It’s just that now adays the peace is being challenged by those that wish to disrupt that harmony.” The Digimon then gave the small little mare a more serious look as he continued on with his explanation.

“You also have to remember that in mu world, its survival of the fittest, you either live or die by the strength and power that you possess. I know to you ponies it sounds like a cruel way to live, but this is how my world has always functioned, and it will always be that way. And because of that, I want to help as many Digimon that don’t want to be dragged into conflict that is currently ravaging our world.” Twilight seems to be understanding what the digital monster was saying, but she still looked sadden that Blaze’s world has to abide to such primitive laws.

“I understand Blaze, but still it’s sad to hear that is how your world is.” The Digimon then placed a hand on Twilight’s head, and started to gently pet her, causing the mare to smile softly and enjoy the little comforting motion.

“I appreciate your concerns little one.” Twilight looked up to Blaze and saw a warm smile on his face, which made the mare feel happy to see that she was able to bring some level of happiness to the digital monster. That’s when the Digimon’s stomach started to gurgle and grumble.

“Guess somepony is hungry.” Twilight chortled as she covered her mouth with a hoof.

“I guess so.” Blaze said happily as he rises to his feet.

“If you want we could go out for lunch, I know a good eatery to go for lunch.” Twilight said as she too got to her hooves.

Accepting the little unicorns invitation the Digimon followed Twilight down the library’s interior, before heading out into the town to get some lunch. As the pair walk and trots through the town they made small talk, mostly Twilight asking some questions about the Digital World, and the Digimon of that world while Blaze tries to answer her questions as best he could. Eventually the pair made it to the eatery that Twilight was talking about, and it turned out to be the same one that Rainbow Dash took the Digimon to, and after picking out an empty table on the patio under a nice overhang curtain to keep the sun off them they both waited for a waiter to come over to them. which didn’t to long, as a familiar peppy pink pegasus mare.

“Good afternoon my dears I am—oh! Hi Flame, er, I mean Blaze! How’s it going?” the Digimon chuckled a little at the bubbly mare’s energetic attitude.

“I’m fine Floral. It’s nice to see you again.” The dragon Digimon said in a polite manner, while the pegasus wiggled in place in mid-air all the while saying.

“Oh my! Oh my, oh my, oh my!” After the very bubbly pegasus has had her moment of adorable weirdness, the mare asked what the pair would like to drink and eat, and then rushed off to place their orders.

“Say Twilight, can I ask you something?” the Armor Digimon asked the little unicorn across from him.

“Of course.” Twilight said eagerly. But when she looked up to Blaze, she saw that he looked kind of, serious. As if something is weighing on his mind.

“I was wondering, if the princess can’t find a way to send me back to my world…would I be able to stay in Equestria?” even through the ruckus of the diner’s patrons, Twilight could hear not only the serious tone in Blaze’s voice, but also the underling plead.

“Of course you could stay Blaze.” Twilight said in a reassuring manner. “If the princess can’t find a way to send you back to your home world, your more than welcome to stay in Ponyville, I’ll even help you find a place of your own to stay. Or if you want you could stay with me and Spike at the library.” the Digimon gave the small unicorn a thankful smile.

“Thanks Twilight.” The Digimon then gave a small sigh before continuing on. “Honestly, if I do go back to the Digital World…I’m not sure if I could actually continue with my old way of life.”

“You mean with your wandering life-style, and having to fight to keep the peace?” the Armor Digimon nodded his head before placing his chin in the palm of his right hand, before glancing out towards the town. Watching the ponies trot about, talking, laughing, and living their lives.

“Everything is so peaceful here. No one fights each other for dominance, to gain strength and evolve, or wage campaigns to expand their territories…honestly compared to the state of my world is in, this world of yours seems like a paradise.”

The small unicorn developed a small smile on her face, as she watches the Digimon warrior relax and look more calm and collected. Just as the pair were enjoying their little peaceful moment, Floral came back with their desired drinks before flying off back into the diner, and then returning a few minutes later with their orders. Now with their orders in front of them the two started to eat, while making more small talk, mostly in what to do if Blaze isn’t able to head back to his world. while in the midst of eating their meal, the both of them heard a big ruckus coming from the nearby shopping district, and when they and the other patrons, even the workers of this diner were curious as to what was going on. Especially when they started to see a whole bunch of ponies crowding around the shopping district.

“Is there some kind of celebration going on today Twilight?” Blaze asked the little pony beside him as he watched the small crowd start moving back into the central plaza.

“I don’t think so.” Twilight said before a knowing smirk came over muzzle along with a small chortle. “But this is Ponyville so it’s hard to tell when an actual holiday happens, and a Pinkie Pie party is being thrown.” Twilight said as she looks at the crowd, seeing the ponies backing away from something.

Just then both Twilight and Blaze saw what was causing such a commotion. Walking through the crowed of ponies was a tall—possibly around the same size of Princess Celestia—armored pegasus, with beautiful golden feathered wings, light orange coat with white marks on their underside and legs, while their was a pale cream mane and tail. as for the armor itself, its gold just like the royal guard, but it has more details on it than the guards. All in all, Twilight was utterly bewitched by the tall equine. Although the unicorn was a little confused to the ponies batwings sticking out of the back of its helmet. As the large, armored pony trotted pass the crowd of ponies Blaze startled Twilight by leaping out of his seat, landing on the other side of the patio’s railing before rushing over to the large pegasus.

“Pegasusmon!” Blaze said as he rushes over to the armored pegasus, who looked surprised when being called out to. but the moment that the large equine saw Blaze, their blue eyes widen before they galloped towards the Armored Digimon.

“Flamedramon!” the tall pegasus said in a strong smooth male voice. The two figures then skid to a stop in front of each other, before they give each other a playful shoulder bash each other. “So this is where you’ve disappeared to my old friend, I was worried when word spread that you were defeated by Zamielmon.”

“Don’t worry old friend I’m fine, but how did you get here?” Blaze asked as Twilight, and a few other ponies gathered around the two Digimon. “Did you happen to be struck by a small black data sphere, with pulsating protrusions?”

“Yes actually. I was assisting some Unimon and Firamon in protecting a sacred site in the Northern hemisphere, when a horde of Devidramon being led by NeoDevimon came to destroy it to create a new hideout for one of the dark factions.”

The armored pegasus digital monster explained to his comrade, which made the armored dragon Digimon developed a very worried look, while the ponies around the pair only seemed to look confused. But behind their looks of confusion, the ponies were just marveling at the fact that there was another Digimon from another world in their town, this newcomer looked just like an alicorn-sized pony, decked out in golden armor. In fact Twilight herself was absolutely blown away by how this large equine Digimon looked, he was certainly unlike any pony in Equestria.

“So the dark factions are even stretching their influences past the eastern borders that they’ve taken control of.” Blaze said more to himself, but Pegasusmon nodded to the assumption all the same, before divulging into more details of the events that he took part of.

“It was a grueling battle Flamedramon. We managed to hold our own against the Devidramon, as they were uncoordinated, and our maneuverability gave us the edge…but when the NeoDevimon delved into battle.” a full body shutter ran down the armored equines back and down his legs, while his wings ruffled in an nervous state.

“It was veritable bloodbath when he joined in. But even when he put himself into the melee, we managed to defeat all the Devidramon while only losing a small portion of our own force, but…”

“In the end the NeoDevimon defeated you all, and was the one that used that data sphere on you right?” Pegasusmon nodded to Blaze’s assumption.

“He was going to use it on Firamon as he wasn’t backing down, and was trying his best to defeat the Ultimate, but when he went to use the data sphere I jumped in before it collided with Firamon. Then the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a wasteland, where I spent the next few days just flying around, and wondering where it is I was transported to.”

“Well, I’m just glad that your in one piece my friend.” Blaze said as he places an unarmored claw on the pegasus Digimon’s shoulder, and giving Pegasusmon a comforting smile.

“Same to you my friend.”

“Um Blaze?” the two Digimon turned to look down to Twilight, who was looking up to the pair with a confused, yet intrigued look. “Is this a friend of yours from your world?” the mare asked to the bipedal Digimon, who just nodded as he gestured to the armored equine.

“That’s correct Twilight. This is one of my fellow crusaders in the venture of peace in the Digital World, Pegasusmon the Flying Hope.”