• Published 19th Dec 2020
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Equestria Girls: The Radio Demon - Spazz Kid

Sunset makes a dangerous decision - she makes a deal with a demon. Comedic mayhem ensues.

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Episode 3 - Not a traditional summoning.

Sunset had never been as excited as she was right now, practically skipping to school. She had an all powerful demon acquiring the Element of Magic! There was no possible way it could go wro-


Sunset practically jumped a mile. She spun around; there was the now familiar face of the eccentric radio host-

"Alastor!" She said. "Do you have the Element of Magic with you?" She leaned from side to side comically. "I don't see it."

Alastor's smile became much more fixed, "Well, I transported it to the statue... not even an hour ago...."

He looked around- they were in the middle of a street. Realization hit him.

"Oh." He said. "Eh, you problem, I've got to head back!"


"Sunset." Alastor's eyes tightened with annoyance as he rubbed his temple. "You said you wanted be to steal from is owner, and get it to this world. That was the deal."

"Deal? DEAL!?" Sunset screeched. People were looking at them. Alastor waved at them as Sunset lowered her voice. "I didn't make a deal with you-" Alastor's smile widened "- I am your master!"

That was the first time in 70 years the smile had been wiped off of Alastor's face. He was actually stuttering, how could this girl be so stupid?

"Confused?" She asked. She reached into her pocket, and pulled out the small red crystal she had used to summon him. "This is a Demonic Summoning crystal. It allows me to tap into the multi-verse and connect to your dimension. And, since I hold the crystal, and it only answers to me, and me alone, I choose when you go back, therefore, making me your master. Any questions?"

Alastor was speechless. He's never been outsmarted before. He then realized something that could heavily hinder - what did she call it? - the multi-verse. He grinned evilly. "So, you opened you universe to Hell? The home of the damned? Did you not think about how you allowed the travel of demons to your humble world? The very destruction of it?"

"Yes, actually." She said. "But why should I share how I'm able to prevent that with my...." She suddenly became very uncomfortable, and quickly changed the subject. "Okay, now, you're going to help me with getting the Element of magic.... but how?"

Alastor glared at her. "I could simply become friends with whoever picked up the crown. You know, lower their guard, and stab them IN THE BACK, ABSOLUTELY S H A T T E R I N G THEIR HOPES AND DREAMS!" His voice deepened and distorted. When he finished, he snapped back to his previous demeanor. "Or something along those lines." A laugh track played.

"O-h, uh..." Sunset was never going to get used to that. "Okay, uh, we'll go with that. Just..... no killing anyone.. please?"

Alastor slumped his shoulders. "Humph, you're no fun... fine."

"Also, you're going to have to look... more like a human."

"Very well. I mean, how am I going to lower their guard if I look like this?" He laughed, then stepped back. "Do you wanna magic trick, Miss Shimmer?" Sunset scowled "Of course you do!"

With a poof! a could of red smoke appeared, causing Sunset to cough slightly. With it cleared, there stood Alastor, but he was... different. He now had no deer ears or antlers; he had chocolate brown hair; he skin was pale, but looked natural nonetheless. He also wore different clothing; a pale orange dress shirt; a green pinstripe suit jacket with a formal bowtie; and he had grey dress pants with shiny black shoes. His smile looked much less threatening now that he didn't have yellow fangs, but a mouth full of shining, white teeth, and bright blue eyes. He also wore a green pinstripe top hat.

Overall, he looked very old-fashioned, which matched his very "Radio-Host from the 40s" voice.

"So," He said with a much more normal voice. "How do I look?"

If sunset had to be honest, he looked strangely familiar. "You know, you don't look half bad." She said. Which was true. "Though you look a little ridiculous with that suit and tophat." That was also true. The shoulders of the suit pointed quite far up, and the tophat looked to be over a foot tall.

Alastor grumbled, and snapped his fingers. Another poof of smoke, and there he stood, missing the jacket and hat. Without either of them, it revealed two black suspenders going over his shoulders.

"Better." Sunset said.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" A purple-skinned girl screamed.

"Twilight, it's okay!" A purple dog next to her.

"No, Spike, it's not okay!" The girl replied. "What am I?" She held up her hands. "What are these?" She looked at her chest, noticing an odd roundness. "Wha..."

"Twilight, we need to focus!"

"Okay..." Twilight said shakily. She tried to stand, but fell over. "Oof!"

"This is going to take a while.." Spike muttered.

"We don't have that much time, Spike!" Twilight tried to stand again, wobbled a little bit, and fell on her face. "Ow...."

After a few minutes, she managed to get on all four of her limbs, and began trotting towards the building in front of her.

She saw someone walking to entrance normally. He looked at Twilight with a bewildered expression.

Twilight smiled nervously, and began to lift her upper body, and stood on her legs, forcing herself to balance.

The boy looked at her as she flared he arms as she attempted to walk, her big clunky boots hitting each other as she swung her legs.

Then came the stairs.

She somehow managed to get up without foul. She seemed to be getting used to the concept of walking. She pushed against the door, which didn't budge.

"Pull, not push." The boy said from her left, pulling the door open, and heading inside.

She tried to replicate what the boy did, which required several minutes of fidgeting with her fingers.

Finally, she wrapped her fingers around the handle, which clicked, and pulled. Her face was blasted with cold air, which was a nice contrast to the scorching sun.

Spike quickly went through the opened door quickly before Twilight, who tumbled through herself a second later, the door closing itself slowly behind her.

It took a minute for her to stand up once more.

"You okay?" A voice asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks Spike." Twilight said, before looking at Spike, who was slowly shaking his head.

"Uh, I'm not Spike." The voice said, which, now that Twilight thought about it, sounded nothing like Spike. "Name's Nathan Nougat, but everyone calls me Nate."

Twilight looked up to see a rather short boy. He was standing next to the boy Twilight saw outside, who was looking at her with an amused expression.

"Yeah, and I'm Daniel." The boy from outside said. "Or, Dan, if you will."

Dan was wearing a blue and while striped short sleeve shirt with a small brown gate symbol on the left side of his chest. He wore a pair of tan cargo shorts, and a pair of dark grey and orange Converse Allstars. He had very poofy ,dark royal blue hair.
Nathan had a white t-shirt with a Chocolate bar symbol on his chest, denim jeans, and tan boots. He had poofy, light brown hair, with it slightly swept to the right.
They both had the same eye color; dark green.

"Yeah, Imma head to the office to sign in, you come along if you want, I don't care." Dan said walking away.

Nate stared at Twilight, blushing.

"Hi, I'm Twilight." Twilight introduced herself. "How old are you?"

"14." He said, voice cracking slightly. He cleared his throat. "14, I said."

Twilight couldn't help but smile."Are you and Daniel friends?"

Nate's blush immediately left his face. "Brothers. He's 17. Hey, you look 17 too!"

"Y-yeah!" Twilight said, playing along. "Bingo!" She awkwardly smiled.

"I'm Spike." Spike introduced himself absentmindedly. Twilight face-palmed.

Nate's head immediately snapped to the dog, eyes widening.
"Uh... what?" He whimpered.

"Uh.... woof?" Spike said uncertainly.

Twilight glared at him before looking at Nate. "Hey, uh, don't tell anypony about that, okay?"

"O-okay." Nate said. "Wait, 'anypony?' You mean 'anybody,' right?" His face went from terrified to curious.

"Y-yes! That's what I mean't!" Twilight said quickly. "OKAYBYE!"

She tried to run, but tripped pitifully. She groaned.

"You need help." Nate said. "And I can give you that help!" He sounded excited.

Twilight groaned, before trying to push herself to stand again. "No, I'm fine." She tried to walk this time before falling over again. "Ow.."

"Yeah, you need help." Nate said.

Twilight groaned in response.

Nate held his hand out for Twilight to grab. She sat up and stared at it uncertainly. She held her own hand up, and set it onto his. Despite only coming up to her chest, Nate showed a surprising amount of strength, pulling her up into a standing position.

"So," Spike said. "Are we just going with this?"

Twilight nodded. "Yes, I guess so." She looked down at Nate, who was looking back up at her. She hated to admit it, but he looked absolutely adorable with how wide his eyes were, and his big grin.

"Alright, let's walk slo-" Nate started, but but was interrupted by a loud-


A loud bell rang throughout the building. Nate gasped.

"We got to go!" He said, and began to powerwalk, all but dragging Twilight along with him, Spike following it suit.

After a few seconds, several doors opened, more people pouring out of each room.

It took less then 30 seconds for the halls to be filled with hundreds of people.

So, this is a school, Twilight thought. This is going to be really weird.

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