• Published 19th Dec 2020
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Equestria Girls: The Radio Demon - Spazz Kid

Sunset makes a dangerous decision - she makes a deal with a demon. Comedic mayhem ensues.

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Short - Charlie in Equestria 1

Author's Note:


This is not canon within the context of the story.

Charlie's head hurts, which is weird, considering she has demonic powers, but nonetheless, her head hurts.
She's also lying on a bed of grass, which was also weird, since she fell asleep in the hotel, but yet, there she was, lying on long, slightly damp, grass. She opened her eyes, and an odd sight met her eyes; trees, but that's not the weird part. The trees were a very dark shade of purple! Not even in Hell, were the trees purple.

She quickly sat up, and looked down at her body. Everything seemed to be normal; her red jacket; black pants; pointy shoes; etc, but still something felt odd, and it wasn't her. She got to her feet, and looked around once more.

She was in a very thick forest, the ground with riddled with rocks, sticks, all the normal stuff a normal forest should have. And then she saw the plants. Her eyes widened as she look at them. They were the most interesting plants she had ever seen! Mixtures of reds, yellows, blues, greens, and every color imaginable, all shapes and sizes. She isn't usually one for flowers, but these were beautiful enough to make her reconsider.

She then heard a deep, monstrous growl from her left, breaking her from her trance. She looked over, and saw a pair of pale green eyes staring back her from the underbrush. She would have been scared if she hadn't already seen this tactic used thousands of times before.

"I can see you." She said, with a mixture of boredom and annoyance.

The eyes squinted as the thing stopped. It growled once more in an attempt to scare her. Obviously, this wasn't working, as she stared back at it, unimpressed. Normally, she would try to reason with this thing, but her head hurts too much for her to stay in character.

"Yeah, fuck this, I'm getting out of here." She grumbled, holding her head as she trudged past the thing.

It tried to attack her, but Charlie spun around, showing her demonic form, horns sprouting from her head, and teeth turning to points. She stared the thing down as it whimpered, and scampered off elsewhere. She scoffed, and turned back around to leave.


It took her forever to get out of the forest, and as her headache slowly ceased, the worse she felt about scaring that animal. Though, no matter how bad she felt, she had to get out of there, the noises were really starting to get to her.

When she finally found an opening in the forest, in opened to a dirt path, which seemed to stretch for miles to the left, but stopped at a small cabin surrounded by trees a few hundred feet to her right. Seeing as it was night, and her feet were hurting, she chose the cabin.

It took about five minutes to reach it, and she saw a rather pleasant home, sitting on a small hill. There was a small stream, a large assortment of birdhouses, and a well kept garden out front.

She nervously stepped up to the door, worrying she was going to interrupt something. When she made it to the door, she was surprised by how short it was; it came up to her shoulder.

She knew there was someone inside considering the light she could see through the windows. She nervously raised her hand, and knocked. There was the sound of stumbling, and someone muttered something from inside. In about a minute, the door slowly opened.

Charlie looked down at the small... horse? There, in the doorway, stood a small, pale yellow horse with a long pink mane, staring up at Charlie with a terrified expression.

Charlie crouched down, and began to pat its head.

"Why hello there!" Charlie said, her mood drastically improved. "What's your name?"

The horse stood there, petrified. Charlie, though, was oblivious to the poor thing's terror, leaning her head through the doorway, looking around the room.

"Um, where's your owner? Could I speak to them?" She asked the horse hopefully.

"O-owner?" The horse whimpered quizzically.

Charlie looked down at the horse. "OH, you speak? I'm sorry, I didn't realize." She apologize.

"N-no, i-it's okay..." The horse said, slightly louder this time.

"Um, my name is Charlie." Charlie said, raising her hand for a shake. "What your's?"

"F-Fluttershy..." The horse said, setting her hoof in Charlie's hand, and shook.

"Nice to meet you!" Charlie said.

"Um, please, uh, come in." Fluttershy said softly, stepping aside.

"Oh, thank you!" Charlie said stepping inside.

This was going to be interesting.