• Published 19th Dec 2020
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Equestria Girls: The Radio Demon - Spazz Kid

Sunset makes a dangerous decision - she makes a deal with a demon. Comedic mayhem ensues.

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Episode 1 - "So, it's a deal?"

Sunset sat on her couch, thinking.

She's been in the human world for quite a while now, and she just caught word that Celestia's new student has become a princess. The nerve of her! Making that - child a princess in a moment's notice, when Sunset had been denied the very same thing, over and over again at that! Sunset deserved it, and she knew it.

There was also another thing; The Element of Magic. Sunset had only heard rumors of the thing. The only thing she really knew about it was that it powerful, and she needed it for her to achieve her dreams of ruling Equestria. But, only problem was, she needed to go back to Equestria obtain the relic, and she couldn't risk it.

But, she did have a another thing...
She looked over at her bag, which was sitting on a counter on the other side of the room.
She lived in a small apartment; It had one room that acted as a living room and kitchen, a bedroom, which cut off to the bathroom. The rent was horrific, but she managed.

She stood up, and walked over to the bag. She opened the bag, and pulled out an amulet and a few small crystals. This, along with an old journal she kept in a locker, was all she brought with her when she left Equestria. She grabbed one of the crystals, a red one, opened the amulet, and placed the crystal inside.

She closed the amulet, shoved it into her pocket, and looked at the clock. It was 9 in the evening.

"I have to work quickly if I want this summoning spell to work," She said to herself, "I should probably do it on the roof, there's room up there. " She then grabbed her coat, opened the door, and set off down the hallway.


"Well, I'm starved!" Exclaimed a tall man in a red pinstripe suit, spinning around to look at the group behind him, who looked disturbed. This probably had something to do with giant crater in the group behind the man. "How about some jambalaya? My mother used to make the most delicious jambalaya! You could say the kick came 'straight outta hell!'"
He laughed at his own joke

He walked forward, breaking the small group apart. Said group consisted of; a blond woman with pale skin, and a red jacket; another woman with grey skin, and long white hair; an odd-looking spider/human hybrid with white fur, and a pale pink suit; A dark grey anthropomorphic cat with a top hat, and a pair of giant red wings; and finally, a very short red-haired cyclops, wearing a red skirt and a small black scarf.

The red man directed the small group toward a tall building with a large neon sign that said "Happy Hotel." The man wrapped his arm around the blond, and addressed the whole group, while walking with her under his arm. "I can even cook it for all of you! We can even cook it together!"

"Alastor," The blond woman said to the man, "What even is, uh, 'jambalaya?'"

"Well," The red man, Alastor, said, "If you really don't know what it is, I can show you!"

Suddenly, an odd ringing came from Alastor's left pocket, making him stop walking, along with the group. He removed his arm from around the blond. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a receiver of a very old fashioned phone.

"Alastor!" A voice coming from the receiver said, "There someone in the living world looking to summon the best of the best! Would you like to take it?"

Alastor brought a hand to his chin, and thought for a moment, before saying, with great enthusiasm, "Why not? I haven't done this in quite a while, so it'll do me some good to exercise the old deal shaking hand!" He said, looking at the group while raising his right hand.

"Great!" The receiver said, "But there's something els-" The voice was cut off with Alastor stuffing the receiver back into his pocket, and pulling out a old-fashioned talking radio.

"Husk," Alastor addressed the grey cat,"If there's any trouble, make sure to call me with this." He tossed the radio to Husk.

"Got it." Husk grumbled in a deep voice.

"Now!" Alastor said, turning to face the rest of the group,"It was a great pleasure to meet you three. I will return after I am finished with this. See ya then!" He added before stepping backwards a few feet. Suddenly, a ring of fire surrounded him.

"See you later!" The blond said, waving. The fire completely engulfed Alastor, before quickly dissipating, revealing him to be gone.

"So that's how that works." The spider said.

Sunset stood there, anxious and in anticipation. She just summoned a demon, with the vague description of "the best of the best." She was fearing she might of summoned Lucifer himself. She feared what she was summoning; would she even be able to comprehend it? She thought for a wild moment she might get Cthulhu, but that's most likely not going to happen... hopefully.

Her thoughts were suddenly cut off by rumbling, coming from the roof she was standing on. By the shaking, Sunset could tell it was something big. She closed her eyes tightly, scared of what she would see.

All of a sudden, the rumbling stopped. Sunset was confused, had it not worked? She slowly opened her eyes, and was completely dumbfounded. There was a tall man with a red pinstripe suit, red hair with ears, large yellow eyes, a tall microphone, and had a large, toothy grin on his face. He walked forward.

"Hello, madam!" He said. There was an odd feedback noise, almost as if his voice was coming from a very old radio. He continued, "My name is Alastor, and might I say, I do love your hair-do! Reminds me of..... bacon!"

Oddly enough, this was what brought Sunset back down to earth. Her face turned from confusion to seriousness. "Hello, sir, my name is Sunset."

"Sunset..." Alastor muttered, his smile shrinking slightly, "People are getting less creative with names, it seems. BUT, that doesn't matter at the moment! What matters is what you have summoned me for." He looked around. "Say, where are your candles? Your pentagram?"

"I didn't summon you with an ordinary ritual," Sunset said. She lifted up her amulet."I summoned you with this."

Alastor leaned forward, adjusted a monocle that Sunset didn't notice before, and visually inspected the amulet. "Interesting," He said quietly before straightening his back. "Well, I can't stay here forever, so we should get this underway...now..." He leaned forward again, slightly this time, and put both of his hands behind his back. His smile grew larger, if possible, before continuing in an unsettling voice;" What is it that you most desire."

The way he said "desire" made sunset shiver.

"Well," She said, thinking how she word it."I would like you to... retrieve something for me."

The look of confidence on Alastor's face was immediately replaced with a look of confusion. "Retrieve something? Miss, I don't think you understand how this wo-"

"YOU HEARD ME!" Sunset roared suddenly, her voice somehow amplified."I want you to retrieve something. Trust me, I'm not one to cross."

Alastor was obviously not intimidated, but he decided to humor her, "Alright, fine. What would you like me to.... retrieve?"

"That's better." Sunset said, a slight smirk showing itself on her yellow skin, "I would like you to retrieve... the Element of Magic."

The look of confusion on Alastor's face was even greater.

"Here," She said, reaching into her satchel, and pulling out a large golden crown with an obviously fake purple gem on top." It looks like this, but y'know, with real materials."

"Okay..." Alastor said with a very small smile. "... where is the real thing located?"

"In Equestria." Sunset said simply.

You could practically hear the gears whirring in Alastor's head.

"Follow me." Sunset said, and she began walking towards the door on the other side of the roof.

Confused out of his mind, Alastor followed quickly in suit.

"A statue?" Alastor asked in annoyed disbelief.

Sunset walked towards the statue in question; a large silver piece of work with a horse standing on its hind legs.

"Not just any statue." She said, pushing her hand at the mirror in the front. Instead of hitting it, her hand went right through, almost as if it were made of water."A magic statue."

She grinned at the shocked look on Alastor's face, who had dropped his staff, which made an odd feedback noise when it hit the ground.

"Well, okay." Alastor said, walking forward as his staff disappeared in a small poof of smoke. "Now I'm interested."

"Good." Sunset said, retracting her hand from the mirror, and standing up."Now.." She reached in her satchel once more, and pulled out the crown and a black cloak.

"You remember the plan?" She asked.

"But of course!" Alastor exclaimed in a slightly annoyed tone." You only kept repeating it on the way over here..." He walked forward, grabbed the cloak and crown, and turned to face the statue. He looked to Sunset as his smile grew large again. "Wish me luck!" He said, before throwing the cloak over himself, and jumping through the mirror.

"Good luck." Sunset said, before turning around, and heading home.

Author's Note:

Alastor = husbando material lol