• Published 19th Dec 2020
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Equestria Girls: The Radio Demon - Spazz Kid

Sunset makes a dangerous decision - she makes a deal with a demon. Comedic mayhem ensues.

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Episode 2 - A trip Into HorseLand

The moment Alastor touched down on the other side, he tumbled over, landing on his face.

"Ow, fuckin'.." He cursed as he stood. At least, he tried to.

He fell once more.

It was so dark that when he held up his arm, he couldn't see his hands. Actually, he couldn't feel his hands. For the first time in forever, Alastor began to panic.

All of a sudden light flooded the room as a door opened. Alastor looked up.

There stood a small horse in the doorway, wearing crystal blue armor, looking at him sprawled on the floor. At least he thought it was a horse; it had a horn.

"A deer?" It said in a deep male voice.

It can talk?Alastor thought. Wait, a deer?

Alastor stared at him.

"Hm," The horse thought aloud while walking towards him, "Can you understand me?"

Alastor nodded slowly.

"You have some really big teeth there, bud." He said.

Alastor looked at him with a slightly furrowed brow.

"Alright, alright.." The horse said. "Can you stand?"

Alastor tried, slowly, to stand once more. Somehow, he managed.

"Good." The horse said. "Now, follow me."

Alastor had never felt like he had done anything more complicated in his life, or afterlife for that matter, than walking with four legs. Still, with Alastor's greatness, he got the hang of it rather quickly.

He followed the horn-bearing horse through many hallways, all of them with glimmering, crystal blue walls, just like the armor the horse was wearing.

Speaking of the armor, there were a lot of other small horses with similar sets. All of varying races; some of them also had horns, others had wings, some didn't have either. Either way, they all stared at him just the same.

For some odd reason, the horse that found him had an expression of pride on his face all the way, acting as if he caught a mass murderer...

Well, these horses don't know that, so why does he have that expression on his face?

Finally, after about a half hour, they were in front of large pair of intricately detailed doors.

"Well," The guard, which Alastor assumed he was, said, "After you."

Alastor thought about it, then made smile widen. The guard looked slightly alarmed, but was still smiling.

"No, after you!" Alastor said in an enthusiastic tone.

The smile was immediately wiped from the guard's face, replaced with a look of horrified confusion.

Alastor's smile shrunk slightly. "What? I was just offering, you don't need to look so scared..."

The guard looked at him as he opened the door with an odd form of magic that originated from his horn.

Inside were three other horses that seemed to be having as pleasant conversation. One was white with long, flowing, prismatic hair. She had a sun on her flank; another was a deep blue with a long, flowing, royal blue mane. She had a moon; The last one was a bright pink one, she had a much shorter mane, consisting of three colors. She had a blue, crystal-like heart. They all had wings and horns, and were wearing some sort royal shoes on their hooves and crowns. The white one was the largest, and the pink one was the smallest. They looked very regal. Alastor's smile widened. He had a very positive relationship with the king of Hell himself, so making friends with sentient horses seems like child's play.

"Princesses!" The guard announced with a booming voice. Said princesses looked over at the both of them with varying expressions; the blue one looked the most annoyed. "I came across this deer with on my nightly rounds. He seems to be one of a very unique sub-species. I thought you would like to speak with him personally, he might be victim of some odd form of magic."

"I'm sorry," The blue one said. "You thought we would like to speak with him? Deer have a much different biological type of vocal range. We couldn't possibly understand what he says, and him understand us!"

"Oh, I beg to differ!" Alastor exclaimed. The princesses turned towards him. "See? We can understand each other just fine!"

As he looked at their shocked expressions, a faint laugh track played. The pink one looked around for the source.

"See?" The guard said. "Your majesties, I would never try to waste your time with something I didn't think was important."

"You are dismissed, Jaystar. Thank you for bringing this to our attention." The white one said.

The guard, supposedly named Jaystar, bowed and exited.

Alastor's confidence slightly dwindled as all three of them stared at him with great interest.

"Now, sir, we would like to ask you some questions..." The white one said.

Oh boy... Alastor thought.

After what seemed like an eternity, the three horse princesses (Which were actually ponies, which confused Alastor to no end, going off of their height.), named Celestia, Luna, and Cadence, had finally decided that he was friendly, and went to bed. Well, except Luna (The blue one), who had to watch over the night, which made sense to Alastor, judging off of the moon on her flank.

The princesses' plan was to introduce Alastor to "The Element Bearers." Alastor found there were 7 of them, and that's about it. He would learn more about them.

The Elements, Alastor guessed, were ancient magical objects, and one of them, he guessed once more, was the Element of Magic.

While doing a little research in the library, and some more guessing, he found that the current symbol of Magic was a purple star with 6 small sparkles around it.

There was one symbol that really seemed out of place among the simple, though unique designs; a shield with wings. It had an oddly intricate styling to it. It reminded him of something...

Realizing it doesn't matter, Alastor took to the hallways of the Crystal Tower.

He found the chambers of the Holder of Magic's chambers rather quickly; it was in a hallway with the other Bearers' chambers. Each of them had their respective symbol. Walking towards the Purple star, Alastor passed the still familiar shield with wings. It gave him an odd feeling that he couldn't quite describe.

Ignoring the feeling, he stepped in front of the door with the star.

He pulled the hood of the cloak over his head with the magic he gained with his new form. It was quite a bit weaker than what he could normally do, but it was good enough.

He opened the door, and quickly went over the plan in his head.
One of the things that really intrigued him was the part where he had to burn a red and yellow, setting sun into the wall, which was the first thing he did.

He looked around the room, and quickly spotted what he came for. He magicked the fake crown into existence.

He walked next to the bed, and looked down at the sleeping form.
It was another horse, (To be expected, Alastor thought) with a horn atop her head, purple fur, and a dark purple mane.

She was muttering something. Alastor, who was curious, leaned closer.

"No I don't..... extra cheese.." She snored.

Alastor deadpanned, before swapping the crown, levitating the admittedly heavier crown in front of him, and stuffing it into his cloak.

He turned and began to exit when he had an amazing idea: Why not fuck with the horse -or, pony - while she's sleeping?

Alastor made his way back to the bed, and stared the sleeping equine down with a stare that could make almost any demon tremble, excluding the royal family.

Using his magic, he forced his way into her mind...

Into her dreams...

Twilight looked at the hayburger in front of her. She didn't care if this was a dream, she was going to feast like she hadn't eaten anything in weeks.

She picked it up with her magic, and took a bit, and moaned from the taste.

As she continued to devour the simple burger, a familiar voice spoke up.

"Enjoying your food, I see." A regal, voice said in an amused tone.

Twilight turned, cheeks full, towards the source. It was a smirking Princess of the night, Luna.

Nodding, Twilight turned back to her burger.

"Well, I just came to check up on you." Luna said.

Twilight swallowed, and turned back to Luna, "Why? You already did 20 minutes ago."

Luna nodded. "Yes, but I sensed a form of very dark magic originating from your mind."

"But.." Twilight said, confused. "I've never even cast dark magic before."
Twilight thought back to when she used shadow magic to help save the Crystal Empire. "Well.. I haven't used it in months, at least."

Before Luna could say anything, odd music began to ring through their ears.

Hey, hobo man
Hey, Dapper Dan
You both got your style
But brother, you're never fully dressed without a smile~

It sounded old, distorted. It spread fear through Twilight's mind.

"That's the source.." Luna said. She thought for a moment, then gasped. "Twilight, some one is interfering with you dreams! I'll wake you up."

Twilight felt herself waking up.

She opened her eyes, and was immediately blinded by a red light, which quickly went out.

Twilight stared into the face of a deer. It had a big, sharp-toothed grin, and large, sinister eyes. The rest of it's face was obscured by a shadow.

"BOO." It said in a deep, terrifying voice.

It then bolted for the door, and tripped over Spike, who was in his bed on the floor. A large, golden crown fell out of it's cloak, hitting the floor.

Twilight felt adrenaline course through her body, and the deer picked up the crown with its magic, and poofed it out of existence.

It cackled as it burst through the door

Twilight ran past Spike, who sleepily asking what was going on, and out of the door after the deer...

But it was already gone.

Alastor took off like a bullet. He was much faster in this form, but he was eager to get back into his normal body.

As he rumbled through the hall, he heard doors slamming open all around him. He needed to find the mirro-

All of a sudden a blue lighting bolt flew past him, then another. he looked back-

He was being chased by a large group of ponies, which was being lead by the purple one. There was a pale blue one that had wings a was flying above them, along side an orange one.

The blue one shot another lighting bolt at him, and the purple one lunged forward, using her how visible wings to propel her, and she tackled him.

They tumbled through a doorway, and were in the mirror room once again.

Alastor kicked the unicorn off of him, and stood up as the rest of the group tumbled into the room.

The entire group glared as the cloak fell off of him. He heard someone whimper as the glares turned into varying expressions of disturbance. The unicorn stood up and scowled at him, only to cower under Alastor's gaze.

They were scared of him. He found that rather... amusing. He chuckled at their expressions as a distorted laugh track played behind it.
This seemed to scare them even more.

"YOU!" A voice said. It was Celestia, the sun princess. "What are you planning on doing? How dare you hurt innocents?"

Alastor turned towards her, and chuckled once more. "Dear, if I wanted to hurt anyone here.... THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD." His voice distorted and deepened.

Celestia's eyes widened.

Alastor could sense fear in her soul. It amused him even further.

He turned, and walked up the now visible steps.

"Where are you going?" A male voice said.

Alastor faced the group.

"Well,that's none of your business, now is it?" he said before jumping through the mirror.

The entire group was silent for a little while.

A small dragon entered the room.

"What'd I miss?"