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Level Up! - RisuUmbra

A new MLP MMO turns death game as the players are sucked into what they assume is the game... not as fun as you'd think

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Ch 2: The Devil in the Details

Chapter 2: The devil in the details

“Anyone can make lights, anyone can send a message through a wire, I want to bend reality to my will” - Caleb Widowgast

Now when most people wake up from being knocked out it's usually by the voices of their loved ones or in extreme cases a doctor or nurse, but apparently I don’t get that luxury as the first thing my burgeoning consciousness heard was somebody near me screaming a string of expletives that actually impressed me in their creativity before hearing and feeling a large impact that actually threw my body away from where it was comfortably resting in the grass sending me rolling what felt like a few feet and slamming me awake. A moment of blind panic struck me from having the wind knocked out of me mere moments after waking, making me try to scramble to my feet only to do a vague approximation of a worm when my lower torso wouldn’t support my weight. The second fall calmed my panic enough for me to realize I could feel my hands or feet and quickly swinging them up to my eyes only whacked my apparently dark blue hooves into my new muzzle renewing my headache.

My panic started to rise once again but I took a moment to take a look around me and finally tuned into the absolute chaos of sounds around me as countless other ponies were doing the same as me and inspecting themselves, though some were handling it differently than others. Taking a glance other to where the earlier impact was I could only see a crater with a brown unicorn corpse collapsed in the center, another explosion jerked me from my stare and brought it to another erratic looking Pegasus who was screaming curses and swears at a sobbing earth pony only to suddenly be struck by lightning and fall down charred and crispy sending the sobbing earth pony further into hysterics. It was quickly dawning on me and maybe a few others that this large group of what I can only assume are other players was a powder keg that had already been lit. Rolling onto my new belly I tried to stand again only for my new extremities to turn to jelly and send me to the ground again, sighing and pushing aside my panic for a moment I started crawling across the large grassing clearing to the closest forest edge while pushing my rising panic and fear down as far as I could and resolving to fall apart in a place where I’m not liable to spontaneously combust. The feeling of grass caressing my stomach and chest changed to prickly underbrush once I cleared the forest line and entered the woods properly and after stabilizing myself against a tree I was able to get to my feet hooves and slowly and unsteadily walked away from the disaster behind me.

I was so focused on getting away that I hadn’t even noticed when I started running through the forest while hyperventilating. Any rational thought was consumed by my previously suppressed panic and hysteria and all I could focus on was getting away albeit clumsily as at the time I had the motor control of a child. The only thing that stopped me was a small cliff that I didn’t see which meant I ran straight off sending me sprawling down it picking up a few bruises and twigs in my hair mane before finally rolling to a stop in a circle of bushes out of breath.

Now that I got most of that panicked energy out of me, I could feel myself calming down and rationalizing my situation. As much as I wanted to yell and scream and curse whoever trapped us here, I need to focus on my survival. I assumed we were in the game instead of actual equestria so there must be a way to get into the interface or menu. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I steadied my heart beat and was surprised to see a light blue blinking plus icon in the top right corner of my vision, I opened my eyes back and it was still there blinking softly and waiting for me to ‘select’ it I guess. As I was staring at it wondering how to access it, it suddenly popped open in front of me like a slightly opaque blue hologram and after a few moments of looking at what I can only assume is my stats screen I blanched… hard.

[Name:Markus/Arcane Hope Lv:1]

[Title: Spoilers~]

[Health: A Bit Bruised]

[Mana: Full]

[Stamina: Almost Empty]

[SP Available: 3]

Physical Skills→

Magical Skills→

Social Skills→

My menu looked like someone took a regular rpg screen and gutted it of most of its details, where there would be numerical stats that would show my attributes like my strength or intelligence only vague descriptions of their status remained. At least my mana and stamina bars appeared in the top left of my vision after I opened my menu colored blue and yellow respectively, shrugging off my irritation I brought my attention back to my menu or more specifically the three SP I have. Which I assume are the starting points for skills and as much as I want to go right into magic I needed to see if there was a physical skill for walking and running, I wouldn't last long if I had to outrun a manticore or something with these jelly legs.

Physical Skills:

[Tier 1: Coordination→ Power Strike→ Embolden]

While I was expecting a skill tree but, what I got instead was multiple trees of different tiers going all the way down to tier twenty and while all of them were greyed out except the first. I was still impressed at the sheer amount of skills, focusing back on the first skill Coordination brought up a small description of what the skill did.

[Coordination:Grants the bearer increased]
[stamina and make their movements]
[much more nimble and surehoofed]

[Skill Level 0: 7.86%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

A quick mental tap cemented my choice, now I moved on to the magic tab, the ability to shoot lasers from my head would really help with the whole surviving thing. Leaving the Physical Skills tab and going to the magic tab left me a bit stunned, when it comes to sheer number of skills compared to the magic tab it was like comparing an ant to an elephant. Just like the physical skills tab the magical skills were divided into tiers when it came to their complexity and power but unlike the physical tab there were multiple pages dividing the different types of magic and techniques up and of course all but one were greyed out and that one was obviously the beginner page with all the introduction magic skill tree so after a brief read over I took my second skill.

[Fledgling Mana Control: Gives the bearer basic control over their magic and]
[bestows the lowest forms of magic Levitation and Beam Attack]

[Further levels in this skills will improve mana efficiency and potency]

[Skill Level 0: 0.00%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

After taking the Fledgling Mana Control skill most of the greyed out pages opened up and one of said pages caught my interest immediately, a few pages in was a skill tree under the name Summoning and after a brief look over it looked like something that would be perfect for me. I’m no pushover in a fight but at the moment I’m not exactly the most threatening person pony so the idea of having the ability to summon a multitude of magical creatures that have my back is a welcome one.

[Fledgling Wisp Summon: Summons the weakest of all evoked creatures the wisp]

[This wisp will independently attack any targeted creature with small burst of]
[magic and will continue to do so until destroyed or dispelled]

[Higher levels allow for more complex orders]

[Mana Draw: Medium]

[Mana draw and strength will improve with experience and supplementary skills]

[Skill Level 0: 0.00%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

The moment I closed the menu after buying those three skills made me quickly realize the folly of buying multiple different subjects that I have no experience in, I was immediately sent back to the ground as what felt like the mother of all migraines ripped through my cerebral cortex and continued to burn and throb angrily as if my skull was too small for my brain while brand new subjects were injected into my mind and also due to my choice in skills I could physically feel my mana pool and stamina increasing which is less painful and more skin crawlingly odd as I was pretty sure my mana pool didn’t really have a physical location in me.

I wasn’t sure how long I was laying there for but by the time the throbbing pain had dissipated I could feel a notable difference in my new body, I felt much more comfortable in my skin and slowly with the coordination of someone who lived as a pony their whole lives I smoothly stood up without any difficulties… besides the few bruises that twinged when I moved but I ignored those in favor of thinking about the new knowledge that was implanted into me. It was slow going but after a few moments of struggling I was able to ignite my horn in from what I could see a silver aura, I had assumed that levitation would be more like having a telekinetic hand moving things around for me but in actuality it was more like imposing my will to move upon something which was much more subtle yet very focus intensive apparently. Slowly levitating a stick from the ground wasn’t very easy but it was possible and after it was enveloped in my aura the blue mana bar in the corner of my vision started to slowly go down and when I dropped the stick back to the forest floor the bar started to steadily fill back up.

“Get Back!” The sound of a struggle in the distance startled me out of my inquisitive reverie and for a moment there I was about to get up and run in the opposite direction but a moment of logical clarity stopped me. I wouldn’t last long in this forest all alone and in this situation someone having your back could mean life or death. Taking a deep breath I pushed down my fight or flight instinct and ran in the direction of the yelling, as I crashed through the underbrush the sounds of exertion and the crushing of wood became louder and louder making me realize that there may be more than one pony there. Bursting through a wall of bushes I was greeted with the sight of two red maned violet coated earth ponies fending off four timber wolves and apparently not doing a very good job at it, the noticeably taller of the two ponies had a few bleeding claw marks on his sides and was wielding a tree branch in one hoof fending off the wolves in front of him. The other smaller pony was hiding behind their larger counterpart while trying to stay away from any of the wolves that try and circle around, the fragile stalemate finally collapsed when one of the wolves launched itself at the larger pony and sent them to the ground with the wolf snapping at their face and the only thing stopping it was the already splintering tree branch.

“Get down!” Compared to the levitation spell, the mana beam spell was noticeably more unrefined in its nature which meant it was much easier to cast in rapid succession so my warning shout caught the attention of every creature in the small clearing giving me ample time to fire three quick blasts of silver mana at the wolves. The first much to my surprise nailed the wolf on top of the pony in the face knocking it off them, the next shot actually blasted off the tail of another wolf that was nearby and the last missed and soared past and into the woods. Seeing that backup had arrived the previously pinned pony wasted no time and quickly swung the tree branch around and brained the stunned wolf shattering its wooden visage and rendering it still before rolling over and standing back up. I took a few more steps into the clearing and took another shot at the tailless wolf while sparing a glance at my mana bar which was less than half full after my latest attack, the beam struck true one again and nailed the wooden wolf right in the side making kindling out of the already damaged wolf. Taking a glance at the two ponies again I saw that the taller one had taken care of another wolf at the expense of his club being reduced to splinters and was facing off against the last wolf with whom I can only assume is their sibling behind them. Taking a few steps to my right so I could get a clear shot I used up the rest of my mana in two shots of mana beam, the first shot landed on its flank creating cracks all over its side and the second struck its left paw shattering it and sending it to the ground. Leaving it open for a quick stomp to the head rendering it firewood. The clearing was rendered silent for a moment and only the sound of ragged breathing filled the air and now that the adrenaline was leaving my body I could finally tell that my head was pounding something fierce which I guess was a side effect of emptying my mana pool. The two siblings took a few steps away from the wooden corpses as we all waited with baited breath to see if they would reform but after about a minute of tension it was clear that they were going to stay dead which while new was welcome.

[Level up! LV.2]

[+2 SP]

“Thank goodness that’s over '' My relieved words seemed to make the two jump as both of them were staring in space looking at what I assumed was their respective menus. I took a few more steps in their direction and now that I got a closer look the two looked almost identical beside their sizes meaning they might be twins albeit male and female. The woman mare shied away a bit when I approached and the stallion seemed to take a step forward and for a moment try and puff himself up a bit in an effort to make himself bigger than me, while I had made my character slightly shorter than most stallions in mlp this guy seemed to have made himself almost mare sized in an effort to match his sister so he was a few inches shorter than me only reaching the bottom of my admittedly huge eyes.

“Who are you!” Taken aback at his sudden hostility I simply rolled my eyes and took a step back to help make him and his sister feel more at ease before taking a moment to figure out a way to introduce myself.

“There’s no need to be alarmed. I'm a player just like you, my pony name is ugh… Arcane Hope but my real name is Marcus. Who are you two” I ended that slightly awkward introduction with what I hoped wasn’t a weird smile and waited for them to respond. Surprisingly the first to respond wasn’t the brother but the sister who slowly came from behind her brother and with a small smile on her face muzzle.

“U-um my real name is M-morgana and my other name is Rose Point and this is my twin brother Arthur who was named Sanguine Point… we know our names are the same as the fairytale but they really are our names” It wasn’t long before her initial shyness seemed to melt away and bit more emotion seeped into her voice, though a bit of her timidness leaked back into her voice when speaking about her brother. Sanguine Point or Arthur seemed to not care about introductions and was more focused at looking at the few scratches he had gotten though they had already stopped bleeding.

“Morgana, Heal me” The sudden non sequitur caught me off guard but apparently it made sense to Morgana who fumbled about for a few moments before trotting up to her brothers injured side and sitting down to lay her two front hooves on them which didn’t seem very sanitary to me. I was about to say so until Morgana’s hooves started to give off a soft glow that slowly spread over Arthur’s coat and after a moment his injuries started to heal before my very eyes. I genuinely didn’t think earth ponies had the ability to heal that way so I was pretty amazed at the potency of it even though it was probably at a low level.

“Alright, you planning on traveling with us? You’ll have to pull your own weight, I can’t be expected to carry two bitches through a fight” I wasn’t looking at Arthur’s expression when he spoke but I could feel the vitriol in his voice and was caught completely off guard by it, then I realized what he really said and I could feel a deep pit open up in my stomach as I remembered what happened to the other players that cursed. Not even bothering to answer I started to search our surroundings watching for what was about to happen while keeping an eye on my mana bar as it steadily filled back up, I had enough mana for one shot so I would have to make it count. I didn’t have to wait long for anything to happen as a bush across the clearing rustled and out popped another timber wolf ready to try and maul us to death or it would have tried if it had a jaw anymore, since I was ready for it my shot flew right down its throat busting it open and leaving it in a sorry state which was quickly reduce to splinters by Arthur with a quick follow up buck.

“Ok! First rule if we're going to travel together, No Bad Language!” Instead of showing remorse at his actions Arthur only rolled his eyes at me like I was the one doing something stupid, I had to stop myself and take a deep breath before refocusing on what was more important. Though I could tell now from how he acts that he was going to be a problem in the future.

“We can continue the introductions later we need to get out of this forest or at least this part, it's probably swarming with more wolves” I saw Morgana nod in agreement with me and after a moment of unneeded deliberation from Arthur he seemed to begrudgingly agree and the three of us turned and left the clearing in an unknown direction, I usually would be able to tell what direction we’re going by using the sun but irritating enough the sun in equestria doesn’t move unless the princess or whoever tells it to. So it's just been stuck at high noon this whole time and I know that could change at any moment. For the first few minutes of walking I was in front keeping a steady pace… or I was until Arthur decided he wanted to be the one to walk in front and shouldered passed me, seriously what is this guy’s problem? It doesn’t help that he’s so obviously dismissive of his own sister who I’m realizing might have been forced to choose only healing skills as a sort of pocket healer judging by how shaky her steps are. Letting out another irritated sigh I caught Morgana’s eye who just gave me an apologetic look before continuing on leaving me in the back of our little formation.

I’m starting to realize that this might become a bigger problem than I thought, if Arthur keeps acting the way he is then he might become more aggressive towards us over time and when it comes to a straight up fight and I do mean when. I won’t be able to win in a head to head fight so I’m going to need a skill to immobilize or stun him somehow, with a twitch of my mental focus my menu open up before me showing the same information as before except for the fact that I now had two SP points I could spend. Flicking my eyes up to make sure I wasn’t falling behind I started to flick through the different spell type pages and many of them were very interesting ranging from the obvious healing magic to much more obscure called lutum kinesis which from what I was seeing was some kind of dirt magic, not plant magic like expected but dealing more in controlling the types of nutrients and minerals in soil which was very… specific.

There were other types of magic that required experience on other fields of magic before you could start it and sadly lightning magic was part of that requiring more experience in neutral magic and fire magic so no, that was out when it comes to stunning Arthur. Though from what I’m seeing here most of the combination magics require a high skill in neutral magic which was the beginner tree I had started on so knowing it would come in handy later I put one of the points into Fledgling Mana Control.

[Fledgling → Adept Mana Control: Gives the bearer basic control over their magic] [and bestows the lowest forms of magic Levitation and Beam Attack]

[Further levels in this skills will improve mana efficiency and potency]

[Skill Level Up! 1→ 5]

Closing out of the level up screen brought me the same uncomfortable feeling of having my mana pool expanded though I was happy to admit that it wasn’t as painful as last time, more like stretching a sore muscle except… metaphysical. Taking another glance at the twins showed me that Arthur didn’t even glance back at me but his sister on the other hand was glancing at me out of the corner of her eye concerned so I flashed her a quick smile and caught up to her. Seeming to reassure her for the moment the walk continue in silence for a while until a subtle sound seemed to pull away from the forest natural background noise, all of us seemed to notice this sound around the same time and after listening a bit closer it was obvious what it was… a river and where there's water there civilization. It took a moment to pinpoint which direction the sound was coming from with the new ears and all but after changing our course accordingly it wasn’t long until the aquamarine river became visible and in the first time in what felt like an hour of walking we saw the sun and for a moment I felt relief but then I saw the sun slowly start to move across the sky which changed the brief fleeting moment of relief to straight dread.

“We need to start a fire and fast” The twins followed my gaze upwards and saw the reason behind my urgency but both reacted differently, Morgana’s eyes widened when she realized what could happen if we didn’t have a proper light source and turned around to start gathering sticks while Arthur just let out an annoyed sigh before taking a few steps towards the river's edge and sitting down onto his haunches looking down into the water in the slowly dying light of the day.

“Aren’t you going to help?” Arthur only glanced back at me before returning his attention to the water irritating me further and it was a few moments before he responded.

“I’m hungry, so I’m looking for fish duh” I was honestly struck dumb by what he had just said… is he aware of what he is now? There is no way he is actually this ignorant, there are some things I can chalk up to being in a tense situation right now but this… I am almost in awe by his stupidity and this isn’t even me being biased from his prior behavior this is a milestone in itself. I slowly trotted to his side and sat down next to him then in a calm and collected voice said.

“Can you see yourself in the water? You are a pony, You. Do. Not. Eat. Meat!” I’ll admit I got a bit frustrated with him at the end there but it seems I got my point across because when he whipped his head towards me to respond he stopped and seemed to really think about what I said. Then growling angrily and slapping the water in front of him before getting up and storming away to help his sister who had been watching our little ‘talk’ while balancing a few sticks on her back and flank. Though now that I’m paying attention to it I realized that all of us are blank flanks which while expected is slightly disappointing because I wanted the bullsh- I mean the plot armor boost that comes with them.

Between the three of us we were able to quickly gather enough sticks, dry grass, and rocks to get a good fire going but now came the hard part. We sat around the prepared unlit fire pit and started at it for a moment as we all collectively realized none of us really knew how to start a fire… especially without hands! Morgana glanced up at me for a while before perking up and speaking.

“Can’t you use your magic to start the fire?” I suddenly felt a bit stupid for not thinking of that first so I just smiled sheepishly and leaned down so my horn was close to some of the exposed dry grass and focused, I didn’t need a full powered mana beam just a weak constant one to act like a laser or something. I could feel the mana building up sluggishly and with almost the same amount of finesse and difficulty as levitation a thin beam of mana shot from my horn and impacted the dry grass giving off silver sparks at the point of impact, after a few seconds of nothing happening I cranked up the power a smidge and slowly a trail of smoke started to trail from the grass and when more of it started to smolder I cut off the beam and started to gently blow on the embers until every so slowly they grew and was able to spread on its own. Much to my surprise instead of regular orange fire rising we saw silver flames matching my magical aura slowly consuming the wood and it was very pretty to look at. All of us gazed at the colored flames for a moment in fascination until the moment was ended by the sound of a stomach growling making us break our gazes and look back at each other.

“I said I was hungry” As much as I wanted to be annoyed by his attitude he had a point, I was starting to get hungry as well and with a quick glance at the sky I could tell we had only a few minutes left until it well and truly became night so we would need some kind of miracle to get some food now.

“Actually… I saw some edible mushrooms under some trees nearby… “ Huh ask and ye shall receive, rising to her feet hooves Morgana quickly scurried off into the tree line and when I was about to follow her she returned trotting on three legs with the last holding a sizable bundle of brown mushrooms and when she returned to her original spot and placed the mushrooms on the ground I realized I recognized them, they were called Shii- something uh… Shiitake mushrooms I think but those only grow in Asia right?

“Hurry up, I'm starving!” Okay that’s it I have to say something about this now, if Arthur keeps this up I might just straight up throw him in the river with levitation.

“Dude! cool it, if it wasn’t for your sister we would be going to sleep hungry so be a bit more grateful alright” Arthur seemed to take that as a personal slight because the moment I finished speaking his face screwed up in anger and what I’m assuming is indignation, he was about to open his mouth and most likely yell multiple obscenities at me but that moment never came as a stick with four cooked mushroom caps on it broke his line of sight to me and brought our attention back to Morgana and the food which had apparently been cooking the whole time.

“It’s ready, careful it's hot” Taking the stick handed to me I let the matter drop as the once tension filled air was instead filled with the sound of eating, they say hunger is the best spice and until now I never really understood that. I remember a time where mushrooms would make me gag just from a single taste but right now it was just what I needed after a horrifying day like today. Now that I’m actually sitting down and resting I can feel how deeply tired I am from everything I’ve been through and as much as I want to sleep, I can’t yet. We could be ambushed at any time so one of us needed to keep watch for a while and switch off from there… or maybe we don’t have to.

“Hey I’m going to try something, if it works it could keep us safe during the night” This had gained the twins full attention as I threw my now empty stick into the warm silver flames and straightened up then recalled the information on how to summon a wisp, unlike other games where summoning is mostly just borrowing creatures from other planes of existence, summoning here is mostly creating magical constructs that slowly gain their own consciousness until they become the creature you model them as and bring them into reality. The wisp summon in particular isn’t difficult because it’s by definition formless, so all I needed to do was tap into my skill and magic and kind of encourage it into reality. Wisps are made of only mana so unlike other creatures a physical catalyst isn’t required. I could feel the silver aura envelop my horn and slowly start to balloon at the tip until it was the size of a large marble then like a soap bubble breaking off from my main source of mana leaving a slowly wavering silver flame floating in the air, it was actually pretty cute to look at. It floated completely still for a moment until I remembered that I needed to give it a task first or else I would have to control it manually so with another flex of the mental muscles I commanded ‘Patrol’ and immediately it floated off and started a slow circle around our meager camp.

“There, that’ll attack anything that comes near us during the night” Morgana seemed pretty impressed with my little light show while Arthur actually seemed to almost be asleep already and I couldn't blame him, night had well and truly hit and we had gotten ourselves a warm campfire, sort of full stomachs, and protection for the night. I was starting to feel drowsy as well, I stretched while taking a glance at my mana bar to see how much magic making the wisp took. Creating the wisp took about one third of my mana but maintaining it actually took less than what I was regenerating so I could keep this spell up indefinitely for now but at the cost of my mana returning at a snail's pace.

“Alright, we can talk about where to go in the morning. Goodnight you two” In return all I got were murmurs and grunts as the two were already entering dreamland, sadly I couldn’t join them just yet as I needed to find a solution to the Arthur problem. It was only a matter of time before his temper peaks and he crosses a line somewhere, pulling my menu back up. I started to flip through the magic tabs much more thoroughly and just like last time I saw so many interesting types of magic but none of them fit my immediate needs and the few spells I found that were exactly what I needed were too advanced or too powerful for me to even use if I could even learn it. It was when I was near the end when I saw something different, down near the bottom right corner of the screen was a button with a six pointed star with a snake eye in the center, of course at first I warded off from pressing it due to it have a snake eye on it and everything but after combing through the spells again and finding nothing I just sighed and bit the metaphorical bullet and press the button. What happened next I didn’t expect, a whole different magic tab opened up and everything was available though after a moment of reading the tabs I realized why this magic had its own cutoff section… it was all types of dark magic. Unlike the regular magic tabs these were organized by their chance to corrupt and their severity. Next to every type of magic there was a different number of that star symbol from before and at the top of the list with only half a star was ‘Shadow Magic’ which was surprising because lower on the list is also love magic at a whopping three stars so that's kind of concerning and makes me not want to visit the crystal empire. Now I know just looking at these spells is obviously bad idea but from what I’m reading here the corruption comes from taking in too many dark spells before they were ready. So if I practice with whatever spell I get until I’m almost a master then I’m way less likely to be corrupted by taking other spells so this just sounds like a case of common sense versus cliché villains. Though that does make me curious… What's the worst spell here? With a flick of the mental wrist the list was sent scrolling down at a quick rate and ever so slowly the screen actually started to get darker and darker until I had to lean in close to be able to read the screen once it finally came to a stop and what I read actually made me feel a deep dread.

[Summoning: HIM ]

Scrolling back up as quick as possible I shook myself out of whatever stupor that had put me in and focused back on the shadow magic, the first spell was a simple prehensile shadow tendril which was perfect.

[Fledgling Shadow Tendril: Bestows the acolyte minor power over the domain of] [shadows along with granting a boon of increased strength and dexterity when]
[used within the shadows themselves]

[Mana use: Moderate]

[Level 0: 0.00%]

[Corruption Chance: 5% - 4% Lack of corruptible Cutie Mark = 1%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

After feeling that absolute dread from the bottom of the list I wasn’t afraid to choose this as long as I would Never pick that other one. after buying the skill and closing the menu I awaited the inevitable pain but it didn’t come as all I felt was a slow creeping cold start to enter the camp. The silver fire dimmed slightly as I felt the cold slowly grow over my body. I would have panicked but instead all I felt was calm and relaxed, the cold having no effect on me as the knowledge on how to summon the tendril entered my mind almost soothingly. Now I could understand what made this magic so addicting, I quickly shook myself from my emotionally muted state and checked the others to make sure they were still asleep which they were thankfully though Morgana was shivering from the magic so I threw some more wood onto the fire before settling back down. The rest of the night was filled with practice using shadow tendril, the tendril itself was cold to the touch but had no real texture and it alternated from soft to hard at my command, it was like having another arm at your command though I could feel that it was extremely weak in both durability and strength. Over time I would have to dispel the tendril to recover so my wisp wouldn’t run out of mana but once to was back to nominal levels I would start again and get familiar with my new trump card, Eventually I did tire myself out mentally and had to dispel the tendril to sleep a hopefully nightmare free sleep… Now still isn’t the time to break.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed and I'm sure some of you noticed how I borrowed the whole swearing consequence thing but I though it was a great tool to make it so I wouldn't have to use fowl language and have a reason for not doing so.
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