• Published 25th Sep 2020
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How does one boop a nose with frosting? - Leafy

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No really, how?

It was another day for Surn as he was walking down the street, or more like speed running...... Today was not one of his favorite days.

Because today was Boop day.

You see, Surn never liked Boop day. So he tries to stay away from the one person that loves boops.

"Please don't tell me she followed me..... please tell me she didn't follow me......"

Surn even sped up, only just to realize that he ended up back at his house. He slapped his forehead as he realized his huge mistake he made. He only figured out now that he was circling the entire neighborhood. So he decided to walk up the doorstep to his house and unlock the door. He walked in his house and proceeded with cation.

"Hello? Anybody home?" He asked. "It's me...... Surn........" A bad thought crossed his head. What if she was-

No. Impossible. She would never do that. She's too shy to even do-" He was interrupted by a voice all to familiar......

"Surn? Is that you?"

The only thing that Surn said in his mind was:


But before he could even run, he was grabbed by his shirt and pulled backwards.

"You can't escape me Surn! You know it's tradition and tradition must always be celebrated!"

"Ugh. I know Fluttershy! It's just that I don't like it!" Surn said, Trying to get out of Fluttershy's grasp on him.

This made Fluttershy even happier. She know's almost everything about Surn. Literally.

Surn had no choice but to agree to this "tradition" they speak of.

"Ugh. Fiiiiiiine...... a boop it is."

"Yay! I mean yay." She stuck out her nose for Surn to boop it, but with only one tiny problem......

"Um Fluttershy? Your nose! It has um....."

"Are you saying your refusing to boop my nose? Or are you lying?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nonono! I'm saying-" Fluttershy had put her finger on his mouth to shut him up.

"Your obviously trying to avoid me! I can tell that through your voice! You even decided to even just spend two whole day's just with Rarity instead of me!"

At this rate, Surn was pissed. He held up a mirror right in Fluttershy's face. "Look! your nose is covered in frosting! And by the looks of it, it seems like it's stuck on you!"

Fluttershy gasped as she saw the frosting on her nose. And then she began to panic.

"Now how are you gonna boop me?! It's Boop day! The one day that brought men and women together to form strong relations with each other! Why of all days did it have it to be today?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!"

Surn was now in a state of laughter and shock. He had never seen this side of Fluttershy before. It really was a true sight to see her like this.

"You better not be recording me! You little-"

15 min later......

Both Surn and Fluttershy sat down on the floor as Fluttershy was trying to come up with ideas on how to remove the frosting on her nose. Surn on the other hand, well.......

"Still brainstorming?" Surn asked.

"Yes. Now the least you can do is help me." Fluttershy replied.

Surn gave it a deep thought before giving her his answer.

"Hmmm..... how bout no?" Surn said.

Fluttershy was pissed. She loved Boop day, and nothing was gonna stop her from getting the one special boop at the end of the day, right before midnight.

"Surn, can you just be serious for once? I'm trying to brainstorm here and your not even attempting to help!"

"Ugh. Look, the reason relations were brought together were because of the love they had for someone else! Not just cause of....... boops."

Fluttershy felt offended. Has Surn gone mad? Or is he just speaking the truth?

Nah. She said to herself. Surn really has gone mad. He's just not going to accept the tradition!

"Hello! Um, earth to Fluttershy? You spaced out for like, 5 whole minutes! Are you really okay?" Surn asked

"Oh? Yeah, I'm fine. I wouldn't say the same for you though! You gone crazy!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

Surn slowly clapped his hands. "Wow.... I never thought it come down to this. Never have I seen you like this or called me crazy before! This isn't you!"

Fluttershy paused for a minute. "Your right. This is me tying to tell you the importance of Boop day!"

"My goodness! Fluttershy calm down! Your so mad, I can't even tell if your trying to debate or not! Yeesh!"

"I knew you made me bake those cupcakes so you can avoid boop day! I knew it!" Fluttershy said as she yelled at Surn.

"Hold on..... Are you really mad at me just because of frosting that is on your nose, thus refusing the fact that when I said that these relations are brought together are because of the love in them and not just because of some silly boops?" Surn said at least trying to put some sense into Fluttershy.

Fluttershy thought hard for a minute. Is what Surn saying true? Or is he just trying to mess with me?

10 minutes later......

Surn was lying on his usual spot on the couch while eating some of Fluttershy's homemade cupcakes. Or at least, ate some.....

"I'll never eat or think about cupcakes the same way." Surn said out loud to himself.

Fluttershy peaked out from the kitchen. "Are you enjoying those cupcakes Surn?"

"Yes I am! They taste sooooooooooo good!" Surn replied.

Fluttershy smiled. "And don't forget! I planned something special for later!"

This better be good. Surn said to himself. I wonder what it's gonna be? Is gonna be boops, or is it gonna be something I'll remeber for years to come? Who knows? Not me of course!


Fluttershy had sat down right next to Surn on the couch and gave him a nice little hug. "Today was a eventful day huh?"

"Yeah. Tell me about it." Surn replied.

"Well, It's not over yet!" Fluttershy said as she pointed to her now clean nose.

Only one thing crossed Surn's head:


Author's Note:

Oh boy another one! I hoped you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Till next time!