• Published 25th Sep 2020
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How does one boop a nose with frosting? - Leafy

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Bonus! The secret watch!

While all the craziness from inside the house, Bumble and Fallout had been watching from inside the house, observing everything that was going on.

"Man.... All that for just a boop on the nose? Wow.... Surn's got some nerve to do all of that....." Fallout said.

Bumble just remined silent, and Fallout was getting concerned. He never seen Bumble this quiet. Normally, he would be defending Surn, making this bonus chapter quite short. However, that wasn't the case today.

"Bumble? Buuuuuuumble? Bumble!"

Bumble suddenly snapped out of his daze. "Yeah?"

"What the freak man?! You had me worried! What's wrong?" Fallout asked.

"Today is Boop day, right?" Bumble asked.


"And there's two Twilight's...... Right? One from here and one from Equestria.... Right?"

"Alright. Spill it out."

"Dude. We need to run."

At this point, Fallout thought Bumble had gone mad. But boy was he wrong.

"Bummmmmmmmmbllllllllllllllllllllle? Where are yooooooooooooooooooou?"

"We know your here! Come on out!"

Fallout laughed. "Dude! They are coming for you! Not me! Ha! Priceless!"

Suddenly out of nowhere, Pinkie tackled Fallout to the ground. "Hello hunny bunny!"

The two boys both had only one thing left to do.



Author's Note:

And then there was more! I hope you enjoyed this bonus chapter as much as I did!

Till next time!

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Lol nice, :rainbowlaugh:

thanks for the Cameo!

I have out done my self again! Wooooooooo-

And thus the eternal cycle continues. RIP you two. I'm sure you were good men... I think.

I was good! Now Fallout he was the naughty one! 😏

same here!

Hahahahah!:rainbowlaugh: oh my god this is amazing! Thank you so much for putting me into your story

no problem!

I wasn’t expecting this :rainbowlaugh:

One of my favorite scenes of her EG counterpart

Hehe! Now that's funny! Comedy 101!

No really, did I get it?

Hello, a review to your story has been posted to the My Little Reviews & Feedback group. I hope you find it helpful. :twilightsmile:

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