• Published 9th Sep 2020
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An Equestrian Witcher 2.0 - OblivionShadow

A witcher from the Northern Realms finds himself sitting in Equestria, turned into a pony. When the fight with the Leshen began it was business as usual, but a second attack and a sharp pain to the back find him waking up in another world

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3: Beginning the Hunt

As they walked into town Oblivion was quiet as he walked with the mare at his side. Her stride was slower than his and he slowed to match her. Spike was walking in front of them with a scroll and quill in his claws. Twilight stayed with him despite her distended stomach.

“Foods all taken care of,” Spike called out from in front of them. “Now we need to ask about the weather.”

Twilight lowered her head as a loud groan came from her. “Ugh. I ate too much pie.” She groaned as she stared at the ground in front of her.

He said nothing as he simply looked at her in sympathy. He could tell that she was miserable but he had no idea how to remedy it for her and simply remained at her side.

“There’s supposed to be a Pegasus pony named Rainbow Dash clearing the sky,” Spike said to them.

Oblivions head began to look around them, scanning the area for the Pegasus mare. Twilight didn’t see him looking around them as she looked up as well. He looked back at her as she sighed and raised her head.

“Well, she’s not doing a very good job now is she?” She replied as the clouds were still in the sky above her.

His ears flicked as the sound of wings caught his attention. He jumped back as a flash of blue caught his eye. He watched as the Pegasus collided almost violently with the Unicorn, sending them both rolling into a mud puddle. Even though he had jumped away before being struck the mud had still splashed up to his knees. He grimaced at the mud covering him and then his orange eyes fell to the pair of ponies in the puddle. His cloak had managed to dodge the worst of the mud and he simply looked at the pair of them.

Rainbow Dash sat up first as she was half straddling the other mare. She stepped back and looked at the groaning mare. “Oops?” She gave a sheepish laugh as she got out of the mud puddle. “Sorry?”

Twilight sat still in the water with her eyes closed. Her eyes opened and she fixed the other mare with a glare from behind her waterlogged forelock. Rainbow looked from Twilight to the black stallion and she fixed him with a glare of her own, he assumed she was recalling the previous night. She seemed to choose to ignore him as he moved to help the fallen mare out of the mud. He reached out to her and started to help her up when Rainbow jumped back into the puddle, soaking him further. He ignored her as paying any attention to her antics would only encourage them. He reached out a hoof to help Twilight to her hooves. Rainbow gave him a sour look but then returned to ignoring him as she flapped her wings to get out of the puddle.

The mare suddenly brightened and jumped out of the water. “Let me help.”

The blue mare zipped off and Oblivion got Twilight almost fully out of the water as the Pegasus returned with a gray cloud in tow. Oblivion stared at the cloud, as she put it above the both of them, Oblivion looked up at it then saw that the cloud was full of water, and then the mare began jumping on it. The upside was that the mud was washed off. The downside was that now they were both soaked through. She looked down at them and saw the purple mare staring up at her with murderous intent.

“Oops guess I overdid it. Umm. Okay, hang on.” The mare kicked the cloud away and then landed by them. She appeared thoughtful for a moment before an idea struck her. “I know! My very own patented rain-blow dry.”

She created a tornado around them by flying very quickly around them. He shut his eyes as his mane and tail were whipped by the wind. His wings clung to his sides tightly as he willed them not to move in the intense winds. The black cloak whipped in the wind and he lowered his head to keep it from being tossed from him. He kept them closed even as the winds began to subside. He looked at the mare at his side and his eyes widened at the sight of her mane. It was puffed up in a style that reminded him of Pinkie Pie. He wasn’t able to stop the cringe that came from him at the thought of the exuberant mare. He flipped his head back to get his cloak to sit across his swords once more.

“No, no. Don’t thank me, your quite welcome.” Rainbow crowed as she came to the ground. Her self-congratulations went silent as she opened her eyes to look at the pair of them.

Twilight’s mane and tail were a complete disaster and he assumed his own was as well. His mane and tail were heavily tangled but had not puffed up in a way that was similar to the Unicorn with him. He looked back at his tail and found it to be in the same condition as his mane and forelock. Twilight was once more looking murderous as Rainbow and Spike broke into hysterical laughter. Twilight broke into a deep sigh as she watched them laugh.

“Meet Rainbow Dash.” The Witcher whispered to her.

The purple Unicorns shoulders slumped for several seconds before she squared her shoulders and moved to stand closer to the laughing pair. “So you’re Rainbow Dash?”

The other Pegasus stood up so fast it sent Spike rolling away from her. Oblivion chuckled quietly at the rolling lizard and then looked back at the now posing mare.

“The one and only. Why have you heard of me?” She questioned.

Oblivion rolled his eyes and tried not to snort at the arrogant mare. Her type was a never-ending source of aggravation. He watched as Twilight sighed and looked up at the clouds.

“I heard you were supposed to keep the sky clear. The Princess sent me to check...” Twilight started as the mare interrupted her by jumping into the air to lounge on the same cloud she had used on them earlier.

He would have liked nothing more than to pull the cloud from under her but he held back. Spike tapped his leg and Oblivion looked down at him. He motioned for Oblivion to bring his head down and the stallion obliged. Spike grabbed a chunk of his tangled mane and used it to vault up onto the black Pegasus's back. The lizard landed on his cloak and sat there with a firm hold of Oblivion’s mane. Oblivion was silent as his mind processed that the lizard was now sitting on his back on top of his swords and wings. He gave an angry snarl and sat down swiftly. Spike yelped at the sound and fell off his back.

The Witcher looked at him and a growl came from his mouth as the “I do not recall giving you permission to sit on my back as a common pack mule. Do not do that again.” He growled and got to his hooves, walking away from the stunned lizard.

Twilight and Rainbow both stared at him for several seconds as he moved to stand close by the purple Unicorn. Both mares regarded him as his face remained blank and unreadable. The blue Pegasus waved her hoof and looked at the mare.

“I’ll get to them in a jiffy, once I’m done practicing.” She explained.

Twilight looked at Oblivion who looked even less impressed with the blue Pegasus. “Practicing for what?” She asked.

Rainbow looked at both of them as excitement showed plainly on her face. “For the Wonderbolts! They are gonna perform at the ceremony tomorrow. And I’m gonna show them my moves.”

Twilight and Oblivion both watched as she pointed to a nearby flyer. Oblivion looked down at Twilight as she looked at him. He gave her a sly wink and she gave him a slight grin as she turned back to the Pegasus mare.

“The Wonderbolts?” She started.


“The most talented flyers in all of Equestria?”

“That’s them!”

“Hah. They would never accept a Pegasus that can’t even keep the sky clear for one measly day. Would they, Mr. Shadow?” She looked at the stallion who nodded in agreement with her.

“Hey! I could clear the skies in ten seconds flat.” The mare boasted.

Twilight lowered her head in the challenge as she looked at the Pegasus. “Prove it.” She challenged, her voice strong.

Oblivion had to fight not to snort out his own challenge at the blue Pegasus. Rainbow looked at both of them for several seconds before she took to the air in a hurry. The wind that came off her flight sent both of their manes away from their necks due to the updraft. She tore through the skies and he had to admit she was quick, despite the small size of her wings. His own wings flicked as he watched her tear through the sky. He looked down at Twilight as she watched, dumbfounded as the mare flew above them.

“Loop de loop around and bam! Ten. Seconds. Flat. I’d never leave Ponyville hanging.” The mare gave a laugh as she looked at Twilight's stunned face. “You should see the look on your face. Ha! You're a riot, Twilight Sparkle. I can’t wait to hang out again sometime.” The blue mare took off once more and vanished from sight.

Oblivion reached out and pushed Twilights open-jaw back into place and the mare shook her head as Spike came to stand next to her. Oblivion managed not to sigh as the mare vanished from his sight.

“Wow! She was amazing!” Spike gushed and then he bounced Twilights tangled mane in his claws and tried to suppress a giggle at the state of it.

Twilight rolled her eyes and looked at the black Pegasus. “Where is the decor being set up, Mr. Shadow?”

Oblivion flicked his ears and they listened closely as he tilted his head to follow the sounds around him. He closed his eyes for a moment as he focused on the sounds around him, his ears flicked to the right as the sound of a pony talking about colors caught his attention. He opened his eyes and his body turned to follow his ears.

“This way Miss Sparkle.” He said to her and turned to lead her in the direction of the town hall.

Twilight and Spike walked with him, with Spike staying on the other side of Twilight. The black Pegasus led them up to the doors, his hoof pushed the door and held it open for the mare. She smiled and nodded politely to him as Spike ran in after her. Oblivion watched as the lizard ran ahead of him but he felt no guilt about his actions. As they walked into the building Spike was in front of them. They walked down the center of the room and he watched as Twilight head went from side to side to look at the décor that was already up on the walls. At her side, Spike was doing the same as the stallion stayed on their heels.

“Decorations. Beautiful.” Spike gushed as they walked forward.

Twilight looked pleased by what she was seeing as they moved toward the end of the carpet. Oblivion watched as the mare paused for a second to look around them.

“Yes. The decorations are coming along nicely. This will be quick, I’ll be in the Library in no time. Beautiful indeed.”

“Not the décor. Her.” Spike said as he pointed to the end of the carpet where a mare stood.

Oblivion's heightened eyesight helped in the fairly dim room as the mare didn’t seem to even notice they were there. She had a white coat with a deep purple mane and tail that were styled with large curls. She was hovering ribbons of many different colors close by as she tried to choose which one.

“No, no, no, good goddess no.” She spoke to herself as she chose colors.

Spike suddenly looked nervous and began to run his claws over his scales. “How are my spines? Are they straight?”

He saw Twilight roll her eyes as she began to walk forward. The Pegasus walked behind the mare as she made for the dais ahead of them. Spike hung back for several seconds before he advanced, rubbing his claws over his scales in an attempt to shine them.

“Good afternoon.” Twilight greeted.

“Just a moment, please. I’m in the zone as it were. Oh yes! Sparkle always does the trick, does it not? Why Rarity you are a talent.” She gushed to herself as the bow sparkled in front of her. She slowly turned to face them as she went on. “Now, umm, how can I… Oh my goodness darlings! Whatever happened to your coiffure?”

Even Oblivion stared at her as she spoke. He tilted his head slightly at being called darling but soon let it go as the mare stared at the pair of them. Just in front of him, Twilight looked up at her forelock and then back to the white mare, who looked stricken.

“Oh, you mean our manes?” She said as she looked back at him and then back to the other mare. “Well, it’s actually a very long story. I am just here to check the décor and we will be out of your hair in no time.”

“Out of my hair? What about your hair?” The white mare replied and jumped from her place and began to push the purple Unicorn ahead of her.

“Wait! Where are we going? Help!” Twilight yelped as she was pushed forward.

Oblivion fell in behind them as Spike hovered just above the ground with small hearts coming from his body. The Pegasus said nothing as questions about how he was accomplishing such a feat went through his mind. After a few seconds of considering how it was being done he closed his eyes and simply shook his head choosing to ignore it for the time being.

They were shown through town and reached a building with a stylized door that had a paint job that reminded him of Noble homes back in the Northern Realms. He knew that in his world paint could be expensive so he assumed it was the same for this world as well. The building had pony shaped mannequins on the upper level of the building and appeared to be a two-story home as well as a shop of some kind. The white mare hustled them into the building and immediately began to clean up the disaster that was their manes and tails. She held up a brush and began to run it through his mane as he grimaced at the pull. Her magic was doing the same to Twilight who also winced.

She set the brush aside after several minutes as his mane and tail were now tamed and his forelock laid to the side of his face. He watched as she finished with Twilights mane and tail and was now getting her into a various amount of outfits. He watched as the purple mare appeared less than enthused about the new development. He decided that if she began to try that with him he was going to need to learn how to gallop quickly to avoid her. He moved to stand fairly close to the door just in case he needed to evade her.

More outfits were brought forward and he had to admit they weren’t terrible but it didn’t help that the purple mare was less than enthusiastic. The other Unicorn put her into a corset type of outfit and began tightening it. Oblivion cringed as Twilight had tears pricking the edges of her eyes. Oblivion was about to step in when Rarity let go and they both were sent flying in opposite directions. Oblivion wasn’t sure why since he wasn’t listening. Deciding this qualified under girl or mare talk. Rarity recovered first as Oblivion helped Twilight up.

“Canterlot!” She shrieked. Oblivion pinned his ears and grimaced in pain. “Oh, I am so envious! The glamor, the sophistication! I have always dreamed of living there, I can’t wait to hear all about it. You and I will be the best of friends!” She looked down at the front of the corset Twilight was wearing. While Twilight looked like she was about to panic. “Emeralds! What was I thinking? Let me get you some rubies!” The white mare disappeared around the corner and Twilight looked ready to bolt.

She looked at him and he pushed open the door and stepped aside to allow her to flee outside if she wished. The purple Unicorn tossed off the clothing and ran for the door.

“Hurry! Before she tries to dye my coat a new color!” She cried out as she fled past him.

He reached down and his claws gripped an oblivious Spike and walked three-legged out the door in the mares wake.

Spike was now sitting on the Unicorns back as she walked away from town toward the outskirts. “Wasn’t she wonderful?” He mused, his voice wistful.

“Focus Casanova.” Twilight admonished him and he sat up straighter on her back. “What next on the list?” She asked as she came to a top to allow the lizard to read the list he carried.

Oblivion stopped next to her and waited as his ears flicked to listen around them. His wings tightened on his barrel as he waited in silence. He glanced down at the limbs and mused about how he would have to figure out how to use them unless he wished to remain on the ground at all times.

“Oh, music is next. And it’s the last one on the list.” Spike addressed the mare as she looked over her shoulder at him.

Twilight turned her head to look at him expectantly and he gave a slight nod in response to her look. He raised his head to its full height and his ears began to flick once more as he listened for any music around them. His ears quickly caught the sound of music near them and he tilted his head to her, motioning for her to follow him. He caught the short look she gave him but he chose to ignore it. If she wanted further information from him she could ask him for it, but he would not give it to her otherwise. He led the way as they walked a short distance and were soon at the edge of a small clearing. They walked up to a group of singing birds with a hovering Pegasus close by them. The Pegasus was a butter yellow with a long pink mane and tail. A group of singing birds was the source of the music and they waited for a pause.

“Oh my, umm, please stop everyone. Excuse me, sir, you’re just a tiny bit off. I mean no offense. Now follow me, please. A one and a two-three.”

Twilight took another step forward and opened her mouth to speak. “Hello.” She called out.

The Pegasus yelped and spun to look at her as the birds immediately scattered. Oblivion watched as they flew away and he looked at the Unicorn as she cringed in embarrassment. Her embarrassment faded as the other pony floated to the ground and looked at her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare your birds. I’m just here to check on the music and it sounded wonderful.” There was a pregnant pause as Twilight looked nervous and the other pony looked at the ground. “I’m Twilight Sparkle and this is my guide, Oblivion Shadow.” He nodded politely to her and waited. “And you are?”

“I’m Fluttershy.” The mare replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I’m sorry what was that?” Twilight questioned.

The mare hid behind her long mane and peeked out from behind it. “I’m… Fluttershy.” She replied, her voice was now a small squeak.

Oblivion looked between the two mares and he could tell that the Pegasus was frightened. He stepped up to speak into the purple Unicorn's ear to avoid the situation becoming even more of a disaster.

“Fluttershy.” He whispered into her ear and she looked at him in thanks and gave a small nod.

Twilight looked up as the birds came back and landed on their perches. “Well it looks like your birds are back, so I guess everything is in order. We will just leave you to it.” She turned and Oblivion went with her back to Spike who stood several; feet behind them. “Okay, well that was easy.”

Oblivion was quiet as the lizard was now in sight of the Pegasus and Oblivion's ears flicked as the sound of a loud gasp went out. He looked back at the mare as her eyes lit up and she streaked forward. He reached out and his claws dug into the mare’s fur and he yanked her back as the Pegasus streaked past to see Spike.

“A baby dragon!” She shrieked.

Oblivion reached for his silver sword as the word dragon flowed over his ears. He paused as the full sentence caught up with him and he realized that Spike was more than just a lizard, he was in fact a dragon. He had never come into contact with a dragon personally and he had no desire to if he was being honest. He released Twilights fur and she smiled in thanks as she looked at the mare and Spike. She groaned and walked forward a step.

“Oh, I have never seen a baby dragon before. He’s so cute!” She gushed and cooed at the baby dragon in front of her.

Spike looked at the purple Unicorn, his expression gloating. “Well, well, well.”

Oblivion bit back a groan and instead settled for rolling his eyes. The butter-yellow mare’s eyes went wider as the dragon spoke.

“Oh my, he talks. I didn’t know dragons could talk, that’s just so incredibly wonderful. I, I just don’t even know what to say.” She gushed out.

Twilight moved forward and pushed Spike onto her back. “Well, then we better get going.”

Fluttershy followed closely on the other mare’s heels and Oblivion settled into an easy pace behind her.

“Wait, wait. What's his name?”

“I’m Spike.”

“Hi, Spike. I’m Fluttershy. Wow, a talking dragon. What do dragons talk about?”

“Well. What do you want to know?” Spike asked her as leaned forward toward Twilight's flanks.

“Absolutely everything,” Fluttershy responded.

Spike looked at the expectant mare and smiled. “Well, I started out as a cute little purple and green egg…” He began and kept talking as the mare moved through both Twilight and Oblivion had stopped listening to him.

Oblivion lengthened his stride and caught up with the groaning Twilight easily. He tried to look sympathetic despite knowing that it would fall flat due to his lack of emotions. He gave her gentle guidance toward the library that she had mentioned earlier. He had passed it by earlier in the day while walking with Applejack. He ignored the retelling of Spike’s entire life history as they walked. The lavender mare grumbled occasionally but otherwise kept her silence.

The sun was nearly fully set by the time they reached the library. He stopped close by the door and his ears flicked as the sounds from inside caught his attention. He looked at Twilight but paused before he spoke to her.

“And that’s the story of my entire life up until today.” Spike finished. “Do you want to hear about today?”

Fluttershy’s wings trembled in excitement. “Oh yes please.”

Spike started to speak when Twilight whirled around and looked at the other mare. “Well look here we are. This is where I will be staying while I’m in Ponyville. And my baby dragon needs his rest.”

“No I don’t… what?” Spike started ort argue and Twilight gave enough of a buck to unseat him and he fell to the ground behind her.

“Aww, look at that. He’s so tired he can’t even keep his widdle bwalance.” She said as she leaned her head down to look at Spike.

Fluttershy jumped forward, her wings spread as she scooped the baby dragon up in her forelegs. “Oh my, we simply must get you to bed.”

She began to dart inside when Twilight moved to cut her off. “Yes, yes, we will get right on that. Well, G’night.”

She slammed the door before Oblivion could warn her about the many ponies inside the library. His ears went forward as he heard Twilight speaking to Spike but he was trying not to pry and only heard the muffled sounds. He pinned his ears back when Pinkie, he knew her voice by now, yelled announcing the surprise. Oblivion pushed the door open with his hoof and let Fluttershy walk in first. He stood by the door and when he and the butter-yellow mare walked in he closed it. He watched from the door as Pinkie went to greet the purple mare.

“Hi! I’m Pinkie Pie. I threw this party just for you since you’re new to Ponyville! Were ya surprised? Were ya? Were ya?” She gushed at the mare.

Twilight tried not to look annoyed. “Very surprised. Libraries are supposed to be quiet.”

“Well, that's silly. How can you have a party quietly? What kind of party would that even be? I mean that would be super boring. Remember when you first got here and I was all like ‘gasp’. Since I had never seen you before I knew that you were new here so I had to get a party-ready for you. Since I know everypony and I mean, everypony!”

Twilight groaned and walked over to a table with drinks. She grabbed a bottle with her mouth and began pouring it into a cup, Oblivion stood back and would have warned her that what she was using smelled spicy but it would have meant he had to move through all the ponies. That was an idea he refused to entertain. He waited with barely held amusement.

“And if your new that meant you haven’t met anyone yet, and if you haven’t met anyone yet you must not have any friends, and if you don't have any friends then you must be lonely, and that made me so sad, then I had an idea, and that's why I went deep gasp! I must throw a great big ginormous super-duper spectacular welcome party and invite everyone in Ponyville! See? And now you have lots and lots of friends!” Pinkie rambled.

Twilight turned to face them, her face was a bright red and he could hear a low whistling. “You alrigh’ Sugarcube?” Applejack asked her.

He watched as the purple mare fled up the stairs, her head down. Pinkie turner to look at them a wide smile on her face. “Ah, she was so happy she was crying.”

Spike walked up the table and his claws picked up the bottle that Twilight had been using. “Hot sauce.”

Oblivion cringed as he knew he had been right about the scent it gave off. Pinkie then tipped the bottle and the contents fell onto a nearby cupcake. She immediately popped it into her mouth and chewed happily. He felt revulsion go through him as the thought of eating that went over him. He managed not to gag at the thought and swallowed his revulsion.

Pinkie turned to look at them. “What? It’s good.” She assured them.

He watched as Applejack caught sight of him by the door as he looked over the heads of the assembled ponies. The orange mare weaved through the crowd and approached him. She came to stand close by him and he waited for her to speak up.

“Thanks, fer takin’ and showin’ her around town. Ah appreciate the help.” She said to him and bumped him with her shoulder.

“It was no problem Applejack. You asked me to show her around instead of commanding so it was no trouble.” He replied easily.

“Ah heard bout what happened with Spike though. Ah’m sure he meant nothin’ by it.” She commented.

“I’m sure it was innocent. That does not change that he chose to bypass my wishes and sit on my back without my permission. He did not apologize so I have no reason to forgive.”

She sighed and went toward the baby dragon who had started to come toward her but had fled at the sight of the Pegasus stallion. He trained his ears forward to listen in as she leaned her head down a bit to speak to the baby dragon.

“Ya know he ain’t all that bad once ya realize that he’s just a little differen’. Ya just need to know how to apologize and he will react differently.” She said to Spike. “He’s just upset ya didn’t apologize. Ya didn’t ask ‘im and he took offense.

Spike looked down at the floor for a second before he nodded at her. The mare smiled encouragingly and nudged him in the direction of the black Pegasus. Spike looked apprehensive for a second before he began to walk toward Oblivion. The Witcher saw him gulp and steel himself as he walked up to him. He patted Oblivions' lower leg and the stallion lowered his head to speak to him.


“I uh, I’m really, well...Okay, you know what? I’m sorry. You were right I should have asked before I tried to sit on your back. I’m so used to Twilight not minding that I forgot to ask. You were right to be mad. I just thought it would be cool to sit on your back since you’re a lot taller than she is.” Spikes claws were back in front of him and he fiddled with them as he went on. “Anyway, that’s no excuse so I’m really sorry.” Spike finished and looked at the tall Pegasus.

Oblivion exhaled and nudged the dragon good-naturedly. “Very well. I will forgive it this time. So long as it does not happen again and we can consider this behind us.” He said as he raised his head back up.

A smile went across Spikes features as he patted the Pegasus’s leg once more. He got a good look at the tall Pegasus as he stood by him. “Wow. You really are tall. I didn’t think much about it when I first saw you. That's pretty cool.”

Oblivion looked at him and brought his head back down. “What does that mean?” Spike looked at him in confusion. “You keep using cool as if it's describing something else. I know what it means in the literal sense but you are using it differently.” Spike stared at him.

Applejack had walked up behind him and had heard Oblivion’s question. She chuckled at Spike’s reaction. “Ah told ya he’s differen’. Ya will need to explain it to ‘im though. Where he’s from they don’t have that kind of word.” She commented and nudged Spike.

“Okay. It means something interesting. I guess.” Spike replied though he scratched the back of his head as he tried to explain.

The Witcher nodded at the explanation and his head went up to his full height as he went back to looking over the heads of the crowd. Spike went back to the party and left Applejack with the Pegasus. The farm mare looked at him as he turned back to the door to leave. She reached out and gripped the baldric around his barrel.

“Oh no, ya don’t.” She said and he stopped as she held the strap. “Ya need ta stay around ponies and get comfortable around ‘em. Just cuz ya don’t like crowds means ya need ta work on it. Which reminds me, Mac said ya hadn’t brought up where ya were gonna be stayin’ after last night. So we talked ta Granny and she said that ya are welcome to stay as long as ya need. She said that so long as ya help out with the chores then ya are welcome. Unless ya had a plan?”

The Witcher looked at her for a second before he turned his body to more face her versus staring at her sideways. “I had no intention of imposing on you and your family further.” He raised a hoof to silence her and she closed her mouth, waiting for him to go on. “I had intended to stay out around where you had found me originally. I know that area fairly well and once that was established I suppose finding a job of some kind would be advised. Since my abilities as a Witcher do not seem to be in demand in this area.”

She stared at him for several seconds before she shook her head at him. “Ya were gonna stay in the forest?” He nodded and she shook her head again. “Nah. Nothing to it. Ya will stay with us and ya can work fer mah family. We could use another strong pony to help with the farm. Of course, we will pay ya fer yer work. Not epectin’ ya ta work fer free.” She held a hoof up as he opened his mouth to speak to her. “Ah won’t hear it. Ah’m not commanding it but ah know mah family won’t let ya sleep outside. Ah, know ya can protect yerself but not when you have a place ya can go.” She said to him and squared herself against him, daring him to argue.

Oblivion considered it as she waited. The farm mare knew better than to push him. He shook his head in defeat and nodded to the mare as she smiled. “Very well. I will accept your offer. We will work out the details at a later time. In the meantime, I am going to get something to eat. I will be back shortly.” He said as he reached out and pushed the door open with a hoof.

She looked at him and after several beats, she nodded and moved away from the door to let him leave. “All righ’. Just be safe out there.” She told him as she moved to go back into the crowd of ponies.

Oblivion looked back to her retreating back and sighed. He walked out of the building and made for the edge of the town. ‘These ponies are a strange bunch. Not a cruel bone in them. Maybe I should get used to the idea of a quiet life...No. I can’t let my training lapse. That would be the greatest insult to Vesemir and the others. He’d tan my hide, pony or not, for even considering it. In the meantime, I need to find meat. Judging by the way that light yellow Pegasus handled those birds hunting in this area is a fool's errand. That forest Applejack mentioned on the other hoof sounds like it would be perfect.’ He walked to the edge of town and into the thick forest. He moved his cloak away from his swords to make it easier to draw them from their scabbards. He looked down at his hooves and the claws flexed from their hiding place and he walked forward on them. He was careful to use only the ones on his forelegs to avoid his hind legs overreaching and possibly cutting the back of his forelegs.

As he walked deeper into the forest his senses came alive after a day of very little use. His eyes narrowed to thin slits as he focused on tracking any game that had used the same path as he was using now. His hooves were silent on the grass and leaves as he walked, careful of how his body moved that might alert any animals in the vicinity. He paused as the tracks on the ground in front of him grew clearer and the track was younger and more vibrant. He slowly eased his body forward as he looked up and the sight of a small deer caught his attention. He reached back for his steel sword and moved forward to continue his hunt.

Applejack looked up at a clock and she could see that time had ticked past her and the stallion had been gone longer than she thought. She spun on her heel to go and find him when her eyes fell on the Witcher standing in nearly the same location as when he had left. She was thrilled to see that he must have had a good meal while he was gone as he seemed more comfortable and at ease. He finally locked eyes with her and he gave a slight nod and she returned the gesture as she walked toward him.

“Ya get somethin’ ta eat?” She asked him, her voice slightly louder than normal to be heard easily over the party around them.

He nodded at the mare’s question. “Yes. I did thank you for asking.” He replied to her, his voice calm and steady. ‘I do feel much better than I did earlier. The hunt seems to have helped calm me as well. That forest seems to be more like what I am used to and I will use it from now on to hunt and run. It seems to be more feral and more what I am used to, a perfect place for a Witcher to run in.’ He had made sure to clean himself up before he returned to the party. He had washed off his face and claws in a nearby pond.

“Good. Ya look better too. Yer coat was a mite dull when I last saw ya. Ya look brighter.” She observed. “Whatever ya did, ya should keep doin’ it. Ah don’t mean ta be rude but ya looked sick before. Ya are still mighty thin fer yer height but ah suppose ya were doin’ a bunch of travelin’ so ya don’t eat much.” He gave a nod in reply and she went on. “Now ya can eat as much as ya like since yer workin’ fer us now. Anyway. Yer back just in time ta walk with me to the town hall. Let’s head out and watch the sunrise.” She said and motioned for him to stay with her as she opened the front door.

He let her go first out the door and he easily caught up to her and walked at her side. After several minutes they reached the building and walked inside to find a place to stand. He stayed in the back as Applejack moved to the front. He watched as Twilight came into the building with Spike sitting on her back. The black Pegasus was still not sure why the baby dragon was being carried but he chose to let it go and put it out of his mind. He was not sure if he was seeing right but she appeared nervous and was constantly looking out of a window high above them. He could see Pinkie standing close to her and talking rapidly, he chose to ignore what she was saying, and instead, he trained his gaze on a gray-haired mare at the front.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts, as Mayor if Ponyville it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration!” She called out to the gathered group.

“So that’s what this event is called.” He muttered to himself. “A bit ridiculous but whatever they choose is none of my business.”

“In just a few moments our town will witness the magic of the sunrise, and celebrate this the longest day of the year! And now it is my great pleasure to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very pony who raises the sun and moon each and every day. The good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria.”

Oblivion admittedly had not been paying full attention to the Mayor until that very moment. His head raised and he focused on what she had said in that last moment. ‘Raises the sun and the moon? What does that mean exactly? What happened to make it so the sun and moon cannot rise and fall on their own?’ He trained his focus on her to ensure that he heard the rest to see if there was more clarification about what she meant exactly.

He could see Fluttershy and her birds off to the side and he saw her turn to them and ask them if they were ready to sing. He watched as the Mayor looked up above them and lights trained on the small balcony above them.

“Princess Celestia!” She hollered.

He watched as Rarity pulled a set of curtains and they revealed an empty space. Rarity did a double-take and her eyes were wide as she looked around her. He gave a small sigh and looked around him. “I can’t say this is a good start to the morning.” He quipped quietly. His ears flicked as a sound caught his attention. His eyes followed his ears as they led him to scan the room.

“Stay calm everypony!” The Mayor shouted to the crowd.

He said nothing and simply bit back a snort as Rarity emerged above them as she had vanished to search behind the curtains. “She’s gone!”

He paid little attention as the sound grew louder and he followed it with his eyes. It was nearing the balcony above them and he stepped forward several steps as a black cloud coalesced above them in the same balcony. He watched it closely with growing interest as it grew larger. A black pony materialized from it and he could see that she was close to his own height if not a hand taller. He immediately noticed that she bore a Unicorns horn and wings similar to his own. She wore blue hoof boots, a helm that went down to her muzzle, and ended at the base of her mane. She had a purple marking on her flank with the moon in a lighter blue shade. Her mane and tail were ethereal and shimmered, moving around her. Oblivion watched her with growing distaste. He didn’t like the mare being above him. Granted he had a general problem with peo… ponies that thought too highly of themselves. The mare looked down at them and chuckled.

“Oh, my beloved subjects. It’s been so long since I last saw your sun-loving faces.” The black mare taunted.

He looked over like a flash of color caught his attention. He could see Rainbow Dash start to approach the mare but he saw Applejack grip her tail in her teeth. The farm mare gave out a muffled shout as she gripped the rainbow tail.

“Whoa, Nelly!” She shouted and held tightly.

He looked over as the Mayor jumped down the stairs of the dais and addressed the mare. “What have you done with our Princess?”

The black mare gave a dark chuckle as she replied. “Is my crown not royal enough for you? Does it no longer count since I have been imprisoned for a thousand years?” She sneered. “Did none of you see the signs?”

Oblivion gave a low snarl in reply to her. He opened his mouth to speak when Twilight beat him to it.

“I saw them. And I know who you are. You are the mare in the moon, Nightmare Moon!” The Unicorn shouted back at her.

“Well, well, well, somepony who remembers me. Then you know why I am here.” She growled back.

Oblivion looked at the purple mare and he felt a slight smile tug at his mouth. ‘Good girl.’ He praised the mare for her courage and her bold reply. The praise died on his lips moments later when she shrunk down at the look she was getting for the other mare.

“You’re here to… to…” She said as she shrunk down.

“Never mind.” He muttered under his breath.

The tall mare laughed as her mane and tail began to swirl upward and her laughter became almost hysterical. “Remember this day little ponies. For it will be your last. From this moment on the night will last forever!” She spoke as her laughter bubbled back up in her and she laughed once more.

Thunder and lightning raged in the maelstrom her mane and tail had created. He watched as several Pegasus in full armor took to the air and charged the manic mare. The Witcher shook his head as their armor was perfect to conduct the lightning as it lashed out at them and knocked them from the air and to the ground.

Oblivion decided at that moment that a frontal assault was fruitless against her. He would need to rely on stealth and possibly try to overpower her through an ambush if possible. The mare evaporated and the blue mist that she turned into flew out a window. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Applejack lose her grip on Rainbows tail and the blue mare flew out the same window. Oblivion lost track of her and he saw Twilight run out the front door. He pivoted on his heel and followed her, Spike looked back and saw the black Pegasus following them at a fast trot. He looked almost relieved to see the tall stallion. Twilight's own magic opened the door and she ran inside she started to close the door but Oblivion’s own magic overpowered her own and the door stayed open. His magic faded out as to continue to hide it as long as possible. She looked back in surprise as he slowed down and went inside behind her. Spike grinned but then started to fall off Twilight's back. She gripped him in her magic and took him upstairs. Oblivion was silent as he waited for her to return.

The purple mare came back downstairs and to his surprise, she rounded on him for a moment before she seemed to decide to ignore him and her magic lashed out as she pulled books off the shelves to look at. She started throwing them around and behind her as she scanned them quickly. He could see the almost frantic pace she was setting as she moved through the shelves.

“Elements, elements, elements, ugh!” She shouted out.

The black Pegasus ducked as a book flew at him. He looked back at the purple mare with an annoyed expression as she spared him a look and went back to her task.

“How can I stop Nightmare Moon without the Elements of Harmony?”

Oblivion said nothing as his ears flicked back to the doorway. He watched as Applejack and the others they had met earlier in the day came into the library. He could tell that Twilight had not noticed them as she went about throwing books around her. Applejack spared him a look before she was also watching the frantic mare. He watched as Rainbow darted forward and got in the Unicorn's face as she spoke.

“And just what are the Elements of Harmony? And how did you know about Nightmare Moon? Are you a spy?” Rainbow looked ready to continue to interrogate her before Applejack bit down on her tail and once more pulled her back.

“Simmer down Sally. She ain’t no spy. But she certainly knows what’s goin’ on. Don’cha Twilight?” The farm mare said to her, her voice calm.

He watched as Twilight's eyes went to each of them as she seemed to be considering how to respond. He could sense that she was weighing her options before she sighed. “I read all about the prediction of Nightmare Moon. Some mysterious artifacts known as the Elements of Harmony are the only things that can stop her. But I don’t know what they are, much less where to find them; I don’t even know what they are.” She lamented.

Pinkie bounced upward and was soon bouncing in place. She hopped to the side and turned to face one of the shelves. “The Elements of Harmony: A reference guide.”

He watched as Twilight jaw opened and her mouth dropped before she darted forward and her body collided with Pinkie’s sending her rolling. “How did you find that?” She shrilled as the pink mare bounced to her hooves.

“It was under E!” She giggled and was once more bouncing around them, her voice sing-song.

“Oh,” Twilight replied as her magic gripped the book and flipped it open. The purple Unicorn opened the book and began to read it aloud. “There are seven Elements of Harmony but only 6 are known. They are Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, and Spirit. The seventh is a complete mystery. It is said that the last known location of the seven elements was in the ancient castle of the Royal Sisters. Located in what is now… The Everfree Forest.”

He was silent as the mares gasped in horror, while Oblivion had to fight back a bark of laughter. ‘That figures. A place they all fear is the source of their salvation.’ He thought to himself as the mares began to file out of the library. He followed close behind them as they made their way to the edge of the forest. They walked in silence as Twilight led them forward. He remained at the back of the group as they reached the edge of the Everfree forest. He turned to face the forest that he had been in earlier and he could feel that he was still as calm as he had been earlier when entering the darkness that pervaded it. He was not surprised when Pinkie tried to bounce ahead of them.

“Whee, let’s go.” She sang out as she bounced forward.

“Not so fast. I appreciate the offer. But I would really rather do this on my own.” The purple Unicorn informed them.

Applejack quickly stepped forward and stomped one hoof down. “No can do, Sugarcube. We sure ain’t lettin’ any friend of ours go into that creepy place alone. We’re stickin’ to ya like candy on a candy apple.”

He watched as all of the mare’s nodded in agreement and they walked ahead of the purple Unicorn. Twilight was silent with her mouth slightly open as they walked ahead, refusing to let her go alone. Pinkie unfroze from her former spot and looked at her.

“Especially if there are candy apples in there.” She giggled. She fell quiet as even Oblivion looked sideways at her comment. “What? Those things are good.”

The black Pegasus shook his head as Twilight looked pleadingly at him. He shrugged at her look and his wings flicked at his sides. He heard her sigh and she trudged forward into the forest with the Witcher on her heels.

Author's Note:

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