• Published 9th Sep 2020
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An Equestrian Witcher 2.0 - OblivionShadow

A witcher from the Northern Realms finds himself sitting in Equestria, turned into a pony. When the fight with the Leshen began it was business as usual, but a second attack and a sharp pain to the back find him waking up in another world

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14: A New Ally

For Oblivion the next two days went by quickly as he spoke with the bank once more to discuss the currency exchange. Once it had been decided that their value was set at fifty bits to one he informed him that he had no desire to flood the market and would exchange them when needed. The rest of his time was spent moving and sorting the apples and taking some orders to their buyers. Now that Saturday had come he worked through the morning and it was now close enough to noon for him to teleport to Canterlot. His magic surged and he teleported to land in the menagerie out of sight of ponies. His orange eyes opened to find Blue Blood waiting a few feet away from him, a smile on his face.

“It’s been too long, my friend,” Blue said to him as he approached the Pegasus.

Oblivion gave a slight nod as the other pony approached him. Blue extended his hoof and Oblivion looked down at it for a moment before he bumped his hoof against it. Blue looked startled and Oblivion realized that a hoof bump had not been his intention. Blue barked a laugh and clapped the black stallion on the shoulder. Oblivion took a step forward and Blue turned to stand at his side as they began to leave the menagerie. A twinge of discomfort went through him and he stopped mid-step. The black Pegasus looked back over his shoulder and he sensed Blue stop with him.

“What is it?” The white pony asked as he turned slightly to look back as well.

“I’m not sure.” He admitted. “Something feels… off. What is in that direction?”

“That’s the deeper forest section of the menagerie. Why?”

“Whatever I am feeling is in that direction. Follow me.” He said to him as he pivoted on his heel and turned to lead.

His eyes narrowed slightly as a faint light caught his attention. It was familiar to him, a gentle ocean blue that rippled like the waves of the sea. The closer he got the more he realized that the spirit was muted and he got the sense that it was dulled by pain and suffering. He led the Equestrian Prince deeper into the heart of the menagerie, his hooves making no sound as Blue’s thudded dully on the dirt and grass. A small clearing came into view and he paused at the edge of it. Behind him, he heard Blue stop.

“What is it?” Blue whispered to him.

Oblivions ear flicked back to listen to him but his gaze was trained ahead of them. A light green pony knelt on the ground ahead of them with a tree cutie mark turned to look behind him and his soft gray eyes landed on the pair of them. Oblivion watched him closely for several seconds as he got to his hooves and turned to face them.

“I didn’t hear you coming. But I think she did.” He said as he moved away to reveal a large cat laying on a flat stone.

Oblivion stayed where he stood but after several seconds he slowly came into the clearing and Blue stayed on his heels. The closer he got to her the worse she appeared. Her once tawny coat had faded to a nearly pure white. Her once bright eyes were dull and faded, pain was reflected in them. Her claws had been broken down to the pads and she barely breathed. He felt Blue bump his hip as he stopped five feet away from her.

“What happened to her?” Blue asked, his tone saddened.

“I do not know.” The attendant admitted. “She was the strongest of them a mere three weeks ago. Now she clings to life buy one set of ruined claws. I don’t understand it myself. If I had to guess it looks like she had her heartbroken.”

“No.” Oblivions voice cut into their talk and both fell silent. “Her spirit is fading.”

Blue looked stunned as the caretaker opened his mouth to question the Witcher. His voice died in his throat as the silver armor slid over the black Pegasus. He took a step forward and squared his hooves as the armor stilled in place. He could sense the two ponies staring at his back as he stood before the feline, her dull eyes locked on him as he stared back at her. He took another step toward her and set his hoof on her dull almost white coat. His medallion shuddered and he looked down at it for several seconds before he realized that it was the Element that was shaking, not the medallion.

“Why?” He whispered aloud as he looked back at her. “What can I do for you?”

The she-cat simply stared back at him. He knew that she could not speak to him to tell him how to help her. He could see the very faint outline of her spirit as it fought to go on. It would fade out to almost nothing and then rally once more. He knew that she couldn’t do that for much longer, while he was unsure how to save her he knew that he had to do something for her. His hoof started to pull away from her as magic hummed under his skin. He glanced back and he could see the caretaker remained with them and he could not use his own magic to save her. Not that he was sure he was even able to do so.

“Who in Celestia’s name are you?” The caretaker finally asked him, as he stepped forward as if to try to protect her.

Oblivion said nothing as he tried to understand what to do for her. He was hesitant to use his own magic and he realized that he might have to let nature take its course with her and let her go. He was not sure why, but that option hurt to consider. He did not know her and he knew nothing of her kind but he suddenly realized that he could not let her fall. He ran his hoof over her fur and it was rough and course under his claws. He glanced back to her eyes and he was about to pull away from her when he saw a spark of life that still flickered deep within her. At that moment the world fell into place and his choice was made. He was not going to allow her to fall if he was able to prevent it. He would find a way to avoid using his magic and still manage to save her.

“You have nothing to fear from me. I will find a way to save her.” Oblivion assured him, even though his tone was far from comforting.

He reached out to the spirit that still lived within her and he felt it rise as much as it could to meet him. The Witcher kept his hoof on her for several more seconds before he backed away from her and he tried to still focus on her spirit. He lowered his body into a type of stance that braced his hooves and he went still as the white flame began to dance over the feline’s gaunt form. He heard the caretaker shout from behind him. He gave a slight smile to the she-cat as she watched him closely.

“You’re not done yet.” He said to her. “I will help you to rise again.”

He assumed that Blue had stopped the caretaker from going to her since he did not hear more than a shout from him. The white flame billowed over her and he focused it to go within her and buoy her. He was not sure if it would work since he was not sure what kind of magic he was using but he was as hopeful as he was able to be for its success. Layers of white flame covered the feline, every strand of her fur was coated many times over and her eyes closed as the glow from the flame grew in strength. Oblivion felt his armor begin to tremble on his body as it tightened on his shoulders and chest.

“Come on.” He whispered.

He reached out for more and the flame grew in intensity as it began to cover the ground around her as well. The stone she laid upon was soon covered in it as well. He closed his eyes as he willed the magic to save her spirit and that she was. As he opened his eyes he could see something was wrong with her, more than what he had thought originally. Something was attached to her form and he lashed out at it to dash it from her and free her from its influence. He increased his hold on her and he could feel something within him rear up and push toward her. He opened his eyes and an azure blue spark of flame had joined the white that now circled her. He pushed that small flame into her as he had been doing with the white and he saw her jolt. It had been a small flame but it seemed to have quite the impact on her.

He grit his teeth as the fire billowed ten feet high above them. He groaned and pushed more into and around her. The armor trembled and gripped his body tighter as he strained against the force of the flames he was commanding. He was not sure where the fires had come from but he was going to use them while he had them. He closed his eyes as the fire grew in strength beyond what he had asked of it. A concussion wave went out from it and he was thrown back, though he managed to stay on his hooves.

Blue yelped as the concussion tossed him off his hooves. He felt the caretaker land against him and he slowly got to his hooves and he was surprised to see the Witcher still stood. He felt worry edge its way into his mind as smoke came from the Pegasus’s armor and body. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came from his open mouth. He took a hesitant step forward and he jumped when the black pony groaned and sank to the ground. Blue leaped to his side and kept him from falling completely to his side. He looked down as the Witcher breathed deeply and was pulling air into his body. Blue looked up as a purr sounded out from in front of him.

The black Pegasus looked up as a deep purr rumbled through the air. The she-cat got to her renewed paws as she stood proud in front of them. Aqua blue stripes covered her brilliant white fur, the fur gave off an aqua mist that looked exactly the same as his own magic. Long saber teeth came from her upper jaw and her eyes glowed a brilliant blue that shone brightly in the dim light of the clearing. She stood proud in front of him and he allowed a relieved sigh to escape him as he looked at her.

“Now you are as you were meant to be.” He breathed out to her.

Blue stiffened as the she-cat looked at him and as she approached he could feel the other stallion tremble. She reached him and leaned her head down to oppress her forehead to his, exactly where the Elder Speech would have been had he been using his magic. He looked closely at her as she backed up a step and sat down in front of him. The Witcher sighed again and pushed himself to his hooves. He swayed for a moment and Blue braced him to keep him standing. The she-cat approached him once he was stable on his hooves and she rubbed her head along his chest as a deep purr rumbled through her.

“Well, I’ll be.” The caretaker said as he approached them. “I had no idea that she was supposed to look like this.”

Oblivion looked back and nodded in agreement. “I’m not sure why she was hidden under that magic but it was time for her to be free of it.”

“How did you do that?” Blue asked him, his tone cautious. “You have no magic.” He pushed against Oblivion indicating for the other stallion to quickly lie.

“He’s right. Yer a Pegasus, a pony without any magic, and that looked really magical.” The caretaker pressed.

“I bear the Element of Spirit, one of the Elements of Harmony. That power came from it.” He informed them.

Blue looked at the armor that still sat on his friend’s body and he nodded. “Must have been.”

“That’s what I think it really was,” Oblivion whispered to the Prince.

Blue nodded and looked at the she-cat as she purred. The caretaker walked up to them to get a better look at her.

“Any idea what she is?” He asked them.

Blue shrugged and shook his head. “I have no idea.”

“I have heard old tales of Spirit Beasts. Though I have never seen one before.” Oblivion replied.

“Spirit Beast?” The caretaker pressed and Oblivion simply nodded. “Where do they come from?”

“That I do not know,” Oblivion admitted. “But it does not change that fact that here one is.”

“So your one of the Elements of Harmony?”

“I am, yes.”

“You could sense her as soon as you got here,” Blue said to him and Oblivion nodded to him. “That is why you led me right to her. You were drawn to her and her suffering.”

Oblivion nodded and turned to leave the feline behind with the caretaker. A low growl stopped him in his tracks as he looked over his shoulder to see the feline getting to her paws. Her eyes were fixated on him and her fur gave off an almost ethereal glow as she moved. He turned back to face her and he waited for her to make a move. She walked leisurely up to him, her stride uninhibited and fluid. As she drew up next to him she reared up onto her rear legs and draped herself across his back.

“Gods below.” Oblivion cursed and squared his hooves to allow him to carry her weight easily. “Get off me.”

She responded by rubbing her head against his neck and withers and purring loudly in his ear. He felt his right-wing pop under her weight as his swords dug painfully into his back. He heard Blue Blood chuckle at his predicament and he groaned again. Her long claws dug gently into his skin, they would leave no mark when she removed them. He growled in aggravation and she stilled against him and he looked over his shoulder at her as she replied with a gentle growl of her own. He said nothing to her as she slid off his back and rubbed her head against his shoulder.

“Interesting.” He said aloud after several seconds of simply looking at her.

“What is it?” Blue asked.

“I can understand her. She wishes to remain at my side. My connection of the Element drew her to me before.” He stopped and a look of regret momentarily crossed his face. “Her condition was due to me.”

“How?” The caretaker asked.

“I did not realize that she had bonded to me as strongly as she had. She bonded her spirit to mine last time I was here and my immediate absence made it lash back at her and cause her to fall as she did.” He brought his head down to look her in the eyes as she spoke to her. “You have my apologies. You are welcome at my side until you decide I am no longer worth your effort.”

“What's her name?” Blue asked.

The caretaker startled and stuttering before replying. “She does not have one. I have called her many things over the years but she responded to none of them.”

Oblivion said nothing as he looked at her. Her bright eyes followed him as he gave her a solemn nod. “Sasa.”

The great cat purred and nuzzled him as his head was still level with her own. Oblivion raised his head and the caretaker was looking at the cat with a mixture of pleasure and sudden fear.

“Wait are you planning on taking her?” He asked, his voice frantic. “You can’t. She belongs here.”

“It is her choice,” Oblivion replied. “You cannot enforce your wishes on her. Her life is her own.”

“It’s not me. She belongs to the Princess.” He replied quickly and glanced to the tall towers of the castle that were visible over the tops of the trees.

Oblivion barked a short laugh. “She belongs to nopony. She is her own and she can make her own choices about her life.”

The stallion stepped forward and looked closely at her. “I can’t let you take her. I won’t let it happen.” He spoke quickly as he reached for the feline’s now soft fur.

Oblivion watched as his hoof gripped her fur and she roared as she spun on her rear and her paw lashed out and slapped the pony to the ground. Oblivion reached out to prevent her from going after the fallen pony. His own hoof gripped her fur tightly and she looked back at him as he held her.

“Easy now Sasa, easy. He is not worth dirtying your claws.” He crooned to her, attempting to soothe the angry felines ruffled fur. “I would advise against trying that again.” He advised the green pony.

She walked back to him and crouched down in front of him, laying down in front of his armored hooves. He ran his hoof over her fur and she was once more purring in contentment as she relaxed. He looked to the side as Blue came to stand in front of him.

The green pony rolled to his hooves and his eyes stared wide at the feline and then at the Prince that stood in front of him. “By my right, as a Crown Prince of Equestria, I am gifting this noble animal to my close friend Oblivion Shadow. Should this displease my aunt I will speak with her myself.” Blue said to him as he stood at his full height.

Oblivion said nothing as he could see the Prince mask on full display as he spoke. He glanced from Bleu to the Wraith that hung onto him and he could see that it was significantly weaker than it had been before. Even with the use of the mask now it was not enough to give the Wraith any power over him. He was pleased to see how diminished it had become. He raised his hoof from Sasa’s fur as she had quieted and was silent at his hooves. Blue Blood turned to him and gave a slight nod of his head to head in a certain direction. Oblivion turned to leave with the feline on his heels, he heard nothing from the caretaker at her departure. Blue walked beside him and Oblivion glanced at him to see that he was a bit tense.

“I get in trouble with my beloved Aunt I will be so upset at you,” Blue said to him.

Oblivion barked a laugh and looked at the Prince. “If Celestia gets her knickers in a knot then she can talk to me about it. I am the root of your decision to speak up and I can explain the reasoning if needed.”

Blue looked at him and shook his head at his friend’s choice of words. “That will work, I suppose. Off to the forge then?”

“Lead the way,” Oblivion said to him and stayed at the other stallion’s side as they walked.

Blue moved to walk ahead of him and he could sense that Sasa was right on his heels.

Oblivions nose scented the air as it began to grow warmer the deeper they went into the lower sections of the castle. Blue looked back to see the black Pegasus keeping an easy pace behind him and he stopped and the black pony and feline joined him.

“It’s further in there. Okay. So the pony is named Steel Horn. He’s a… Ummm… There is no nice word for it.” Blue said as he stumbled over the words to describe the other pony.

“An ass?”

The Prince startled at the wording but he nodded after several seconds. Well to put it very bluntly yes. He’s not insufferable just… different?”

“Then we should get along fine. I’ve been treated poorly for most of my life by most everypony so this will not be out of my depth. Bad manners have no effect on me.” He assured the other stallion and motioned for him to lead on.

Blue looked nervous and Oblivion chose to take the lead instead. The black Pegasus entered into a large room with a vaulted ceiling and several systems that seemed to be filtering the air in the forge. He could see enormous bellows and several huge furnaces. As they neared the center of the room Oblivion heard something off to his right and turned to find a pony charging them. He carried a blade in one hoof as he moved to them, 3 legged. Blue yelped when Oblivion shoved him back and brought out his own blade, damaged or not he would use it if he had to. The blade sat easily in his hoof as he reared up to fight standing on his hind legs. The charging pony slid to a stop at the sight of the armed Witcher. A roar shook the cavern as Sasa leaped to his side.

“By Celestia’s ass, what is that?” The pony yelled out and slid to a halt.

Oblivions orange eyes were narrowed as the blade sat in his hoof. He glared at the now still pony in front of him. The pony was mottled shades of brown with a black mane and a bellows showed on his flank. His hooves were covered in thick leather coverings that were tied just above his fetlocks. His mane was cut short, his tail trimmed to the same length. Sasa continued to snarl at his side and Oblivion refused to move, allowing the other to make the first move.

“Are you going to answer me or not?” He asked suddenly.

“Answer what? You charged me for no reason and you expect me to cooperate?” Oblivion growled back at him.

The pony looked stunned for several seconds before he threw his head back and laughed loudly. “Hah! You have some stones between your hind legs.”

Oblivion continued to remain still with Blue behind him and Sasa remained ready as well. Sasa snarled and roared as the anger from Oblivion rolled through her as well. The stallion watched the forge pony closely, his orange eyes remained fixed on him.

“You have nothing to worry about from me swords pony. Even if I had clashed with you that cat of yours would have shredded me in a moment.” The pony said as he walked over to the forges.

Oblivion lowered his blade and went back down to four legs. He put a hoof on Sasa’s side and she calmed under his touch. He lowered his head and slid the sword back into the scabbard as he turned to face the pony who now stood behind a short counter. The other pony had set his own blade down off to the side and was now watching and waiting for them to act.

“So what do I owe the pleaser gents?” He asked as he looked more closely at the black Pegasus and then his eyes went to the silver armor that covered Oblivions form. “Buck me. What kind of armor is that?”

Oblivion said nothing right away but his hackles rose slightly at the pony’s tone. He heard Sasa begin to growl but he stamped out his own annoyance and she went quiet as well.

“It is the armor of the Element of Spirit.” Blue Blood said as he stepped out from behind the Pegasus.

The pony stared at it for several seconds before his eyes went to the Equestrian Prince. “Well, well. Welcome to my humble forge, Your Highness. To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?”

He could see Blue Blood fighting not to growl at him and holding back his own response. Sasa roared and Steel Horn startled at the volume. Oblivion laughed and looked at the bristling feline.

“My lady does not appreciate your tone,” Oblivion said to him, sarcasm dripping from his tone.

The forge pony looked at the feline and then to Oblivion and a smile came to his mouth as he laughed. “She is a perceptive girl. My apologies.” He said as he looked at the still growling feline. My apologies fine lady. I will try to be more respectful of those you choose to protect.” Sasa sat down heavily and her blue eyes remained on the pony. “I don’t think she believes me.”

“She is a Spirit Beast. She can see your intentions, not just your words.” Oblivions aid to him as the armor began to creep across his body and pooled into the breast collar around his shoulders and chest.

“Remarkable. The Element of Spirit you say? Beautiful. Anyway, you didn’t come here to chat so what can I for you?”

Oblivion walked up to the counter and he pulled the steel blade from its scabbard and laid it down the counter in front of the forge pony. “What do you see, Forge Master?”

He had no doubt the pony could hear the challenge in his tone. His eyes went from the blade to the black Pegasus and a slight smile tugged at his mouth. He looked back to the blade and Oblivion watched as his gaze went over the weapon, intent on it.

“Hell of a blade. Where was it made?” Steel Horn finally spoke up.

Oblivion gave a slight smirk. “The Northern Realms.”

“The hell is that?”

“It is a land very far from here. It is my homeland.”

“I see. Well, the pony that made this should be revered. It’s a blade to write home about.” He said with a chuckle.

“It is the lesser of the two I carry,” Oblivion said to him as he leaned back on his hind legs. ‘Typical bargaining. That should get his full attention. This type of banter is nothing compared to the haggling I have done for my pay.’

Steel Horn looked at him and a smile tugged at the edges of his mouth. “You’re good. But how do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

Oblivion moved his head and his mane was moved away from the hilt of the silver blade. Even in the low light of the forge room, it gave off a glint of silver. “I do not lie when it comes to my swords.”

“By the Greatest Goddess, what is that one?” He said his tone breathless.

“The sight of it will be your reward for an accurate assessment of the blade in front of your nose.” Oblivion bargained and moved his mane to cover the hilt once more.

“Hah! I was right about you. All right you have my undivided attention. What you have hidden behind that mane is certainly worth a careful peek at this one. Pardon me, boys.” The pony said as he reached down and took the hilt in his hoof and retreated into a hidden alcove behind them.

Blue leaned in close to him once the pony was out of earshot. “Are you sure about letting that uncouth pony take it?”

Oblivion gave a dismissive snort. “If he has the bullocks to steal from me then I have sorely misjudged him. Besides in his position, would you steal from me?”

“Absolutely not,” Blue said to him, vehemence in his tone.

Sasa purred and rubbed her head on Oblivion's shoulder and then on Blue Blood. “Why did she get so upset when he spoke about me?”

“She is a beast that is more in tune with the world around her than you and I can. She can no doubt sense what troubles you, are you upset that she took a liking to you?”

“Of course not. I’m actually quite flattered. But that does not really answer my question…” Blue and oblivion both looked up as a shout came from the alcove and Steel emerged with his face singed and half his forelock was missing. “What happened?”

“This crazy blade o’ yer’s has magic attached to it!” He said as he came up to them with the weapon gripped in his hoof as he set it back on the counter in between them.

Oblivion smirked. “Actually it doesn’t. It has three runes buried within the blade itself. One of them happens to be a greater burning rune, Dazhbog. I did forget to mention that if you strike it that might activate the runes buried in it.” He took the weight off one hind leg and leaned into his hip with a look that ensured the other would know he had withheld the information deliberately.

Steel Horn scowled at him for several seconds before a wide smile broke out over his face and a laugh pulled from him. “You are my favorite kind of pony. Too smart for your own good and clever enough to use it.”

“I will accept that compliment,” Oblivion replied.

“All right. There is a hairline crack to the center of the blade. While it isn’t deep in time it will deepen and the blade will be compromised and at the worst, it will break.” He said as he pointed to the crack in the blade. “The runes in the blade will make for a tricky repair but it can be done. It will most likely take me about one week. I have to work the steel a bit and dilute some to…”

“No.” Oblivion interrupted.


“You dilute that steel and I will skin you.” Oblivion's expression was blank but it was clear from the glint in his eyes that what he said was a promise, not a threat.

“All right. Make it two weeks.” Steel amended. “Can you suppress the runes?”

The dangerous glint in Oblivions eyes faded as if it had never been there as he spoke. “Unfortunately I cannot. I have had the blade blunted by a Unicorn before but I am not sure if that was enough to lessen the impact of the runes.”

“I know a suppression spell if you think it would work on it,” Blue said to him.

“There is a spell for that?” Oblivion asked him.

“It’s not well known since ponies don’t use runes and other items that explode but I do know it.”

“Why?” Steel questioned.

“It was for a school project many years ago. Obscure magic and the like.” Blue admitted.

“IF you could manage that I would appreciate it,” Oblivion said to him. “How long will it last?”

“It will last for seven days. I can come back and refresh it after four days if you want.” He informed them.

“I would appreciate it.” The black Pegasus said to him and moved out of the way to let the Prince standing in front of the weapon.

Blues aura covered the weapon as Oblivion's medallion shuddered gently on its chain as the magic was brought to bear on the runes on the blade. Oblivion watched them as their normal colors were extinguished and a sheen went over the blade. Blue moved away from it and Oblivion looked at it closely. Steel Horn nodded and picked up a small hammer from close by. Bleu looked alarmed as he raised the hammer and brought it down on top of the runes. Blue flinched and he watched as nothing happened. A visible look of relief crossed both ponies’ faces.

“That works for me. I’ll send fer ya in one week ta refresh the spell if ya don’t mind?” Steel said as he set the hammer aside.

“That would be fine,” Blue said to him.

Oblivion opened his mouth to speak when his ears flicked to listen behind them. The sound of metal hoof boots on stone chimed behind him and he cast a glance over his shoulder. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sasa get to her paws and turned to watch as well.

“Steel Horn! Have you finished my… Oh, my apologies. I did not realize you already had visitors. That does explain why you are not trying to test a new blade on me.”

A stark white stallion covered in royal purple armor with golden accents came into view. He had cyan blue eyes and his mane was a deep blue with a cyan streak running through it. The new pony stopped and waited for a few feet behind the black Pegasus and Blue Blood. His cyan eyes went from pony to pony and they widened at the sight of the large feline.

“What in Equestria?” He said as he stared at the cat, his gaze nervous as the feline sat down and her posture was relaxed. “I have never seen an animal like… her? Or him?”

“She,” Oblivion informed him.

The stallion paused and looked at Blue Blood once more. “Prince Blue Blood. I am surprised to see you here.”

“Normally I would not be here but my friend here needed to see the forge master about a repair. We will be leaving to tour some of Canterlot when his business is concluded.” Blue Blood supplied to the new pony. “Captain Shining Armor this is Oblivion Shadow, Oblivion meets Shining Armor.”

“It’s nice to meet you Oblivion Shadow. If you are a friend of Blue Blood then feel free to call me Shining.” The Captain said to him.

Oblivion nodded. “Just Oblivion is fine.” Oblivion watched as his gaze fell on Sasa and she purred in response to his look. “She is Sasa.”

“A beautiful name for a stunning cat,” Shining replied and Sasa gave a toothy grin in response to the compliment.

Steel Horn moved the sword to the side and looked at the Captain as he moved a few feet closer. “As for that prototype crossbow you had ordered it’s giving me a mite bit o’ trouble. The mechanism is giving me fits.”

Oblivion thought back to the crossbows he had helped make and handled and decided to add his two crowns to the conversation. “The trigger or the draw?”

Steel looked at him as the stallion's orange eyes remained on him. “Trigger.”

Oblivions thought back to what he knew and he paused for several seconds before he responded. “Hoof pulled or magical?”


Oblivion looked away from them and to the side as he considered what he had been told. He thought over the last crossbow he had used and he recalled that the trigger pull had been left open but it was a bit stiff to prevent misfiring.

“Leave the trigger pull open. Don’t enclose it fully and give it enough space to fit one hoof. Stiffen the pull and that will prevent a misfire unless somepony is determined to get it to misfire.” He advised.

The forge master and Shining both stared at him for several seconds as Sasa purred and rubbed her head on his hip. Steel Horn looked away from him and to the sword on the counter. “That… Might… Actually, work. Normally the trigger is closed to prevent it from getting caught. I had not thought of simply avoiding the opening entirely. Stiffening it to prevent a misfire was the last thing I would have thought of.” How in blazes did you come up with that?”

“I have designed and looked over the designs of crossbows before and I am familiar with the concept behind them.” The black stallion replied.

“Well, aren’t you full o’ surprises? So this blade will be done in two weeks. If I have any trouble with it should I send a letter to ya?” Steel asked.

“You can send it to me and I will get it to him quicker,” Blue said to him and Steel nodded in agreement.

“Fair enough.”

“What will the cost of the repairs be?” Oblivion asked and Steel Horn fell quiet.

Steel Horn looked hungrily to the hidden hilt on the Pegasus’s back. “I held up my end of the bargain swords pony. Your turn.”

Oblivion chuckled and nodded. He moved his mane and reached over his shoulder for the hilt. His hoof gripped the hilt and the weapon slid easily out of the scabbard at his shoulder. The silver glowed brightly in the dim light and the runes buried in the blade glowed down the length of the blade. Color’s flit through the glow of the silver and Steel's mouth slowly dropped open. The Witcher held the blade flat in front of him and then slowly laid it down on the counter between them. Ice blue began to flicker down the blade with a tone of red at the edges of the color. Steels magic began to pick it up but Oblivions hoof pushed it back down to the counter.

“It is more dangerous to handle than the steel blade will ever be,” Oblivion explained as the other stared at him.

Steel Horn looked from him to the weapon and then back again. His eyes darted from side to side for several seconds before he stared at the silver blade. “Can I make you a deal?”

“Depends on the terms,” Oblivion replied easily.

“I’ll fix the steel, free of charge if I can handle this one freely.” Steel bargained.

Oblivion watched him for any sign of subterfuge but the pony’s honest gaze was reflected back at him. He removed his hoof and nodded. “Done. Hold the hilt. Any more than that and I am not responsible for any damage.”

“Yes.” Steel hissed and his hoof went to the hilt and he carefully picked it up.

Oblivion watched as he slowly lifted the weapon. He handled it carefully and with a respect, Oblivion was pleased to see. He didn’t move it in a way that would compromise the weapon or the runes that it held. He lifted it till it was level with his eyes and he turned the blade to the side and he seemed to marvel at the thickness of the blade.

“It is remarkably light. The steel was light but this even more so. Same length but its strength would be compromised by the thickness of the blade… How do you use it to any effectiveness? It’s far too light for combat.”

Oblivion shook his head. “I use it to fight monsters exclusively. It’s not designed to fight ponies. Where I am from monsters run rampant and my kind is used to fight them. The steel is exclusively for ponies.”

The forge pony hummed and brought the blade closer to him to look down the length of the blade. “This is a work of art. A blade this fine deserves a name. Does it have one?”

Oblivion shook his head. “It was called a Legendary Wolven silver by the one who made it.”

“Ahh. Legendary indeed.” He mused.

Oblivion left out the fact that it was just a weapon to him and would one day be replaced like the others he had used. This blade was the newest in a long line of silver swords that he had wielded and was not particularly spectacular to him but others disagreed with him. He looked to the others to find them also watching the weapon intently. Sasa had gotten to her paws and was watching the ponies and him as they marveled. Steel Horn finally set it on the counter and his hoof lingered on the hilt for several seconds before he pulled away. Oblivion reached out and took the blade back and slid it back into the scabbard at his shoulder.

“Well. You will never find that blades equal in all of Equestria. Even If I worked a thousand years I could not duplicate it.” He mused. “Anyway. I should have that steel blade repaired for you in two weeks once I finish with the Captain's crossbow.”

Oblivion nodded as the pony left them at the front counter, taking the steel blade with him. Blue Blood tapped his shoulder and they turned to leave the forge behind.

“I told you he was different,” Blue muttered to him.

“I never doubted you Blue,” Oblivion commented in response.

The Prince stopped and looked at the Captain who was still standing close by. “Would you care to join us, Captain? You have lived in Canterlot for just as long as I have.”

Shining seemed uncertain for a moment as his eyes went from the Prince to the black Pegasus and then to the cat that stood at his side. Oblivion gave a low chuckle as he saw nervousness flit through the other pony’s gaze. “She’s harmless. She only acts as she must and even then there is a warning given, nothing more.” He said in an attempt to ease the other’s nerves.

He looked away from her as she purred loudly and a smile crossed his mouth. “Well, I would be happy to help show you around. I have some time before I must appear before the Princess and brief her.”

The stallions walked for the exit to the stuffy forge room and Oblivion gave a slight snort to clear his nose of the scent of worked metal and earth. He followed the other two out of the castle and into the city proper. He looked around him at the storefronts and market stalls as they passed by them. AS they moved it was clear to him that they were well versed in the cities design and knew where things sat and how long to get there. The feline at his side drew a large amount of attention in combination with the Captain and the tall Pegasus. She seemed to enjoy the attention and a type of prancing occasionally graced her stride.

“There it is.” Blue stopped and pointed to a shop close by them. “This is one of the best spots in all of Canterlot. Everypony knows who Donut Joe is.”

The building was plain but it had an appeal all its own due to the smell that wafted out of it. It smelled of pastries and even some coffee wafted over his nose. “What is a donut?” Oblivion asked with a slight tilt of his head.

Both stallions went wide-eyed as they spun to look at him. Shining seemed to recover from the surprise first as he tapped the Pegasus’s shoulder. “By Celestia, you’re not kidding. Okay, we have to go in.” He said and gripped Oblivions fur to drag him forward.

Oblivion allowed himself to be pulled as the scent alone had his interest so it was not an issue of being forced anywhere. The three stallions and one feline walked forward and the front doors were gently pushed open. The scent of pastries and coffee increased in intensity and the Pegasus said nothing as the white stallion stopped pulling his fur. A stallion looked up from behind the counter as the bell above the door shrilled. He smiled warmly at the sight of them and leaned against the counter to greet them.

“Welcome! What can I treat you stallions to? Shining! It’s been a while since I saw you last. And Blue Blood you as well.” The tawny-colored Unicorn greeted them by name and his greeting faltered at the sight of the unknown stallion with them. “Brought somepony knew for me today?”

Shining started pulling him forward once more and Oblivion stayed close by to avoid his fur being pulled out by the roots. “Good to see you as well Joe. This is Oblivion Shadow. He’s new to Equestria and we are showing him around the city.”

“So of course you have to bring to my establishment!” The pony excitedly replied. “Best donuts in Canterlot right here. What kind can I get for you?”

Oblivion looked down at the glass container and the pastries inside it. “I honestly do not know. I have never had a pastry like this before. And before you look hurt or shocked by that where I am from these do not exist.”

Joe looked unsure for a second before he recovered and his smile returned. “All right. I like a pony who knows exactly how to explain himself. Well, what sweets to do like?”

“I don’t,” Oblivion replied with a sigh. “I am not a fan of sugary items. I prefer black coffee for example.”

Joe gave an enthusiastic nod. “I have just the creation for you then.” He said as he moved away from the counter and toward one of the many containers.

“A coffee donut?” Oblivion commented, his tone dry.

“Not at all. But if you want I can probably make one.” Joe replied and oblivion shook his head. “I just created this little beauty.” He said as he pulled one from within the display case and help it up. “It’s a pure cocoa donut. Cocoa itself is pretty bitter to most ponies so they don’t normally like the flavor. But since you seem to prefer the bitter end of the spectrum I think this will do well for ya. Go ahead give it a try on the house.” He said as he set it on top of the counter and nudged it toward the Pegasus.

Oblivion gave the dark-colored pastry a dubious look as he waited for Joe to pull his hoof back from it. He looked closely at it and then glanced at the others that he could see in the case to compare it to them. They were all brightly colored and icing and sprinkles adorned the majority of them. Each one had a hole in the center of it. He had never seen anything like it before but he was not about to be rude to the pony that had offered it to him free of charge. He reached for it, picked it up in his hoof, and gave it a cautious sniff. He could smell the cocoa and he gave it a cautious bite. He had had cocoa before in smaller doses and this was preferable to it on its own or treated as it had been in his experience. The dough was firm but not to the point of being too tough to chew on. He swallowed the mouthful he had and then went to eat the rest of it.

Joe gave a pleased smile at the result. “I’d say that’s a good review.” He laughed and moved back to the case and opened it again. He held out several other donuts and the Unicorns each took the ones they wanted into their magic. Joe placed another cocoa donut on a plate and set it on the counter for the Pegasus to carry. Oblivion turned on his heel after picking up the plate and started to go to the table with the others when a low grumble sounded out from behind him. Sasa was grumbling loudly from her place and Joe was now staring wide-eyed at her.

“By Equestria. Was she with you the whole time?”

Oblivion nodded with a low chuckle. “She might have been behind me. Do you have anything you think she would like?”

Joe looked uncertain but his expression soon faded from uncertainty to thoughtful as he looked over what he had in stock. He looked back at her and Sasa sat down, looked to be ready to wait patiently for him to decide.

“I don’t have anything with catnip or fish. Umm, give me a second pretty girl.” He said as he moved to the back of the shop.

Sasa remained in front of the counter as the pony vanished from sight. A minute passed and Joe returned and walked around the counter with two donuts in his hoof. Oblivion could see that they were plain and did not have anything on them. Sasa looked at the donuts and then back at the Unicorn.

“Sorry girl but I don’t want to make you sick. So a couple of plain ones is gonna have to be good enough for now. I’ll work on a special donut for you for the next time you come.” He said to her and held them out to her.

Oblivion nickered at the feline who looked back at him and then back to the donuts on the ponies hoof. She leaned forward and Joe moved to hold out one of the donuts to her and she turned her head to allow her to bite into it from between her front incisors. She chewed and then went for the second donut with the help of the pony. She purred once she had finished and rubbed her head on his hoof in thanks. He ran his hoof over her soft fur and patted her nose. She got up and walked to where the stallions were now sitting and waiting for her. The great cat laid down beside him and rolled onto her back to bat at his tail. He flicked his tail in response to her and then focused on the ponies with him.

“So what is it that you do Shining?” Oblivion asked.

The Captain looked at him and swallowed the mouthful of donut he had. “I oversee the military within the castle and outside of it. The city guards are also within my scope and I see to their rotations and training.”

Oblivion nodded in understanding and leaned back in his seat. “Interesting. So you are in charge of the security within the palace?” Shining nodded and Oblivion worked to keep a mischievous look from crossing his features. “SO were you made aware of an attack on a guest in the palace nearly a month ago?”

Shining looked uncertain for a moment before his eyes went wide. “What attack?” He asked his tone cautious.

“It was a late-night attempt at subterfuge and information gathering by one pony against another. I believe they had been under the impression that the Princesses were in some kind of danger.” He said as Shining’s eyes widened further.

“How do you know about that? That was to be kept silent at Princess Luna’s request.” Shining asked him in response.

“So I was right. It was nothing then. Just seeing if you were aware.” Oblivion's tone was dismissive as Shining looked even more intent.

“How do you know about that?” Shining pressed.

Oblivion said nothing and took a bite of his donut and said nothing. At his side, Blue put a hoof over his face and sighed. He looked at the white stallion over his hoof and cleared his throat.

“He was here when it happened.” He explained and Shining looked at the Prince, his gaze expectant. “Oblivion was asked by my Aunt Luna to participate in a sparring match with her.”

Shining looked at the other pony for a moment before his cyan eyes fell on Oblivion once more. “That was you?” The Pegasus nodded. “I heard from my guards that it was quite the show. They said that Princess Luna got beat around the center by the other pony. An easy defeat for her.”

“Also true,” Oblivion replied as he reached down to run his hoof over Sasa’s fur. “I greatly enjoyed our match despite the easy defeat.”

“Easy?!” Shining yelped.

“Yes. I have been in one battle or another for many years due to my profession as a Witcher. I held back quite a bit to ensure the fight lasted for longer.” He explained. “It was quite enjoyable for me. Luna appeared to have enjoyed herself as well. We had had coffee afterward and I was asked to stay the night due to the late hour.”

Shining put his head in his hooves and sighed. He peeked over the top of his hooves and fixed the Pegasus with a look. “You didn’t actually slap her across the flanks with the flat of your blade did you?”

Oblivion couldn’t stop the slight grin that tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Perhaps.”

Blue Blood blanched and choked through a bite of his food. He looked at the black pony and his eyes were wide. “I thought that was a rumor.” He muttered and Oblivion shook his head.

Oblivion said nothing further as Shining simply laid his hooves on the table and shook his head. “By Equestria, you really did slap her flanks.” A smile tugged at the Captain's mouth and he tried to hide it behind a hoof.

Oblivion finally gave an affirmative nod and Blue fell into laughter at his side. Oblivion chuckled as Shining began to laugh and shake his head in disbelief. Blue Blood scrubbed his face with his hooves as he laughed. Shining was the first to recover fully and looked at the black Pegasus with a bemused look on his face.

“I can’t believe you actually did it,” Shining said to him. “I have to ask… Why?”

“I admit I may have gotten a bit carried away. I have trained ponies before and that was a common tactic to motivate them to work just a bit harder. If only to try to hit me back and cover their own embarrassment for getting lashed on the ass.” Oblivion replied.

“I can believe it for the most part. I have learned a bit about you in the short time we have known each other. So I’m not as shocked as I might have been once.” Blue said and patted the black ponies' shoulder.

Shining sat back in the booth and shook his head, his amused look remained plastered on his youthful face. “How did the two of you meet anyway? NO offense but you look like you would run in very different circles.”

“No offense taken Captain. He overheard me complaining to myself and barged into my room to ask me about it.” Blue replied. “After listening to him talk I realized that he didn’t care one whit for my position as Prince of Equestria.”

“So there was no formality or was it there?”

“None,” Blue said with a slashing motion of his hoof. “Well… There was some but I don’t; think that it was in response to any title since the first time he met me he had no idea who I was. Any formality that was there was out of habit I think.”

Oblivion shifted and pulled his hoof back away from Sasa’s fur and she grumbled about the sudden loss of his attention. “There was no reason for me to bend my knee or anything of the sort. I treat ponies the same no matter who they are. Bleu is just any other pony to me, same as you or any other.”

Shining smiled. “I have to admit that would be refreshing I think. I’m used to being addressed by my title as well so hearing my name is nice to hear instead of my title only. I would imagine that it is the same way for you as well Blue Blood.” Blue nodded in agreement as he went on. “But how are you with the Princesses? You called Princess Luna by only her name a moment ago.”

Bleu closed his eyes and shook his head. “He treats them like any other as well. Last time he was here he barged into the council room to give Aunt Celestia a note to pass along to Aunt Luna.”

Shining stared at him for a moment before his eyes darted to the Pegasus. “You used the Princess as a messenger?”

“She was the most logical option. I did not wish to wake her by going to her room so giving it to her sister made the most sense.” Oblivion informed him.

Shining leaned back and shook his head. “You DID show the proper courtesy though right?”

“I greeted her kindly if that is what you mean,” Oblivion replied and Shining looked relieved. “Though I did not bow or scrape if that is what you meant. Where I am from I do not even bow to kings, queens, or emperors.”

Blue was the first to recover from the surprise and he sighed. “Geez. At least it was a nice greeting.”

Shining stared for several seconds before he chuckled and sighed in defeat. “Where are you from anyway? It must be a very different place if you need a weapon like what I saw earlier.”

“My homeland is constantly at war with somepony, monsters roam the fields and ponies are always the ones who will suffer the most from it.” He replied. “My kind, Witchers are the ones who are called when monsters get out of control. We keep ponies and monsters separated.”

“Monsters? Like what comes from the Everfree?”

“No. Those are fairly tame compared to what I am used to.”


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Blue lean a bit forward to listen closely. “Leshens, forktails, wraiths, to name a few. We are trained to fight them and keep ponies safe from them or sometimes vice versa.”

“Never heard of any of those,” Shining said and Blue nodded. “I’m assuming they are from your homeland exclusively?”

“Not originally. They were brought to my homeland by a phenomenon called the Conjunction of the Spheres. It brought monsters and magic to my homeland among other small things. Originally ponies did not have magic like it. It was brought into our home by pure chance it is believed.” Oblivion informed them.

“And that is why you carry the weapons you do?”

“Yes. They are required. The steel sword is designed to fight ponies and the silver is for monsters. Silver tends to harm monsters more deeply than steel ever could alone.”

“So ponies attack you? Even though you are obviously not an easy target.”

“You’d be surprised how many are willing to try their luck against a Witcher. Why they decide to attack a well-armed Witcher is beyond me, but even a peasant with a short knife could get lucky once.” Oblivion commented with a snort.

“Well, as much as I would prefer to stay here and chat with you I have my duties to perform. Thank you for the nice afternoon. Oblivion was a pleasure to meet you. It was nice to see you as well Blue Blood.”

The captain got up from his seat as Sasa stood up and purred in his direction. He paused and ran his hoof over her fur.

“The pleasure was ours Shining,” Oblivion said to him as the stallion went to the counter paid for his meal, and left the shop. “So what time are we meeting Luna?”

“This evening. She asked that we meet up with her before she raises the moon for the night.” Blue replied to him.

“Understood,” Oblivion said to him as he got up from the booth as well to allow Blue to get out as well. He nudged Sasa out of the way and backed up to wait for Blue.

Blue paid for his meal and led the black pony out of the shop to resume the tour. Blue led him through one of the many public parks and then into the more industrial section of the city. Oblivion marveled at the tranquility of the area. Ponies walked leisurely around with their families, enjoying the world around them. The black Pegasus paused on the sidewalk and watched the ponies. Blue looked back and saw Oblivion standing in silence as he looked around. Sasa stood at his shoulder and rubbed her head on him. The Prince walked back to him and stood in front of him, waiting.

“Are you all right?” He finally asked after they had stood in one place for over a minute.

Oblivion looked at him and gave a short smile. “I’m fine. It's just so...different. Where I am from ponies do not linger in the streets unless they have no other place to go. Beggars on every corner, the streets are blood-drenched, and the scent of death lingers. But here, there is none of that. Not that I am complaining.” Oblivion fell silent once more.

Blue stood silently with him. “I cannot imagine your world, my friend. I must admit that your homeland sounds terrifying. But the important thing is not to dwell on the differences. You are here, now, and this is life in Equestria. It's not perfect and there are troubles but at the same time you have moments like this.” Blue moved a hoof around him. Oblivion's gaze followed his hoof and saw that he was talking about the peace around them. “I won’t say that you should lower your guard. Since I don’t think you can, but to enjoy it when it happens.”

Oblivion looked around once more before he sighed. “Enjoy things when they happen?” Blue nodded. “I’m not sure I know how. I look around and I see the escape routes, ambush points, and places to hide if needed. I’m not able to change my thinking. That is no one's fault but my own.” Oblivion looked back to Blue Blood. “But I thank you for staying by me while I think it over.”

Blue chuckled. “I would not have left you here alone. You are my friend Oblivion. And I am learning that no matter what I will stand with you.” Blue said to him and put a hoof on the Pegasus's shoulder. “We can stand here as long as is needed. You decide when we move on. I like this area of town so I am happy to watch as well.”

Oblivion snorted but did not move. Never, even in other countries that he had been to, was it this quiet and peaceful. His eyes scanned around him, Sasa grumbled to him and rubbed her shoulder against him. The Witcher finally moved forward, though his stride was slow as he continued to look around him. He looked up the street to find a pony-drawn carriage coming down the street. Oblivion chuckled at the sight. As it went past them he paused to watch it as it vanished. The stallions walked forward, ignoring the looks they got due to Oblivion's size and the great cat walking with them.

Blue led him back to the castle to ensure they were on time to meet with Luna for dinner. They walked into the main dining hall and waited for the Moon Princess to join them. Oblivion looked to a door and watched as Luna looked in. She looked at Oblivion then to her nephew, whose back was to her. She gave a mischievous look at him and Oblivion gave a slight nod in understanding. The mare tiptoed up behind her nephew who remained oblivious to her presence. She reared up and was about to shout when Oblivion nudged Sasa and the great cat roared, scaring them both. Luna plopped down onto her rump and stared. Blue Blood went stock still and whimpered at the sound. Blue Blood recovered first and looked to the cat.

“Sasa what in my Aunt's name was that for?!” He demanded even as he looked at the black Pegasus chuckling at his expense. “Oblivion! You made her do that! What if she had startled my Aunts?”

Oblivion pointed his hoof for the outraged Prince to look behind him. He looked back over his shoulder to see Luna sitting on her flanks behind him, looking stunned. “Aunt Luna!” The Prince quickly went to her and looked up to admonish his friend further when the mare burst into laughter. She fell to her back and held her sides as she giggled.

“Thou got us!” She shirked through her laughter.

Blue looked to Oblivion to find him with his front hooves crossed, looking particularly smug with Sasa chuffing happily at him. “Are you okay Aunt Luna?”

“We are fine dear nephew. We wanted to surprise thee but our friend got us both.” She continued to giggle as Blue helped her to her hooves. Oblivion joined them with Sasa in tow. “Thou appear to have made a new friend Oblivion.”

Oblivion looked down at the cat at his side and shrugged. “I suppose you could say that.” He replied and looked back at the mare.

“She is not one we have ever seen before. Where did thee find such a magnificent creature?” She questioned.

“She is from our menagerie, dear sister.” Oblivion looked up to see Celestia walking into the dining hall. “Though I have not seen her in this form in a millennium.”

“So you knew what she is? And you allowed her to rot inside a form that is not her own?” Oblivion said to the advancing Princess.

She paused as she looked at the feline. “I put her in that form it's true. I did it to save her.”

The Pegasus leaned back on his haunches. “Oh?”

“She is a creature of another world. I don’t; know where she came from. But she was not able to return to it. I could not understand her fully but I knew that she was slowly dying in this world. I did not wish to see such a wonderful creature die simply because I could not understand her. So I changed her form so that she was able to live on. She did allow me to look into her dreams and I could see that she is from a world far removed from Equestria. I could not send her back, I did not know how. She was able to tell me through her dreams that she would now wait for her chosen to find her.”

“Chosen?” Blue asked and looked at the feline.

“Yes. A pony that could free her and keep her alive as well. She seems to have been freed by you, Oblivion. The caretaker told me that she was ill and I feared the worst when I went to visit her this morning. It brings me such joy to see her now. Thank you for saving her.” Celestia said to him, a warm smile on her muzzle.

Oblivion looked down at the purring cat at his side. “So you waited all that time for somepony to free you?” He said to her and she growled in reply. She got to her paws and rubbed her body along his, her back arched. A deep purr rumbled through the air as she moved.

Celestia smiled brightly and walked up to her when she stopped and stood once more by the Pegasus. “I am glad to see you well. You have found the pony that you waited so long for?”

Sasa purred at the Sun Princess and her bright blue eyes looked at the black Pegasus. Luna stepped forward and looked at her elder sister. “Will thou be crashing this meal as well sister?”

Celestia shook her head. “No, not this time Luna. Please enjoy yourselves.” The white mare replied and turned to walk out of the room after giving Sasa a gentle nuzzle.

Luna turned to look at the two stallions and clapped her front hooves together. “Please let us dine together.”

Oblivion nodded and he and Blue moved to sit. Luna sat and the two stallions sat in the chairs on either side of her. Luna clapped her hooves and two ponies came out with platters hovering in their magic. Drinks were served and Oblivion sampled the spirits of this world. He shook his head and set it down. ‘If this is the alcohol of this world then I sincerely hope that my saddlebags are as endless as they seemed to be. Which means my own stock is still there.’ He requested coffee and stuck with that as dinner was served. As the evening wore on they retired to one of the great balconies as the sun began to lower in the sky. Luna’s magic raised the moon while the two stallions watched. Sasa lounged at his hooves and purred.

Blue sighed and looked at the black Pegasus beside him. “You have seen her raise the moon before?” Oblivion nodded in response. “I have never thought to ask her about it before. I have watched Aunt Celestia raise the sun many times but I sadly did not think to offer Aunt Luna the same courtesy.”

Oblivion held up a hoof to silence the pony. “There is nothing to regret Blue. I’m certain Luna holds no anger toward you. Ponies are still getting used to having her among them once more. It would be unreasonable of her to expect everypony to immediately be used to her. I have found her to be anything but unreasonable.”

Blue looked stunned before he smiled and looked back at the rising moon. “It is lovely Aunt Luna.”

The Alicorn mare turned back to him when he spoke and her horn went dormant. Her muzzle morphed into a wide smile. “We thank thee nephew. We are glad that thou are here with us to see it. Out friend has seen us raise the moon before but now we are glad to have shared it with thee as well.” She said to him as she went to him and nuzzled him fondly.

Blue Blood smiled brightly at her and nuzzled her in reply. Oblivion looked down at the as Sasa rolled onto her back and rubbed against his forelegs. He rubbed her chest with his hoof as she purred. He looked away from her and back to the ponies with him. “It is getting to be late and I should probably think about heading back. Though I admit I am not sure how to teleport her with me. I have never teleported another living thing.”

Luna looked at him and shook her head. “Thou can stay the night and contemplate how to teleport her safely. I’m sure Celestia would not mind having thee join her for breakfast.” Luna said to him as she held out her hoof to Sasa.

The Spectral Tiger saw her hoof and rolled to her belly and then to her paws. Sasa walked under her hoof and Luna ran her hoof over the soft fur of the cat's head and neck. “It might be best that way then. I can consider how to get her back to Ponyville without harming her.”

Luna smiled as Sasa purred loudly under her hoof and then put her hoof on the ground when Sasa pulled away from her and went back to the Pegasus. “Thou’s room is still yours to use. Thee are a clever stallion so we do not doubt you will find a way to teleport her safely.”

Oblivion nodded. “She and I will stay the night and we will leave in the morning after breakfast.”

Bleu nodded and placed a hoof on the black ponies' shoulder. “I’ll lead the way. It’s time for us to retire my dear Aunt. Thank you again for joining us for dinner. It was a pleasure to watch the moon be raised as well. Thank you for that as well.”

Luna beamed at her nephew and nodded. “We are glad thou liked it.”

Blue Blood turned and Oblivion fell in behind him with a nod to Luna. The Unicorn led the way through the palace and opened the first door for the group of them and he closed it once Sasa had gone through it as well. The black stallion as quiet as he went to his own door and tapped his hoof against it to unlock it as he had been told before. The Prince ran his hoof over Sasa’s fur and then went to his own room and tapped his horn against it.

“Have a good night Oblivion.” He said as he moved to go into his room.

“You as well.”

He pushed the door open for Sasa and gave a delighted growl as she bounded into the room. He watched her run into the room and he closed the door behind them and joined her.

Author's Note:

Here we go. I removed a few sections that no longer fit with what is going on. It affected the count of it but I think it made it flow a bit easier. It ended up being a bit longer than the original but it seems to be improved from the original.

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Interesting so far the fact that he is not an alicorn but can use magic with that mark on the forehead.

Both of them are ongoing. I'm playing a bit with this one but the original is going as well.

I know you are doing a reboot to the story, and i notice you added new things along the way. which i think are a good choice.

so if you are adding new things to this version of the story. i will like to see the 'she who knows', all so known as the 'Lady of the Wood', the mother of the crones. (the spirit inside the oak that want you to bring her a black horse).

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