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An Equestrian Witcher 2.0 - OblivionShadow

A witcher from the Northern Realms finds himself sitting in Equestria, turned into a pony. When the fight with the Leshen began it was business as usual, but a second attack and a sharp pain to the back find him waking up in another world

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13: That's a Griffin?

Oblivion was outside with Mac doing several chores when Applejack pulled him aside. He walked up to her as she waited for him to join her off to the side of the barn.

“Can ya go into town fer me and pick up an order at the forge?” Sher asked him.

“I can. Is there anything else I need to get while I am in town?” He replied.

“Nah. That was it. Ya don’t need ta hurry ta get back so ya can take yer time.” She informed him. “Ya said ya needed ta get a new book from Twilight so ya can do that as well. The order from Torque has already been paid fer so ya don’t need ta worry bout payin’ fer it.”

He made to leave and she turned to leave him to his new task. He walked toward town after calling on the book from his room and laying it across his back. He knew that he would be ignored for the most part so he had left the cloak behind. While he might gather some attention for the swords on his back he was fairly certain they too would be ignored. He moved into town and as he started to go toward the Library his pace slowed as he considered his options.

“It can wait. I need to do as I was asked first.” He muttered to himself and altered his path to head toward the forge.

The Pegasus walked deeper into town and ponies passed by him as he walked. As he had thought, they did ignore him as part of the town’s ponies, he garnered no more attention than that. As he neared the main outdoor market he slowed as he saw Pinkie hiding behind a large shrub. He drew nearer to her and he gave a low nicker to alert her that he had drawn up close to her. The pink mare whirled around to look at him and a look of glee crossed her face. He felt a spike of dread go through him at the look on her face. She lunged up from her crouched position and dragged him to the ground behind the shrub with her.

“Pinkie.” He growled. “What in the Gods…” He was silenced by a hoof to the mouth as she shushed him.

“Oblivion. Just the pony I need.” She whispered to him.

He waited to respond until she had removed her hoof from his mouth and he was able to get his hooves under him instead of laying on the ground on his side. “What is going on?”

“Shhh.” She said to him and he glared as she shushed him again. “I’m watching over Gilda.”


“Rainbow’s friend from Junior Speedsters Flight Camp.”

“And I care about this why?”

“Twilight says I’m being a judgie pants.” She whispered to him.

“A what? And how are pants involved?” He asked her, his voice uncertain as he questioned her.

She reached up and her hooves gripped the sides of his face and he watched as she leaned forward until her muzzle was touching him. “A judge judging pants.”

He rolled his eyes to the sky and gave a silent prayer for strength before he looked back at the pink mare. He reached up a hoof and pushed her back from his muzzle and she finally released his face from her grip.

“Right.” He said to her. “Whatever you just said. That does not explain to me why you, and now me, are hiding behind a shrub.”

“I told you, I’m watching her.”

“Watching her for what exactly?” He asked.

“She’s been really mean to me. I wanted to hang out with Rainbow Dash some more and do more pranks, but then Gilda showed up. I used a bunch of balloons to float up to Rainbows house to talk to her and Gilda was mean and then popped my balloons so I would fall out of the sky.”

“And you’re okay from that?” He quickly asked as she took a breath.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She assured him with a wave of her hoof. “I fell into the dirt so it was fine.”

Okay.” He replied and shook his head for a moment before he went on. “So you dragged me into the dirt for this?”

“I need your help.” She gasped and gripped his face again, as he once more began to glare at her. “You can watch me watching her tell me if I am a…”

“Stop. For the love of the Gods don’t speak.” He said to her and pulled his face out of her hooves. “So essentially you need me to sit here and then tell you if you’re being judgmental or not?” She gave an enthusiastic nod. “If I try to leave will you let me?” She shook her head. “I thought not. Fine. I will watch over this and see what you are doing and if you’re being fair or not.”

She nodded frantically and then leaned back to the bush and pushed some of the branches out of the way to allow them to look into the market. He leaned forward and his eyes widened as he looked through the branches. He found himself looking at a Griffin, albeit a very small one. She was about the size of the average mare and he looked over his shoulder for a moment as he nearly reached for the silver blade sitting across his right shoulder. He stopped as he realized that she would very likely be fairly harmless and did not warrant a severe reaction with the silver weapon. He looked back through the branches and watched her closely.

His eyes narrowed as she neared Granny Smith with their cart and he grimaced a bit as she bumped into and frightened the aged mare, saying nothing in apology to her. The black Pegasus said nothing as the aged mare looked away and the Griffin stole an apple from the cart and quickly ate it. Pinkie gasped next to him and she quickly spun to look at him.

“I did misjudge her!” She whispered quickly. “She’s not only a meanie pant, she’s a thief.” She looked at him as he nodded in agreement. “No.”


“No, she might put it back.” She reasoned and he tilted his head slightly.

“You must be jesting.” He said to her, his voice low.

He looked away from the pink mare and back out the shrub as Fluttershy neared the griffin as she led a group of ducks across the street. He said nothing about the fact that the ducks needed to be lead but he chose to ignore it and went back to watching the griffin.

“All right, little ones. Come this way. Mama Duck you’re in the clear.” She said to the ducks as they followed her closely.

He watched as Gilda turned and ended up bumping into Fluttershy who looked startled at her. “Hey.”

“Please excuse me,” Fluttershy said to her, her voice characteristically quiet.

“I’m walking here,” Gilda growled.

“Oh, um I am so sorry. I was just trying too…”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Why don’t you watch where you are going, doofus?!” The griffin shouted.

He watched as Fluttershy shrunk under her glare and the tone of her voice. Gilda inhaled to yell at the terrified mare further and Oblivion surged to his hooves and stepped out from behind the shrub. His desire to protect the frightened mare showing as he spoke.

“That will be enough.” He roared.

The griffin choked as she had been inhaling to yell and had choked on the breath she had been about to use. His orange eyes were narrowed just enough to make them appear more intimidating as he stood with his head held high.

“Who are you?” Gilda barked at him.

He said nothing for a moment as he looked her over. He could tell that she was trying to frighten him with her tone as she had been doing to Fluttershy. He cast a quick glance to the other ponies and he could see that they had also been frightened by the griffin and were staying away from her. His cat eyes fell back on her and he could see her look away from his gaze.

“I am the last pony you want to meet.” He replied.

“Well. I can still take you on. No matter how you look.” She sneered.

“That’s a rich insult coming from a hybrid creature.” He scoffed.

The griffin blinked at his response. “Who do you think you are anyway? Some great pony protector?”

“I am nothing of the sort. What I am is a Witcher who has fought more than my fair share of monsters and taken out my fair share of true griffins. You are a poor excuse compared to them.” He said as he stepped away from the shrub, even as Pinkie reached for his hind leg to stop him. “I have fought griffins three times your size and came away with their heads as trophies. If you wish to do battle with somepony then you should pick one that will fight back.”

His voice held a clear challenge as he came to stand a few feet away from her. He watched as Gilda looked at the calm stallion, even as his demeanor was calm it was clear that he could easily change that if the need came. He looked at her and he was easily two heads taller than she was and his body was ready for action should the need come. He watched as she looked around them and he saw the other ponies back up to give them room. She suddenly scoffed and backed up a step.

“Fighting a pony is no fun.” She laughed. “You’re too weak to fight me equally.” She sneered and her expression fell into shock as he lunged toward her.

He lunged toward her and he folded his forelegs just enough to come up under her natural guard. His shoulder rammed violently into her sternum, pushing the breath from her lungs. She was thrown off her claws and she rolled backward. Oblivion regained his stance and watched as she gasped for several seconds before she looked up at him. He saw fear as it went through her eyes as she looked at him and he waited for her to pull herself to her claws.

“You will find that I am anything but weak.” He growled. “Come near these ponies again and I will break you like the little bird you are. Now go.”

“I don’t have to…” She began.

“Now!” Oblivion raised his forelegs and slammed them into the ground, Aard rolling across the ground to push her back further.

She stumbled at the push from the Skill and she reeled back as he watched her closely. “You’re crazy!” She shouted at him as she took to the air.

“Perhaps. But at least I am not a bitch.” He said his tone matter-of-fact as he looked over his shoulder to his hind legs where Fluttershy had hidden. “Are you all right?”

The butter-yellow mare looked out from behind him and she looked at him. “I’m okay. That was really brave of you.”

“Brave had nothing to do with it Fluttershy.” He replied to her. “What she was doing was cruel and I refused to allow it to continue.”

He waited for her to come out from behind him as the ponies around him looked on. He looked up as the sound of stomping hooves caught his attention. The Elder Witcher looked up as the ponies around him stamped their hooves in praise of his actions. Their smiles were wide as Pinkie came out from behind the shrub where they had been hiding. She jumped toward him and her forelegs wrapped themselves around his neck and she began to jump up and down, choking him with each bounce.

“That was so superbly awesome and brave! You showed that meanie griffin the door and gave her the boot!” Pinkie shouted as she let go of him and jumped into the air, one leg kicking out.

He watched as she fell to the ground, though her smile did not diminish despite the fall. He watched her toss herself to her hooves and her smile grew even wider if that was possible. Her bubbly antics went on as she looked at him.

“I am so glad you came by. No pony could have done what you did. You’re so nice and…”

“That’s enough.” He interrupted and she scowled for a moment. “I appreciate the compliment but nothing more is needed. Now if you will excuse me I have things to attend to.”

He began to walk away from the pink mare when she lunged out and wrapped her hoof in his tail. He glanced back at her and she wrapped the long strands around her hoof as her smile morphed into an expression that he was not sure what it was called. He waited for her to go on and her smile stayed in place.

“I have a perfect idea.” She informed him.

He tried to flick his tail out of her grip but her hold was like iron. “Why do I get the feeling that I do not have a choice in this?”

She simply grinned maniacally at him, his tail still gripped in her hooves.

“For the love of the… All right. I get the feeling that if I try to walk away I will end up dragging you. If I help you will you let me go?”


“Fine. What is this plan of yours?”

She came to stand by his head, releasing his tail, and put one foreleg around his neck, and pulled his head down to be level with her own. Her other leg wrapped around Fluttershy and the other Pegasus was pulled to be close to her as well. “You guys are gonna help me throw a party for our new friend Gilda.”

“Friend?” Oblivion and Fluttershy intoned.

“Did you see the same fight that I did?” Oblivion asked her.

The mare began to drag them both down the road and Oblivions wings flared from his back as he fought to get his head and neck out of her grip. He knew that if he fought hard enough he could free himself but he ran the risk of harming Pinkie in the attempt. His wings beat a couple of times as the pink mare dragged him and he pinned them back to his sides to avoid harming her and the appendages. She dragged them down the road to Sugar Cube Corner and she released them when they reached the building. Fluttershy collapsed to the ground with a quiet noise and oblivion panted as his windpipe was no longer being squeezed with each step. He pulled his head up to his normal height and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at the now bouncing pink mare. She motioned for them to follow her and the pair of them followed her after he helped pull Fluttershy to her hooves. She began to pull out boxes of party supplies and she threw one of them toward them and Fluttershy squeaked as she cringed as it came toward them. His magic lashed out and he gripped the box and swiftly put it on the ground to avoid the magic being seen.

“Come on you two. We need to get decorating.” She said as she tossed another box.

Fluttershy squeaked again and closed her eyes as it was thrown toward them. Oblivion reared to his hind legs and his hooves caught the box and set it down next to the other one. He tapped Fluttershy on her shoulder to inform her that it was okay to open her eyes. She grinned sheepishly as she found that the boxes were no longer being thrown at her.

“I can’t believe I am doing this.” He grumbled under his breath as he opened the box and began to look through it. “I know nothing of parties Pinkie. Why am I here?”

Fluttershy reached into the box and helped to begin to pull out various decorations. Pinkie bounced in place as she looked toward him. “You’re here so that meanie Gilda can’t come after you.”

He stopped and his eyes were narrowed at the mention of the griffin. “Seriously? That poor excuse for a griffin couldn’t hurt me even if I allowed it.”

“Well, I know that silly. She doesn’t though. This way she won’t see you until the party.”

He shook his head and a sigh pulled from him. “What am I doing with these things anyway?”

The Pegasus stallion held up several decorations and held them away from his body as if they might bite him. Fluttershy giggled as she watched him handle the décor. The pink mare zipped toward the back for several seconds before she came out from the back holding several slips of paper.

“Help him out Fluttershy. I have invitations to deliver!” She yelled as she went past them, leaving only a pink blur in her wake.

“How does she…?” He asked absently as the door swung for a moment.

“It’s Pinkie.”

He growled under his breath as he looked at the decorations and shook his head. “Right.” He grumbled.

An hour passed and the pink mare returned to find that the décor had been put up in her absence. Oblivion looked up as she stopped in the doorway and stared at the outfitted storefront. Using his magic they had been able to put the décor up quickly while keeping an eye out for any pony that was coming to the store. He watched as she trotted across the room toward the pair of Pegasi as they stood by the staircase.

“This is awesome! Oblivion yer magic is the best thing since icing!” She said as she ran the last few steps toward him.

His eyes widened as she came up to him. “No… Don’t… Hug me.” He managed to say as her forelegs wrapped around his neck, constricting his windpipe.

His airway was choked off and he tried to pull back from her grip and his wings flared. Her grip was iron as he tried to get her to let go. When nothing worked magic flowed over him and he teleported several feet away. He coughed and breathed in a deep breath as he focused on breathing.

“Gods below.” He said as he rubbed his throat. “Now what?”

The pink mare fell forward as he vanished and she fell flat to the floor and then bounced to her hooves. “Now I bake a coffee cake for you and a cupcake for Fluttershy while we wait for the party to start.” The mare replied as she bounced quickly away from them and into the kitchen.

He watched as she vanished and he sighed again as he looked at the other Pegasus. “I’m not hungry.”

Fluttershy giggled and smiled brightly at him. He watched as her smile faltered and she looked down at the floor between them.

“I didn’t mean to seem ungrateful for your help.”

He looked back at her, his expression was uncertain. “Did I seem upset at you?”

“Well, no but…”

“Then I’m not upset. I don’t expect gratitude at every turn. I assume you are talking about standing up for you with Gilda?” She nodded and he went on. “I did what had to be done. No pony deserves to be berated for nothing. You were polite and apologized for bumping into her, her response was unwarranted. I have put nobles in their place, a baby griffin is no challenge.”

She chuckled and they fell into silence for several seconds before the Pegasus mare seemed to think of something. “You weren’t afraid of her?”

“No.” Oblivion chuckled. “I have to ask though. Is that a full-grown griffin?”

She nodded. “I think so yes.”

He scoffed and shook his head. “Gods. That is Equestrias griffin then? And I thought the Sea Serpent was comical.”

She watched him as he spoke and a smile began to tug at her mouth. “What are they like where you are from?”

He raised his head slightly higher as the mare spoke to him. “They would give you nightmares Fluttershy. I won’t be responsible for giving them to you.”

The mare squared her shoulders in reply to him. “They can’t be scarier than Gilda.”

“As you wish.” He said to her in reply. “The ones I am used to are easily three times her size, with claws that are the length of my lower leg, wings that could blot out the sun's light, shall I go on?”

Fluttershy shook her head and he fell silent. “You have fought things like that?”

“Many times.” He began as a crash came from the kitchen and he looked toward the room behind the counter.

“I’m okay!” Pinkie yelled.

He shook his head and looked back at the other Pegasus. “I am still not sure of why I am here exactly.” He admitted to her. “If that griffin wished to come after me then it would be the last mistake she ever made.”

Fluttershy sat down and looked thoughtful for a moment before she spoke. “Perhaps it’s more to avoid Rainbow Dash. Gilda probably told her what happened, so she is probably mad at you. If you’re here then Rainbow Dash can’t get mad at you.”

He shook his head and ran his hoof down his face. “That actually makes more sense. That fool mare won’t ask for my version before acting against me. Element of Loyalty my ass.” He growled.

Fluttershy shrugged absently and tried to look sympathetic. “She is loyal. But I think she will be on Gilda’s side. Even though all of us know that you don’t act unless you have to. Even if she knows that I’m not sure what she will do.”

His shoulders sagged for a moment before he straightened. “Well. We will see how it plays out.” He said to her as Pinkie came out of the back kitchen.

The mare balanced a tray on her back and she smiled brightly as she approached them. “Here ya go Fluttershy, one cloudy cupcake for one of the best helpers in Equestria.” She said as she gave the butter-yellow mare a white cupcake with light blue frosting. “And for the bravest pony in Ponyville, one coffee cupcake.”

Oblivion reached up and took the treat from her and nodded gratefully to her as he took a bite of the snack. He ate the cake in silence and finished it quickly when a thought came to him.

“How many ponies did you invite?” He asked.

“I invited our friends, the Mayor, the Apples, then I asked all of the Day Spa ponies and…” She started.

Oblivion reached out and laid his hoof over her mouth. “The whole town would have been a fine answer.” He said to the mare as she glared out from behind his hoof.

Fluttershy giggled as she finished her treat. “Thank you, Pinkie that was a nice snack.”

Oblivion removed his hoof from the mare’s mouth to allow her to speak in response to the Pegasus mare. “You’re so welcome Fluttershy. You guys are the best party decorating helpers ever!” She called out as she jumped into the air and spun in place.

Oblivion watched as she seemed to linger in the air without the use of wings. ‘There’s a law of gravity broken.’ He thought to himself. He was about to let his thoughts linger on her antics when he shook his head and put it out of his mind, shelving it in the back of his mind as Pinkie being her normal self. Behind him, he heard a knocking sound out and he watched her race across the room to open the front door wide. He watched as ponies began to file into the room and he moved away from the staircase. He moved to the side out of the way and stood still as ponies filed in.

‘Our worlds are very different in most ways but in others, they are exactly the same. Parties are more about mingling and enjoying each other’s company in this world while in mine they are places of political wrangling and employed deception. I must admit this is preferable to the balls and events I have been in but I still would prefer to be anywhere else. This space is far too small of so many ponies. Even if they seem to mingle well even they must feel cramped after a while.’ His musing was interrupted by the arrival of several spirit lights that he knew well. He watched as Twilight, Applejack, and Spike came through the door. Twilight spotted him first and she smiled brightly and he nodded in reply. His orange eyes scanned away from them and he spotted a light blue light coming toward the building. He knew the light to be Rainbow and he could see a tawny light close by her. ‘Here we go.’

The black Pegasus saw the blue mare come into the building and he watched as she scanned the room. Her rose-colored eyes fell on him and he watched her expression darken at the sight of him. The Witcher remained still and silent as she pulled the griffin into the room and spoke to her. Rainbow pointed a hoof toward him and the griffin nodded in response to her. He watched as Gilda flinched at the sight of him and he nearly chuckled in response. Rainbow jumped into the air and her wings carried her through the room until she was in front of him.

“What are you doing here?” She asked as venom dripped from her words.

“I helped to decorate at Pinkie’s behest.” He informed her.

“No. I mean why are you still here then? This party is for my friend Gilda and you aren’t welcome after how you treated her.” The mare said to him.

“Are you even going to ask why I acted the way I did? You know full well that I…”

“Get out,” Rainbow said to him. “You’re not welcome here or anywhere near her.” She snarled.

Her tone caught the attention of the ponies nearest them and they listened in and watched the pair of them.

“Get out!” Rainbow shouted, not noticing that she now had the attention of the entire room.

Oblivion said nothing for a moment as Gilda smirked behind the rainbow maned Pegasus. Her shout had silenced the room and he could sense that he was being stared at with them.

“No.” He flatly replied and sat down heavily.

Rainbows eyes widened at his flat refusal and she hovered upward until her muzzle was level with his own. “I told you to leave and I mean it Oblivion. You’re the jerk that bullied my friend…”

“I’m the jerk?” He barked at her as he got to his hooves. “You are a fool. I acted as I did to protect the ponies that she was mistreating and stealing from. She pranked Granny Smith, which I can let go of since she did not hurt her, but in that same instant, she took an apple from the cart and did not pay for it. Where I am from that would get her beaten. Fluttershy was leading a family of ducks to cross the street and bumped into the hybrid. She realized she had bumped her and quickly apologized for the act. Your ‘friend’ then turned around and began to berate and mistreat her for an accident. I stepped in at that point and put her in her place. I will not allow a pony under my protection to be abused and mistreated. Be angry all you like but perhaps you should get the full story before you start fights that you cannot win.” He argued.

Rainbow stared at him, stunned into silence. She blinked and stared at him and then she shook her head and looked over her shoulder to the griffin behind her. “Is all that true?”

The griffin scoffed and shrugged. “Come on, Dash. You gonna believe that crazy pony instead of me?”

Rainbow allowed herself to float to the ground and folded her wings at her sides. “That crazy pony is one of my friends.” She said, her voice quiet. “Hey, Flutters? You here?”

He looked away from the rainbow mare as Fluttershy came forward from the mass of ponies. The Witcher watched as Gilda glared at the approaching Pegasus and he gave a low growl and the griffin quickly focused on him instead of the mare. The butter-yellow Pegasus stopped close by Rainbow and her eyes took on a determined glint as she raised her head to speak.

“Oblivion is right. She was so mean to me even after I apologized to her. I was leading some cute little ducks across the street and I did bump into her. She yelled at me and I was scared of her so I didn’t say anything to her. Oblivion stepped in and stopped her from bullying me. He did push her but I don’t think he did it to hurt her. I think he was trying to scare her like she was scaring every pony around her.” Fluttershy said in a rush, her shoulder shaking.

Rainbow’s jaw was slightly agape as the Pegasus spoke. She blinked in surprise and spun to face the griffin behind her. “You stole from Granny Smith? And then you tormented Fluttershy for bumping into you?”

The griffin sputtered as she collected herself. “Oh come on Dash. You're gonna believe those lame ponies? You can’t be serious?”

Oblivion reached out, put a hoof on Fluttershy’s shoulder and his hoof gripped her fur and gently pulled her away from the pair of them. He moved the shy mare to stand just behind his shoulder and she seemed to understand what he was doing as she moved to hide against his side. He did not anticipate an actual physical fight to break out between the pair but he was not one hundred percent certain. He was not going to allow the Pegasus mare to get caught in something if he could prevent it.

“These ‘lame’ ponies are my friends. This is not why I wanted you to meet them. Your one of my closest friends Gilda and I wanted you to meet them as well. But I can’t stand with you if you’re going to be a jerk to them all.” Rainbow flatly explained to the griffin who looked shocked at her explanation.

“You're siding with these lame-o’s instead of a cool birdy like me?”

“Is that all that matters?” Rainbow asked her. “Being cool? If that is so important then maybe we have nothing in common like we used to. I forgot that Oblivion doesn’t act out unless he has to. I can’t believe I let myself forget that about him. Fluttershy doesn’t lie to me. But I guess you do.” She growled. “You didn’t tell me everything when you told me what he did to you. You didn’t explain that you had stolen from Granny Smith and you left out how you treated Fluttershy.”

Oblivion stepped away from the butter-yellow mare and moved to block her from the griffin’s sight should anything happen. She stayed close by his tail and he made sure she was protected as he moved to stand next to the rainbow maned Pegasus. He lowered his head to be level with Gilda and his eyes narrowed as he looked at her.

“You heard her. I suppose now you’re the one that isn’t welcome here.” He growled and she stared at him. “If you wish to stay your attitude toward the ponies here will need to be changed quickly. You’re not welcome otherwise.”

“You can’t be serious, Dash. You’re going to let him throw me out?” Gilda asked, her voice pitched.

Rainbow looked at the black Pegasus and her expression set itself as she nodded. “Yup. He’s right. If you’re gonna be a jerk to everypony then you can’t be here. If you can be nice to everypony then I am happy for you to be here. I wanted my new friends and my old friends to meet and get along. But if this is how you’re going to treat them then he’s right and I’ll agree with him.”

Oblivion looked at the griffin who backed up a step as Rainbow Dash spoke to her. “You aren’t kidding. Dash I can’t believe this. You’d pick these stupid ponies over…”

Oblivion reared up, swiveled his body to face her, and brought his hooves down. Aard pushed her backward and she collided with the door jamb as she went out the door. He followed her as she landed in a heap at the base of the stairs. She looked up at the doorway to find the Pegasus stallion staring down at her.

“I find you here when I leave I will pluck you, am I clear?” He growled.

The griffin got up and took to the air, her wings flapping hurriedly. The stallion sighed and he backed up into the room and turned to face Rainbow and the other ponies. Rainbow was watching him and her eyes had gone wide.

“Was what that?”


“That magic you used?”

“That wasn’t magic. Not exactly. It’s a minor form of magic that is done by all Witchers. It’s more of a skill.” He replied when he realized she was asking him about his usage of Aard.

“Oh. Pretty cool.” She said to him as she looked at the ponies that were in the room. “I’m sorry everypony. I didn’t realize that she had been such a jerk to so many ponies. I’m sorry she ruined the party you made for her Pinkie.”

The Witcher watched as everypony smiled and he could see the forgiveness in their eyes as they forgave the mare easily. He said nothing about the quick forgiveness and he pushed it to the back of his mind. He stayed among them for several minutes before he began to edge his way out of the building. Once he was outside he made for the forge to get there before it closed for the night. He walked away from the business and his ears flicked back as the sound of flapping wings caught his attention. His orange eyes cast a glance behind him and he saw Rainbow catching up to him, her expression set on him.

“Hey. I know I said I was sorry to everypony inside but I think you deserve a different apology.” She said to him as her wings folded and she stood at his hip. I was a lousy friend to you in there and I didn’t give you the chance to explain why you went after her. It wasn’t fair of me to be angry at you.”

“You had every right to trust what she said to you and take it to be fact.” He assured her. “It’s not wrong for you to choose to believe her words and hers alone. Just try to remember next time that there are two versions to every story.”

She smiled and nodded in agreement. “I owe you one.” She said to him and he shook his head. “No seriously I do. Have a new spell you need to test?”

“Not at this time no. If I think of something I will let you know?” He bargained.

“Deal.” She said and hopped back into the air. “You going to come back to the party?”

“No, I have other things to accomplish.” He replied. “Enjoy it.”

She smiled and turned to trot back to Sugar Cube Corner and he watched as she went back into the party. He sighed and his hooves carried him toward the forge. A minute passed and he could see the forge as it loomed in front of him. He saw Torque in the front of the forge and the stallion saw him and waved. Oblivion broke into a trot and he reached the forge within a few long strides.

“Here to pick up Applejack's order?” The pony asked him.


“Stay right there. I’ll bring it out to you.”

Oblivion watched as the gray Earth Pony walked into the back, around a corner, and vanish from sight. His orange eyes went to the walls of the forge and he could see examples of the pony’s skills on the walls. The walls carried everything from silverware to shields and he could tell that each one was well made and made from iron and other base metals. Precious few were made of pure steel if he was looking at it right. Curiosity bit at the back of his mind since as far as his experience told him steel was more durable. He could hear hooves on dirt and he pushed the questions to the back of his mind as Torque came around the corner. The grey pony came back into view and he laid a bundle on the counter between them. The Witcher looked at the shape of the bundle and he watched as the item was unveiled. A steel sword was unveiled and he looked at it closely and it was nearly identical to his own though the hilt was simpler in design. The black Pegasus looked at Torque who grinned at him.

“Applejack asked me to make it for you. She was pretty insistent that it remained a secret from you. And I think she succeeded. You’re not really expressive but I think you were surprised.” Torque chuckled.

“I should have suspected something, to be honest.” He admitted.

Torque chuckled and picked the blade up and extended its hilt first toward the black stallion. Oblivion reached up and took the weapon carefully from him to ensure that the blade stayed in the scabbard. He laid it across his back and gave a slight nod to the forge pony. Torque smiled and went back to his forge and Oblivion turned on his heel to head back to the farm. He cast a glance back at the weapon and he shook his head.

“Sneaky little mare.” He muttered.

He reached the farm and paused once out of direct sight and his magic flared as he remembered that he needed to send a reply to Blue Blood. A scroll and quill appeared in his aqua aura as he wrote a reply.

Blue Blood,

I would be glad to come back to Canterlot and get a tour of the city. I am not sure what help I can be off with the cat but I will do what I can to help out. I am free this weekend and I can teleport to just inside the Menagerie to hide my teleport. I do ask that we visit the Royal forge, I need to have a sword repaired. Let me know if this suits you and I will make sure to appear on time. Thank you again.

Oblivion Shadow

He rolled up the scroll his magic flared and sent it. He could sense when the letter arrived and he then moved out of the shadow of the house and then into the house. He mounted the stairs and trotted down the hallway to his room. He removed the baldric and set it on the desk. The new blade was laid down beside it as he looked at how to remove the old blade. His claws gripped the silver scabbard and pulled it off the baldric, the silver stitching flaring as it was removed. He laid it down and picked up the plain weapon and laid it on top of the baldric in the place of the old one and the silver threading immediately flared once more and began to bind itself to the new scabbard. He picked up his Wolven steel and set it into the wardrobe. He locked the wardrobe and moved to leave the room once more. He left the room and closed the door behind him as he moved down the hallway, down the stairs, and out the door. He saw Mac off to the side hauling some of the barrels of apples around the barn and he looked around them to ensure it was just them before he used his magic to levitate them. Mac looked up as the barrels moved and he looked at the black Pegasus.

“Where do I put them?” He asked the red farmer. “You direct and I will place them.”

Mac nodded and the two stallions began to move the barrels around the barn to allow them to place the ones that had been left outside of the structure inside as well. They moved around Apple Bloom as she played close by them. Occasionally her ball would end up under the legs of one of her brothers and they would kick it away for her to chase. She seemed to enjoy the game as Oblivion began picking it up in his magic and tossing it further away from them, forcing her to chase it down. Eventually, she flopped down on the ground as her energy finally ran out. The Witcher sighed as his magic picked her up, as he shifted the blades on his back, and he set her on his back. He felt her nestle down in between his wings as she mumbled something about playing more. A glance from Mac had the Witcher rolling his eyes as the other chuckled. Time ticked past them as Applejack came through the front gate. Mac closed the barn doors as Oblivion looked over his shoulder to the approaching mare. She broke into a trot and he saw her smile at the sight of the filly nestled on his back.

“Ya missed a fun party.” She informed him. “There were plenty of games and a ton of food.”

“I’m certain I was not missed. I had other tasks to do.” He said with a look at the blades on his back.

“Ya got there in time ta pick it up?” She smiled.

“Yes. You did not need to do that for me Applejack. I will repay you when I am able.”

The mare gave a loud snort and waved a hoof at him. “It’s a gift. Ah figured ya might like that more than a trip ta the spa.”

Oblivion had to admit she was right. “True enough. I’m not interested in ponies messing with me.”

Applejack reached upon his back to get the filly off his back but he saw her stop when she realized he was too tall for her to easily get her off his back. His magic flowed over the sleeping filly and she was levitated off his back and onto her sister’s back.

“I will be going to Canterlot this weekend to meet with Blue Blood.” He informed her.

“Sounds like fun fer ya. Be sure ta enjoy yourself.”

“Blue wishes to show me around Canterlot. He believes that a large cat has possibly bonded to me while I was there last. The cat has since refused to eat and seems to be in some distress. I admit I am a bit shocked since cats tend to avoid my kind, they typically can’t stand me.” He replied.

“Well, ya better help ‘er then. Ya might end up with a nice pet fer yerself.” She chuckled. “What kind of cat is she?”

“I am not sure, to be honest. I would say panther but her coloring is more of a tawny color than brown or black. I have seen panthers her size but they are thinner than she is.”

“Wait… Panther?” Applejack held up a hoof and stopped him from speaking further. “So she’s not a little kitty?”

“No. She is far larger than the typical pet cat. Her shoulders would come up to about my chest.” He responded as Mac finished locking the barn.

Applejack's jaw opened and hung slack as she realized how large the feline he was talking about truly was. He reached out to her and closed her jaw and she blinked at him. His magic flared as a scroll erupted from the aqua mist. He held his hoof out and the scroll dropped into his grip.

Oblivion Shadow,

I would be delighted to have you visit this Saturday. Is noon a good time for you? I have a couple of duties to attend to in the morning but after that, I will ensure that my schedule is open. It will be good to see you, my friend. Aunt Luna will no doubt wish to see you as well. If you are amendable then we could have dinner with her that evening. We can discuss more that day and see what plans you wish to make. Thank you for the swift response.

Blue Blood

Oblivion's magic flared as he summoned a scroll and quill of his own to send a quick reply.

Blue Blood,

That plan sounds fine. I will arrive around noon and we can either go to the forge first or later. I am not picky about the timing so long as we go eventually. It will be good to see you as well. Until then.

Oblivion Shadow

He sent the letter and let the aqua aura fade and the mist lingered for a few seconds and then faded out as well. He turned for the farmhouse and he walked inside to find the family assembled and Apple Bloom was rubbing her eyes as she had either been awoken or had just awoken. Her eyes fixed on him and a smile crossed her muzzle.

“Did ya bring my ball inside?” She asked.

His magic flowed and the ball appeared in front of her. She reached out and her hooves gripped the surface of the ball and she pulled it close to her. “Thanks.”

He gave a slight nod as he picked up the paper that was lying nearby. Minutes ticked past as they prepared for dinner and Granny Smith joined them after a half hour.

“Hey, Oblivion?” Apple Bloom suddenly broke the silence with a question.

He said nothing in reply and simply lowered the paper to look at her.

“What games did ya’ll play where yer from?”

He looked at her for a moment before he looked down at the paper and sighed. “Children play in the streets and their games are of hunting or of being knights, I assume. Witchers do not play games so I am not sure of the exact games they would have played.”

He looked up when there was no response to what he had said and he found himself the subject of the entire family’s stares. His orange eyes narrowed for a moment before he set the paper aside and waited for them to speak to him.

“Y'all didn’t play?” The filly asked as she gaped at him.

He shook his head and shrugged dismissively. “There might have been games, had we not been training our whole lives.”

“Not even when yer chores were done?” Mac asked him.

Oblivion barked a laugh. “We did not have chores. We had our training from morning till night and even then sometimes it went into the night. We had to learn from a huge amount of books and other materials about the monsters in the world around us. We had to know how to fight them, what Signs worked best against them, among other things. Swordsmanship took up a large amount of our time as well when we were not studying books. We had no time for games, little one.”

The siblings looked at each other and then back to him. “So ya never gotta be just a colt?” Applejack asked him.

Oblivions ears flicked just enough to focus on her as he heard the sorrow in her tone. “Being a colt never crossed my mind personally. Our lives were kept busy with things that were far more important.” The Witcher replied as gently as he was able. He knew that they were shocked by what he had told them. “We needed to grow up quickly to ensure that we were ready to follow the Path ahead of us. I do not regret my time and I do not regret what I may have missed out on.”

Apple Bloom suddenly stood up on her chair and her hooves thudded dully on the table. “Let’s go play Oblivion.” She stated and jumped off her chair and set her ball on her back.

“What?” He asked her as she rounded the table and came to stand close by him.

“Come on now.” She said as she pushed against his hip to encourage him to stand and follow her.

“Apple Bloom. It’s getting dark out.” He stated as he got to his hooves.

“Can ya make lights with yer magic?” She asked him, pausing by the door.

“I probably can but you recall that we are keeping that secret. What if somepony sees it?” He asked her.

“The others can keep a lookout.” She reasoned and pushed the door open.

He sighed and made for the now open door. He cast a plaintive glance over his shoulder and the remaining ponies simply shooed him outside. Once outside aqua magic flowed over him and sconces of fluorescent aqua hovered in the air and bobbed gently in the air around them. He looked back as Applejack and Mac joined them outside and he watched as the filly came to stand ten feet away from him.

“Okay. We can start out simple. Since ya have never played afore.” She informed him.

She spun and bucked the ball toward him. He sighed again as it reached him and he gave it a gentle kick back toward the filly and she chased it down. She kicked it back to him and it rolled off to the side of him. His magic lashed out and gripped the toy and brought it back to him.

“Nope, no magic.” She admonished from her place several feet away from him. “Ya have ta chase it. It’s more fun that away.”

He closed his eyes as his hoof rested on the ball in front of him. “I fail to see how chasing after this ball is fun.”

“Y'all will see. Ya just need ta try it. Don’t let it stop rolling, just get behind it and kick it.”

He sighed and kicked it to her. She got in front of it and gave it a hard kick to the side of him. He gave a quiet grumble as he trotted after it. He trotted over the top of it and used his left hind leg to kick it back to her.

“Nice kick!” She shouted and chased after it.

He turned back and walked back to where he had started and waited for her to kick it back to him. She kicked it and he trotted after it and returned it to her.

‘Reminds me of some of the coordination exercises we did at Kaer Morhen.’ He mused in silence as he kicked the ball back to her. Minutes ticked past as they kicked the ball back and forth. Oblivion was realizing that the filly was sending the ball further off to the sides to keep him on the move while he was sending it back to be as close to her as possible. ‘Two can play that game.’ He gave the ball a harder kick than before and sent the filly racing after the sphere. His ears flicked as Applejack and Mac chuckled.

“Not sure he’s playin’ with ‘er so much as he just started ta fight back.” Applejack commented to her brother.

“Eeyup.” Mac agreed.

Apple Bloom was beginning to visibly tire and the ball was soon getting away from her. She missed it and had to chase it down as it rolled into the trees. The filly brought it back to them and she panted as she leaned heavily on the ball.

“Okay. Ah think ya got the hang of it.” She panted as she sat down heavily and then fell to her belly.

“Not a very difficult task. We had a similar exercise in Kaer Morhen. It was used to enhance our reflexes.” He responded as he walked over to the panting filly.

“So ya have played games afore.” She accused.

“It wasn’t considered playing since we did not have any fun with it.”


“As a Witcher, we have to be fast to avoid injury. We were punished when we were too slow.”

“Yer teachers were crazy.”

He barked a laugh at her reply. “I can’t argue with that.”

He extinguished the sconces and his magic picked up the filly and her ball. He turned for the house and carried her inside, setting her down on the floor just inside the house. Applejack chuckled as she walked in behind him and Mac followed behind her.

“He gave ya a run fer yer bits.” Applejack chuckled as she ruffled the filly’s bow.

“He’s bigger than me.” She complained.

“You’re the one that wanted to play.” He replied. “Not my fault you picked a fight with a full-grown stallion.”

“Ah didn’t fight ya though.” Apple Bloom said as her head gave a tilt.

“It’s an expression,” Oblivion said to her. “I think that will be enough for tonight. Time for bed, little one.”

Apple Bloom walked to the stairs and looked back at him. “Tell me a story?”

He looked at her for a moment before he shook his head. “Not tonight. I can’t think of any tales that would interest you right now.”

The filly gave a disappointed huff and walked up the stairs. The Witcher looked over to the other ponies and a slight grin tugged at his mouth. “Mostly since the stories I can think of might give her nightmares.” He said and the other two nodded.

Author's Note:

Okay, I just got this one going again. Took me a bit and I am so sorry for the long delay. Thank you for your patience and I appreciate your sticking with me. Please enjoy and let me know if I missed anything when I edited it. I ran it through basic grammar, spelling check but I'm too broke for the fancy version of Grammarly. :twilightsmile: Please enjoy!