• Published 5th Aug 2020
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A Hero’s Origins - MlpHero

The back story of my OC, Hero

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Chapter 1: Hero

“Sir! We’re pinned down!”

The Captain looked over. “I know that! We just need to—” a shadow towered over them. They looked over to see a long strand of blue heading towards them. They screamed before it hit them…


“Ah! Curse this braid!” I yell, watching as my plastic soldiers fell on the ground. My blue braid had fallen over my shoulder and hit them. You may be wondering how in the heck that happened. Well, it had something to do with how I was sitting. I was on my knees and head hung over the ‘battlefield’. Now, you may be wondering: why is a thirteen year old changeling playing with plastic soldiers? I dunno, I just like doing it. Oh yeah, my name is Hero. Why? I dunno, ask my mom and dad.

I groan, picking up my custom plastic figure of changeling Captain Foresight. He’s got yellow eyes, a small necklace, and a crossbow. I’m case you’re wondering, I was recreating an old battle called the ‘Battle of Western Equestria’. I remember a song by a group of changelings called ‘Fields of the West’. I began singing it under my breath.

“As the drum roll started on that day
Heard a hundred miles away
A thousand crossbows fired
And the arrows pierced the land.
And the cannons fired all day long
Yet the trenches were holding strong
Heavily defended
Now the gauntlet‘s been thrown and the struggle‘s begun.”

They weren’t anyone big, they were kind of a local band. The hive didn’t mind though.

I watched as Foresight’s trench was bombarded by cannon fire from the RG’s (that’s what we call Royal Guards) and few changelings fly at a flick of my hoof. I chuckled, rolling a changeling tank over the trench. I know CT’s weren’t used during the battle, but whatever.

“Heheh, ‘oh no! A CT is coming!’,” I said, waving bat pony General Silverfang, another historical figure, but I won’t bore you with my historical facts. “Heheh, ‘yeah! And we’re goin’ make you run with your tail between your legs!’,” I spoke in a different tone, now waving Foresight. “Pew! Pew! ‘Argh!’!” I smiled, dropping Silverfang. “Yes! Changelings victorious once again!” I cheered, a beam of joy filling my happy soul.

That happiness soon dropped like a bomb.

I heard hoofsteps. I looked over, expecting my parents to step in. But instead, I was met with Chrysalis. I blinked, a bit confused. Why in the world would she want me?

Well… judging by the dark cloud in her eyes… something was wrong.

“Hero…” Her voice… it’s not as… well, fearsome as I remember. When she sits on my bed, however… I know something really is up. “Your parents… they… they’re…”

My eyes widen. I knew my parents were ill… but…

“I’m so sorry…” she says, rubbing my back. She screws her eyes shut. “I’ll… I’ll leave you alone.” She sighs, before walking out.

And, what was my response to finding out my parents were dead? Well… I cried. And I cried for a good while. I eventually cried so hard I’d fallen asleep. I didn’t get much done that day.

I woke up around the evening, before crawling down to my plastic soldiers and making another battle. I try to take my mind off of this… it slightly works. I mean, it’s kinda hard to create a battle without the possibility of a shower of tears.

A few days later, we had a funeral. My old man was a military ling. Unfortunately it was during peace times, so he didn’t fight as far as I know. But I still respected him. Huh, maybe that’s the reason I like military history so much.

Anyway, I watched as the changelings fired their crossbows in the air. I know it’s mandatory to collect the arrows, but I asked, and received one of the arrows, as well as a Devil Horn flag. Due to mama’s marriage to papa, they share a grave, papa one one side, mama one the other.

I left that day, felling a bit… well… depressed. I mean, why wouldn’t I be? My parents died.

I try my best to ignore it, ‘specially since I don’t have the best reputation ever. Oh well, beggers cain’t be choosers. Also, one thing to know about me is that I have a country accent. So, if you see words like ‘cain’t’ instead of ‘can’t’, it’s just my accent kicking in.

I continued life as it is, being picked on, making friends. Life was… pretty boring to be honest. At least until…

The Canterlot Invasion.

My chance to shine! The chance to prove I’m not just some bug in this hive! Maybe my parents’ll be happy! I mean, they already were, but still. It was a few weeks away, so I had a while to prepare, but whatever. It beats doing academy work. So, Semper Fi ya son (or daughter) of a mare!

But, until then, life would be boring. And that’s how it would stay for a while. But don’t go anywhere! I promise this’ll get interesting! Just, be patient, and you’ll see how my life flipped like a coin.