• Published 5th Aug 2020
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A Hero’s Origins - MlpHero

The back story of my OC, Hero

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A Hero’s Origins

By MlpHero

Three changelings walked into the hatchery, looking around. Many eggs were resting on the ground. Queen Chrysalis looked over. “Are you sure you two wanna do this?”

The other two changelings nodded. “Of course we are, right Shade?” the male changeling asked the female.

Shade nodded. “Yeah Valor, of course.”

Shade and Valor looked around, examining each and every egg. And they searched for a while

Then, one shook.

They looked over to it. They walked over to it and picked it up. Valor smiled, watching it crack.

The egg cracked and then hatched.

A changeling with two dark blue eyes poked its head out.

Shade and Valor chuckled. “This one,” Shade said, examining the tiny grub.

Chrysalis nodded. “And what would you like to call him?”

Valor smiled at the grub. “I think he needs to be big and strong like his papa.”

“How do you know that’s how he’ll grow to be that?”

Valor smiled and rubbed the grub’s head. “Dunno. But I want his name to be special.”

Shade chuckled. “Like what?” she asked, taking the grub from Valor.

The grub’s dark blue eyes stared at them, sparkling in the light. He let out a babble.

She smiled. “I think there are great things destined for this little hero.”

Valor’s eyes widened. “‘Hero’ huh?”

Shade nodded, stroking the grub’s head. Then, she looked up in realization. “Do you think?”

Valor nodded and looked at Chrysalis. “We think… he should be named ‘Hero’.”

Chrysalis nodded. “Okay then, let me get everything set up, and he shall be in your care.”

Shade and Valor nodded and followed the Queen out of the hatchery.