• Published 5th Aug 2020
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A Hero’s Origins - MlpHero

The back story of my OC, Hero

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Chapter 3: Well, That Went Well

I should’ve mentioned something. I’m scared of heights. Like, really scared of heights. So much so that I hardly know how to fly. It doesn’t help that I’m wearing my bags, and they’re weighing me down. If I knew we were going to fly to Canterlot, I wouldn’t have snuck off to join this invasion.

Anyway, we finally reached the city, which was surrounded by some kinda force field. I noticed the others slamming into the shield.

Um… okay?

I pulled out my butterfly knife and began stabbing it. At least one of us has common sense. After a while, we managed to break the shield. I still don’t know what Chrysalis was doing, but we were finally inside.

I landed a way away from the other group. I looked around after my head stopped spinning. Okay, war; not the adventure I read about in books. I got up and ran off in a random direction. After all, I didn’t have much of a choice. I continued running for a good while. Heh, Papa would be proud. Soon, I reached a shop. You may be wondering why I’m here, well sir or ma’am, whatever you prefer, I decided to see what all I bought with me.

Comics and art supplies? Check.

Books? Check.

Toys? Check.

Money? Check.

Food and water? Check.

Butterfly knife, ceremonial arrow, slingshot, my Papa’s Dead-Eye spell scroll? Check.

Okay, that’s everything I need. Oh? You wanna know what Dead-Eye is? Oh wait, you didn’t? Oh well, it’s my story and um… yeah. My story.

Anyway, Dead-Eye is an auto-aim spell. It makes your vision go orange and you can paint red x’s on your target.

Anyway, I had everything I needed (and/or wanted), so I was pretty much set for anything. I stayed inside for a while and ‘liberated’ a few things for supplies. But not like I needed it. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to lose or anything, pffft! (That’s called foreshadowing!)

I stepped outside after ‘liberating’ some loot. I eventually found Zenex. He was standing outside the gate of the Canterlot castle. I stepped over.

“Hey Zenex,” I said, trotting over. I watched as Zenex paced nervously. I blinked and sat down beside him, trying to rest as my hooves were killing me. Although, that might be because I was nearly over encumbered in loot.

Zenex looked over. “Oh. H-Hey Hero,” he stuttered, sounding as nervous as he looked.

I blinked and nodded at the castle. “What’s wrong?”

“I-It’s Hive… he’s inside…” Zen mumbled. “He told me to wait here, but…” he looked up to the castle.

I patted his shoulder, looking up at the castle. I assume Zen was nervous about Hive being injured or something. But, I digress.

After about thirty minutes, Zenex decided to try and enter the gates. That was cut short when a love explosion (I think) erupted from the castle.

“Oh shoot! Take cover!” I yelled, running for an alleyway. But, it was too late and I was sent flying.

I awoke a few hours later, pretty confused. I looked around. “Ugh… Z-Zen…?” I looked around, noticing I wasn’t in the city anymore. I was in the woods. “Zen? Zenex?! Anyone!” I called out, only to get no response. I sighed, looking around for my bags. Unfortunately, they weren’t on my back.


Luckily, my knife was on my side, so I wasn’t going to die out here without a fighting chance. I began walking in a random direction, looking around for my bags. I wasn’t sure how far out I was. I could be on the outskirts of Canterlot, or some other pony town.

I continued walking for a while, then I heard the rumble of my stomach.

Double crap.

All of my food and water was in my bags, and I didn’t have them. I sighed and sat down on a log. I played with my butterfly knife for a while, before hearing a twig snap. I readied my knife, looking around. Soon, I noticed a pony wagon rolling by. I blinked, before turning into a pony, a unicorn, and trotting over.

“H-Hey! You!”

The pony pulling the wagon stopped. “Hm?”

A looked around nervously. “Do you know where the nearest town is?”

“Ah yes. Ponyville is a few miles that way.” They pointed down the dirt road they were following.

“Thanks.” I ran off, in search of civilization. And food, but mostly civilization.

Author's Note:

Ah yes, the next chapter of HO. So, yes, I own a butterfly knife, yes, the Dead-Eye spell is from Red Dead, Yes, I have a fear of heights, and yes to a few more things. Gee, I wonder what will happen next.