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Book 0: Harry Potter, Where Are You!? (Revised 6/4/2020)

Author's Note:

Edit: Updated and revised with a homage to another Fanfic that gives this one more weight.
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November 1st, 1981 Early Morning Special Edition 1 Knut


The Daily Prophet


Voldemort Dead! Potter Family Betrayed By Sirius Black!

Shocking news came in this morning when the bodies of Lily and James Potter were found in their home murdered by the killing curse. Their presumed killer, Lord Voldemort, was also found dead by the killing curse as well. His killer has not yet been found, nor has the body of the third member of the Potter family, Harry James Potter, the 1-year-old pride and joy of the Potter family. Also missing were several effects belonging to the Potter family that were related to young Harry Potter. Our prayers go out that he is found safe and sound.
In other news Sirius Black was arrested this morning after blowing up a street killing 13 muggles and his childhood friend, Peter Pettigrew. Said group of friends also included the Potters and Remus Lupin. All that could be found of Peter was a finger. Sirius meanwhile was found laughing madly and exclaiming that he would find Peter and kill him. A Ministry press release earlier this morning revealed that Sirius was chosen to be the Potters’ secret keeper making his betrayal all the more shocking given how close the group were and the fact Sirius is officially Harry’s godfather.

Meanwhile in a locked part of an already secretive department seldom accessed by anyone a globe on a shelf of identical-looking spheres developed a small crack unnoticeable to all but the most observant.

While the prophecy held within it still stands for now, and it was one that foretold of an important death that would end a second war, it’s truthfulness was seriously in flux.

The fact it was still intact is all that prevented Albus Dumbledore who held it in his hands from freaking out as he failed to spot the crack in the prophecy. It meant that Harry Potter was probably still alive although lost. It also meant he would soon have to dispel the compulsion charms he had cast on the Dursleys to ensure they couldn’t permanently maim or kill Harry. He’d also have to remove the one preventing anyone from taking Harry Potter from the Dursleys or acting in such a way that could lead to such. That is unless he managed to reclaim control of Harry Potter, so he could groom him to be the weapon he needed him to be in order to defeat Voldemort upon his return. Until then he just needed to send out search parties looking for Harry.

(Flashback to last night)

Voldemort stood over the crib of the one prophesied to defeat him, one Harry Potter. He pointed his wand at the boy’s forehead and calmly said the killing curse, “Avada Kevadra,” when something strange happened and the spell rebounded off the infant, killing Voldemort instantly.

Lily’s final dying wish and accidentally cast spell to protect her son at all costs had another effect as well, as due to a cosmic coincidence her son and most of the effects relating to him fell through a hole in space and time, but not before a chunk of Voldemort’s soul tore off and imbued itself in Harry as a scar, a scar of black magic that only held off from draining Harry’s life by the love protection afforded by his mother.

Falling through the portal, it was probably a good thing Harry had fallen unconscious as the universal travel was neither smooth nor gentle. Neither were the waves of rainbow magic as they transformed the human infant so he’d fit in better, and so he could absorb the love he’d need to survive. His skin turned black and thick and leathery while his hands and feet melded into hooves. Meanwhile his face elongated into a fanged muzzle while a horn pushed out of his forehead and yellow and black diaphanous wings sprouted from his back. Then his hair turned into a single mane-like fin while a tail pushed out of his backside. Lastly the more major reshaping occurred, leaving Harry looking like an ordinary drone in his crib, albeit one with yellow and black wings and his eyes remaining their original color. Also, he still had a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. And then his crib and all of the other things brought with him fell out of a rainbow-colored hole in a sun-themed bedroom, landing safely in the center of it, his entrance unnoticed due to the giant rainbow-colored explosion echoing out from Cloudsdale caused by the first-ever modern Sonic Rainboom.

(Several Hours Later)

Celestia sighed as she entered her private quarters before letting her royal facade slip, having just gained a new personal student, losing another one to the Mirror World, and having to deal with a few magical mishaps said gaining had caused. Maybe this one will be the one to find the Element of Magic. I hope so. I don’t have time to find another one if this student fails. I hope she turns out better than the last one. What went wrong Sunset? Where did you go? How did I fail you in teaching you the values of friendship? I only have a decade until my sister escapes. Now to find out who else was connected to that rainbow explosion. Hopefully, I can get them all to Ponyville. I hope they are the other Elements of Harmony and they can purify my sister, Nightmare Moon, formerly known as Princess Luna. I should write in Sunset’s book and tell her this at least. Hopefully, she’ll get the message and I can apologize. Please answer your journal My Little Sun.

So lost was Celestia in her own thoughts that she missed the flicker of red flame as Harry instinctively shapeshifted into a Pegasus with a red-orange to orange-yellow coat and a black mane with a golden yellow zigzag stripe down the center of it while his eye color retained their emerald green color, although his pupils changed shape to be round instead of slitted. In fact, Celestia didn’t notice Harry Potter or the mess he brought with him until she tripped over one of his toys and stumbled into his crib looking rather startled and letting out a strangled yelp of surprise, “why the hay is there a foal’s crib in here? With toys?” Before looking into the crib and going, “Scratch that. Which of my little ponies was dumb enough to teleport a pegasus foal into my chambers blind?! Well, it looks like the foal’s stuff ended up here as well. Why does it look so familiar? Let’s see if I can use that to find his name.”

Upon deciding such, a golden aura surrounded the many toys and knick-knacks brought over, levitating them and bringing them in front of her, each causing her sense of worry to escalate with their familiarity. Soon, a book catches her attention, the words on it reading Potter Family Album causing her to sit down with a loud thump and ask out loud to no-one, “Why did Lily and James send you here alone? They know that the gateway is far from stable.”

With a continued sense of dread she continues, “first, I should scan you magically to make sure you are healthy from your trip through.” With those words spoken she gently cast a thorough medical scan spell on Harry and frowned at the results. Still talking to herself she says, “How did they manage to cast such a strong protection charm on you? Why did they need to? It feels,” she continues on as the realization dawns on her with horror, “...feels like a Lifespell. It’s the only way they could have forced Harmony magic to shield you in such a way.” Softly sobbing she finishes her diagnosis, “The scar in your forehead contains magic as black as Sombra’s and somehow still alive and malevolent. Otherwise, you are a healthy colt, Harry James Potter.”

Still sobbing, she grabs Harry and brings him into a careful deep hug as she says, “I wish I could say the same for your parents. I will do my best to see you taken care of in honor of my best friend Lily and her husband James. I really really wish I could take you in myself, but unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from doing so.”

Managing to compose herself a little, but still holding him tightly, she continues, “Now the question is, who do I foster you off to? The House of the Sun who your color-scheme makes you a perfect fit for but who just today lost a daughter to uncertainties? Or the House of the Stars who today just gained a very unusual member to their household? You’ll also need a new name for you to fit in and there are forms to fill out. I also need to get you a birth certificate with said new name. Hmm…, better ask the House of the Sun first then to adopt you, my god-son. Also, I had better hide any artifacts with your real name on them until you are older. At least I can spare you that pain for a while.”

With those ruminations over she inspected the items to hide any that contained his original name or picture in one of many locked drawers. She then exited her suite of rooms to speak to one of her door guards after quickly writing a writ and signing it with a levitated quill and piece of paper. “Get me Stellar Flare and Sunspot of the House of the Sun and tell them to meet me here in my quarters. I have a favor to ask of them. Here’s the writ to summon them. I know it’s getting late but this is urgent.”

“Yes Princess Celestia,” responded one of the pegasus guards before taking the writ and flying off to summon the pair. The rest pretended not to notice the tear streaks down her cheeks.

(Some Time Later)

Princess Celestia responded to the knocks on her suite’s door with “Come in Stellar Flare and Sunspot. Sorry about the lateness but please close the door first before we talk. The things we have to discuss are rather sensitive and personal to me. Today has been a very very trying day.”

After they close the door she continues as she walks through her chambers towards the crib while waving a wing in a come hither gesture, “I’m sorry to be a bit blunt on this but would you be willing to adopt a foal? I know it’s way too soon after Sunset’s disappearance, but I think he’ll fit in better with you, even if he is a pegasus, so please hear me out. You see, I arrived in my chambers after getting my new protege, and her newly hatched assistant slash brother-son settled to find a crib in my bedroom.

“I’m telling you this in strictest confidence, but I don’t have the time to raise my god-son as he deserves. I have my hooves full already. I also can’t turn him over to an orphanage because he’s my god-son. The fact he is here and has that scar means my best friend and her husband are dead.

“Given he is from way outside Equestria and I don’t know if he has anywhere else to go, I turn to you asking you to raise him as your own. Please, please do so. His new name is yours to choose and he’s only a year old. I’ll set up child support for you for him as well. So, will you take him and raise him as your own please?”

It took a few minutes for the pair to digest her words before Sunspot asked as they looked into the crib at the sleeping foal, “Do you know his original name? Also, how do you know how old he is?”

“The answer to your questions is yes and the fact I held him myself when he was an infant should answer the latter. I will share those details with him when he’s older, and you after that. I’m afraid whatever orphaned him here wasn’t very kind to his birth parents and involved them being struck by the blackest of magics. As for his date of birth, it is July 31st. The good news is he is so young the change of species shouldn’t be hard for him to adapt to.”

“Change of Species?”

“Another thing I shall share when he’s older.”

“Well then, I suppose we have to welcome Lightning Sunrise to the Sun family.”

“Good. Then I can start making him a birth certificate and signing the relevant documents to make him officially yours. Now stand close as I teleport us to your place.”