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A Hero's Fantasy - ReaperofSouls42

Follow Hero on his epic advanture to save equestria and become like his father.

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How hard could it be...?

Hero was sleeping peacefully in his bed when all of a sudden he was shaken awake by Spike.

“Hey hurry up will you and get ready? Breakfast is about to start and we have morning training afterwards, and I’m starving!” proclaimed the hungry dragon.

Hero slowly sat up in his bed and yawned; he rubbed his eyes and stretched while looking around.

“Alright I’m up, no need to shout.” Hero said, rubbing his head and walking to the restroom. After Hero took care of his business, he quickly got dressed and left the room with Spike and they headed to the cafeteria.

As Hero and Spike walk down the hall, they pass the medical office as a young filly walks out and looks up at Hero. Hero smiled at her, making her look away and apologize before running back into the room.
“What was that about?” asked Spike

“Uh let’s just say there was an accident yesterday” said Hero waving the subject off.

After a minute or so of walking they make it to the cafeteria. Both Hero and Spike walk through the door and hear fighting by the food stand.

“Now hold on there, cowgirl! That cider is mine, I saw it first!” yelled a familiar voice.

“I don’t think so Rainbow, I saw it first!” yelled another familiar voice shouted.

“Oh boy here we go again” said Spike walking along side Hero.

“This happen often I assume?” asked Hero.

“I guess you could say that” retorted Spike, piling various food items on his plate. Among the plate was a side of gems to boot, which Hero couldn’t believe how dragons could eat those things.

Hero followed close behind, loading his plate as well.

Hero and Spike walked passed Rainbow Dash and Applejack, who were still arguing until Pinkie Pie walked up. Pinkie Pie nonchalantly drank the last of the apple cider they were fighting over, causing them to nearly break down in tears.

Hero sat down and started eating, Spike followed in suit.

“By the way Hero, I almost forgot to give you this.” Spike handed over a small letter to Hero who promptly took it to read it, while biting into some fruit.

“Princess Celestia wants to have a meeting with me as soon as I am able…?”

“Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you” said Spike chomping on a few gems.

“I suppose…” Hero trailed off noticing someone walking up to them.

“Hey Spike and Hero, how are you this morning, did you sleep well? I sure did, I had the funniest dream involving candy and cupcakes, and it sure was a delicious dream!” Pinkie Pie walked up, almost bouncing as she did so.

“Hey Pinkie, and to answer your question I slept like a rock.” Spike said through mouthfuls of food

“That’s super-duper totally awesome! Oops gotta go, bye bye for now!” And just like that, she skipped away.

“Uh… Does she do that often?” asked Hero watching Pinkie Pie walk off.

“Oh yeah she does that all the time but don’t worry you’ll get used to it.” Spike said, finishing up his meal.

“You say so…Well anyway I have to go see the princess. I guess I’ll catch you later, Spike” Hero got up from his seat, waved goodbye, threw away his plate and proceeded out of the cafeteria to the throne room.

As Hero walked down the hallway he felt another presence walking up to him.

“Oh, Hello Hero. Fancy seeing you here, but shouldn’t you be in basic training?” called out a voice.

“Hey Twilight. Princess Celestia has requested me again for some reason…” said Hero, letting Twilight catch up.

“Oh ok. So you have also been called to a meeting with her as well, I wonder for what.” pondered Twilight

“Well whatever, we’ll find out when we get there I suppose.” said Hero crossing both his arms behind his head

The remainder of their walk was in silence as they approached the throne room with the doors opened. Twilight waited for the guards to let them through and Hero followed her lead. Celestia was enjoying some tea and reading a book as she sat relaxing.

A guard walked up to Celestia and bowed to her. “Your majesty, Hero Fysher and Twilight Sparkle are here as you requested.”

Celestia looked up from her book and nodded at the guard. “Ah yes, very good. You may show them in if you would please.”

“Yes of course, right away your majesty!” The guard walked over to the two standing in the doorway and led them into the room before retaking his position next to the princess.

“Thank you two for coming. Both of you must be quite confused as to why I have summoned you here. You see, it all has to do with Hero’s becoming a Royal Guard and his father’s past.”

“My father’s past…?” asked Hero.

Celestia looked at Hero with a knowing smile. “Yes. You see, it is because of what your father has accomplished that you are here now. However that was not the deciding factor. Your father was a gifted soldier and I suspected that it was no coincidence of his arrival. At that time I knew my sister would come back to Equestria as Nightmare Moon soon. I desperately wanted to change her back to the way she was by purifying her with holy magic. However, I could not have freed her using holy magic; I had too much guilt inside….

"Holy magic? Never heard of it..." Said Hero

“Well, holy magic is the form of six crystals, each with the elemental spirit of nature, into one. Though it is the most powerful magic in all of Equestria, it takes nearly all of your power and concentration to wield, and no second chances. Just at the sight of my dear sister being corrupted by dark magic… I would blame myself for what she has become and hesitate…

“So I had to find others, that could use the crystals individually and all of them work together to form holy magic. I realized that I have already found one of the six, my student, Twilight Sparkle. Since each elemental spirit is attracted to one another, so are their wielders, and that is how Twilight and her friends found each other. Like my gut instinct that Twilight was one of the six, I also had a feeling that they would need your father’s talent to succeed.”

Hero stood there for a moment, soaking in the new knowledge as he pondered.

“Celestia, what do you mean when you say my father was gifted…?”

“Well as you know, humans cannot use magic to the degree of any other race can. Usually it takes a human a very long time to become efficient in magic. However your father was incredibly gifted in that aspect. He was more than capable of using high level magic in no time at all; which is why I gave him a gift to help him channel his energy.

Your sword, Hero, I had forged using the flames of the sun. And so, Hero I wanted to see if you have the same ability as your father did…” Celestia turned to Twilight who was waiting patiently.

“Now then my faithful student, that is where you come in. As one of the most powerful Mages I have, I want you to try to help him find out if he too has this ability.” Celestia smiled at Twilight who smiled back.

“But wait, I used magic when I fought in the arena didn’t I?” asked Hero confused.

“That was the sword itself, not you. The sword is a median, a container of magical energy that the wielder puts into the sword. None of that magical energy that you displayed yesterday was your own; which means that what you used was likely left over magical energy stored by your father. I’m sure you used all of the magical energy left in the sword with that fight you had with Spike.” explained Celestia.

“So what you’re saying is to study with Twilight and learn to use magic...But then what?” asked Hero looking up at Celestia.

Celestia just smiles at Hero’s silly question.

“Well as I said before, you being here cannot be a mere coincidence. As such I would prefer you to be at the best of your ability as soon as possible.”

“I understand Princess Celestia, I will try my best.” stated Hero.

Celestia giggled at Hero’s answer and turned to Twilight giving her a nod indicating that she may take over.

“Ok Hero, follow me to the library and we’ll start your training.” said Twilight as she motioned for Hero to follow her.

Hero did as he was told and followed Twilight to the library.

“Ok Hero. Lets start off with an explanation about how magic works. You see magic is just like the energy we use to go about our days while living, you have to understand it to be able to harness it however. Just like our normal physical energy, magical energy runs out and needs replenished in the same way and over using it will cause you to become mentally exhausted and even fall unconscious if used to much. So with that being said we will start off small and work our way up from there, are you ready Hero?”

Hero took a deep breath and nodded, preparing himself.

“Ok allow me to demonstrate what it looks like to use magic up close.” Twilight closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment. Her horn slowly lit up a purplish glow and her hair flowed slightly from up and down. She bends her elbows and cups her hands in front of her. All of a sudden a small flame appeared and slowly got bigger until it was the size of her two palms.

“You see it’s all about calming your mind and concentrating. Of course you must carry the right emotion and using an incantation makes using that specific spell easier and more powerful but it is not needed.”

Hero was becoming excited seeing this; he really wanted to try now. Hero mimicked Twilight’s hands and closed his eyes and thought of fire and tried concentrating on his hands. Although it took longer, Hero started to feel a strong energy flow through him, almost like a small camp fire. He focused on his hands and very slowly a flame appeared and grew until it was palm size.

Hero opened his eyes and to his delight, had figured out how to use magic, if only a little.

“You did it! The princess will be very pleased to hear this.” said an amused Twilight.

Hero wasn’t paying much attention to her however. Hero was manipulating the flame in his hand into various shapes and making it move through the air and dance. The flames grew more and started to turn into a sphere.

“Hero, remember what I said about how emotions control the power of the spell. Don’t do anything crazy.” said Twilight in a concerned tone.

“Relax Twilight I have this all under-“

Hero was cut off by the fire ball moving erratically and pulsating.

The fire ball burst, sending flames all over the place blowing Hero and Twilight back from each other falling on their backs. Hero sat up quickly and rubbed the back of his head. Luckily it didn’t seem to do much besides leaving some scorch marks on the floor. Twilight however wasn’t quite as lucky.

Twilight slowly sat up and rubbed her head and looked around. From what she saw, nothing was damaged aside from black marks on the floor which was a relief, she slowly started standing up.

“Hero I told you to be careful with your emotions. You’re just lucky nothing bad happened.” Twilight looked up at Hero. She noticed he was looking at her body instead of looking her in the eye and his cheeks had turned crimson. She slowly followed his gaze until she saw what he was staring at. The blast hadn’t harmed her at all. Sadly that could not be said about her silk robe, as it was burnt completely in the front section revealing her under wear completely which were barely hanging on.

Twilights cheeks almost instantly turned a deep shade of red as she looked back at Hero who was still fixated on her new look.

“D-d-d-d-don’t look at me you P-PERVERT!!” She kicked Hero square in between the legs causing him to warp the ground in agony.

After Twilight got a new set of robes, fire resistant of course, and Hero regained consciousness and pleaded for forgiveness, Twilight told him that in order to better control his magic he needed to study. Twilight had brought Hero several books that would help him and told him to study as hard as he could. She also threatened him that she would do much worse to him than just kicking him in between the legs if he did that again; in which Hero proceeded to apologize again for what happened.

Hero used most of his day studying and practicing his abilities with Twilight, who always stood a few feet away from him.

It was late in the evening when Hero passed out on the desk from exhaustion and boredom. Twilight walked up to Hero who was sleeping soundly.

She stood there and noticed he had read through most of the books she handed him. Looking closer she saw he was softly snoring and a bit of drool was on the side of his mouth.

“He does kind of look cute when he’s sleeping…” Twilight shook her head of her thoughts and proceeded to wake him up.

“Ok Hero. I think that was enough training for today. You should head back to your room.”

Hero groggily rubbed his eyes and looked up at Twilight. “Huh?…I guess I dosed off…Well I guess I better go then.”

Hero thanked and wished her a goodnight before headed out of the library to his room.

A few weeks had passed since Hero had started training in various magical and physical training. He had become efficient in using magic; he even learned to store energy into his sword. His swordsmanship had improved greatly as well. He had trained strength and endurance quite a lot, even Spike had to watch himself against Hero when they sparred.

Although between Twilights magic training, Rainbow Dash’s martial arts training and Applejack’s weapon training, Hero was very tired. It was worse because of Rainbow Dash’s and Applejack’s ‘who could train him the best’ bet; he wasn’t sure if he could even keep up anymore.

Hero had retired early to his room to try and relax from a hectic day of training.

“Why me..? I don’t know how much of the “Special Training” I can take anymore…And that is the last time I bet with Rainbow Dash…I thought those Timber Wolves were going to be the death of me…” Hero plopped down on his bed and laid there for a few minutes until he heard someone open the door and walk in.

“Oh hey Hero, what are you doing here so early? I assumed you would be off doing something since tomorrow is our day off.” asked Spike sitting on his bed.

“Well I would but I’m in too much pain to do much. This week of solid training has run me ragged!” exclaimed Hero.

“Yeah I know what you mean, I am pretty sore myself! Oh hey you know what? Me and the gang are heading over to the spa, maybe you can go too? I hear they have a great hot spring bath there that is great for sore muscles!” beamed Spike.

“The spa..? I don’t know I don’t have any bits to spare for the spa.” Hero sighed.

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that, the guards and castle staff get a discount on spa treatments! Half off on everything, it will be fun!” Spike smiled at Hero.

Hero pondered for a moment before replying. “Well I don’t see why not. I mean I could use the relaxation I suppose.” stated Hero slowly getting up off the bed.

“Awesome, then lets hurry up and head over there.” Spike said in an enthusiastic tone.

Hero and Spike headed over to the spa as fast as they could before it closed.

“Oh hey there are the girls!” spike said running up to them while Hero kept dragging his feet.

“Oh Spike, I wasn’t sure you would make it darling.” said Rarity.

“Oh yeah sorry about that. I had to make a trip back to my room then I found this guy half dead, so I thought I would get him to tag along.” Spike pointed behind him to Hero who just raised a hand and smiled.

“Well look who it is, you must be pretty resilient after Applejack got you to try and out run a pack of Timber Wolves, huh?” said Rainbow Dash as she laughed.

“Now just wait one second there Rainbow, it was you who tricked him into it! Besides you’re just lucky he made it, otherwise we would have been chewed out for it…and possibly got a cut in our pay checks.”

Hero stared at them with a blank look on his face. “I think you two shouldn’t be instructors in the first place…..” both Rainbow Dash and Applejack smiled sheepishly at Hero.

Twilight face palmed at hearing the conversation.

“Oh I think it is wonderful and positively delightful that Hero came.” Rarity chimed in, changing the subject.

As they walked to the door, Hero immediately smelled the different pleasant aromas that filled the air of the spa. The spa was quite big on the inside a multitude of rooms that lead to various spa treatments.

Everyone there had walked up to the front desk including Hero. The desk manager had aqua blue colored mare with pink hair. She smiled and greeted all of them.

“Hello and welcome to Lotus and Aloe’s Medicinal Spa, My name is Lotus and how may I help you?” Lotus asked.

“Well we are here to partake in the new hot spring bath. It just sounded so lovely and I couldn’t resist trying it out as soon as one could.” said Rarity.

“Ah yes, follow me please.” said Lotus.

They all followed Lotus to the end of the spa facility to the far two rooms; one room was marked for males and one for females.

“Please enjoy yourselves and call me if you need me.” Lotus smiled and left them.

The girls went to their side as Spike and Hero went to theirs. Hero undressed and wrapped a towel around his waist, Spike did the same.

Spike was the first to leave with Hero following close behind.

Spike and Hero walked over to the spring and slowly got in, making sure to adjust to the heat slowly. Once they got used to the heat they picked a spot to sit and relax a couple of feet away from one another.

“Ok this may have been worth the rest of my bits….” Hero sunk into the hot water further.

“Hehe well if you would stop buying so many comics and betting with Rainbow Dash and Applejack you would have more bits to play around with.” said Spike as he smiled a toothy grin.

“One of these days I will win…and I will rub it in their faces when I do!” proclaimed Hero.

Spike just laughed and went back to relaxing in the spring.

A few minutes past in silence as Hero and Spike sat there in the soothing water. Suddenly Hero heard voiced coming from the other side of the thin wall of bamboo stalks.

“Hey Spike do you hear that?” asked Hero.

“Yeah the girl’s side is next door after all, why?” Spike looked over at Hero curiously.

Hero sat there and pondered for a moment, a grin slowly crept over his face.

Spike realized what he was thinking and sat up. “Don’t even think about it Hero! What if they see you?”

“There’s no way they will see me. I can be pretty stealthy if I need to be.” Hero slowly got up.

“Are you crazy!? If they catch you, you’re a dead man!” Spike tried to talk Hero out of it.

“Oh come on Spike like you never thought of peeping at six beautiful mares before?”

Spike blushed slightly and looked down. “N-no I haven’t …”

“Oh I get it there’s a particular one that you like huh?” Hero’s grin grew more.

Spikes blush deepened more. “Well I mean I still don’t think we should do it…” Spike got up and slowly walked up to Hero, who was grinning from ear to ear knowing he got Spike to give in.

“So who is it..?”

“Like I’d tell you...”

Hero snickered as they got up next to the wall slowly peering through the stalks.

“Now this is simply marvelous, I can feel the tension leaving me.” Rarity slowly sunk into the water.

“Even I gotta admit this feels mighty good on a sore back.” Applejack splashed around a little enjoying the hot water.

“Oh yeah this is the life!” proclaimed Rainbow Dash.

“This is so much fun I can hardly stay still!” Pinkie pie was swimming around.

“Pinkie! You come to a hot spring to relax, not play around.” said Twilight trying to relax.

Fluttershy was sitting there quietly relaxing to herself as well.

Hero was trying to get a peek through the bamboo shoots when Spike nudged him.

“Uh Hero, maybe we shouldn’t do this I mean Rarity will kill me if she found out…”

Hero thought for a moment and grinned. “Whoa Rarity looks pretty good if I do say so myself…”

Spike perked up and peered through the hole Hero made.

“Just kidding can’t make out anything with the steam….” Hero received a glare from Spike.

“Hey back up a bit, I can’t see…” Hero said pushing against Spike.

“No you back up.” said Spike pushing back.

“Hey it was my idea first so I get to look more!” Hero was leaning against the bamboo.

“So!? You dragged me into it!” Spike started pushing against the bamboo as well.

Twilight snapped out of her daze and looked around. “Uh girls, do you hear something?” Twilight asked making all the girls looked around.

Hero and Spike pushed against the wall harder causing the bamboo give way and both Spike and Hero fell on the other side with a loud ‘THUD’ as they hit the ground.

A couple of very silent seconds past with Hero and Spike looking at the girls with shocked expressions and quickly changing to fear.

Most of the girls sat there blushing, except Fluttershy who fainted from fright and Pinkie Pie who looked more confused than anything.

“…U-uh this…isn’t what it…looks like!” said Hero fear ebbing from his voice.
Twilight was the first to react. “Y-you perverts!” she said through gritted teeth while a red aura poured from her body. Rainbow Dash and Applejack stood there cracking there knuckles looking very angry.

The Spa echoed with the sound of an explosion and screams.

Hero and Spike had been beaten badly by the girls. They both laid on there on the hot spring floor.

“Just so you know. I blame you for this…” Spike said as he slowly sat up rubbing his head where Rainbow Dash punched him.

“I know…ouch...but you have to admit…it was worth seeing them taking a bath…” Hero blushed slightly scratching his cheek, grinning.

Spike looked away blushing before replying in an annoyed tone. “Oh shut up…Though seeing Rarity wasn’t so bad…”

Hero laughed at Spike and then he received a punch to the gut from Spike for it.

Hero and Spike decided to leave before the girls, to make sure they didn’t get any more unwanted painful memories.

The next day Hero woke up early for once. He took a few minutes to do what he needed before deciding to head to the cafeteria. He figured he would let Spike sleep in and get an early bite to eat.

Hero made his way to the cafeteria as fast as he could since he wanted to avoid the others for as long as he could. He got to the door and opened it to see the whole gang there eating and talking amongst themselves.

Hero figured it wise to come back a little later on but before he could close the door Pinkie Pie popped out of nowhere scaring Hero.

“Hey Hero what’cha doing out here, don’t you want to get some yummy breakfast?” asked Pinkie who was smiling from ear to ear and dragging Hero along with her.

Hero decided to admit defeat and face the music early. He figured what’s the worst that could happen to him…Right?

Hero piled a plate full of various vegetables, fruit and eggs then walked over to a table away from the others. However before he sat down, he felt an arm wrap around his neck.

“Hey why aren’t you sitting with us over there?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Hero looked at Rainbow Dash in surprise. He wasn’t expecting this reaction at all.

“Uh….because I assumed you guys would still be mad at me…”said Hero.

“Aw come on these things happen and the past is the past.” Rainbow Dash said, dragging Hero along.

“Well you’re a male; you can’t help being attracted to a bunch of good looking mares right? said Applejack smiling to Hero.

“Hero, since everyone has the day off today, do you think you could help me, Rainbow and Applejack with something? Twilight asked Hero.

Hero looked at them suspiciously. “Ok there up to something, I better eat fast so I can get out of here before something bad happens to me….” Hero thought to himself.

“Oh and if you even think about running away, we’ll let Princess Celestia know of your little stunt yesterday….”Twilight said sweetly which made Hero flinch.

“Ok I get it, I have no choice right? I guess I’ll do what you want me to do.” Hero raised his hands in defeat. “Besides if I try anything or escape, I doubt I get far.

Hero ate his meal before getting dragged off to whatever hell they had planned for him.

Hero and Twilight walked into the Canterlot library. “Ok Hero, today is the day we usually do the shelving and reorganizing for the library. Since you so graciously offered to take our places, you will be in charge of handling all fifty shelves. Of course I’ll be there to make sure you don’t take any short cuts.” Twilight smiled at Hero.

Hero just stood there, mouth agape starring at all the shelves of books in front of him.

“All…of these, don’t you think that’s a bit much for one person!?” pouted Hero.

“Yeah that is a lot, so you better get to work quickly. Wouldn’t want you to waste your day off, would we?” Twilight smiled mischievously at Hero.

Hero whimpers and slowly starts working on the task at hand and was watched closely by Twilight.

A few hours have passed since Hero had started working on the library with Twilight and it was roughly around noon.

Hero felt bored out of his mind. Working in the library all day exhausted him and it didn’t help he wasn’t close to be done yet either.

“Only halfway done and its lunch time already? I’ll never get done at this rate….” Hero stomach growled, showing he was hungry as well.

“Ugh I’m so hungry, I wonder if Twilight will allow a lunch break?” As if on cue Twilight walked around the corner.

“Hey Hero are you hungry? I figured since you’re doing such a good job, I’d be nice enough to get you lunch.” Twilight held up a tray of various fruits and vegetables.

Hero started drooling over the food and looked over at Twilight with thankful eyes; that made Twilight giggle at his reaction. They sat down at a nearby table to eat.

Hero bit into a big red apple. “Thanks so much for the food!” he said with a mouth full of apple.

“It isn’t a problem but at least swallow before speaking. Sheesh!” Twilight said scooting her food away slightly.

Hero chuckled nervously and swallowed “Ah, sorry about that…Anyway what has Spike been up too?”

“Spike is helping Rarity in her dress shop today actually. Thanks to a certain someone, he is a model for her dress line.”

Hero chuckled at that. “I think he’ll like that more than it being a punishment…”

“Oh why is that?” asked Twilight.

“The poor guy has a crush on- Er, well never mind.” Hero looked away scratching his cheek.

“If it is about Spike liking Rarity I already know about it.” said Twilight as she started eating her salad.

“Oh ok that’s good then….” Hero just rubbed the back of his head.

“I mean, Spike and I are best friends after all how would I not know? Although I wish he would ask her on a date or something already, Rarity has been waiting forever now.” Twilight said thoughtfully.

Hero looked at Twilight in shock for a moment. “Wait Rarity likes…Oh that’s great! Maybe I should give Spike a push then?” Hero laughed.

“What? NO! You can’t do anything, I’m sure Spike wouldn’t feel very good being pushed into it… Promise you won’t say anything!” Twilight looked over at Hero .

“Ok ok you win, I won’t say anything to him I promise.” Hero raised his hand in defeat.

“Ok thank you Hero, you may be a big pervert and careless and have horrible money management skills…”

Hero cut in to her ranting “Thank you Twilight for naming off all my flaws…”

Twilight giggled mischievously “Ok then, I was going to say…. I know you still have a kind heart and care deeply for your friends and I just wanted to thank you for being friends with Spike….” She smiled sweetly at Hero.

Hero looked into her eyes then blushed at her words “ Sheesh, she made my heart nearly skip a beat…Get it together Hero, she meant it to be nice…

Twilight noticed his face. “Are you ok?”

Hero snapped out of his thoughts. “Uh yeah I’m fine thanks… I didn’t know you could be nice to others.”

Twilight glared at Hero “I couldn’t just let it slip that you tried to peek at us at the spa yesterday!”

Hero chuckled nervously “It was only a joke I swear! You’re beauty and knowledge is only matched by your kind and caring heart!”

Twilight blushed and turned away at his comment. “I-Idiot, you can’t get me to forgive you just like that...”

Twilight noticed a lone book sitting across from her, picking it up she read the title.

“The Knight and his Sword…? Why did you leave this book out Hero?” asked Twilight.

Hero stopped eating and turned to Twilight. “Oh that book! Well when I was done here, I was going to ask if I could borrow it for a little while…”

“Well yeah that’s fine but why would you want a children’s tale? Wait, you can read right?” Twilight jokingly asked.

It was Hero’s turn to glare at Twilight. “Of course I can read! It’s just that book has a lot of meaning to me. You see it was the book my father would read to me when I was little.”

Twilight looked at him thoughtfully. “You must care a lot about them huh?”

“Well yeah of course, it was because of my father and this book that made me desire into becoming a knight in the first place.” Hero stated.

Twilight smiled at Hero, “Ok I think we took a long enough break. We should get back to work and I’ll even help you with sorting them, so it will go by a lot faster.”

Hero was taken aback by Twilights offer to help. “Uh thank you Twilight, but you don’t have to do that…”

“It’s ok. I know what it feels like when you want to read a good book but can’t.” Twilight smiled at Hero again.

Hero smiled back, “You know Twilight, you can be a bit strict but, I truly enjoy spending time with you. It’s pretty fun.”

Twilight blushed slightly “Thanks… It’s fun spending time with you as well….even though you can be perverted…..”

Hero let his head drop. “Hey I said I was sorry!”

“Well you shouldn’t have burnt my favorite robes!”

“At least I went out of my way to buy you another pair!”

“True, at the very least you were a man of your word….” Twilight laughed as did Hero.

Twilight and Hero managed to finish reorganizing around five in the afternoon.

“Whew that took forever!” exclaimed Hero.

“Yeah but at least it was finished sooner then it usually takes me alone.” said Twilight relaxing in a chair.

“I would have killed over doing all that alone…” said Hero resting in a chair opposite of Twilight’s with his head resting on the table.

“Yeah it is hard to do alone. Thank you for helping and not running off or something.” Twilight said checking off her “To do” list.

Hero lifted his head off the table, “It’s fine and I’ll even help you the next time you need to do this. You shouldn’t have to do this all alone.”

“Sounds good to me. I’m always happy to have a helping hand around here.” Twilight spoke happily.

“Well I guess if there isn’t anything else to do, I’ll head back to my room. I have wanted to read this book ever since I found it.” said Hero holding up the book.

“Sure that’s fine with me. There isn’t anything else for you to do here and I was thinking of leaving soon anyway.” said Twilight.

“Alright I’ll be leaving then, I’ll see you tomorrow for training.” Hero said smiling as he started to head for the door.

“Ok then see you tomorrow, goodnight!” she waved him goodbye.

“Goodnight to you too.” He waved back before heading out the door down the hallway. However, when he rounded the corner, he bumped into someone knocking the figure back.

“Sorry about that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” said Hero helping up the figure that fell.

“Oh don’t worry about it! I can see it was an accident.” It was a young maid roughly in her early twenties.

As Hero helped her up she looked at him and smiled. “Oh…? Your heart is bleeding with a new found love…how cute…”

Hero was confused by her statement she made and he didn’t know what she meant by it either.

“Oh don’t pay me any mind. I was just thinking out loud” the maid said smiling to herself.

“Uh sure well anyway sorry about that, but I got to go!” Hero started heading off down the hallway.

The maid turned towards where he was heading and smiled. For a split second, her eyes flickered an emerald green before going back to what they were. She turned back around and started heading in the opposite direction.