• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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The Element of Perseverance (Venom Crossover) - PlasmaBolt305

An earth pony named Manny has endured a lonely life since his parents went missing but a horrible but cool accident will put him back into society to make friends and make new enemies.

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I was having a very bad day.

Even though Equestria was a very quiet place which is full of laughter and joy, for me it was just the complete opposite.

I woke to the sound of some rooster that decided to make my life miserable and more frustrating than ever. Allow me to introduce myself, Hi I am Manny and I am a regular earth pony with a chocolate brown skin tone, dark brown mane and tail also with the eyes of an emerald. I live in a cottage deep in the Everfree Forest where animals are my only friends to talk to, even though they can’t give a proper response.

Nonetheless, I got myself out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. No matter how well I clean my mane, I still look like the same old ...me, even though I don’t really get out much, I still manage to keep my same happy self intact.

I got myself cleaned up and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

“You sir, look depressing.” I complimented myself and then headed towards the front door but not before I looked towards a family picture hanging on my wall and the letter underneath it.

My family was a very nerve-hitting topic to discuss because they were my whole world. My Mom’s name was Elizabeth and my Dad’s name was Ryan and they both were my everything because they cared for me and loved me with all their hearts and I gave them all my love as well but it didn’t last forever. Three years ago, a terrible storm decided to take out its frustration on Ponyville, Canterlot and The Everfree Forest and so I received a letter from my parents saying that they weren’t gonna make it that night since they were in Canterlot and that I will see them in the morning so I went to bed knowing that they were safe for the night. That night however I had a strange dream, I was walking through the woods of some sorts and then the strangest happened, I wandered into an open field which lying upright in the center of it was a mirror. I walked steadily towards the mirror, cautious of my surroundings in case anything wants to jump out at me, and stopped right in front of it but froze with shock and horror. The figure in the mirror was not me but it was a tall, black, and muscular figure with no fur but just skin, his face was extremely terrifying and his mouth was curved into a smile but with dozens if not hundreds if razor sharp teeth, his eyes were milky white that curved back into the forehead but the terrifying part of all was that he was standing on two legs instead of four. The figure was at least seven feet tall in height and stared right into my eyes before grabbing me with both of its arms by the throat and saying, ‘Find the cave, release me and discover the truth.’ I woke up that night in a shivering pool of cold sweat and in horror. The next day, I came downstairs expecting to see my parents but all I got was an empty downstairs with nopony in sight. I sighed and opened the door to be greeted by a letter that broke me literally.

Dear Manny, son of Elizabeth and Ryan,

I am sorry but your parents did not survive the storm last night, the building in which they sheltering in collapsed on top of them and their bodies were never found. We will keep in touch with you until we find something, I apologize for the outcome of this problem.

Sincerely, Flame Warrior

I was broken that day but I knew that they couldn’t be dead, they couldn’t have left me like that ...no matter what.

Author's Note:

Hello, if you are reading this then you have made it to the end of the introduction so that either means that you skipped to the end or you actually read it so I'm going to go with the 'second option.' If you enjoyed it make sure to stay tune for Chapter 1 and share this story with your friends!!!! Peace Out

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