• Published 16th Sep 2019
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A Plus One in Haywaii - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

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Welcome to Haywaii!

The ocean cruise arrived to the docks of Haywaii. Most of the ship's passengers looked out to see the beautiful view of Haywaii's main island. Feather and his admirers were also looking out from the ship as they gasped. Feather was completely surprised of how large the island looked compared to the pictures from Fond's brochure. Seeing such an amazing view replaced Feather's fears with excitement. Once the ship stopped, everypony exited the cruise to explore the island for what it has to offer.

"So how do we get to this cottage, Fond?" Dear asked. Fond took a look at where the taxi carts were parked until she spotted a light yellow unicorn mare waving to get Fond's attention. The unicorn mare had a long, orange mane that was covered with a yellow sunhat and she wore a green sundress.

"Sunny!" Fond yelled as she flew to the mare.

"Fond!" The unicorn mare responded as she received a hug from Fond. Feather and the rest of the mares got closer to where Fond and the other mares were.

"Everypony, this is Sunny Pop." Fond introduced. "She works as a tour guide here."

"It's nice to meet you!" Sunny said as she gave a nod.

"It's nice to meet you too." Feather and the other mares said at once.

"Sunny, the two mares are my friends: Swoon Song and Dear Darling." Fond pointed a hoof to her two friends then to Feather. "The stallion is Feather Bangs." Feather gave a small wave.

Sunny quickly lean to Fond and whispered "That's the Feather stallion you kept praising about in your letters?" Fond just nodded in agreement.

"He's quite the looker." Sunny said as she and Fond giggled.

"Anyway, welcome to Haywaii!" Sunny said as she showed them one of the taxi carts. "Just put your luggages in the trunk and our driver will get us to the cottage!" The guests put their stuff in the trunk and took their seats inside the passenger seats. The taxi stallion began moving on the road. Although the five ponies were crammed inside the cart, it didn't stop the guests from enjoying the view of the island.

"Is this is the first time you been on an island?" Sunny said to the party.

"Yeah!" Swoon responded first. "I've always heard about islands and never got the chance to be on one!"

"I can't blame you," Sunny replied. "Haywaii is just a place you would less often visit than an average city or town in Equestria."

"Ooh! I can't wait to hit the beaches!" Dear said in excitement.

"So how's the tour guide job, Sunny?" Fond asked her friend.

"Oh it's been great!" Sunny claimed. "I get to show everypony the beautiful sceneries of the forest and we also get to see some exotic creatures that inhabit the islands."

"It must be an adventure everyday in Haywaii." Swoon said with an impressed look.

"A job as a tour guide may have some perks," Sunny replied. "but there is nothing wrong with returning to Equestria to see how much has changed."

"Let me tell you, Sunny." Dear said. "A lot has happened in the mainlands of Equestria."

"We could hang out while you tell me the details." Sunny suggested as she gave a wink. The taxi cart slowly stopped when it was in front of a two story cottage.

"We're here!" Sunny said as she got out of the cart first and paid the taxi stallion. The rest of the group got out to get their stuff and followed Sunny into the cottage. The group were amazed from how nice the cottage looked from the inside.

"There are two bedrooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs." Sunny informed. "If you need anything like food or other stuff, town is just a trot away from here. There is also a nice view of the beach at the back of the cottage." The three mares squealed as they ran out to the back to see the ocean view.

"Well, I better head back to town and get to work." Sunny said as she exited the cottage. "If you guys want to go on a forest tour, visit me at Haywaii Wild Trails right next to the coconut farms!" Sunny left the cottage and Feather joined his admirers to see the ocean view for himself. As expected, Feather was in awe from how sparkling and beautiful it was. It wasn't long till everypony went back inside to settle down in their cottage.

"Alright," Fond said to get everypony's attention. "The first thing to do is to decided which room should be our's."

"Um, I don't mind staying in one of the bedrooms downstairs." Feather suggested.

"Dibs on the other downstairs' bedroom!" Dear hollered as she raised her hoof in the air. Swoon and Fond just whined from not calling dibs first.

"Then it settles," Fond grumbled. Dear cheered as she went into her room. Everypony else went into their rooms to put up their luggages. Once Feather placed his luggage on the floor, he jumped on to his bed and rested.

"Woo," Feather sighed. "I never thought traveling to Haywaii got me this tired." Feather turned to the window which showed a nice view of the sky.

'Still, I can't wait to enjoy myself in Haywaii.' Feather thought before it was interrupted when something landed on top of his body. Feather was spooked when he saw Dear laid on top of him. Dear gave Feather lidded eyes and she licked lips as if she was a hungry predator.

"I certainly can't wait to spend this vacation with you, Feather." Dear whispered as she moved her head closer to Feather. She only got close enough until her muzzle was touching Feather's.

"Think of all of the fun we will have." Feather gulped for what will Dear do next. Before Swoon was about to do anything, a sound of intentional coughing came from Fond and Swoon who were standing at the doorway with angry glares from what they were seeing. Dear huffed as she got up from the bed and strutted to the doorway.

"Maybe next time!" Dear teased before she was chased out of the room by Fond and Swoon. Feather sighed again from such a surprising moment. To Feather, this vacation was going to be full of surprises.