• Published 16th Sep 2019
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A Plus One in Haywaii - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

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Out on the Beach

Once Feather and the girls rested from the travel, they decided to head on over to the beach. Feather packed up his beach bag and a big beach umbrella before he left his room. When Feather knocked on each of the mares' doors, he was told to head on over to the beach and get a good spot. Feather just shrugged as he went outside. Despite the large number of ponies attending the beach, Feather was able to get a good spot close to the ocean. Feather opened the beach umbrella and placed some beach towels on the sand. Once Feather was finished setting up their spot, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind him.

"We're here, Feather!" Fond hollered as she and the other mares made their way to their spot. Feather turned to have his jaw nearly dropped from what he saw what the mares were wearing. Swoon had on a dark red top with dark red briefs to match. Fond wore a light blue one piece swimsuit with a medium blue cloth tied to her hips. Dear wore a yellow sunhat on her manes and a green sling bikini that thankfully looked modest on her. Although the mares' swimsuits weren't very bold, they still caught the attention of some of the stallions on the beach. Feather was one of the stallions as he couldn't keep his eyes off of his admirers. He quickly regained his composure when the mares reached their spot.

"Wow! You picked a great spot, Feather!" Fond said as she raised her hoof to peer at the ocean.

"Thanks," Feather said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "So shall we get going?"

"Hang on!" Swoon said as she pulled out some sunscreen from her bag. "First we all need to put on some sunscreen! We don't want to get sunburns, do we?" Fond and Dear nodded in agreement.

"Feather, would you please be a dear and rub some on my back?" Dear said in a baby tone as she laid down on one of the beach towels.

"Ah..." Feather said in a blush.

"No fair!" Swoon and Fond said as they also laid down and waited for the sunscreen application. "We want Feather to do that to us too!" Feather was paralyzed as the thought of touching his admirers with sunscreen overwhelmed him.

"O-okay," Feather gulped as he started applying sunscreen on Dear first. She sighed in relief since it had been a while since she was rubbed down by Feather. Fond and Swoon just growled as they watched Dear hogging Feather first. "Hmm, you're even better than the last time you rubbed sunscreen on me." Dear cooed as she savored every touch from Feather's hooves. Once Feather was done with Dear, he moved to Swoon.

"A-alright Swoon, your turn." Feather started rubbing sunscreen on Swoon's back and then on Fond's back. Both mares let out sighs and moans as they enjoyed Feather's hooves rubbing all over them. Feather did his best to keep himself calm while ignoring the sounds his admirers made when applying the sunscreen.

"All done," Feather sighed in relief as he was done with applying sunscreen on his admirers. Before Feather began putting sunscreen on his arm, he was stopped by Fond.

"What do you think you're doing?" Fond said in a serious tone.

"I'm putting sunscreen on to myself?" Feather answered in a confused tone. Swoon took the bottle and squeezed some sunscreen on to her hooves as well as Dear's.

"Oh no," Fond said with a mischievous grin. "now it's our turn to put some sunscreen on you." She too squeezed some sunscreen on to her hooves as she and the other mares surrounded Feather. At an instant, all three of the mares pounced on top of Feather and started rubbing the sunscreen all over his body. Feather let out some moans and yelps as he felt his admirers' hooves all over him. From nearby, a mother did her best to trot away while trying to cover her son's eyes.

"Mama," the son said. "what are those mares doing to that colt?"

"I can't tell you that, son." the mom answered with a deadpan expression on her face.

Feather followed his admirers into the ocean to start their beach day. He tried his best to recover from his sunscreen rub down from the mares. As soon as all of them were in deep water, Dear splashed some water at Swoon who yelped in response.

"Ha ha! Got you!" Dear laughed and pointed her hoof. Swoon growled before she splashed back at Dear who gave a surprised scoff.

"Oh, it's on!" Dear yelled as she splashed again which caused a splash war among Feather and his admirers. Feather couldn't help but blush as he watched the mares get their manes wet. This made them look hotter than they usual were. The splashing died down as the group decided to swim along with the ocean waves. There were some occasions where a large wave appeared and it covered everypony with water. After a few minutes of swimming, Dear decided to take a dive into the water. She quickly came up for air which startled her friends and Feather.

"Hey guys! Check out the water!" Dear said before she dived back down. The others followed as they took a dive and were surprised to see so many fishes on the ocean floor.

The group decided to take a break from swimming and sat on their towels to dry off. Swoon and Dear spent their time making small sand castles while Feather and Fond were looking at the ocean view.

"This day sure was something." Feather said to Fond.

"I'll say," Fond replied as she leaned on Feather's shoulder. "I haven't had this much fun since forever!" Feather blushed as he smelled Fond's mane which had a scent of like cherry blossoms. He turned his view back to the beach to avoid any more temptations from Fond. Several thoughts were inside Feather's mind as he processed all of the beach's details. He quickly pulled out the red lap desk that Fond gave him as a present when they went on a date at Rainbow Falls. Fond just watched as Feather used his mouth to write some notes down on his scroll paper.

"Did you get inspired to write new poetry?" Fond asked Feather.

"Something like that," Feather said as he offered his lap desk to Fond. "Do you want to see what I got?" Fond took the lap desk and started to read what Feather wrote. The poem was about how soothing the beach was and how it offered so many things to everypony. There was also a part Feather wrote about how he appreciated coming here with friends and that company can makes things better.

"It's great, Feather." Fond said as she returned the lap desk to Feather.

"Hey guys! Check it out!" Swoon called out. "We made a sand castle version of Starlight's village!" Fond and Feather got up to join the rest of their party on sand castle building.

The sun was setting when Feather and his admirers returned to their cottage. Feather and Swoon went into town to pick up some pizzas for dinner. When they returned, they put the pizza boxes on the table and everypony began chowing down.

"Here's to a good start on our vacation!" Fond cheered while lifting her pizza. Everypony else agreed as they lifted their pizzas before they went back to eating.

"So what do you girls want to do tomorrow?" Feather said after he swallowed some pizza.

"We actually got something in mind." Fond said as she pulled out a flyer. "There is a Haywaiian luau tomorrow night at the town square."

"What's a luau?" Feather replied.

"It's kind of like Haywaii's version of a party." Fond answered.

"Yeah!" Swoon agreed. "It will be full of dancing, exotic cuisines, and romance." All three of the mares sighed from the last part. Feather couldn't help but smile as he thought this luau could be a fun.