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A Plus One in Haywaii - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

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Last Day Memories

Feather suddenly wakes up from his sleep. He thought he sleeping in a cottage bedroom while in Haywaii. Instead, he wakes up as a plushie version of himself, with his eyes as buttons and his mane as yarn.

'W-why am I a plushie?!' Feather panicked in his thoughts. He looked around to find that he was being carried in the hoof by a filly version of Swoon.

'Swoon!' Feather said in his mind as he attempted to call out to her. The only problem was that he didn't have a mouth. Swoon carried Feather to a sandbox where filly versions of Dear and Fond were sitting at.

"Hey girls!" Swoon said as she sat down in the sandbox.

"Hey Swoon!" Dear and Fond replied. Swoon gently put Feather on the sand so she could get something out of her saddle bag. She brought out another plushie that was wearing a wedding dress.

"Let's play wedding day!" Swoon said as she and the fillies cheered. She positioned Feather and the bride plushie next to each other as if they were a soon-to-be-wedded couple. Dear and Fond got out some flowers and held them as if they were bridesmaids. Swoon cleared her throat until she spoke with a deep voice.

"Dearly beloveds, we have gathered here today for the wedding of Feather Bangs and Swoon Song." Swoon lifted Feather's hoof and the bride's hoof in the air.

"Swoon Song, do you take this stallion as your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health? Until death to do part?" Swoon moved the bride's head to make a nod.

"I do," Swoon replied in her normal voice. She then turned to Feather.

"And do you, Feather Bangs, take this mare as your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health? Until death do you part?" Swoon then moved Feather's head to make a nod.

"I do," Swoon said in a colt's voice. "Then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride!" Swoon then made both of the plushies kiss and she made some smooching sounds for effect. Dear and Fond cheered for the newly wedded couple. Feather thought it was cute for the filly versions of his admirers to play pretend wedding. He was suddenly scoped up by Dear who gave him a hug.

"My turn! My turn!" Dear said excitedly. Fond quickly grabbed Feather and hugged him.

"No! I want a turn!" Fond replied. Soon, Fond and Dear got into a tug of war with Feather as they pulled his limbs.

'Although I don't feel any of this, I am really scared right now!' Feather thought as he watched Fond and Dear slowly rip him apart. Swoon joined in by grabbing his tail and it didn't take long before Feather got ripped apart.

'Aaaah!' Feather screamed from the horrific sight of being pulled apart. All of a sudden, a bright light flashed from above some pony flew down to the fillies and Feather.

"That is enough!" said a loud voice before a bright, blue light appeared and all of the fillies were gone. Feather found himself back as a stallion with his limbs reattached. He looked up to see that the blue light dimmed to reveal Princess Luna standing in front of him.

"P-Princess Luna!" Feather claimed as he immediately bowed his head as he was in front of royalty.

"There is no need to bow to me, young Feather Bangs." Luna assured. "After all, this is your dream world."

"Y-yeah," Feather said as he rubbed his arm.

"It seems that you have issues," Luna said. "do you want to talk about it?" Feather felt uncertain about talking to a princess about mare troubles. Then again, Luna has been alive for a thousand years so she might know something.

"Well, it's just that I'm currently in Haywaii with my...um....'friends'." Feather started. "We had fun taking part in many activities. It was just that there were times where me and each of my friends get a little...'closer' than we were." Feather blushed from saying that last statement. Luna just nodded much to Feather's surprise.

"I just don't want to end up being pulled apart and cause conflicts between my friends." Feather finished. There was a moment of silent for Luna as she was putting her thoughts together.

"It seems that you're quite the lucky stallion if you have gotten 'closer' with these mares." Luna smirked. Feather stammered.

"I-I didn't say-" Feather said before Luna raised her hoof.

"There is no need to hide that fact, Feather." Luna said. "Most mares would always do crazy things to get a stallion's attention."

"So what should I do?" Feather asked.

"For one thing, I'm glad to hear that you're returning those affections to your admirers. Second, there is nothing wrong with sharing a lover." Feather was shocked to hear Luna say such an answer.

"As long as these mares are willing to share you and don't try to fight among themselves." Feather put some thought into Luna's advise.

"The three of them do get along well," Feather answered. "they're like three peas in a pod."

"That is great to hear." Luna said before she flapped her wings. "I have to get going now, there are more nightmares that need to be vanquished." With that, Luna took her leave while Feather waved his hoof good-bye to the Princess of the Night.

It was around night time when Feather and his admirers went to the beach to watch a fireworks show. It was a nice way to spend their last day in Haywaii. The four of them found a nice spot on the beach to watch the fireworks. While the three mares talked amongst themselves, Feather was distracted from what he had dreamed last night. He was uncertain if Luna's advise could be possible as he often thought that he would only need one lover. A sound of a bang made Feather jump as the fireworks show started. The fireworks exploded with various colors and pictures that made the crowd watch in awe. As Feather watched, he noticed that all three of his admirers were all cuddling around him. Swoon leaned on Feather's right should and wrapped her hooves around his arm. Fond too did this but with Feather's left side. Dear wrapped her hooves around Feather's body and gave him a small hug. Feather couldn't help but blush as he felt the mares' warmths on his hooves and body.

'Sweet Celestia!' Feather said in his mind. He did his best to continue watching the fireworks show while trying not to get too excited from the mares' hold on him.

Feather rinsed himself in the shower after he and his admirers returned from the fireworks show. Even though Feather thought it felt nice to be together with his admirers, he still felt doubts about the idea of the mares sharing him. Feather got out of the shower to dry himself. Once out of the bathroom, he heard Swoon voice.

"Hey Bangy, could you come to the living room?" Swoon said from the distance. Feather shrugged and made his way down the hall. He arrived to the living room to see something weird about it. The lights were dimmed to barely show any light at all. There were rose petals everywhere on the floor. Around the room were lit candles that gave off aromas from chocolate to rose. Feather also noticed that the couch was made into a queen-sized bed with some extra pillows added.

"So glad you could join us," Swoon purred from behind Feather. Before Feather could turn, he was lifted by Dear's magic and was levitated on to the bed. Once Feather was on the bed, his admirers jumped on after him so he could see their bold attires. Swoon was wearing red striped stockings on all of her hooves and red, laced panties on her flank. Fond was wearing a blue transparent nightgown with white fluffs covering her top area. Dear's attire was the most wild of the three mares as she wore cat ears, cheetah pattern top, and cheetah pattern panties. Feather was in complete shock from what each of his admirers wore.

"I think we broke him," Swoon said in concern.

"Nah," Dear denied. "He is just awestruck from how sexy we look." Feather quickly shook his head to regain consciousness.

"S-so, what's with the getup?" Feather asked nervously.

"Well, since this is our last day in Haywaii. We thought we could finish it off with something more...exciting." Dear said as she crawled closer to Feather who was trembling with fear. She wrapped her hooves around Feather to pull him into a kiss. Feather quickly pulled Dear away to get out of the kiss.

"D-Dear! Not in front of the others!" Feather whispered.

"Oh we know, we all know." Fond smirked along with Swoon.

"Y-you all knew?!" Feather said in a deep red blush.

"Yeah," Dear replied. "we three have known each for like forever! We're practically sisters."

"And we know if something happens to one of us." Swoon added.

"Honestly though, I'm still a bit peeved that Swoon had you first." Dear said in a pretend huff.

"At least you went before me," Fond corrected.

"Yeah, but you got to do be with Feather in a cave during a storm!" Dear defended. "I was just in his bedroom." Fond just shrugged.

"Are all of you three really sure about sharing me?" Feather asked. The three mares nodded in agreement.

"We wouldn't let romance harm our friendship." Swoon assured. "Either we all share the love or we all abandon it."

"Do you really want to pick from the three of us?" Dear said in a baby tone.

"No! I wouldn't it!" Feather suddenly yelled, much to the mares' surprise. "All three of you have been special to me! Having to pick one of you would tear me to pieces!" The three mares just stared at Feather after he said those things. It wasn't long before tears formed in their eyes and they began to sniffle.

"Oh no no no!" Feather said in desperation. "I didn't mean to say things to hurt you!"

"We're not crying because we're upset, you cute doofus!" Fond said as she wiped her eyes.

"You're not?" Feather asked in confusion.

"We're crying because we're so happy that you feel that way!" Dear said as she and the rest of the mares gave Feather a tender, group hug.

"Let's work together to make this love happen!" Swoon cheered as everypony agreed. Soon, the hugging was over and Feather was pushed on to his back.

"Now let's seal the deal, ladies." Dear said as she licked her lips. All three of the mares slowly approached Feather to start their unforgettable night.

All four of the ponies panted from all of the love-making they did. The mares had all of their clothes stripped off and dropped on to various places around the bed. Feather was surprised that he wasn't able to pass out after handling all three mares at once. The mares were also surprised of their stallion's stamina as he was able to handle all three of them.

"Wow," That was all Feather could say while panting.

"I know," Fond said in agreement.

"Like I said, girls." Swoon added. "He deserved the nickname Bangy."

"This has got to be one of the most extraordinary things I have ever done." Dear smiled. "Welp, time to hit the sack. We got to leave Haywaii first thing in the morning." Dear used her magic to remove the fire from the candles.

"Agreed," Fond said as she clapped her hooves to turn off the light.

"Good night, Bangy!" Swoon cooed as she gave Feather a peck on the cheek. Fond and Dear joined in as they also gave him pecks on the cheeks.

"Good night, girls." Feather said as he and his admirers went to sleep.

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