• Published 16th Sep 2019
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A Plus One in Haywaii - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

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Tropical Hike

Feather once again wakes up in the morning with a mare snuggling with him in bed. He lifted his blanket to find Dear hugging him like a large teddy bear.

'It would make sense that she would be asleep from what happened last night.' Feather thought. He noticed Dear was waking up from her slumber.

"Morning, sweetie!" Dear cooed as she gave Feather a peck on the cheek.

"Morning, Dear." Feather said sheepishly.

"Aww! You make it sound like I'm your wife!" Dear cooed.

"Isn't that your name?" Feather corrected.

"I know, I just wanted to tease you." Dear stuck her tongue out. Feather chuckled from Dear's usual teasing. Dear got out of Feather's bed and went to the doorway.

"We'll definitely do that again." Dear winked before she left the room. Feather got up as well to prepare for the upcoming day.

Feather and his admirers arrived to the outskirts of town where the Haywaii Wild Trail was located. They were going to Sunny Pop's nature trail to explore the forest areas of Haywaii. Feather felt excited as he will get a chance to go deeper into the tropical forest to see what animals and plants were inhabiting the island. Feather wasn't so surprised with his admirers for bringing along some hiking supplies. They spotted Sunny looking at a clipboard. Instead of Sunny wearing her sundress, she had on a backpack and her mane was tied into a ponytail while covered with a red cap. Sunny turned to see Feather and the mares approaching.

"Girls! Feather!" Sunny cheered. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

"You know we wouldn't miss one of your extraordinary tours, Sunny!" Fond said as gave the tour mare a hug.

"I appreciate it." Sunny replied. "So how's Haywaii been treating you?"

"Oh, it's been great!" Fond replied. "We got to go to a luau and got to swim with dolphins!"

"Great to hear that you have been making memories on this island!" Sunny said. Swoon and Dear giggled from the response and Feather ended up blushing from memories of the past nights.

"Follow me and I'll take you to the rest of the group!" Sunny said as she lead on. The large group of ponies followed Sunny as she explained all of the details about the forest and the history of Haywaii. Snapshots were heard as the tourists kept taking pictures of whatever caught their eyes. Feather just looked in astonishment from the beautiful sceneries of the forest. He spotted a small lizard who was just staring at him. Feather slowly approached the lizard, only to be spooked when the lizard popped colorful fins from its head. The group stopped by a pair of large palm trees that were crossing each other to make a heart.

"Alright, everypony!" Sunny said. "We'll take a fifteen minute break to rest. For now, enjoy the scenery around you!" One of the tourist ponies raised his hoof.

"What's with the pair of trees over there." The tourist pony asked.

"Those are the Lovers' trees." Sunny replied. "They say that if you go under it, it will bring you good luck with your love life!" With that said, the tourists went to the trees and began taking pictures. Fond tapped a hoof on Feather's shoulder.

"We should take a picture under the Lovers' trees!" Fond said excitedly.

"Yeah!" Swoon and Dear agreed as they all pulled Feather under the tree.

"But who is gonna take our pictures?" Feather asked.

"I'll take it," A stallion said as he approached the four.

"Alright," Fond said as she gave the stallion the camera. Feather and the mares positioned themselves for the photo.

"Say 'Haywaii'!" The stallion said.

"Haywaii!" The four said with a smile. After a few camera shots the stallion was done.

"Thanks for taking our photos." Feather said as he received the camera.

"No problem." The stallion said before he leaned closer to Feather. "You're quite the lucky stud," The stallion gave a wink before he left. Feather just stood there with nervousness as he knew what the stallion meant.

The tour went on with the next stop being a huge waterfall. The group were in awe from how majestic the water looks when reflected by sunlight. While the tourists took photos and Sunny gave another explanation, Feather noticed a dark spot at the bottom of the waterfall.

'Is that a cave?' Feather thought to himself. He decided to brush it off and went to catch up to his group. The group continued on the trail until they heard some thunderous noises coming from the sky. Some of the ponies looked up to see some dark clouds were covering the sky.

"A storm?" Sunny said. "They didn't say anything about a storm today!" It wasn't until droplets of rain began pouring down and it caused everypony to panic.

"Everypony, follow me!" Sunny said as the group followed the tour mare. As everypony ran, Feather noticed that Fond was shaking each time lightning struck. It wasn't until another lightning struck some trees and they collapsed, separating Fond and Feather from the rest of the group.

"Oh no!" Fond panicked as she tried to move some of the trees. She got startled when another lightning struck. Tears flowed out of Fond's eyes as she didn't know what to do. Feather had an idea. He grabbed Fond's hoof and he lead her back to the waterfall. Feather slowly moved a hoof into the water and almost fell in. He entered to find a dark opening behind the water.

'There was a cave in here.' Feather thought before he grabbed Fond's hoof and they went in. Once inside, they try to dry off with towels inside their bags.

"H-how did you know there was a cave in here?" Fond asked.

"I just guessed." Feather said. Once both of them were dried up, they sat down until the storm blows over. Feather noticed that Fond continued to shiver while looking scared.

"Are you alright, Fond?" Feather asked.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." Fond replied. That was until lightning struck another time and it caused Fond to scream. She went to the end of cave to quiver and hide under her hooves. Feather slowly approached Fond and placed a hoof on her back.

"Are you scared of lightning?" Feather asked. Fond just nodded in response.

"I'm just scared that one of those bolts might hit me." Fond added. Feather thought that it made sense as it could be very dangerous to be electrocuted from lightning.

"It's alright," Feather assured. "I'll stay here with you until the storm is over." Fond quickly got up to give Feather a tight hug. It didn't hurt Feather that much as comforting Fond was more important. He stroked Fond's manes to help her relax.
Her head rose to reveal her teary eyes.

"I love you, Feather." Fond said. Feather smiled.

"I love you too." Feather said before he received a kiss from Fond. He was surprised from Fond's bold action. Without hesitating, Feather returned the kiss as he and Fond began to make out. It went on for a few minutes before they removed their lips to catch their breath. Fond laid down and gestured to Feather to come closer to her. Feather did as he wrapped his hooves around Fond's body before he gave her another kiss. The lightning didn't bother Fond as she was too occupied with being pleasured by her dream stallion.

The storm finally stopped and the couple exited the waterfall. Only a few trees fell to the ground and a lot of leaves covered the area. Despite the mess, nothing too severe happened to the forest. Feather and Fond went along the trail until they returned to the entrance of the trail. Feather and Fond saw Sunny looking upset while talking to some ponies dressed like park rangers. It wasn't until Sunny spotted them and ran to give Fond a big hug. Swoon and Dear joined in on the hugging.

"Fond! Oh my Celestia, you're okay!" Sunny yelled as she started to cry in Fond's arms.

"Yeah, we're fine." Fond replied as she stroked Sunny's mane.

"How did you guys survive the storm?" Swoon asked.

"Feather found some cave behind the waterfall and we stayed there until the storm was over." Fond answered. Sunny, Dear, and Swoon showed faces of surprise from hearing Fond.

"There was a cave behind the waterfall?" Dear asked.

"I thought it was just a shadow behind the falls," Feather replied. "that was until I put my hoof through it and the cave was there." Soon, the park rangers asked some questions to Fond and Feather before all of them returned home. On the way back, Feather and Fond sometimes gave each other glances as they knew happened inside the cave stays inside the cave.