• Published 16th Sep 2019
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A Plus One in Haywaii - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

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Dolphin Rides

The early morning arrived and Feather was dead awake as he just looked at the ceiling while Swoon slept soundly on top of him. Feather was still processing what had happened last night. Feather admitted one simple fact: He just slept with a mare for the very first time. Swoon stirred a little before opening her eyes. She looked up to Feather to give a grin.

"Good morning, Bangy!" Swoon said innocently.

"G-good morning, Swoon." Feather replied nervously. Swoon got up from Feather to stretch her hooves. She then leaned down to be face to face with Feather.

"Did you have fun last night." Swoon asked while batting her eyes. Feather made a big gulp before responding.

"It was great." Feather gave a shy grin.

"Yeah, you definitely deserve the nickname 'Bangy'." Swoon said as she giggled. Feather just blushed from Swoon's comment. Swoon got out of Feather's bed to make her way out of the door.

"Thank you for last night, Bangy!" Swoon said as she blew an air kiss to Feather before she left the room. Feather just collapse back on his bed to try to get some more sleep.

The smell of cooking woke up Feather as he got up from his bed. He freshen himself up before he went into the kitchen where Fond and Dear were eating and talking to each other while Swoon was cooking eggs on the stove.

"Oh! Morning, Bangy!" Swoon said in a happy manner. She gave Feather a wink to tease him a bit.

"Morning Swoon." Feather then turned to Fond and Dear. "Morning, girls."

"Morning, Feather!" Dear and Fond said at once. Fond patted on the empty seat next to her.

"Sit and have some breakfast! Swoon is making some delicious eggs!" Feather felt confused from Fond and Dear's sudden mood change since last night.

"Are you girls alright?" Feather asked. "It's just that since last night-"

"Fond and I were able have a heart to heart talk with Swoon." Dear said as she took another bite of eggs. "Everything is forgiven!" Feather sighed in relief that he didn't have to feel so awkward around the girls.

"Besides, we shouldn't let drama ruin our vacation!" Fond said while the mares cheered in agreement.

"Alright," Feather said as he began eating his eggs. Swoon joined in on eating eggs for breakfast.

"So what's next for today?" Feather asked.

"There's an event where we can swim with dolphins out in sea." Fond replied. "It takes place in the ocean so once we're done with breakfast we'll head out to the docks." Everypony agreed and continued to eat their breakfast.

Feather and his admirers waited with a group of ponies at the docks. Feather was surprised that his admirers brought wetsuits for not only for themselves but also for him as well. He couldn't help but take some quick peeks at his admirers as the wetsuits made their flanks look good. Feather's admirers allowed him to look as he was giving them his attention. A tall, light blue earth pony mare with light yellow manes arrived to greet the group.

"Hello, everypony!" The mare called out. "I'm Azure Shell and I will be your guide for swimming with the dolphins!" The group cheered as they followed Azure on to the boat and they rode into the ocean. A few dolphins appeared while the boat was passing through. Everypony was excited as they saw some of the dolphins jump from the water. Ten minutes passed before the boat stopped in the middle of the ocean. There was a large crowd of dolphins surrounding the boat. Azure pulled out a whistle to blow on it. Some of the dolphins slowly approached the boat and Azure was the first to dive into the water. She swam towards one dolphin to give it a treat. The dolphin took a bite of the treat and got closer to Azure as she gave a few small pets and strokes on the dolphin's head.

"Alright, everypony!" Azure called out. "Make sure your life jackets are on tightly and slowly enter the water!" The group did what Azure said and checked their life jackets before entering the water. Once everypony was in the water, they gathered around Azure as she was about to give instructions.

"First, we'll need to make groups of two ponies!" Before any pony could respond, Dear grabbed Feather's hoof and raised it in the air.

"Got one!" Dear cheered while every pony just stared at the couple. Feather laughed nervously as Fond and Swoon growled from Dear's sneaky move.

"Okay," Azure said awkwardly before turning back to the group. "A pair of dolphins will carry your group to a far distance before returning to the boat." Everypony nodded to show their understanding of the rules.

"Good, now pick your partners and form a line." Everypony picked their partners and lined up in front of Azure as she brought two dolphins from their pack. Fond and Swoon paired up after they cooled off from their agitation towards Dear. The dolphin rides began as they carried the ponies across the water before returning to where the group was. Fond and Swoon arrived from their dolphin ride before it was Dear's and Feather's turn.

"Are you nervous?" Dear pretended to ask.

"I'm good." Feather replied. He and Dear swam up to hold on to the dolphins so they wouldn't let go while riding.

"Are you two ready?" Azure asked the couple.

"Ready!" Feather and Dear said at once.

"Alright, now go!" Azure blew on her whistle and the dolphins began swimming. Feather couldn't help but feel excited as he held on to the dolphin. He turned to see Dear screaming in excitement.

"Woo! This is awesome!" Dear hollered as her mane flowed with the wind. Her face showed her adventurous smile that she always wears whenever she does something extraordinary. If Feather could think of one thing that made Dear attractive, it was her go-getting personality. Feather's thoughts were interrupted when his dolphin accidentally jumped over a big wave, causing Feather to fall and splash into the water.

"Feather!" Dear hollered when she saw what happened. She immediately let go of her dolphin and swam towards Feather who was unconscious while floating. Dear grabbed the back of Feather's life jacket and began swimming back to the group.

Feather regained consciousness and found himself laying on one of the boat's seats. He flinched when he saw his three admirers all huddled around him.

"Feather!" His admirers yelled as they gave him a tight hug.

"W-what happened?" Feather asked in confusion.

"You accidentally fell off of your dolphin." Azure said as she approached Feather.

"I did?" Feather said. He recalled his dolphin did jump from a big wave and that was all he could remember.

"Luckily for you, your partner pulled you in while we sailed to you guys." Azure said as she placed a hoof on Dear's shoulder. "She was really strong for pulling a stallion across the deep sea."

"Wow, thanks Dear." Feather said in relief. Dear couldn't help but blush from getting such praise from Feather. Swoon and Fond didn't get angry as they knew Dear deserved it for saving Feather's life. Azure sat down and took a bow to Feather.

"I'm so sorry for this to happen to you, Feather." Azure apologized. "I had no idea your dolphin would jump over-"

"It's alright." Feather waved a hoof. "I was able to recover, so no harm done."

"At least let me repay you by giving you a refund!" Azure pleaded.

"If it makes you feel any better, then sure." Feather nodded. The boat continued to sail back to the docks and everypony went their separate ways.

It was nighttime as Feather was inside his bed while remembering what had happened today.

'Man, and I thought this was going be a relaxing vacation.' Feather thought. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt something crawling under his blanket.

'What are you up to, Swoon?' Feather groaned. He removed his blanket to be shocked to see Dear's head poking out from the opening.

"D-Dear?!" Feather gasped.

"Hey cutie!" Dear said while batting her eyes.

"What are you doing here!?" Feather demanded.

"Can't a mare cuddle with the pony she loves?" Dear said as she rested her head on Feather's chest. "I'll consider it as a reward for saving you." Feather thought that it was a bad idea. Then again, he did sleep with Swoon yesterday and he had to make it up to Dear.

"A-alright." Feather said. "But just for tonight." Dear squealed as she crawled closer to Feather to be face to face with him. Feather gulped as he felt uncomfortable with Dear being so close to him. Her lidded eyes made things worse as it caused Feather's heart rate to go through the roof.

"Is it wrong to wish that you would get in danger more often?" Dear asked in a causal manner.

"Why would you ask that?" Feather asked.

"So that way, you would have to make it up to me more!" Dear replied as she took a nibble on Feather's ear. It made him shudder from how good it felt. That was another thing Feather liked about Dear. She would always tease Feather to make him feel all shy and vulnerable.

"Hey Feather?" Dear whispered.

"Yeah-" Feather was cut short when Dear moved up to give him a kiss on the lips. Feather felt a similarity with Dear's kiss to Swoon's kisses. The difference is that Dear added some tongue into her kiss.

"May I have some more?" Dear said as she gave some beady eyes and pouting lips. Feather thought he probably shouldn't but remembered his time with Swoon.

"Alright." Feather said. Dear used her magic to move the blanket over her and Feather. The bed creaked and shifted from Celestia knows what those two were doing under the covers.