A Plus One in Haywaii

by BrawnyBold

First published

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

Feather Bangs was getting the hang of talking to mares thanks to some dates with his three admirers. One day, his three admirers invite Feather to go on a trip to Haywaii. He accepted their invitation as he thought it will be a nice outing. Feather's vacation will be full of tropical paradises, fun adventures, and romance with his three admirers.

A Friendly, Little Invite

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It was another day in Starlight's village with several ponies walking and talking among themselves. Feather Bangs made his way down the streets while carrying a basket of bouquets in his hooves. A newcomer of the village would see Feather and assume the flowers were for his love interest or a family member. The village residents would know that Feather did buy flowers for a love interest, it was just more than one love interest. Feather made his way to one of the tables near Sugar Belle's bakery where it was occupied by three of Feather's admirers.

"Hey girls!" Feather said to the mares as he reached the table.

"Hey Feather!" The three mares all said at once. They gave their usual flirty winks and blew air kisses to show their affection to the poet stallion.

"I brought some flowers for you." Feather said as he offered each of his mares a bouquet. "Consider them as a thank you for inviting me to lunch." The mares' eyes gleamed with happiness.

"Ah, Feather!" Fond Feather cooed while hugging her bouquet. "These are wonderful!" Swoon took a sniff from her bouquet which was wrapped in a red ribbon like her's.

"You know me so well! I love lavenders!" Swoon couldn't help but take another sniff.

"That's what we love about you, Bangy!" Dear winked. "You always go above your way to make us happy!"

"Yeah," Feather nodded in agreement. He couldn't believe that he had been dating these three mares for months. At first, Feather didn't know how to talk to mares and it terrified him more than loneliness. But thanks to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and some dates with his admirers, Feather wasn't so afraid anymore. Instead, he felt gratitude for getting to know his admirers as each mare was unique despite their appearances. Things became even better when he went from going out with each mare individually to going out with them all at once. Feather didn't feel so scared going out with all three of the mares at the same time. He thought of it like an outing with friends. The only differences are that his party was made up mares who acted really 'friendly' to him. Sugar Belle came out of her bakery and towards Feather's table.

"I see you're having a good time, Feather." Sugar gave a small smirk as she saw him with his admirers.

"Oh! Hey Sugar Belle!" Feather said in surprise. He was also able to talk to Sugar Belle without feeling awkward since he flirted with her in front of his admirers.

"I take it everypony wants their usual from me?" Sugar Belle asked. The group nodded and Sugar Belle went back into her shop. While Sugar Belle was baking, Feather and his admirers talked about what's been going on in their lives. The conversations progressed until Fond pulled out four tickets.

"Guess what I got?" Fond asked to raise curiosity among the three other ponies.

"It's tickets to Haywaii!" Fond answered with cheer. Swoon and Dear gasped from the news and then they gave their friend a group hug among the three of them. Feather, however, was confused from Fond's announcement.

"I can't believe it!" Swoon yelled. "I've always wanted to go there!"

"It's almost like you're making my dreams come true, Fond!" Dear included.

"Thank one of my friends who works there." Fond said. "She offered me a whole week stay at one of her cottages."

"Is Haywaii really that popular?" The trio stopped to look at Feather with shocked faces.

"I only heard of some things about it." Feather said sheepishly. Fond pulled out a brochure and opened it up for everypony to see. It had pictures of a lot of islands surrounded by an ocean of deep blue water.

"Haywaii is considered to be one of Equestia's best vacation spots due to the islands being filled with tropical animals and plants." Fond answered.

"Even the ocean is great because you can do various activities at sea!" Fond then pushed one of her tickets to Feather. "Which is why you're coming with us!" Feather's eyes popped wide open from hearing this news.

"M-m-me?!" Feather stammered with nervousness.

"Yeah, it will be fun!" Fond replied.

Swoon gave a small, begging pout. "I would be very sad if you don't come, Bangy!" Feather started to sweat more than usual as the thought of going on a trip with his love interests felt really scary. He already got over talking to mares and dating them, but going on a trip with mares felt like a whole new level for the poet stallion. A question came into Feather's mind which gave him some hope.

"W-will there be enough room for me at the cottage?" Feather asked.

"Why are you asking that?" Dear asked with lidded eyes. "Do you want all of us to sleep together in a single bed?" Feather nearly collapsed from hearing such a tempting suggestion. Swoon and Fond just giggled.

"Don't worry," Fond assured. "the cottage has four bedrooms so there will be plenty of room for us there." Feather sighed in relief as he didn't have to go with Dear's daring solution. Dear on the other hoof just pouted from not being able to snuggle with Feather in bed.

"Well, since you got a fourth ticket, I'll consider going." Feather replied which caused all three of his admirers to cheer.

It was nighttime when Feather was in his home while packing his bag for the trip. He made sure he had everything he needed for a week in Haywaii. Feather tried to compose himself as he was about to go on a tropical vacation with the mares who were deeply in love with him. A blush appeared on Feather's face as he thought of multiple scenarios that involved him, his admirers, and the beach.

'No, it wouldn't go that far' Feather thought as he went to bed.

In another house, Feather's admirers were all gathered together as they looked at a small chart with various times and locations on it. All three of the mares had grins of excitement for the upcoming Haywaii trip.

"Finally!" Dear yelled as wiped some sweat from her head. "We got everything planned for our time with Feather!"

"Indeed!" Swoon said as she rubbed her hooves together in a diabolical manner. "This will not only satisfy all three of us, it will also satisfy Feather and show him that we're the only mares for him!" Swoon made an evil laugh that ponies might think she was a villain or just a mare who had lost her marbles.

"Okay," Fond said with an arched brow. She got up to stretch her body and turned to see the clock.

"Oh no!" Fond suddenly hollered. "It's already late at night and we didn't start packing yet!" Swoon and Dear gasped as all three of the mares hurried to which clothing to bring and stuff them into suitcases or saddle bags.

"W-which dress should I bring!?" Swoon asked frantically as she looked at a blue dress and a red one.

"Will Feather like my new peach perfume!?" Fond said to herself as she sprayed it to take a sniff.

"Where are my striped stockings!?" Dear cried in frustration. The nearby ponies suffered as they had to listen to the three mares frantically pack for the trip to Haywaii.

Welcome to Haywaii!

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The ocean cruise arrived to the docks of Haywaii. Most of the ship's passengers looked out to see the beautiful view of Haywaii's main island. Feather and his admirers were also looking out from the ship as they gasped. Feather was completely surprised of how large the island looked compared to the pictures from Fond's brochure. Seeing such an amazing view replaced Feather's fears with excitement. Once the ship stopped, everypony exited the cruise to explore the island for what it has to offer.

"So how do we get to this cottage, Fond?" Dear asked. Fond took a look at where the taxi carts were parked until she spotted a light yellow unicorn mare waving to get Fond's attention. The unicorn mare had a long, orange mane that was covered with a yellow sunhat and she wore a green sundress.

"Sunny!" Fond yelled as she flew to the mare.

"Fond!" The unicorn mare responded as she received a hug from Fond. Feather and the rest of the mares got closer to where Fond and the other mares were.

"Everypony, this is Sunny Pop." Fond introduced. "She works as a tour guide here."

"It's nice to meet you!" Sunny said as she gave a nod.

"It's nice to meet you too." Feather and the other mares said at once.

"Sunny, the two mares are my friends: Swoon Song and Dear Darling." Fond pointed a hoof to her two friends then to Feather. "The stallion is Feather Bangs." Feather gave a small wave.

Sunny quickly lean to Fond and whispered "That's the Feather stallion you kept praising about in your letters?" Fond just nodded in agreement.

"He's quite the looker." Sunny said as she and Fond giggled.

"Anyway, welcome to Haywaii!" Sunny said as she showed them one of the taxi carts. "Just put your luggages in the trunk and our driver will get us to the cottage!" The guests put their stuff in the trunk and took their seats inside the passenger seats. The taxi stallion began moving on the road. Although the five ponies were crammed inside the cart, it didn't stop the guests from enjoying the view of the island.

"Is this is the first time you been on an island?" Sunny said to the party.

"Yeah!" Swoon responded first. "I've always heard about islands and never got the chance to be on one!"

"I can't blame you," Sunny replied. "Haywaii is just a place you would less often visit than an average city or town in Equestria."

"Ooh! I can't wait to hit the beaches!" Dear said in excitement.

"So how's the tour guide job, Sunny?" Fond asked her friend.

"Oh it's been great!" Sunny claimed. "I get to show everypony the beautiful sceneries of the forest and we also get to see some exotic creatures that inhabit the islands."

"It must be an adventure everyday in Haywaii." Swoon said with an impressed look.

"A job as a tour guide may have some perks," Sunny replied. "but there is nothing wrong with returning to Equestria to see how much has changed."

"Let me tell you, Sunny." Dear said. "A lot has happened in the mainlands of Equestria."

"We could hang out while you tell me the details." Sunny suggested as she gave a wink. The taxi cart slowly stopped when it was in front of a two story cottage.

"We're here!" Sunny said as she got out of the cart first and paid the taxi stallion. The rest of the group got out to get their stuff and followed Sunny into the cottage. The group were amazed from how nice the cottage looked from the inside.

"There are two bedrooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs." Sunny informed. "If you need anything like food or other stuff, town is just a trot away from here. There is also a nice view of the beach at the back of the cottage." The three mares squealed as they ran out to the back to see the ocean view.

"Well, I better head back to town and get to work." Sunny said as she exited the cottage. "If you guys want to go on a forest tour, visit me at Haywaii Wild Trails right next to the coconut farms!" Sunny left the cottage and Feather joined his admirers to see the ocean view for himself. As expected, Feather was in awe from how sparkling and beautiful it was. It wasn't long till everypony went back inside to settle down in their cottage.

"Alright," Fond said to get everypony's attention. "The first thing to do is to decided which room should be our's."

"Um, I don't mind staying in one of the bedrooms downstairs." Feather suggested.

"Dibs on the other downstairs' bedroom!" Dear hollered as she raised her hoof in the air. Swoon and Fond just whined from not calling dibs first.

"Then it settles," Fond grumbled. Dear cheered as she went into her room. Everypony else went into their rooms to put up their luggages. Once Feather placed his luggage on the floor, he jumped on to his bed and rested.

"Woo," Feather sighed. "I never thought traveling to Haywaii got me this tired." Feather turned to the window which showed a nice view of the sky.

'Still, I can't wait to enjoy myself in Haywaii.' Feather thought before it was interrupted when something landed on top of his body. Feather was spooked when he saw Dear laid on top of him. Dear gave Feather lidded eyes and she licked lips as if she was a hungry predator.

"I certainly can't wait to spend this vacation with you, Feather." Dear whispered as she moved her head closer to Feather. She only got close enough until her muzzle was touching Feather's.

"Think of all of the fun we will have." Feather gulped for what will Dear do next. Before Swoon was about to do anything, a sound of intentional coughing came from Fond and Swoon who were standing at the doorway with angry glares from what they were seeing. Dear huffed as she got up from the bed and strutted to the doorway.

"Maybe next time!" Dear teased before she was chased out of the room by Fond and Swoon. Feather sighed again from such a surprising moment. To Feather, this vacation was going to be full of surprises.

Out on the Beach

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Once Feather and the girls rested from the travel, they decided to head on over to the beach. Feather packed up his beach bag and a big beach umbrella before he left his room. When Feather knocked on each of the mares' doors, he was told to head on over to the beach and get a good spot. Feather just shrugged as he went outside. Despite the large number of ponies attending the beach, Feather was able to get a good spot close to the ocean. Feather opened the beach umbrella and placed some beach towels on the sand. Once Feather was finished setting up their spot, he heard a familiar voice coming from behind him.

"We're here, Feather!" Fond hollered as she and the other mares made their way to their spot. Feather turned to have his jaw nearly dropped from what he saw what the mares were wearing. Swoon had on a dark red top with dark red briefs to match. Fond wore a light blue one piece swimsuit with a medium blue cloth tied to her hips. Dear wore a yellow sunhat on her manes and a green sling bikini that thankfully looked modest on her. Although the mares' swimsuits weren't very bold, they still caught the attention of some of the stallions on the beach. Feather was one of the stallions as he couldn't keep his eyes off of his admirers. He quickly regained his composure when the mares reached their spot.

"Wow! You picked a great spot, Feather!" Fond said as she raised her hoof to peer at the ocean.

"Thanks," Feather said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "So shall we get going?"

"Hang on!" Swoon said as she pulled out some sunscreen from her bag. "First we all need to put on some sunscreen! We don't want to get sunburns, do we?" Fond and Dear nodded in agreement.

"Feather, would you please be a dear and rub some on my back?" Dear said in a baby tone as she laid down on one of the beach towels.

"Ah..." Feather said in a blush.

"No fair!" Swoon and Fond said as they also laid down and waited for the sunscreen application. "We want Feather to do that to us too!" Feather was paralyzed as the thought of touching his admirers with sunscreen overwhelmed him.

"O-okay," Feather gulped as he started applying sunscreen on Dear first. She sighed in relief since it had been a while since she was rubbed down by Feather. Fond and Swoon just growled as they watched Dear hogging Feather first. "Hmm, you're even better than the last time you rubbed sunscreen on me." Dear cooed as she savored every touch from Feather's hooves. Once Feather was done with Dear, he moved to Swoon.

"A-alright Swoon, your turn." Feather started rubbing sunscreen on Swoon's back and then on Fond's back. Both mares let out sighs and moans as they enjoyed Feather's hooves rubbing all over them. Feather did his best to keep himself calm while ignoring the sounds his admirers made when applying the sunscreen.

"All done," Feather sighed in relief as he was done with applying sunscreen on his admirers. Before Feather began putting sunscreen on his arm, he was stopped by Fond.

"What do you think you're doing?" Fond said in a serious tone.

"I'm putting sunscreen on to myself?" Feather answered in a confused tone. Swoon took the bottle and squeezed some sunscreen on to her hooves as well as Dear's.

"Oh no," Fond said with a mischievous grin. "now it's our turn to put some sunscreen on you." She too squeezed some sunscreen on to her hooves as she and the other mares surrounded Feather. At an instant, all three of the mares pounced on top of Feather and started rubbing the sunscreen all over his body. Feather let out some moans and yelps as he felt his admirers' hooves all over him. From nearby, a mother did her best to trot away while trying to cover her son's eyes.

"Mama," the son said. "what are those mares doing to that colt?"

"I can't tell you that, son." the mom answered with a deadpan expression on her face.

Feather followed his admirers into the ocean to start their beach day. He tried his best to recover from his sunscreen rub down from the mares. As soon as all of them were in deep water, Dear splashed some water at Swoon who yelped in response.

"Ha ha! Got you!" Dear laughed and pointed her hoof. Swoon growled before she splashed back at Dear who gave a surprised scoff.

"Oh, it's on!" Dear yelled as she splashed again which caused a splash war among Feather and his admirers. Feather couldn't help but blush as he watched the mares get their manes wet. This made them look hotter than they usual were. The splashing died down as the group decided to swim along with the ocean waves. There were some occasions where a large wave appeared and it covered everypony with water. After a few minutes of swimming, Dear decided to take a dive into the water. She quickly came up for air which startled her friends and Feather.

"Hey guys! Check out the water!" Dear said before she dived back down. The others followed as they took a dive and were surprised to see so many fishes on the ocean floor.

The group decided to take a break from swimming and sat on their towels to dry off. Swoon and Dear spent their time making small sand castles while Feather and Fond were looking at the ocean view.

"This day sure was something." Feather said to Fond.

"I'll say," Fond replied as she leaned on Feather's shoulder. "I haven't had this much fun since forever!" Feather blushed as he smelled Fond's mane which had a scent of like cherry blossoms. He turned his view back to the beach to avoid any more temptations from Fond. Several thoughts were inside Feather's mind as he processed all of the beach's details. He quickly pulled out the red lap desk that Fond gave him as a present when they went on a date at Rainbow Falls. Fond just watched as Feather used his mouth to write some notes down on his scroll paper.

"Did you get inspired to write new poetry?" Fond asked Feather.

"Something like that," Feather said as he offered his lap desk to Fond. "Do you want to see what I got?" Fond took the lap desk and started to read what Feather wrote. The poem was about how soothing the beach was and how it offered so many things to everypony. There was also a part Feather wrote about how he appreciated coming here with friends and that company can makes things better.

"It's great, Feather." Fond said as she returned the lap desk to Feather.

"Hey guys! Check it out!" Swoon called out. "We made a sand castle version of Starlight's village!" Fond and Feather got up to join the rest of their party on sand castle building.

The sun was setting when Feather and his admirers returned to their cottage. Feather and Swoon went into town to pick up some pizzas for dinner. When they returned, they put the pizza boxes on the table and everypony began chowing down.

"Here's to a good start on our vacation!" Fond cheered while lifting her pizza. Everypony else agreed as they lifted their pizzas before they went back to eating.

"So what do you girls want to do tomorrow?" Feather said after he swallowed some pizza.

"We actually got something in mind." Fond said as she pulled out a flyer. "There is a Haywaiian luau tomorrow night at the town square."

"What's a luau?" Feather replied.

"It's kind of like Haywaii's version of a party." Fond answered.

"Yeah!" Swoon agreed. "It will be full of dancing, exotic cuisines, and romance." All three of the mares sighed from the last part. Feather couldn't help but smile as he thought this luau could be a fun.

Luau Night

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The sun was setting when the luau officially started at the town square. Flowery decorations, tiki masks, and flaming torches were everywhere as ponies from all around gathered to mingle with each other. There was even tropical music playing to set the mood for the festival. The mayor trotted up to the stage and cleared his throat near the microphone.

"Aloha, Everypony!" The mayor said through the microphone. Some of the ponies cheered in response while some of them said aloha to the mayor.

"I'm glad that not only the townsponies are here, but also some newcomers as well!" Everypony cheered once again from what the mayor said.

"I hope that all of you have a wonderful time in our annual luau!" The mayor said as everypony cheered a third time before the music resumed playing. Feather followed his three admirers as they trotted through the festivities. He could tell that his admirers were prepared for such an occasion judging by the dresses they wore. All three of the mares wore long sundresses that had white, flowery designs on them. Dear's dress was green, Swoon's dress was red, and Fond's dress was blue. The mares even put cute little flowers on their ears to match the dresses. Feather was surprised by how beautiful the mares looked. He was also surprised that they even brought an outfit for him as well. Feather wore a bright pink button shirt with flowery designs that matched his admirers. Although the shirt made Feather stick out like a sore hoof, he liked the color.

"Wow!" Swoon said as she looked around the area. "It looks so beautiful!"

"I agree," Fond nodded. "it's like something off of the movies."

"Think of all of the fun we'll have!" Dear said as she gave Feather a sly wink which made him blush. Swoon in her tracks when she spotted something.

"Ooh! We could go there!" Swoon pointed at the buffet tables. "Those are a lot of tasty treats!" The rest of the group nodded as they went to get some food. They found some seats and began eating their food. The group enjoyed each bite from their food as it was made really well.

"I love their grilled pineapple slices!" Swoon said as she took another bite.

"Not as much as these veggie kebabs!" Fond said while chewing from her stick.

"Fried hay patties will always be my top choice!" Dear claimed as she crunched on her food. Feather was eating some rice and barbecued oats when he was tapped by Swoon.

"Hey Feather, you got a little something." Swoon said as she picked off some rice off of Feather's cheek and she licked it into her mouth. Feather blushed as Swoon let out a giggle from enjoying Feather's leftovers.

After the group was done with their meals, they resumed by taking part in some of the party games the luau had to offer. From bean sack toss to limbo, everypony was having a good time. It wasn't until Feather and his admirers noticed a group of ponies hula dancing in a large gazebo. Feather and the mares entered the gazebo only to be approached by an old, purple earth pony mare with grey manes. Around her neck was a red lei.

"Hello, newcomers!" the mare said in an enthusiastic tone. "I'm Macadamia Nut or Maca for short. Do you want to hula dance?" Feather looked at his admirers who all nodded in agreement.

"That sounds great, but I don't know how to hula dance." Feather said modestly.

"Oh don't worry!" Maca said as she put some leis on Feather's neck and then on the girls' necks. "I'll teach you the basics first." Feather and his admirers followed every word Maca said before they all got used to hula dancing. Although it wasn't a kind of dance Feather usual knows, it actually felt relaxing. Dear stopped from her dancing and went out of the gazebo.

"I'm going to get some refreshment," Dear said as she turned to her party. "anypony want to come?"

"I'll join you!" Fond said as she exited the gazebo with Dear.

"Don't have too much, you two!" Dear said as she gave a wink before she left. Feather chuckled nervously while Swoon just giggled knowing that she was the only one with Feather. Feather's concentration was cut short when two mares approached him. One of the mares was a white unicorn mare with dark blue manes and the other mare was a light brown earth pony with red manes. Both of the mares had lustful gazes on Feather which made him feel really uncomfortable.

"Hey, you're cute." The white unicorn said in a flirty tone.

"Do you want to spend time with us?" The light brown mare said as she stroked Feather's cheek with her hoof. Feather sweated bullets as he couldn't think of an answer. Swoon saw this and quickly made her way to separate him from the other two mares.

"Back off you harpies!" Swoon claimed as she hugged Feather's hoof. "He's with me!" The flirty mares gave stern looks at Swoon who was ready to protect her stallion.

"Oh really," The light brown mare said in disbelief. "I don't see your name on him." Feather didn't expect what had happened next. Swoon grabbed Feather's face to give him a big smooch on his lips. Feather's eyes bulged out from the sudden action as one of his admirers gave him a kiss. Some gasps came from Dear and Fond as they saw Swoon giving Feather a tender kiss. They dropped their coconut umbrella drinks to make a run towards Feather and Swoon. Swoon slowly removed her lips from Feather's and his face was as red as a lobster.

"No fair!" Dear and Fond hollered as they ran up to confront Swoon.

"I thought we weren't going to kiss him yet!" Fond yelled.

"How could you?!" Dear said with gridded teeth. The flirty mares scoffed as they saw that not only there was one mare who claimed Feather but two other mares as well. The pair huffed in disgust as they trotted away from the group. Feather remained completely shocked and confused while Swoon was shaking in fear as two of her friends gave glares at her. Tears were streaming down Swoon's cheeks as she ran away from the luau.

Feather was completely silent when he and the rest of the mares returned to their cottage. Swoon's door was locked so they thought she was hiding inside.

"I feel so bad now!" Fond hung her head. Feather explained to Dear and Fond that Swoon was trying to protect him from some flirty mares. Now the two mares felt guilty for acting angry to Swoon.

"Maybe it would be best to wait until morning to apologize to Swoon." Dear suggested. Feather and Fond nodded as they returned to their rooms for the night. Feather slid under his blanket and just laid on his bed to process what had happened. Although Swoon kissed Feather to show how much she cared for him, he couldn't get over it as that was his first kiss. The mares would often give Feather kisses on his cheeks whenever they spend time with him, but this was different as it was on the lips! Feather groaned as he put a pillow on his face. A small creak spooked Feather as he got up from his bed to see where the sound came from. He saw that his door was slightly opened to reveal a violet eye peeking through the crack. It wasn't until Feather figured out it was Swoon who was behind the door.

"C-can I come in?" Swoon whispered from behind the door.

"Um...sure." Feather answered bluntly. Swoon slowly entered and closed the door. Feather noticed that Swoon's eyes were bloodshot; it was probably from all of her crying. She made her way to take a seat on the end of Feather's bed.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Swoon whimpered as she collapsed on Feather's lap. "I-I didn't mean to kiss you!" Swoon continued to cry until Feather hugged her head and stroked her mane.

"It's alright," Feather whispered in a comforting tone. "everything is fine now."

"But Fond and Dear are going to hate me!" Swoon whined as she looked at Feather with tear-filled eyes.

"They don't," Feather assured. "I told them why you did it and they felt really bad for lashing out at you."

"T-they really mean it?" Swoon sniffled.

"Of course," Feather nodded. "For as long as I've known you and the girls, you three have been the best of friends even though all of you were sharing me." Swoon felt much better after hearing Feather's words.

"Thanks," Swoon said as she wiped off some tears.

Feather chuckled. "No problem." Swoon got up and was about to make her way to the door. She suddenly stopped and turned to Feather. A bright red blush appeared on Swoon's face.

"C-can I spend the night with you?" Swoon blurted out.

"W-what?!" Feather said with his mouth opened.

"I-I don't want to be alone right now." Swoon replied. "There would also be a chance that Fond and Dear might spot me coming out of your room." Feather thought Swoon made a good point.

"Alright," Feather said as he scooted over on his bed to give Swoon some room. Swoon squealed as she quickly went under the blanket to snuggle up to Feather.

"Good night, Bangy!" Swoon whispered.

"Night, Swoon." Feather said he moved a little before he tried to fall asleep.

"Hey Bangy," Swoon whispered again to get Feather's attention.

"What's-" Feather's question was cut off when Swoon gave him another kiss on his lips. Swoon made this kiss more tender than the first one. Swoon made some moans as her lips were smacking against Feather's. Feather didn't feel shocked from Swoon's second kiss as it felt different. He actually felt more satisfied from how good Swoon's lips felt against his. A part of Feather wondered if he should stop this from going any further. But he guessed that Swoon would probably refuse. Feather wrapped his hooves around Swoon's back to pull her closer into their kiss. The rest of the night was filled with moans and giggles coming from Swoon as she and Feather were having the time of their lives.

Dolphin Rides

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The early morning arrived and Feather was dead awake as he just looked at the ceiling while Swoon slept soundly on top of him. Feather was still processing what had happened last night. Feather admitted one simple fact: He just slept with a mare for the very first time. Swoon stirred a little before opening her eyes. She looked up to Feather to give a grin.

"Good morning, Bangy!" Swoon said innocently.

"G-good morning, Swoon." Feather replied nervously. Swoon got up from Feather to stretch her hooves. She then leaned down to be face to face with Feather.

"Did you have fun last night." Swoon asked while batting her eyes. Feather made a big gulp before responding.

"It was great." Feather gave a shy grin.

"Yeah, you definitely deserve the nickname 'Bangy'." Swoon said as she giggled. Feather just blushed from Swoon's comment. Swoon got out of Feather's bed to make her way out of the door.

"Thank you for last night, Bangy!" Swoon said as she blew an air kiss to Feather before she left the room. Feather just collapse back on his bed to try to get some more sleep.

The smell of cooking woke up Feather as he got up from his bed. He freshen himself up before he went into the kitchen where Fond and Dear were eating and talking to each other while Swoon was cooking eggs on the stove.

"Oh! Morning, Bangy!" Swoon said in a happy manner. She gave Feather a wink to tease him a bit.

"Morning Swoon." Feather then turned to Fond and Dear. "Morning, girls."

"Morning, Feather!" Dear and Fond said at once. Fond patted on the empty seat next to her.

"Sit and have some breakfast! Swoon is making some delicious eggs!" Feather felt confused from Fond and Dear's sudden mood change since last night.

"Are you girls alright?" Feather asked. "It's just that since last night-"

"Fond and I were able have a heart to heart talk with Swoon." Dear said as she took another bite of eggs. "Everything is forgiven!" Feather sighed in relief that he didn't have to feel so awkward around the girls.

"Besides, we shouldn't let drama ruin our vacation!" Fond said while the mares cheered in agreement.

"Alright," Feather said as he began eating his eggs. Swoon joined in on eating eggs for breakfast.

"So what's next for today?" Feather asked.

"There's an event where we can swim with dolphins out in sea." Fond replied. "It takes place in the ocean so once we're done with breakfast we'll head out to the docks." Everypony agreed and continued to eat their breakfast.

Feather and his admirers waited with a group of ponies at the docks. Feather was surprised that his admirers brought wetsuits for not only for themselves but also for him as well. He couldn't help but take some quick peeks at his admirers as the wetsuits made their flanks look good. Feather's admirers allowed him to look as he was giving them his attention. A tall, light blue earth pony mare with light yellow manes arrived to greet the group.

"Hello, everypony!" The mare called out. "I'm Azure Shell and I will be your guide for swimming with the dolphins!" The group cheered as they followed Azure on to the boat and they rode into the ocean. A few dolphins appeared while the boat was passing through. Everypony was excited as they saw some of the dolphins jump from the water. Ten minutes passed before the boat stopped in the middle of the ocean. There was a large crowd of dolphins surrounding the boat. Azure pulled out a whistle to blow on it. Some of the dolphins slowly approached the boat and Azure was the first to dive into the water. She swam towards one dolphin to give it a treat. The dolphin took a bite of the treat and got closer to Azure as she gave a few small pets and strokes on the dolphin's head.

"Alright, everypony!" Azure called out. "Make sure your life jackets are on tightly and slowly enter the water!" The group did what Azure said and checked their life jackets before entering the water. Once everypony was in the water, they gathered around Azure as she was about to give instructions.

"First, we'll need to make groups of two ponies!" Before any pony could respond, Dear grabbed Feather's hoof and raised it in the air.

"Got one!" Dear cheered while every pony just stared at the couple. Feather laughed nervously as Fond and Swoon growled from Dear's sneaky move.

"Okay," Azure said awkwardly before turning back to the group. "A pair of dolphins will carry your group to a far distance before returning to the boat." Everypony nodded to show their understanding of the rules.

"Good, now pick your partners and form a line." Everypony picked their partners and lined up in front of Azure as she brought two dolphins from their pack. Fond and Swoon paired up after they cooled off from their agitation towards Dear. The dolphin rides began as they carried the ponies across the water before returning to where the group was. Fond and Swoon arrived from their dolphin ride before it was Dear's and Feather's turn.

"Are you nervous?" Dear pretended to ask.

"I'm good." Feather replied. He and Dear swam up to hold on to the dolphins so they wouldn't let go while riding.

"Are you two ready?" Azure asked the couple.

"Ready!" Feather and Dear said at once.

"Alright, now go!" Azure blew on her whistle and the dolphins began swimming. Feather couldn't help but feel excited as he held on to the dolphin. He turned to see Dear screaming in excitement.

"Woo! This is awesome!" Dear hollered as her mane flowed with the wind. Her face showed her adventurous smile that she always wears whenever she does something extraordinary. If Feather could think of one thing that made Dear attractive, it was her go-getting personality. Feather's thoughts were interrupted when his dolphin accidentally jumped over a big wave, causing Feather to fall and splash into the water.

"Feather!" Dear hollered when she saw what happened. She immediately let go of her dolphin and swam towards Feather who was unconscious while floating. Dear grabbed the back of Feather's life jacket and began swimming back to the group.

Feather regained consciousness and found himself laying on one of the boat's seats. He flinched when he saw his three admirers all huddled around him.

"Feather!" His admirers yelled as they gave him a tight hug.

"W-what happened?" Feather asked in confusion.

"You accidentally fell off of your dolphin." Azure said as she approached Feather.

"I did?" Feather said. He recalled his dolphin did jump from a big wave and that was all he could remember.

"Luckily for you, your partner pulled you in while we sailed to you guys." Azure said as she placed a hoof on Dear's shoulder. "She was really strong for pulling a stallion across the deep sea."

"Wow, thanks Dear." Feather said in relief. Dear couldn't help but blush from getting such praise from Feather. Swoon and Fond didn't get angry as they knew Dear deserved it for saving Feather's life. Azure sat down and took a bow to Feather.

"I'm so sorry for this to happen to you, Feather." Azure apologized. "I had no idea your dolphin would jump over-"

"It's alright." Feather waved a hoof. "I was able to recover, so no harm done."

"At least let me repay you by giving you a refund!" Azure pleaded.

"If it makes you feel any better, then sure." Feather nodded. The boat continued to sail back to the docks and everypony went their separate ways.

It was nighttime as Feather was inside his bed while remembering what had happened today.

'Man, and I thought this was going be a relaxing vacation.' Feather thought. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt something crawling under his blanket.

'What are you up to, Swoon?' Feather groaned. He removed his blanket to be shocked to see Dear's head poking out from the opening.

"D-Dear?!" Feather gasped.

"Hey cutie!" Dear said while batting her eyes.

"What are you doing here!?" Feather demanded.

"Can't a mare cuddle with the pony she loves?" Dear said as she rested her head on Feather's chest. "I'll consider it as a reward for saving you." Feather thought that it was a bad idea. Then again, he did sleep with Swoon yesterday and he had to make it up to Dear.

"A-alright." Feather said. "But just for tonight." Dear squealed as she crawled closer to Feather to be face to face with him. Feather gulped as he felt uncomfortable with Dear being so close to him. Her lidded eyes made things worse as it caused Feather's heart rate to go through the roof.

"Is it wrong to wish that you would get in danger more often?" Dear asked in a causal manner.

"Why would you ask that?" Feather asked.

"So that way, you would have to make it up to me more!" Dear replied as she took a nibble on Feather's ear. It made him shudder from how good it felt. That was another thing Feather liked about Dear. She would always tease Feather to make him feel all shy and vulnerable.

"Hey Feather?" Dear whispered.

"Yeah-" Feather was cut short when Dear moved up to give him a kiss on the lips. Feather felt a similarity with Dear's kiss to Swoon's kisses. The difference is that Dear added some tongue into her kiss.

"May I have some more?" Dear said as she gave some beady eyes and pouting lips. Feather thought he probably shouldn't but remembered his time with Swoon.

"Alright." Feather said. Dear used her magic to move the blanket over her and Feather. The bed creaked and shifted from Celestia knows what those two were doing under the covers.

Tropical Hike

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Feather once again wakes up in the morning with a mare snuggling with him in bed. He lifted his blanket to find Dear hugging him like a large teddy bear.

'It would make sense that she would be asleep from what happened last night.' Feather thought. He noticed Dear was waking up from her slumber.

"Morning, sweetie!" Dear cooed as she gave Feather a peck on the cheek.

"Morning, Dear." Feather said sheepishly.

"Aww! You make it sound like I'm your wife!" Dear cooed.

"Isn't that your name?" Feather corrected.

"I know, I just wanted to tease you." Dear stuck her tongue out. Feather chuckled from Dear's usual teasing. Dear got out of Feather's bed and went to the doorway.

"We'll definitely do that again." Dear winked before she left the room. Feather got up as well to prepare for the upcoming day.

Feather and his admirers arrived to the outskirts of town where the Haywaii Wild Trail was located. They were going to Sunny Pop's nature trail to explore the forest areas of Haywaii. Feather felt excited as he will get a chance to go deeper into the tropical forest to see what animals and plants were inhabiting the island. Feather wasn't so surprised with his admirers for bringing along some hiking supplies. They spotted Sunny looking at a clipboard. Instead of Sunny wearing her sundress, she had on a backpack and her mane was tied into a ponytail while covered with a red cap. Sunny turned to see Feather and the mares approaching.

"Girls! Feather!" Sunny cheered. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

"You know we wouldn't miss one of your extraordinary tours, Sunny!" Fond said as gave the tour mare a hug.

"I appreciate it." Sunny replied. "So how's Haywaii been treating you?"

"Oh, it's been great!" Fond replied. "We got to go to a luau and got to swim with dolphins!"

"Great to hear that you have been making memories on this island!" Sunny said. Swoon and Dear giggled from the response and Feather ended up blushing from memories of the past nights.

"Follow me and I'll take you to the rest of the group!" Sunny said as she lead on. The large group of ponies followed Sunny as she explained all of the details about the forest and the history of Haywaii. Snapshots were heard as the tourists kept taking pictures of whatever caught their eyes. Feather just looked in astonishment from the beautiful sceneries of the forest. He spotted a small lizard who was just staring at him. Feather slowly approached the lizard, only to be spooked when the lizard popped colorful fins from its head. The group stopped by a pair of large palm trees that were crossing each other to make a heart.

"Alright, everypony!" Sunny said. "We'll take a fifteen minute break to rest. For now, enjoy the scenery around you!" One of the tourist ponies raised his hoof.

"What's with the pair of trees over there." The tourist pony asked.

"Those are the Lovers' trees." Sunny replied. "They say that if you go under it, it will bring you good luck with your love life!" With that said, the tourists went to the trees and began taking pictures. Fond tapped a hoof on Feather's shoulder.

"We should take a picture under the Lovers' trees!" Fond said excitedly.

"Yeah!" Swoon and Dear agreed as they all pulled Feather under the tree.

"But who is gonna take our pictures?" Feather asked.

"I'll take it," A stallion said as he approached the four.

"Alright," Fond said as she gave the stallion the camera. Feather and the mares positioned themselves for the photo.

"Say 'Haywaii'!" The stallion said.

"Haywaii!" The four said with a smile. After a few camera shots the stallion was done.

"Thanks for taking our photos." Feather said as he received the camera.

"No problem." The stallion said before he leaned closer to Feather. "You're quite the lucky stud," The stallion gave a wink before he left. Feather just stood there with nervousness as he knew what the stallion meant.

The tour went on with the next stop being a huge waterfall. The group were in awe from how majestic the water looks when reflected by sunlight. While the tourists took photos and Sunny gave another explanation, Feather noticed a dark spot at the bottom of the waterfall.

'Is that a cave?' Feather thought to himself. He decided to brush it off and went to catch up to his group. The group continued on the trail until they heard some thunderous noises coming from the sky. Some of the ponies looked up to see some dark clouds were covering the sky.

"A storm?" Sunny said. "They didn't say anything about a storm today!" It wasn't until droplets of rain began pouring down and it caused everypony to panic.

"Everypony, follow me!" Sunny said as the group followed the tour mare. As everypony ran, Feather noticed that Fond was shaking each time lightning struck. It wasn't until another lightning struck some trees and they collapsed, separating Fond and Feather from the rest of the group.

"Oh no!" Fond panicked as she tried to move some of the trees. She got startled when another lightning struck. Tears flowed out of Fond's eyes as she didn't know what to do. Feather had an idea. He grabbed Fond's hoof and he lead her back to the waterfall. Feather slowly moved a hoof into the water and almost fell in. He entered to find a dark opening behind the water.

'There was a cave in here.' Feather thought before he grabbed Fond's hoof and they went in. Once inside, they try to dry off with towels inside their bags.

"H-how did you know there was a cave in here?" Fond asked.

"I just guessed." Feather said. Once both of them were dried up, they sat down until the storm blows over. Feather noticed that Fond continued to shiver while looking scared.

"Are you alright, Fond?" Feather asked.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." Fond replied. That was until lightning struck another time and it caused Fond to scream. She went to the end of cave to quiver and hide under her hooves. Feather slowly approached Fond and placed a hoof on her back.

"Are you scared of lightning?" Feather asked. Fond just nodded in response.

"I'm just scared that one of those bolts might hit me." Fond added. Feather thought that it made sense as it could be very dangerous to be electrocuted from lightning.

"It's alright," Feather assured. "I'll stay here with you until the storm is over." Fond quickly got up to give Feather a tight hug. It didn't hurt Feather that much as comforting Fond was more important. He stroked Fond's manes to help her relax.
Her head rose to reveal her teary eyes.

"I love you, Feather." Fond said. Feather smiled.

"I love you too." Feather said before he received a kiss from Fond. He was surprised from Fond's bold action. Without hesitating, Feather returned the kiss as he and Fond began to make out. It went on for a few minutes before they removed their lips to catch their breath. Fond laid down and gestured to Feather to come closer to her. Feather did as he wrapped his hooves around Fond's body before he gave her another kiss. The lightning didn't bother Fond as she was too occupied with being pleasured by her dream stallion.

The storm finally stopped and the couple exited the waterfall. Only a few trees fell to the ground and a lot of leaves covered the area. Despite the mess, nothing too severe happened to the forest. Feather and Fond went along the trail until they returned to the entrance of the trail. Feather and Fond saw Sunny looking upset while talking to some ponies dressed like park rangers. It wasn't until Sunny spotted them and ran to give Fond a big hug. Swoon and Dear joined in on the hugging.

"Fond! Oh my Celestia, you're okay!" Sunny yelled as she started to cry in Fond's arms.

"Yeah, we're fine." Fond replied as she stroked Sunny's mane.

"How did you guys survive the storm?" Swoon asked.

"Feather found some cave behind the waterfall and we stayed there until the storm was over." Fond answered. Sunny, Dear, and Swoon showed faces of surprise from hearing Fond.

"There was a cave behind the waterfall?" Dear asked.

"I thought it was just a shadow behind the falls," Feather replied. "that was until I put my hoof through it and the cave was there." Soon, the park rangers asked some questions to Fond and Feather before all of them returned home. On the way back, Feather and Fond sometimes gave each other glances as they knew happened inside the cave stays inside the cave.

Last Day Memories

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Feather suddenly wakes up from his sleep. He thought he sleeping in a cottage bedroom while in Haywaii. Instead, he wakes up as a plushie version of himself, with his eyes as buttons and his mane as yarn.

'W-why am I a plushie?!' Feather panicked in his thoughts. He looked around to find that he was being carried in the hoof by a filly version of Swoon.

'Swoon!' Feather said in his mind as he attempted to call out to her. The only problem was that he didn't have a mouth. Swoon carried Feather to a sandbox where filly versions of Dear and Fond were sitting at.

"Hey girls!" Swoon said as she sat down in the sandbox.

"Hey Swoon!" Dear and Fond replied. Swoon gently put Feather on the sand so she could get something out of her saddle bag. She brought out another plushie that was wearing a wedding dress.

"Let's play wedding day!" Swoon said as she and the fillies cheered. She positioned Feather and the bride plushie next to each other as if they were a soon-to-be-wedded couple. Dear and Fond got out some flowers and held them as if they were bridesmaids. Swoon cleared her throat until she spoke with a deep voice.

"Dearly beloveds, we have gathered here today for the wedding of Feather Bangs and Swoon Song." Swoon lifted Feather's hoof and the bride's hoof in the air.

"Swoon Song, do you take this stallion as your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health? Until death to do part?" Swoon moved the bride's head to make a nod.

"I do," Swoon replied in her normal voice. She then turned to Feather.

"And do you, Feather Bangs, take this mare as your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health? Until death do you part?" Swoon then moved Feather's head to make a nod.

"I do," Swoon said in a colt's voice. "Then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride!" Swoon then made both of the plushies kiss and she made some smooching sounds for effect. Dear and Fond cheered for the newly wedded couple. Feather thought it was cute for the filly versions of his admirers to play pretend wedding. He was suddenly scoped up by Dear who gave him a hug.

"My turn! My turn!" Dear said excitedly. Fond quickly grabbed Feather and hugged him.

"No! I want a turn!" Fond replied. Soon, Fond and Dear got into a tug of war with Feather as they pulled his limbs.

'Although I don't feel any of this, I am really scared right now!' Feather thought as he watched Fond and Dear slowly rip him apart. Swoon joined in by grabbing his tail and it didn't take long before Feather got ripped apart.

'Aaaah!' Feather screamed from the horrific sight of being pulled apart. All of a sudden, a bright light flashed from above some pony flew down to the fillies and Feather.

"That is enough!" said a loud voice before a bright, blue light appeared and all of the fillies were gone. Feather found himself back as a stallion with his limbs reattached. He looked up to see that the blue light dimmed to reveal Princess Luna standing in front of him.

"P-Princess Luna!" Feather claimed as he immediately bowed his head as he was in front of royalty.

"There is no need to bow to me, young Feather Bangs." Luna assured. "After all, this is your dream world."

"Y-yeah," Feather said as he rubbed his arm.

"It seems that you have issues," Luna said. "do you want to talk about it?" Feather felt uncertain about talking to a princess about mare troubles. Then again, Luna has been alive for a thousand years so she might know something.

"Well, it's just that I'm currently in Haywaii with my...um....'friends'." Feather started. "We had fun taking part in many activities. It was just that there were times where me and each of my friends get a little...'closer' than we were." Feather blushed from saying that last statement. Luna just nodded much to Feather's surprise.

"I just don't want to end up being pulled apart and cause conflicts between my friends." Feather finished. There was a moment of silent for Luna as she was putting her thoughts together.

"It seems that you're quite the lucky stallion if you have gotten 'closer' with these mares." Luna smirked. Feather stammered.

"I-I didn't say-" Feather said before Luna raised her hoof.

"There is no need to hide that fact, Feather." Luna said. "Most mares would always do crazy things to get a stallion's attention."

"So what should I do?" Feather asked.

"For one thing, I'm glad to hear that you're returning those affections to your admirers. Second, there is nothing wrong with sharing a lover." Feather was shocked to hear Luna say such an answer.

"As long as these mares are willing to share you and don't try to fight among themselves." Feather put some thought into Luna's advise.

"The three of them do get along well," Feather answered. "they're like three peas in a pod."

"That is great to hear." Luna said before she flapped her wings. "I have to get going now, there are more nightmares that need to be vanquished." With that, Luna took her leave while Feather waved his hoof good-bye to the Princess of the Night.

It was around night time when Feather and his admirers went to the beach to watch a fireworks show. It was a nice way to spend their last day in Haywaii. The four of them found a nice spot on the beach to watch the fireworks. While the three mares talked amongst themselves, Feather was distracted from what he had dreamed last night. He was uncertain if Luna's advise could be possible as he often thought that he would only need one lover. A sound of a bang made Feather jump as the fireworks show started. The fireworks exploded with various colors and pictures that made the crowd watch in awe. As Feather watched, he noticed that all three of his admirers were all cuddling around him. Swoon leaned on Feather's right should and wrapped her hooves around his arm. Fond too did this but with Feather's left side. Dear wrapped her hooves around Feather's body and gave him a small hug. Feather couldn't help but blush as he felt the mares' warmths on his hooves and body.

'Sweet Celestia!' Feather said in his mind. He did his best to continue watching the fireworks show while trying not to get too excited from the mares' hold on him.

Feather rinsed himself in the shower after he and his admirers returned from the fireworks show. Even though Feather thought it felt nice to be together with his admirers, he still felt doubts about the idea of the mares sharing him. Feather got out of the shower to dry himself. Once out of the bathroom, he heard Swoon voice.

"Hey Bangy, could you come to the living room?" Swoon said from the distance. Feather shrugged and made his way down the hall. He arrived to the living room to see something weird about it. The lights were dimmed to barely show any light at all. There were rose petals everywhere on the floor. Around the room were lit candles that gave off aromas from chocolate to rose. Feather also noticed that the couch was made into a queen-sized bed with some extra pillows added.

"So glad you could join us," Swoon purred from behind Feather. Before Feather could turn, he was lifted by Dear's magic and was levitated on to the bed. Once Feather was on the bed, his admirers jumped on after him so he could see their bold attires. Swoon was wearing red striped stockings on all of her hooves and red, laced panties on her flank. Fond was wearing a blue transparent nightgown with white fluffs covering her top area. Dear's attire was the most wild of the three mares as she wore cat ears, cheetah pattern top, and cheetah pattern panties. Feather was in complete shock from what each of his admirers wore.

"I think we broke him," Swoon said in concern.

"Nah," Dear denied. "He is just awestruck from how sexy we look." Feather quickly shook his head to regain consciousness.

"S-so, what's with the getup?" Feather asked nervously.

"Well, since this is our last day in Haywaii. We thought we could finish it off with something more...exciting." Dear said as she crawled closer to Feather who was trembling with fear. She wrapped her hooves around Feather to pull him into a kiss. Feather quickly pulled Dear away to get out of the kiss.

"D-Dear! Not in front of the others!" Feather whispered.

"Oh we know, we all know." Fond smirked along with Swoon.

"Y-you all knew?!" Feather said in a deep red blush.

"Yeah," Dear replied. "we three have known each for like forever! We're practically sisters."

"And we know if something happens to one of us." Swoon added.

"Honestly though, I'm still a bit peeved that Swoon had you first." Dear said in a pretend huff.

"At least you went before me," Fond corrected.

"Yeah, but you got to do be with Feather in a cave during a storm!" Dear defended. "I was just in his bedroom." Fond just shrugged.

"Are all of you three really sure about sharing me?" Feather asked. The three mares nodded in agreement.

"We wouldn't let romance harm our friendship." Swoon assured. "Either we all share the love or we all abandon it."

"Do you really want to pick from the three of us?" Dear said in a baby tone.

"No! I wouldn't it!" Feather suddenly yelled, much to the mares' surprise. "All three of you have been special to me! Having to pick one of you would tear me to pieces!" The three mares just stared at Feather after he said those things. It wasn't long before tears formed in their eyes and they began to sniffle.

"Oh no no no!" Feather said in desperation. "I didn't mean to say things to hurt you!"

"We're not crying because we're upset, you cute doofus!" Fond said as she wiped her eyes.

"You're not?" Feather asked in confusion.

"We're crying because we're so happy that you feel that way!" Dear said as she and the rest of the mares gave Feather a tender, group hug.

"Let's work together to make this love happen!" Swoon cheered as everypony agreed. Soon, the hugging was over and Feather was pushed on to his back.

"Now let's seal the deal, ladies." Dear said as she licked her lips. All three of the mares slowly approached Feather to start their unforgettable night.

All four of the ponies panted from all of the love-making they did. The mares had all of their clothes stripped off and dropped on to various places around the bed. Feather was surprised that he wasn't able to pass out after handling all three mares at once. The mares were also surprised of their stallion's stamina as he was able to handle all three of them.

"Wow," That was all Feather could say while panting.

"I know," Fond said in agreement.

"Like I said, girls." Swoon added. "He deserved the nickname Bangy."

"This has got to be one of the most extraordinary things I have ever done." Dear smiled. "Welp, time to hit the sack. We got to leave Haywaii first thing in the morning." Dear used her magic to remove the fire from the candles.

"Agreed," Fond said as she clapped her hooves to turn off the light.

"Good night, Bangy!" Swoon cooed as she gave Feather a peck on the cheek. Fond and Dear joined in as they also gave him pecks on the cheeks.

"Good night, girls." Feather said as he and his admirers went to sleep.