• Published 16th Sep 2019
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A Plus One in Haywaii - BrawnyBold

Feather Bangs' admirers invite him to go on an island vacation. How lucky can a stallion be?

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Luau Night

The sun was setting when the luau officially started at the town square. Flowery decorations, tiki masks, and flaming torches were everywhere as ponies from all around gathered to mingle with each other. There was even tropical music playing to set the mood for the festival. The mayor trotted up to the stage and cleared his throat near the microphone.

"Aloha, Everypony!" The mayor said through the microphone. Some of the ponies cheered in response while some of them said aloha to the mayor.

"I'm glad that not only the townsponies are here, but also some newcomers as well!" Everypony cheered once again from what the mayor said.

"I hope that all of you have a wonderful time in our annual luau!" The mayor said as everypony cheered a third time before the music resumed playing. Feather followed his three admirers as they trotted through the festivities. He could tell that his admirers were prepared for such an occasion judging by the dresses they wore. All three of the mares wore long sundresses that had white, flowery designs on them. Dear's dress was green, Swoon's dress was red, and Fond's dress was blue. The mares even put cute little flowers on their ears to match the dresses. Feather was surprised by how beautiful the mares looked. He was also surprised that they even brought an outfit for him as well. Feather wore a bright pink button shirt with flowery designs that matched his admirers. Although the shirt made Feather stick out like a sore hoof, he liked the color.

"Wow!" Swoon said as she looked around the area. "It looks so beautiful!"

"I agree," Fond nodded. "it's like something off of the movies."

"Think of all of the fun we'll have!" Dear said as she gave Feather a sly wink which made him blush. Swoon in her tracks when she spotted something.

"Ooh! We could go there!" Swoon pointed at the buffet tables. "Those are a lot of tasty treats!" The rest of the group nodded as they went to get some food. They found some seats and began eating their food. The group enjoyed each bite from their food as it was made really well.

"I love their grilled pineapple slices!" Swoon said as she took another bite.

"Not as much as these veggie kebabs!" Fond said while chewing from her stick.

"Fried hay patties will always be my top choice!" Dear claimed as she crunched on her food. Feather was eating some rice and barbecued oats when he was tapped by Swoon.

"Hey Feather, you got a little something." Swoon said as she picked off some rice off of Feather's cheek and she licked it into her mouth. Feather blushed as Swoon let out a giggle from enjoying Feather's leftovers.

After the group was done with their meals, they resumed by taking part in some of the party games the luau had to offer. From bean sack toss to limbo, everypony was having a good time. It wasn't until Feather and his admirers noticed a group of ponies hula dancing in a large gazebo. Feather and the mares entered the gazebo only to be approached by an old, purple earth pony mare with grey manes. Around her neck was a red lei.

"Hello, newcomers!" the mare said in an enthusiastic tone. "I'm Macadamia Nut or Maca for short. Do you want to hula dance?" Feather looked at his admirers who all nodded in agreement.

"That sounds great, but I don't know how to hula dance." Feather said modestly.

"Oh don't worry!" Maca said as she put some leis on Feather's neck and then on the girls' necks. "I'll teach you the basics first." Feather and his admirers followed every word Maca said before they all got used to hula dancing. Although it wasn't a kind of dance Feather usual knows, it actually felt relaxing. Dear stopped from her dancing and went out of the gazebo.

"I'm going to get some refreshment," Dear said as she turned to her party. "anypony want to come?"

"I'll join you!" Fond said as she exited the gazebo with Dear.

"Don't have too much, you two!" Dear said as she gave a wink before she left. Feather chuckled nervously while Swoon just giggled knowing that she was the only one with Feather. Feather's concentration was cut short when two mares approached him. One of the mares was a white unicorn mare with dark blue manes and the other mare was a light brown earth pony with red manes. Both of the mares had lustful gazes on Feather which made him feel really uncomfortable.

"Hey, you're cute." The white unicorn said in a flirty tone.

"Do you want to spend time with us?" The light brown mare said as she stroked Feather's cheek with her hoof. Feather sweated bullets as he couldn't think of an answer. Swoon saw this and quickly made her way to separate him from the other two mares.

"Back off you harpies!" Swoon claimed as she hugged Feather's hoof. "He's with me!" The flirty mares gave stern looks at Swoon who was ready to protect her stallion.

"Oh really," The light brown mare said in disbelief. "I don't see your name on him." Feather didn't expect what had happened next. Swoon grabbed Feather's face to give him a big smooch on his lips. Feather's eyes bulged out from the sudden action as one of his admirers gave him a kiss. Some gasps came from Dear and Fond as they saw Swoon giving Feather a tender kiss. They dropped their coconut umbrella drinks to make a run towards Feather and Swoon. Swoon slowly removed her lips from Feather's and his face was as red as a lobster.

"No fair!" Dear and Fond hollered as they ran up to confront Swoon.

"I thought we weren't going to kiss him yet!" Fond yelled.

"How could you?!" Dear said with gridded teeth. The flirty mares scoffed as they saw that not only there was one mare who claimed Feather but two other mares as well. The pair huffed in disgust as they trotted away from the group. Feather remained completely shocked and confused while Swoon was shaking in fear as two of her friends gave glares at her. Tears were streaming down Swoon's cheeks as she ran away from the luau.

Feather was completely silent when he and the rest of the mares returned to their cottage. Swoon's door was locked so they thought she was hiding inside.

"I feel so bad now!" Fond hung her head. Feather explained to Dear and Fond that Swoon was trying to protect him from some flirty mares. Now the two mares felt guilty for acting angry to Swoon.

"Maybe it would be best to wait until morning to apologize to Swoon." Dear suggested. Feather and Fond nodded as they returned to their rooms for the night. Feather slid under his blanket and just laid on his bed to process what had happened. Although Swoon kissed Feather to show how much she cared for him, he couldn't get over it as that was his first kiss. The mares would often give Feather kisses on his cheeks whenever they spend time with him, but this was different as it was on the lips! Feather groaned as he put a pillow on his face. A small creak spooked Feather as he got up from his bed to see where the sound came from. He saw that his door was slightly opened to reveal a violet eye peeking through the crack. It wasn't until Feather figured out it was Swoon who was behind the door.

"C-can I come in?" Swoon whispered from behind the door.

"Um...sure." Feather answered bluntly. Swoon slowly entered and closed the door. Feather noticed that Swoon's eyes were bloodshot; it was probably from all of her crying. She made her way to take a seat on the end of Feather's bed.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Swoon whimpered as she collapsed on Feather's lap. "I-I didn't mean to kiss you!" Swoon continued to cry until Feather hugged her head and stroked her mane.

"It's alright," Feather whispered in a comforting tone. "everything is fine now."

"But Fond and Dear are going to hate me!" Swoon whined as she looked at Feather with tear-filled eyes.

"They don't," Feather assured. "I told them why you did it and they felt really bad for lashing out at you."

"T-they really mean it?" Swoon sniffled.

"Of course," Feather nodded. "For as long as I've known you and the girls, you three have been the best of friends even though all of you were sharing me." Swoon felt much better after hearing Feather's words.

"Thanks," Swoon said as she wiped off some tears.

Feather chuckled. "No problem." Swoon got up and was about to make her way to the door. She suddenly stopped and turned to Feather. A bright red blush appeared on Swoon's face.

"C-can I spend the night with you?" Swoon blurted out.

"W-what?!" Feather said with his mouth opened.

"I-I don't want to be alone right now." Swoon replied. "There would also be a chance that Fond and Dear might spot me coming out of your room." Feather thought Swoon made a good point.

"Alright," Feather said as he scooted over on his bed to give Swoon some room. Swoon squealed as she quickly went under the blanket to snuggle up to Feather.

"Good night, Bangy!" Swoon whispered.

"Night, Swoon." Feather said he moved a little before he tried to fall asleep.

"Hey Bangy," Swoon whispered again to get Feather's attention.

"What's-" Feather's question was cut off when Swoon gave him another kiss on his lips. Swoon made this kiss more tender than the first one. Swoon made some moans as her lips were smacking against Feather's. Feather didn't feel shocked from Swoon's second kiss as it felt different. He actually felt more satisfied from how good Swoon's lips felt against his. A part of Feather wondered if he should stop this from going any further. But he guessed that Swoon would probably refuse. Feather wrapped his hooves around Swoon's back to pull her closer into their kiss. The rest of the night was filled with moans and giggles coming from Swoon as she and Feather were having the time of their lives.