• Published 8th Aug 2019
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Glimmer of Hope - Nailah

Starlight is alone in Ponyville, seeking answers she goes looking for any pony that might be able to help her, but what she discovers truly terrifies her.

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A Glimmer of Hope

“Trixie, No!” shouted Starlight as she startled herself awake. Blinking as her hues took in the light of the morning sunlight.She covered her eyes a bit, slowly allowing them to adjust to the morning light.

“Oh, it was just a dream. Phew, I was really worried that I lost my best friend.” spoke Starlight with a gentle smile. Starlight unfolded the blankets, and got up out of her bed.

Starlight took a step out into the empty long hallway of the Friendship castle. It was always so quiet here, despite living with Twilight and Spike, but she had grown accustomed to it by now. She trotted forward into the bathroom to wash up for the day. She smiled softly at her reflection in the mirror, as she levitated a brush with her magic, and began getting out the knots from the previous night. She wanted to go see how Trixie was doing once she got herself something to eat. After she was finished, she gently put the brush back down, and trotted down towards the Friendship hall.

The quiet of the castle didn’t really bother her, but she often wished she could calm her own thoughts. She walked into the main room and noticed the cutie map. She placed a hoof upon the table.

“I hope they can see how much I’ve changed. I wonder what those two are up too.” she muttered aloud. Blushing a bit, she really needed to break this habit of talking to herself at this times or ponies might start thinking she was crazy! A nervous drop of sweat ran down her cheek. She took a deep breath and decided to inspect the castle further. Twilight and Spike could be anywhere.She made a mental note to tell Twilight to work on a locating spell that could be placed inside the castle.

Starlight checked the library first. She glanced around a bit, and whinnied when she realized it was as empty as the friendship room. Maybe they went somewhere and just didn’t think to tell her? It’s not like Twilight to forget something like that, but she had to consider all possibilities.

Starlight decided if they weren’t in the kitchen, then it was most likely they had simply gone out somewhere and hadn’t thought to tell her. Starlight trotted towards the kitchen, hoping to catch Spike in his girly apron, but again. Nothing. Hmm, how odd.

“I wonder where they went, and why they didn’t say anything. I know it’s not my birthday...did I complete a friendship lesson and forget about it? Or maybe Spike needs a bigger bed.” she chuckled to herself a bit. Starlight took a deep breath, gathered a small saddlebag from her room quickly, with a small blue box with purple ribbon into it. She smiled, hoping Trixie would in turn have something for her as well. Starlight Glimmer went outside of the Friendship castle, as she gazed around the rather friendly town that was Ponyville.

Starlight truly felt at home here, but as she continued gazing around the town, something dwelled on her rather quickly. It was quiet…what was going on? She decided to head over towards the edge of the town, where Trixie usually parked her wagon. Her wagon was there, like it always was.

Starlight gently lifted her forehoof and tapped on the door three times before stepping back slightly, and awaiting an answer. Starlight stood there, fidgeting slightly in place. She pursed her lower lip, beginning to wonder if Trixie was even home. Typically she didn’t go anywhere without her wagon.

“Something’s not right...where is every pony?” she questioned aloud. Of course no pony seemed to answer her. Leaving her to dwell in her own thoughts. She needed to think. What would Twilight do? Well...if no one was in Ponyville, that didn’t mean that no one was around. Her gaze immediately drifted towards the Everfree forest. She wasn’t scared of anything the forest had to offer, she was more frightened of the thoughts swirling through her head.

“You got this.” she told herself as she approached the Everfree forest, entering it without a moment’s hesitation.

“I believe Zecora’s place is around here…” she spoke as she ventured deeper, being careful to avoid any unwanted plants or vines scraping against her frame. She smiled a bit when she finally approached her door. She hesitated a bit as she raised her hoof to knock. What if she isn’t home either, what if I’m alone and there’s no pony to help me…

The thought was enough to make her hypervaliate a bit, she panted rapidly, as sweat drops drenched down the sides of her face, as she nervously shook in place, but finally managed to muster up the nerve to knock on Zecora’s door. Please answer.

It was quiet for a few seconds. Starlight forced herself to smile, perking up a bit when she heard a rattling and rustling from inside. Zecora answered the door, looking to the pony upon her doorstop. Does she even know who I am?

Starlight stood there, silently as Zecora seemed to humm gently before speaking.

“Ah, a stranger comes upon my door. Surely, a pony I’ve met before.” spoke Zecora smiling gently, slightly nodding towards Starlight.

“It’s me, Starlight Glimmer, Twilight’s student? I know we haven’t really spoken that much, but it’s just that I can’t seem to find any pony. I was hoping you might be able to help me.” explained Starlight calmly.

“I cannot freely give the help you seek, for I know not of whom you speak.” replied Zecora.

“Wait what? You don't know Twilight Sparkle?”

“Starlight, try not to blink, for the answers are closer than you think.” spoke Zecora.

“Closer than I think? Would you mind clarifying that a bit? I’m not certain I’m following.” replied Starlight, forcing a smile.

Zecora hummed and Starlight wasn’t certain she’d answer her or not. Feeling the sweat running down her pores, she took a deep gulp of a breath, and remained silent.
Zecora pointed her forehoof directly at Starlight.

“The answers you need to hear, are the ones most clouded by your fears.” spoke Zecora gently.

Starlight blinked. Huh? What was she talking about?

She lifted her forehoof to her chin, and pondered on what Zecora said, even if she wasn’t quite certain on what she meant.

“There is much yet left for you to do, you must not let me stop you, so now you must shoo.”

Starlight furrowed her brow a bit. “Seems I won’t find my answers here.”
“Perhaps seek elsewhere for clues, so that you aren’t so blue.”

And I thought Trixie’s speech patterns were strange, but this is just rather odd. I best be on my way, before I catch it.

Starlight slowly started back towards Ponyville, a soft sigh as she approached Sugarcube corner.

“I really wish Pinkie Pie was here to liven this place up right now. Even she could make this place seem lively.” Starlight kicked a small pebble up and into the air. Frustrated, she needed to think. What would Twilight do?”

“Come on, Starlight...think!” she lifted her forehoof to her head and tapped against her mane repeatedly. She needed answers. “Wait, that’s it! My village. If any pony has the answers surely some pony will be there.” she half heartedly chuckled because the last time she had returned to her village, well it hadn’t gone over entirely well, but she had made up for it. She and her odd bunch of friends had saved the day, and she still found it hard to believe that some ponies called her a hero. I’m no hero, Twilight’s the one ponies should be praising not me.

Ponyville was empty, silent stone cold. Starlight was alone to dwell in her own thoughts. She hyperventilated a bit before finally stomping a forehoof down upon the ground.

“Where is every pony?” she shouted.

Silence. Nothing. Not even the wind blew a breeze by to settle her nerves.

“Okay, no pony is here, but that certainly doesn’t mean that every pony in Equestria is gone...right? Right. Ugh!” Starlight hoof palmed, and remembered her original line of thought. Her village. She needed to go to her village, and for once she thought to herself. Just please let some pony be there, I don’t even care who.

Starlight trotted back towards the castle, she packed a small saddlebag of items she felt she might need. A few blankets, a pillow, a picture of her and Twilight, and Trixie’s gift.

“I know I don’t need this, but...Trixie means more to me than anything. I have to find her, and give this to her.” she cradled the gift against her chest fluff, before putting it into her saddlebag once more. I swear I’m going to get them all back, even if I don’t know what happened. Somehow. Someway. I can do this…for Trixie.

Right now, she’d give just about anything for this all to be a terrible dream that she’d wake up from. Starlight sighed heavily, knowing if this had been just a dream, Luna would have come for her by now.

Starlight began the long road towards her old village. Trixie always loved traveling to all sorts of places, and she’d tell me to think about the adventure of it all, the suspense in not knowing what might happen.. She pressed onwards, forcing herself to keep going.

“I’m going to get to the bottom of this, one way or the other. Some pony has to be out here, some pony besides myself.” spoke Starlight silently.

The walk to her village felt empty. She forced herself to smile, to keep hope, but she felt so unsure. What is going on?

Starlight arrived and could see the outlines of the small towns on each side of her old village.

“It’s kind of bittersweet every time I come back here.” she sighed. “I hope they can help me.”She forced a smile, and trotted into the village, eyes twitching but trying to remain calm.

“Starlight! It’s so good to see you again. No pony told me you were coming. I would have been more prepared had I known. I know you are busy with ruling Equestria and all. How have you been? Tell me everything.” beamed Fluttershy her hooves wrapped around Starlight’s neck, bringing her in closely against her chest, nuzzling her head against her neck.

“Fluttershy? Wait, what? What are you talking about? Where are Twilight and the others?” questioned Starlight. What is going on? Her ruling Equestria? Usually Rainbow and Pinkie were the ones known to do pranks, but for Fluttershy…

Though, Fluttershy kept an almost content look on her muzzle as Starlight awaited for her to reply.

The timid pegasus smiled a smug smirk, and jabbed her in the side. “What do you mean WHAT happened to Twilight? Don’t act like you don’t know. After all, you were the one that did it. You didn’t forget did you silly?” chuckled Fluttershy, lifting her free forehoof against her muzzle.

“Hahaha. I must be having an off day. Maybe you could fill me in with the details over a spot of tea? You always did make the best tea.” replied Starlight, a drop of sweat running down her cheeks, her hooves fidgeting a bit against the ground. Keep calm girl, do not let on that you have no idea what’s going on here. I just need to soothe the information out of Fluttershy, no pressure…

“Of course! It has been a while since we had tea together. I’ll go get it ready. Why don’t you sit down and relax. I’m sure you’ve had a long journey to get here.” replied Fluttershy flying into Starlight’s old home to make tea for the two of them.

Starlight stared at Fluttershy a bit longer, noticing her cutie mark, the equal sign. She went ahead and sat down at the picnic table. In the distance, she could see Night Glider, Double Diamond, Sugar Belle, and Party Favor all watching her. Don’t panic, just act natural.

“Hello Starlight, what brings you into our old town? We didn’t expect to see you any time soon with how busy you always seem to be nowadays.” smiled Sugar Belle.

“Well to be quite honest, I just really missed being home. Being stuck in a castle all the time, it’s just not the same, you know? So, I figured I would have some pony I trust take care of my duties for a few days.” replied Starlight, eyes darting slightly from side to side, a nervous chuckle escaping her throat.

What am I going to do now?

Sugar Belle smiled softly and sat down across from her, and began talking to her about how things in the village had been since she had left Fluttershy in charge.
Starlight simply nodded, and kept quiet, allowing herself to take in the scenery. Not much has changed...it was still the same old village she had always known.

Who knows what did to Twilight. No. What SHE had done to Twilight.

Starlight knew exactly what she had to do, she needed answers, and the best one to give them to her was the very pony she had left in charge. She had to proceed cautiously though, she couldn’t let on she had no clue what they were talking about. Oh please let this just be a really terrible prank from Rainbow and Pinkie. I’d give anything for things to be normal again.

It was obvious, Fluttershy was the leader here, and she had put her in charge. What about every pony else? She blinked, glancing over towards the little cottage. Surely they weren’t trapped inside all this time. She had to bid her time, and hope Fluttershy would give her answers, at least she hoped so.

“. No matter what I’m am going to fix this, I have too. For the sake of every pony, for the sake of Equestria.

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