• Published 22nd May 2019
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Sun Never Sets - CrownofDissonance

The gates of the underworld are opening for the first time in two thousand years. It's up to Sunset Shimmer, demon hunter extrordinaire, to slam 'em shut.

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00- The Legendary Demon Hunter

"You've heard of it, haven't you? The Legend of the Two Sisters?"

"Long ago, when demonkind ruled over the earth, two sisters harnessed the powers of demons to fight against them, sealing the gate to their realm for the sake of humankind."

"In taking on their powers, they became aligned with demons themselves, but vowed to cleanse the world of evil and maintain harmony."

"To do this, they split their powers evenly, one commanding the powers of light, and the other controlling the power of darkness. Together, they watched in hiding, ensuring demonkind would never gain a foothold in their world again."

"However, their powers had a price- they were given the strength and longevity of demons, but a slow corruption would creep into their minds and threaten to consume their hearts."

"The Sister of Light held strong against the corruption, but over time the Sister of Darkness succumbed, threatening to reopen the gate she once vowed to protect. They battled against each other, one for power, and the other to save her sibling, the fate of the world left to whoever was left standing."

"After a long duel, Sister of Light finally stopped her corrupted kin, and had her banished the demon realm for the good of the world."

"Weak from both battle and the scars of a sister lost, she continued to keep the world safe. She sought out others with latent demon power and trained them to control their Inner Demons, so nobody would ever face the same fate as her sister again."

"For the longest time, I thought it was just that, some obscure legend, but I discovered it was true. The Sister of Light still exists, and watches over the world to this day."

"How, do I know this, you ask?"

"Well, for starters, I met her students. Both of them."


Ring, ring!

In a run down storefront in Canterlot's inner city area, a phone rang.

Ring, ring!

Though this was a place of business, the back half of the building was a small apartment that was the owner's current place of residence.

Ring, ring!

The front room was well furnished, with a set of bookshelves in one corner and a desk just in front of them. Several chairs were in front of the desk for clients to use, and one for the owner was on the opposite side. Near the entrance was a cabinet and a coat rack, the latter having a long, yellow, leather coat with a red trim hanging on it. Along either side of the tail was the mark of a red and gold sun. There were thick curtains over the windows, and it was lit only from a light fixture on the ceiling. At the moment, the place seemed to be closed.

Ring, ring!

The phone was on the desk. It was an old, digital phone, blocky, but with a built in answering machine. It was reliable, and more useful for business. In the center of the desk, there was a soft wrapped, unopened package, and laying on the long edge of the desk was a huge, ancient-looking claymore. It's long handle was a dark grey color, and it's crossguard held the shape of two closed wings, with a tendril of flame going up the flat of the sword. It's pommel had a shape in line with the sun imagery on the jacket.

Ring, ring!

The phone was not being answered. The owner was home, but was in the shower, and could just barely hear the phone over the sound of rushing water. It did quickly shut off though, and shortly after a tall, slim woman with long red hair with golden highlights came into the front office wearing only a light blue towel around her body, and around her neck, a silver, sun-shaped amulet with a red gem at its center. She reached for the phone, leaning over the short chair behind it to do so as she answered it.

"This is Sun Never Sets," she spoke with a slightly raspy voice, and in a rather casual tone, sitting down in the chair and kicking one of her legs up on the desk as she did so, "You a customer, or looking to sell something?"

"Is this the residence of Shimmer?" A woman's voice replied. It sounded familiar, a bit higher pitched, and much more professional and serious than the owner's. "Celestia's most prodigious demon hunter?"

"Who told you that?" Her name was Shimmer, Sunset Shimmer, in fact, but this person's tone made her wary. Her eyes narrowed, and she glanced at the phone distrustfully.

During her second year of high school, what Sunset had come to call her Inner Demon took over her body. She was stopped by a demon hunter named Celestia, who was also the school's principal at the time. Now reformed, Sunset spent the her time in high school training with Celestia to control her demon and use its power to stop other monsters, many of which began to come after her at Canterlot High.

"A reference."

"Well," Sunset feigned ignorance for the time being. "I don't know anyone named Shimmer, but-"

"You think I'd forget what your voice sounded like, Sunset?"

Upon hearing her name, Sunset realized who she was talking to. "Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight Sparkle was her classmate who transferred from a school with much higher standards, and she too had the power and darkness of a demon within her. Training with Celestia alongside her, Twilight's powers developed rapidly, though she seemed to have a harder time controlling her demon. Both in academics and in power, Twilight had always been a step ahead of Sunset.

When the time came, Celestia had her two students duel for a magical amulet said to hold immense power. The victor would become its safekeeper, and be trusted as Celestia's strongest.

Somehow, against all odds, Sunset won that duel.

"It's been four years, Sunset..." Twilight's tone remained casual, but held a hint of condescension. "But I haven't forgotten you."

After their graduation from high school and subsequent duel their friendship would slowly fade as their lives diverged. Not keeping up with Twilight was one of Sunset's few regrets, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Twilight went home to Crystal City, and within the year she'd stopped answering Sunset's calls.

"What's this about?" Sunset asked, responding with a similar tone. "Surely you're not calling me up because you miss me."

"No, I want to make you an offer."

"Oh yeah?"

"For the amulet Celestia gave you all those years ago."

"Oh..." Sunset drew the word out, as if a suspicion was confirmed. "You're still mad about getting your butt kicked, aren't you?"

"What?" Twilight's surprise drew a calm smile from Sunset. "No! This is about the fate of the world, I need that amulet!"

"Always so dramatic, Twilight," Sunset rolled her eyes, but still held a playful tone, "Celestia told me not to let anyone have it, and that includes you."

"Celestia was wrong to let you have it..." Sunset heard Twilight sigh over the phone. Her voice was now angry, speaking up out of a frustrated huff. "If you don't give it to me, you're going to have a much bigger problem on your hands."

"Is that a threat?" Sunset asked the question genuinely and cooly.

"No. It's-" Twilight paused, letting anything she was feeling go, "Whatever. When the time comes, we'll see who truly deserves it."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You'll come to understand soon enough."

"If you wanted a rematch, you should've-" Sunset began, but was cut off by a dial tone. "...just asked."

Smirking, Sunset tossed the phone back onto the receiver. She hoped that maybe one day they could be friends again, but whatever Twilight was hung up about now would probably have to be resolved first.

Whatever that last bit meant, Sunset would probably need to get dressed for it, so she put that to back of her mind and started to unwrap the package on her desk. She had made a bit of money during her last job and needed some fresh clothes, and after a week of waiting they were here. Inside was a plain black shoulder cut top with a greyed out sun mark on it and a pair of blue jeans. Excellent. But first, she probably needed to get something to wear under it. She left the new clothes on the table, and went back into her home area.

Several moments later, there was the loud sound of space being torn, as half a dozen monstrous, shadowy creatures materialized in the office. Dark robes covered their entire bodies, and they stood a foot taller than a regular person. A single, glowing light shone through their wrappings, marking an eye for each of them, and they all brandished swords that burned with a soft, black flame.

Sunset came back through the door moments later, now wearing nothing but her underwear and her amulet. Her eyes were directed down at a cell phone as she came into the room, and looking up from it she was not visibly shocked to find demons in her office. She was more... inconvenienced. This wasn't anything new, demons going after a known demon hunter made sense, didn't it?

"Not even going to knock, huh?" She said, holding her arms wide in an annoyed fashion, but giving them a rather cocky, amused smile at the same time. "I'm getting dressed!"

All eyes went to her, and with a unified and aggressive scream, the demons all ran forward to attack her. A split second earlier, she made two swipes her cell phone, and a fast paced punk-rock song began to play loudly from it.

She was about to make a mess of her office.

Sunset stepped to the side, moving behind her desk chair and kicking it up at the first of the attackers. Their blades easily cut through it, but it gave her enough time to plan her next move. She quickly had the two top drawers of her desk opened, one containing a large handgun, and the other containing a bag of lollipops.

The demons spread themselves out, getting ready to rush her from all angles, but Sunset was already in the process of kicking her desk upwards and launching it at the three directly in front of her, sending the gun, her clothes, the candy, and the sword into the air in the process. The other chairs flew with the desk, bouncing between the other demons as they scrambled to regroup.

Other threats were closing in around her, but the closest thing to her were her jeans. In one fluid motion, she caught them mid-air, slid onto her back, and kicked her legs up as she pulled her jeans down over them, striking one of the demons in the chin as they approached. Her still falling gun was next closest to her, and as she grabbed it she spun on her back, making movements similar to a breakdancer as she fired in several directions at several other demons before jumping back up to her feet. Her phone went into her back pocket, the music still blasting from it as she moved.

Her free hand caught her top on the way back up, and she tossed it again as she shot up the closest demon to her and kicked it into the wall so hard it vaporized into a shadowy cloud upon impact. Then, the gun was tossed up, and she held her arms out just in time for the top to fall perfectly on her body and catch the gun again in the process. Now that she was dressed, she made to grab her huge sword off of the ground.

Two more came at her from behind her, and she sliced through both of them while bringing her sword to the ready. They too disappeared into darkness, and Sunset spun to address what she had left to deal with.

As she turned, she found one of the of the demon's blades was inches from her chest, and moving even closer alarmingly fast. Her blade came up to intercept, and she came up with her gun in her other hand, making brief eye contact with the demon as she held the block. She gave an unamused shrug, and immediately blasted it into another cloud of shadow.

Two left, and they both jumped for her at the same time, their blades struck in quick succession, leaving her with only enough time to adjust her block. Despite its size, she swung her sword about with ease, it's weight not phasing her at all. Strike after strike eventually had her backed into the wall, and she missed a beat, leaving her guard open. She didn't pull her sword close to compensate, she instead swung outward, taking one of the demon's heads, but being stuck through the chest by the other.

The blade pierced all the way through her and stuck into the wall behind her. Rather than show a sign of pain, Sunset let her head fall, shaking her head disappointedly as her blood began to leak out of the opening in her and onto her shirt. She clenched her teeth and her fists tightened around her weapon. The demon, expecting her to be defeated at this point, showed surprise an incredibly angered glare was suddenly shot in its direction.

"This was a brand new shirt!" She shouted, pulling herself off of the wall, and putting a bunch of bullet holes into the demon, who in any other situation might've been able to deflect them with its sword were it not embedded in Sunset. In her anger, she kicked the bag of lollipops in the demon's direction, bouncing it off of its face. She then yanked the blade from herself, completely ignoring the rapidly healing wound in her chest, and tossed it at the demon, impaling it the same way she had been. Her own sword joined the first one, and the demon was quickly reduced to nothing.

She turned off the music at this point. She was alone in her office again, but was now frustrated with no means of relief.

No matter how well she could harness the powers of her Inner Demon, she could not fix the hole in her shirt on her own, and she'd have to spend some time getting the blood out of it. She could probably call up Rarity, she might be able to fix the hole somehow, but for now, she wasn't going to be able to wear it.

She sighed, and shook her head. Putting her gun away, she held her hand out and caught the bag of lollipops, opening it up and unwrapping one. Out of all of the things that people got addicted to, this was her vice. It went into her mouth, and she immediately felt her frustration relieved as she focused on its flavor.

Her desk was righted and pushed back into its place, and she set the phone back on it. She pulled her ruined shirt off, and went back into her room to get something else to wear.

Ring, ring!

Again, the phone rang.

Another sigh, and Sunset came back out, wearing a sleeveless blue top now. She answered the phone with a much more annoyed tone.

"Sun Never Sets, customer or seller?"

"Mentor," Sunset recognized this voice immediately. It was Celestia. "I need to see you, Sunset."

Sunset rolled her eyes, putting the phone between her cheek and shoulder as she recovered her sheath, returned her sword to it, and put it on her desk.

"This is about Twilight, right?"

"Yes. I'm assuming you've seen her already?"

"She just gave me a call and said she wanted my amulet. Isn't she supposed to still be your pen pal, or something?"

"Twilight stopped writing to me a while ago. Things have changed between us." Celestia's voice always had this smugness about it, even though she held a facade of being collected and smiley all the time. But right now, her voice was alarmingly serious.

"Why does she even want that amulet anyway?"

"She wants the power it contains... Sunset, the gates of the demon realm are slowly reopening, and I fear Twilight may only be led to open them again."

"What? Why would she want to do that?"

"I believe her Inner Demon is resurfacing."

"And... I'm gonna have to stop her, aren't I?" Sunset asked, taking Celestia's silence as a 'yes'. "Can't you do anything?"

"My attentions are drawn elsewhere."

In her back pocket, Sunset's cell phone buzzed. There was a text message on it, one from Rarity. Rarity was a dressmaker, one who had a shop in town, and one of the few friends Sunset had kept in touch with after high school.

There's something in the boutique, help. Monsters.

Celestia's voice brought her attention from her cell phone. "There's more, though gates are already beginning to open, and I believe Twilight is only a part of the picture-"

Sunset was more wrapped up in Rarity's situation. "There's something happening at the Carousel Boutique."

"Listen to me, Sunset-"

"Rarity is in trouble, I need to go! We'll have to talk about this later."

"Look, I-" Celestia cut herself off suddenly, saying something quiet under her breath that Sunset didn't quite catch. "Fine. Just... don't let Twilight get the amulet."

"Got it."

Sunset hung up, and grabbed a handful of lollipops before heading to the door. At the foot of the coat rack, she stepped into a pair of black leather boots that came up halfway to her knees, and produced a pair of keys from one of her coat's outside pockets, shoving the lollipops in their place. Off the rack, she put her yellow coat on in a single motion, holstering her gun in one of it's inside pockets, right across from a matching gun in the pocket opposite. With one, she was formidable, but her training emphasized the use of two guns together, and as such she was at her strongest using both of them.

Slinging her sword over her shoulder by a strap on it's sheath, she opened the door. It was grey and cloudy outside, and the city streets were unusually quiet. Locking the door behind her, she made her way to the motorcycle she kept parked on the curb and got on it, speeding off down the street.

Author's Note:

Ah, the primary reason this fic gets the gore tag. Just like Dante, this version of Sunset can get stabbed all the way through and get back up like a champ.