• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Distant Reflections - David Silver

Equestria and Everglow have brushed against one another through the course of their histories, each time fleeting, but memorable to those involved. Many many years later, the unaging Twilight captains a space vessel to explore the universe.

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74 - Coming Out Party

"Transmisson detected." Wandering's left ear quivered as he strained the listen. "It's directed at our host ship." He couldn't route it towards the main screen that wasn't turned on. "They're being... interviewed, by the mineralites I would assume."

Fast frowned at that. "This is the moment. Either we are permitted past, or we have to make a hasty retreat."

Steel made a broad sweep of a hoof. "How quickly can the ship be powered up? Just in case..."

Under shook his head. "We can have minimum effectiveness almost immediately, but to reach maximum capacity takes minutes." Minutes could be a long time if one were already under attack. "I will pray that is not the case."

"Dire times." Dawn swiveled his head slowly against the periscope. "They make religious folk of many." The head priest all too aware of when he gained sudden allies in the practice of fervent prayer.

"They're asking about their cargo... I think that was their manifest being sent." A burst of static, which made sense to computers, which he didn't have to help him decipher the meaning of it. "Purpose of their visit... planned itinerary... Basic stuff..." He wobbled a hoof, a hopeful look on his face.

He tensed. "They're asking about the--" They had been asking about the high level of exotic metals detected, but they were talking too quickly for him to finish saying. "--They replied..." The host ship proudly announced their planned trading route. "All sounds good so far..."

Gneech undid a rope that pulled itself right out of his hands under the weight of Silver Spoon, sending her to the ground with a yelp. "Made traps, keep enemies away," he hastily got out. "Glad here." He tipped his head at the Alpha Horse. "Find others?"

"No." Diamond gestured to Silver, then Gneech. "This is it, so far." She poked Gneech in the belly. "Good to see you." At least one member of their crew was found. The least member. There was some appropriateness to that she could appreciate. Not that she could see him super well in the gloomy dark. "You can see in the dark, right?"

"Yes." He snapped to attention, but looked proud of that fact. Silly mammals, needing light to see things. What even was the purpose of having eyes if they could be turned off so easily? "Why?"

Diamond scaled back atop her valiant steed and extended a hoof towards Gneech. "Because you're going to help guide us out of here."

Things were looking up! Being helpful to Alpha Horse, and being in the company of betters, was a far and away better situation than cowering fearfully in the dark. Gneech accepted her hoof and scaled up on Silver Spoon. Even had she not cast her spell, he was light enough to not really be a burden. Kobolds were many things, large not being one of them.

"Quit it." Diamond swatted at his swaying tail. He hadn't even noticed it moving with his elation.

They resumed their journey, with a set of sharp reptilian eyes that could spy things that hid in the darkness.

Remi skulked through the hallways, ears swiveling for hints as her eyes darted in the gloom. She was not alone, another kitsune striding with her. That dapper guy fox was not a kitsune. He was the bughorse she had just met. He was also a he, clearly shaped right, but how they identified was still a mystery. Were they hoping to make her comfortable?

Joke was on them, seeing as she was in a happy mono relationship at that moment. Even separated by millennia, Octavia was with her and lending a hand, er, hoof. She was not at all attracted to, or impressed by, the tod, even if he was clearly fashioned to be found impressive and attractive. Shapeshifters, darn them all. It's not nearly as impressive when you can just... decide to be pretty. Like using a cheat code in a game, you don't get any achievements for doing it that way.

Still, some people didn't care. Remi was not one of those. Well, that wasn't true. She thought back to some past relationships. She had a few steamy ones with shapeshifters, but they were nice shapeshifters! They were great people first, who could also become whatever you were in the mood for. That was a potent combination she had lapped up at the time and had so much fun with.

Sort of the main thing. She didn't like the bughorse, as a person, so whatever they turned into didn't do much to elevate them to appealing status. "Not seeing anything," she whispered softly. She wasn't smelling or hearing anything either, other than the presence of others on the search. "You realize, the more of us there are together, the greater the odds they'll hear us coming."

"Talking elevates that considerably," melodically retorted the tod, but they were smiling, not at all on edge. "Keep looking, before they get hurt in this dangerous place."

At least, Remi decided, she had helped. Not laying eyes on them meant they had eluded capture. Good! That was the entire point, right? She had done her part, so far...

A sudden musical note broke the silence. Pinkie dropped down into the midst of the ponies that surrounded Blue. "You have angered me!" she moaned like a ghost. It helped that she actually looked like a ghost too, and even floated a little off the ground. That had been a spell she had been waiting for the right moment to use. "The spirits of the departed rise to meet you." She gestured grandly as spectral forms began to rise and stir with the clanking of chains and moans of the departed.

She had their attention. Some of them were clearly shaken by the sudden appearance of ghosties. Thankfully, they did not know the giggle defense. It would have worked on her, she felt certain.

It didn't help that she wasn't done, speaking the silly words and making the silly dance, she was already weaving the next spell into being. Everglow magic was so fun! Nothing against Equestrian magic. It was cool too, but Everglow magic required looking and sounding silly, so that got top marks from Pinkie.

"Ow." Fortunately, she had finished her spell when the first thrust sword managed to find her. Unfortunately for them, coming after the spell was done, it didn't stop it, ghostly mist erupting from her in all directions, clawing at their psyches. There was no avoiding it, which was one of the best parts. Other than running. They could do that. It was just mist. Mist doesn't chase you, usually.

If they ran, that'd be fine by her! She knew it was all just a trick, so it didn't hurt her. Silly illusions were like that. She could even see through it. But they couldn't! Silly people, even the ones that could normally see in the dark couldn't see through her super creepy ghost fog! "Leave and never come back!" she howled, skootching herself away from the one that had nicked her. Rude!

One bad thing. She could hear Blue struggling. She was being hurt. That... was something Pinkie would rather have avoided... But it was confusing and disorienting Blue's foalnappers. She'd super mega duper ULTRA apologize to Blue later. With a cupcake, or an actual cake. Definitely a cake, big, three layer? Pinkie snapped out of her baking distraction to lunge for Blue.

She could see they were looking for her, the ones brave enough to stay in the fog. Most had fled it, avoiding future brain ouchies. That left Blue unguarded, and in her hooves. She hugged Blue tightly, an arm slapped around to cover her mouth. "We're getting out of here," she harshly whispered, still focused on keeping her creepy sounds and visions going, even if, well, they were hard to see with all the fog in the way. That just made them even creepier, she figured, as they came into view through the fog when one got close enough to them.

Octavia looked up as the door was forced open. "Who is that?" She rose in a defensive stance. The foals were counting on her.

"Jus' me." In came Error, one of the few bits of electronics permitted to operate at the moment. "Hey, kiddos. Y'all doing alright?"

Glitchharp pointed in solidarity at Octavia. "You should ask her," came Glitch's voice.

"She has been watching us." Harp's side of their face smiled brightly at their father. "It is good to see you are alright."

"Me too." He looked to Octavia, nodding at her. "Thanks fer keepin' an' eye on 'em. Guess we had the same thought."

"We parents are unified on that front." Not that she was used to being a parent, or thinking of a literal computer program as one, but there they were, unified by care for their offspring. "Speaking of that, where is--"

She didn't get to finish her question, Kit springing from hiding to pounce on Error, roaring with all the fierceness he did not possess. "Gotcha!"

"Oh no!" cried Error with all the fear he did not have. "Ya got me!" He thrashed and resisted despite that, getting more squeals of joy from the young person trying to down his prey.

Octavia settled back to her belly as they wrestled and played. It was a funny thing, but seeing an adult play earnestly with a child was one of the better clues out there that the adult probably wasn't a terrible person. Well, there were exceptions, but thankfully not the sort ponies typically dealt with.

"Momma momma!" Kit had brought his prey to the ground, his teeth on Error's back, who was accepting the abuse like a champ. "Caught 'em!"

"This you did." Octavia inclined her head faintly. "Now, as a proud predator, you must give thanks to your prey for allowing you to catch it and not be hungry."

"Oh!" Kit sat up, blinking. "Good idea." He patted Error's head rapidly. "Thank you. Gonna eat you now. Bet yer tasty."

"Can I get a piece?" Was it a question or a demand, it felt somewhere in the middle, Holly peering at Kit and his capture.

"Doofus." Trelly thumped against Holly. "They're playing."

"I still want a taste, just a little nibble." Holly licked over his lips, imagining what Error might taste of.

"I'll show you a little nibble." With a sudden bite at her brother, the two got into a spirited brawl, proving that one could fight with oneself quite effectively if one put their mind, or minds, to it.

Error reached up and pressed his hooves in from either side, grabbing Kit without any fingers involved. "Ah wouldn't taste no good anyhow." He set the little fox kit down with a grin. "When the lights are back on, maybe we could find something."

Octavia looked suddenly thoughtful. "Oh dear... You are not a pony... I should feed you more than what I care for." It hadn't been long that Kit entered her life. "This is a question a mother normally couldn't ask her child, but do you know what food is good for you?"

Kit inclined his head, ears going off at different angles. "Um... Milk tastes good." He rubbed his belly, remembering the milk that filled quite a large portion of his living time so far. "Why can't I just have that?"

Octavia rubbed the side of her head. "While technically valid, it is considered quite... inappropriate for any creature to live off their mother's milk forever..."

Kit's frown heavily implied he did not understand, or agree. "But your milk is the best!" That got a round of blushes from those in the room that did not have mothers with arcane bottle summoning magic, which was basically everything there that wasn't electronic or Equestrian.

Octavia had the sense to cough into a hoof gently. "It is..." Was it inappropriate? She wasn't actually certain on that point. Complimenting a mother's talent at making food was generally a perfectly alright thing to do... "Be that as it may, don't you want try other foods? You were curious what Error tasted like, but there are so many tasty foods waiting to try."

Kit licked his lips, apparently ready to at least try something else.

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